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  1. This will be my goto thread for all hat pics for this year. In case you were unaware, earlier in 2013, to add a new facet of customization to my portfolio I purchased an industrial embroidery machine. The main purpose was to open up the options for custom head covers. An unanticipated feature of the new embroidery machine was the ability to embroider hats. In the past, I would either use lids or the local embroidery shop. However, this usually set me back around $40 per hat. How ridiculous! As part of the new and improved Best Grips Custom Studio, you can now purchase customized hats
  2. A short time ago I was approached to do a collaboration with Low Tide Custom Putters. A customer was ordering a special putter and had requested a grip from me. We decided to raise the bar and change the custom putter game forever. " data-width="466"> Post by BestGrips.com. The putter grip is a Saddle Tan Major Leaguer Pistol Putter Grip. Everything was done in house. The logoing was done via our Laser Engraver
  3. Welcome to the "BestGrips.com - Picture of the Day Thread". We specialize in unique, custom and one of a kind products. Some lucky guy is getting a complete set of RealTree Hardwood® Grips! What do y'all think? If you have any custom projects in mind, check out our custom work page to get in touch with us.
  4. Introducing the FREE Grip of the Month Giveaway. BestGrips will be giving a grip away every month. Here is how you sign up... Like our facebook page, join our monthly newsletter and that's it. You are entered to win a free grip! About that newsletter. We send it out once a month and it includes a little behind the scenes peek, a promo code and exclusive grips/headcovers! For more info, head over to the dedicated site page at BestGrips.com, or use this handy facebook embed! " data-width="466"> Post by BestGrips.com.
  5. I've got a 10.5 degree Adams XTD Driver with a Red Tye Matrix Ozik shaft with a MicroPerf Club Grip and a 16 degree XTD ti Hybrid with a white Altus Hybrid shaft and also a MicroPerf Club Grip. Both clubs are off the Adams tour van. Everything is very lightly used. I haven't played a lot of golf since both showed up so there is under 10 rounds on each club. Driver - $225 shipped in the US Hybrid - $175 shipped in the US Or best offer / trade Things I am looking for: New big bertha 3 wood Covert 2.0 3 wood Bio Cell + 3 wood Ping 3 wood Any other questions or clarific
  6. We will be continuing the tradition from last year with our BG Green release in the Spring. Here is a pic of what is to come... The Augusta Club Grip will feature BG Green MicroPerf leather with yellow stitch. As always, the number will be severely limited, but there will be more than three sets this year!
  7. Designer Putter Grips are a niche selection of specialty leathers. The name comes from their use in the fashion industry by the big name Design Houses. Depending on the thickness you will see these types leathers in handbags, shoes, jackets, luggage and high end vehicles. You will also find these unique leathers as putter grips and putter/drivershoes at BestGrips! Designer leathers are notoriously softer than standard leathers. They come in more vibrant colors as well as unique textures. However, the trade off is the lack of ProTac (the golf grip equivalent of Captain America's Super Soldi
  8. The most sought after color in golf returns to BestGrips after an almost two year hiatus. This time, however, it will not be limited to just putter grips! Here it is in putter grip and Puttershoe form. Both the Pistol Putter Grip and the Puttershoe are available now for $50 and $65, respectively. The D Putter Grip and Custom Studio options will be available soon.
  9. Like us on facebook and pick your school quick! " data-width="466"> Post by BestGrips.com. That is right, the winner gets their choice of a free Custom Dual Stitch Major Leaguer Putter Grip ($45 value) and all you have to do is guess the winner of the Men's March Madness. I'm even giving you a little margin for error and allowing entries until Noon Sunday (the 24th) CST!
  10. In case you didn't know, BestGrips offers custom embroidery for putter covers! These Custom Puttershoes are 100% your design. They start at $65 (Major Leaguer) and go up based on material, however, there are no minimum orders, hidden fees, set up fees, or digitization fees. That's right $65 for 100% custom, genuine leather, made in the USA, made to order, and insane turnaround times! You can buy your own custom creation here, and since it's over $50 you can get free shipping for the time being by using "golfspy" at checkout. Here are some examples:
  11. Hope everyone is having a goof evening! I have our latest head cover style as well as a small announcement. Introducing the Keep Calm Collegiately Fairwayshoe! You pick the leather color, then choose the state, city, the bottom to words and the contrasting color! This will be part of our new Arsenal collection, which is the new home for all Stitch-works head covers, BG logo gear and already made custom grips and head covers. Over the next few weeks the collection will grow! Have a great night.
  12. The Count is now three. Three products from the guys over at Best grips. My first purchase was a custom fairway shoe which to this day still gets oooooooo's and ahhhhh's on the golf course. With the fairway shoe, to my surprise, “Zack” throws in a Gridiron grip. The gridiron will probably get installed this spring, I am waiting on a new wedge that I ordered to put it on. The third, a custom laser engraved Major Leaguer D putter grip which was won on the “Forum Member – Product Reviews”. I was super stoked that I won, which was short lived when I realized that I would have to re
  13. With the laser engraving officially launched I would like to open up the opportunity to get some evaluation of our engraving process and see some unique designs. One lucky winner will receive a custom engraved Major Leaguer Putter Grip with the only caveat being an honest review in return. So why is the laser engraver such a big deal? BestGrips has been at the forefront of grip customization for the last few years and has decided to take another giant leap forward with the addition of laser engraving. In the past, if you wanted custom logos on a grip, a die would have to be machined fo
  14. Happy New Year and welcome to What's New at BestGrips: 2014 Edition. Our first bit of big news is the launch of the new website, BestGrips.com, and the subsequent official opening of the Custom Studio. Take a look around the site and if you see any issues, feel free to contact me. The site will see the rest of the upgrades in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Once again, Happy New Year!
  15. If you follow BestGrips on facebook and twitter, you are aware that we have been looking for a decent golf bag for sometime. Most of the options out there are extremely expensive and are not made to last. A few months of research led me to Club Glove, which I firmly believe is neither cheaply made or outrageously priced. With that said, BestGrips is evaluating customized bags for the 2014 season. You would pick the color of the Club Glove bag, and BestGrips will customize the three panels with embroidery, or leather/exotic inlay. The option will be the FCO III Cart bag and possibly the Bil
  16. Let me get straight to the point. 3 extremely big things are coming to BestGrips in the next 6 weeks. They range from kinda neat, to really cool, and finally game changing. For the last month and a half I have been diligently working on the game changer and not much else. Unfortunately, this has caused an undesired absence from my online presence. This will be paid off in large dividends in the future. The first thing will be unveiled in the next 2 weeks. It's the really cool secret that I can't talk about. I get asked about this all the time and I'm really excited to finally have an a
  17. Puttershoes at Bestgrips are 50% off right now. This includes the standard, designer, and patchwork puttershoes. If you've been thinking about getting one for your putter now would be a good time to do it.
  18. BestGrips prides itself on being one of the last companies that actually makes its own products. Too many companies have become "re-marketers," moving production to countries with cheap labor. It's bad business that creates more problems than it alleviates! While making your own products has many benefits, my favorite is making onsie and twosies like this... This is a proto-Puttershoe dubbed the Putterboot. It's specifically designed for putters with long, or unorthodox, necks. Because of the longer flap, it also fits in the bag better. The luxurious leather is a new for 2014 option c
  19. I've been a big fan of poker chip ball markers since my first trip to a casino. They are easy to find on the green, the perfect size, and easy to find "personalized" options. They are also really great mementos to give out after rounds! BestGrips has carried some made by http://logogolfchips.com for a few years now. We started out with red, black, and blue, then added yellow, then cut blue and yellow for orange, and now we will soon have black, turquoise, orange/blue, pink and green. Look for the new colors to be available on the website in time for Christmas (at a new price) and as always
  20. Only a few of the older Standard Puttershoes are left! We are down to Gridirons and Black Classic Puttershoes. To finish them off and make room for the new ones, these last remaining ones will be $25 while supplies last! http://bestgrips.com/standardputtershoes
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