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  1. I have been having great success on hitting fairways with the bridgestone tour b x golf ball. It is an all around great performing ball. The only downfall I am noticing is greenside spin is a little low for me. Anyone have any golf ball recommendations that are similar but with more greenside spin? thanks.
  2. This one's been a popular request - Bridgestone is officially announcing the Tour B XS in Tour Yellow. Let the rejoicing commence!! Previously, of the Tour B line only the lower compression (comparatively) RX and RXS featured Tour Yellow as an option. The firmer, Tour-level performance Tour B X and Tour B XS had only been available in white - and every story we've run on the blog about Bridgestone balls the comment section was clamoring for more Tour Yellow. The Tour B XS is, of course, the ball used by Bryson and Tiger. Here's the release plus some pictures to make you happy
  3. I'm really interested in this one, as it's the one ball from their lineup that should "fit" my swing speed. Share your thoughts below. https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-bridgestone-tour-b-rx/
  4. Hello everyone, I have been playing callaway chrome soft for quite some time. I have tried other balls here and there, such as pro v1, bridgestone e6 and tour 330, maxfli tour, and just recently the supersoft from callaway. This is from the time i started playing 5 years ago up until last weekend. I love the way the chrome soft feel on a well hit shot and it was ok on mishits. The supersoft was less erratic and i will find out this weekend more about the distance. Im not even remotely close to a scratch golfer, but i figure straighter is better and should result in lower scor
  5. I'm curious to learn more about what you think about Bridgestone's VFit program. I just got my results and a) I'm really impressed by the accuracy of the data. Obviously, I don't know for this exact swing how accurate everything is, but based on my Arccos data for this exact shot, that is to-the-yard accurate on how far the shot went. Bonus: I've got a complimentary sleeve of Tour B X's headed my way. Also, I need to stop flipping at impact and get that launch angle down...
  6. Hey gents. Was curious if anyone could tell me the difference between these two. Maybe I'm inept but I couldn't find what specifically separates these two balls. I currently play the BXS but I went through their online golf ball fitting by entering my stats. The entire way through I'm fitted for BXS but the last stat, driver distance puts me in the BX as the choice. Numbers are as follow: Swing Speed : 105-107 Ball Speed : 155 Launch: 13 degrees Backspin: 1900 Distance average 270+ Is it distance or is it softer cover?
  7. Djnz

    Golf Ball Art

    Hi All, Thought I would share what my 14 year old daughter Dakota has created during the lock down here in New Zealand. Super clever and talented golf ball art Any other art pieces out there?
  8. Alright everyone, here's my WITB for 2020: Umbrella - I usually don't have it in the bag, but for these pics & the sketchy weather in the north east right now. Its in the bag. Driver - Callaway Epic Flash SZ - 9* - HZRDS Yellow 65x - I turn the head down 1* to 8* and move it to the D (Draw setting) Driving Iron - Ping G410 Crossover - 17* 2i - Alta CB 70x Irons - 4i - PW - Callaway X-Forged 18 - Project X 6.5 Shafts - 2*UP lie - "Standard" Callaway X-Forged lofts & lengths Wedges - Titleist Vokey SM7 - 50* - 54* - 60* - Standard L/L/L Putter - Tay
  9. 12 Testers Wanted! It's not often we have Forum Testing opportunities during the winter time.But then again, It's not often we have an OEM present us with an opportunity for our members to participate in "White Box Ball Testing", and that's what we have here. Many of you as devoted golf geeks probably are well aware of that companies from time to time send out a yet to be released ball with no information about it, and ask you to play it, and report back what you think about it.These are called White Box Testings, as the balls come in non-descript white sleeves. There is no marketing
  10. Hello, Has anyone tested the Bridgestone Tour B RX or RXS balls? I haven't found a topic on them. I recently found a Tour B RX ball and started chipping and putting with it. It was in perfect condition when I found it and after practicing with it, it was in much better condition than the Pro V1's that I also use for practice. I'm amazed with it's durability but I found the B RX to be a little hot off the face compared to the Pro V1 (softer vs firmer feel?). I played a round with it and compared it to my gamer (Srixon Q-star) and didn't see much difference but I also played like crap
  11. A special Limited Edition release by Bridgestone: As the golf world gears up for the PGA Championship and Tiger tries to make it two-in-a-row at the Majors, Bridgestone is launching a LE special "Tiger Chasing Majors" commemorative package for its TOUR B XS balls this weekend. We expect it to be widely available beginning on Monday, but some Southeast locations will have it on shelves as early as this weekend. Same price as typical TOUR B XS ($44.99 per dozen) - just another opportunity for Tiger fans to grab a cool commemorative pack.
  12. As the golf world gears up for the PGA Championship and Tiger tries to make it two-in-a-row at the Majors, Bridgestone is launching a Limited Edition special "Tiger Chasing Majors" commemorative package for its TOUR B XS balls this weekend. It should be widely available beginning on Monday, but some Southeast locations will have it on shelves as early as this weekend. The Limited Edition boxes are the same price as typical TOUR B XS ($44.99 per dozen). Here's another opportunity for Tiger fans to grab a cool commemorative pack.
  13. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Reviewing the e12 Speed: M. Parsons Greg B135 ga_pike tchat07 DannyDips And reviewing the e12 Soft: thegolfgal Ronoc Low Country Golfer 00sportsman azstu324 Click here for the full announcement! _________________________________ (10) TESTERS WANTED 5 Each e12 Soft and e12 Speed It's Forum Testing Season!! We kicked it off last week with the Galway Rain Gear and we are moving right along with giving 10 testers the oppportunity to put the
  14. Kuchar's winning clubs at the Sony. He still has some oldie but goodie Irons in there. But love his choice of Driver DRIVER: Bridgestone Tour B JGR (9.5 degrees), with Fujikura ATMOS Black Tour Spec 6S shaft FAIRWAY WOODS: Titleist TS2 (13.5 degrees) with Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 X shaft HYBRIDS: Bridgestone Tour B XD-H (18 degrees), Ping Anser (20 degrees), with Fujikura Motore Speeder TS 8.8 X shafts IRONS: Bridgestone J15 CB (5-PW), with True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 S300 shafts WEDGES: Bridgestone J40 Forged (52 degrees bent to 51), with Aerotec
  15. As many of us know Bridgestone Golf has had an interesting last 24 months, they have practically disappeared from the equipment side of things, signed Tiger Woods as it's marquee ball endorser. They have been all over with ball sales and promotions, and have left many to wonder exactly how well if at all they are doing financially. Then there was the curious Premium Box Set offering announced a couple months ago. Well all of the above possibly or possibly not let to the dismissal of the CEO Angel IIagan in late May. Bridgestone is bringing back the very highly respected Dan Murphy
  16. Forged irons with Modus shafts for cheap!!!! Up for sale are a set of Bridgestone J15 DF Irons 4-pw. Grips are standard MCC +4 in red in near new condition. Shafts are Modus 120 Stiff. Specs are standard. Great irons, I'm just moving to a set with 120 X shafts. Price is $280 shipped!
  17. Another quality industry scoop by Barbajo on Bridgestone and current sales. https://mygolfspy.com/bridgestone-golf-ceo-dismissed/ If you haven't checked out his—dare I say long-form journalism—take on Taylormade's decline, you should really check it out. https://mygolfspy.com/the-rise-and-fall-of-taylormade-part-1/ Anyhoo, enough sucking up to the mods! So here is my question... Do you think Bridgestone would have been in a better place had they signed Tiger to an equipment deal as well? I understand that Tiger was already playing the Bridgestone ball in Nike clothing so
  18. All communications about fantasy golf will be ran through this thread, including standings and winner announcements. We're going with Yahoo again for fantasy golf. I set it up to drop 1 lowest score, for those that join late. All the groups will be lumped into one, so just because you are leading one group, doesn't mean you are leading all. Updates will be provided frequently. Season starts on 1/5, so get signed up quickly. **NOTE** The lowest dropped score is for Overall only. The total points column will be used for segment prizes. Below you will find the signup info. Please notify in th
  19. Up for sale is a like new set of Tour B X CB 4-PW iron heads. Absolutely beautiful set of sticks. Only the 7 and PW have been hit. The rest of the heads are brand new in plastic. I did have these heads adjusted to standard loft and lie. They were kind of all over the place from the factory so there are some typical marks from that. They accept .355" taper tip shafts. Asking $OLD
  20. Well for me this will be challenging, as I know the number will be higher than I expected, and my memory isn't what it used to be. But I thought it'd be fun to list all the drivers we've had in the bag at one time or another. I was going to go by year, but I don't have that good of recall anymore, so I'll go by brand. Let the fun begin. Adams Golf: Speedline Bridgestone: J815- Callaway- Original Big Bertha FT5 FT9 Draw FT-IZ X-Hot Opti
  21. wbealsd posted this is another thread -- not sure if we've discussed it, but we should. Personally, I think this is brilliant! "I got an email from Bridgestone yesterday announcing that they're starting a demo program along these lines. Have you tried Bridgestone Golf's new Test Drive program? We ship new J15 demos to you! •Choose from over 100 unique sets with tons of shaft options •Enter your information and pay a small shipping fee to your desired delivery address •Try the clubs out for 21 days •Feel free to have your local fitter bend the clubs to your preferred lies
  22. From the InBox today.... Bridgestone is launching a new Tiger-centric ad campaign called "The Herd." I like the idea and the concept - it's an sound marketing message, but Tiger's health issues are taking a serious bite out its effectiveness, for the near term, anyway... Bridgestone Golf Debuts ‘The Herd' Marketing Campaign Featuring Tiger Woods (COVINGTON, GA) – Bridgestone Golf – innovator of premium golf balls, clubs and accessories – is amplifying its aggressive messaging with a new national marketing campaign featuring Tiger Woods that highlights the performance benefit
  23. Sned's finally upgraded from his old Taylormade driver last weekend in Hawaii -- played pretty good, too. Here's the lowdown on the new Bridgestone JGR he put into play... SNEDEKER PUTS NEW DRIVER INTO PLAYCovington, Ga. — Bridgestone Golf, the #1 ball-fitter in golf and a recognized industry innovator, announced today the launch of its new JGR Driver. The new Bridgestone JGR Driver utilizes revolutionary technologies to deliver longer distance and more forgiveness. “We set out to make the JGR Driver our fastest and most forgiving ever,” said Josh Kinchen, Golf Clubs and Accesso
  24. Just got the email... He may be going with Cobra, but he's playing a Bridgestone ball. BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU JOINS #TEAMBRIDGESTONE When Bryson DeChambeau takes the course as a pro for the first time this week at RBC Heritage, he'll be using the 2016 Tour B330-S golf ball and will be outfitted with gloves from Bridgestone Golf. “I take every part of my game seriously and spend a considerable amount of time thinking about how each element will allow me to compete at the highest level,” said DeChambeau. “When it was time to make a decision on the golf ball I would use as a professio
  25. BIG NEWS PEOPLE!!! Bridgestone Golf is giving MyGolfspy unprecedented access to their headquarters and golf ball manufacturing facility next Thursday, March 17th! And thanks to the miracle of modern Social Media, you'll be able to join in the fun. I'll be posting right here using our awesome new app, as well as tweeting live from Bridgestone all day, and will also be broadcasting portions live via Periscope, so you'll get a first hand look at a Bridgestone Ball Fitting and a Bridgestone Club Fitting! And what's more, they've invited a local MyGolfSpy Forum member to join us. MGo
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