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Found 1 result

  1. HighFade


    Not sure if anyone has posted on this, but we had a TopGolf (http://www.topgolf.com) open up near me. TopGolf advertises as a party atmosphere driving range with much more. Beer, food, video games, pool tables, etc. The grand opening in Centennial, CO was last Friday. I really wanted to go, but my wife and I drove by, and it looked like Disneyland on 4th of July. So we waited until Wednesday night, and it was a little better, so we went in. First off, the place is massive. I'd guess there is room for 500 cars in the parking lot. And even on a Wednesday at 9pm, it was difficult to find a spot. When you walk in the door, there is a full-service bar right up front and loud music playing. I registered online, but still had to wait in the incredibly slow registration line. There were only 10 people in front of me, but it took almost an hour to register and get my playing card. Typical stuff, give them your name, address, and phone, and they print out a credit card that can be refilled with money, similar to Dave-and-Buster's card. There were plenty of staff wandering around to ask questions about how this thing works. Thought that was a great idea, and while I was waiting in line I picked the brain of a nearby employee. Once I was through with the registration, I had to go to the concierge and asked to be put on the list. I imagine when the hype settles down, I could just go straight to a hitting bay from there, but right now it's a madhouse of people trying to get in. Once I put my name on the concierge's list, he told me it would be about 15 minutes til we could get a bay. My wife was hungry, so while I was waiting in line, she went to the bar and got a chicken salad and a drink. So I joined my wife at the bar and ordered a beer. Before I could finish my beer, I got the text - our bay was ready! A hostess walked us past the pool tables, bar tables and other arcade-like games (think X-Boxes, large screen TVs everywhere, and NICE games, not Asteroids on an old console). We got to our bay, which was very similar to a bowling alley setup. Basically a high top table for 6 with a hitting mat on one side and plenty of clubs on racks next to the table. Men's and women's clubs that were actually pretty decent. I brought my own clubs, so I put them in a rack next to the rentals, literally 2 feet from the table. The hostess explained how to swipe the card and select the time we wanted to play for (and pay for at $45/hour), and how to select what games we wanted to play. It took a few minutes to get the hang of the system, but before long we were hitting into the neon-lit holes. While my wife hit a few practice balls, I ordered a chicken quesadilla. My expectations were low, but it was actually good. Really good. I finally got my turn, and the first thing I noticed was the rubber tee on the mat. It was so low, there is no way to hit driver at all. I'm guessing it was 1/4 inch high. Disappointing, but this place is in a highly populated area, and I am sure they wanted to make sure no dorks can hit it over the nets. It took me a minute to notice there were no balls in sight. But there are little walls, again similar to a bowling alley that separate the bays. On that wall, there is a red light that you can wave your club or foot over, and a ball comes rolling out. OK, the cool factor just went up. I started with my trusty 7 iron, not wanting to hit a bad shot in front of the dozens and dozens of 20-somethings there (eye candy was a difficult distraction, especially being there with my wife). So I took my smooth swing, and CLANK! I took a decent enough swing, but these balls are hard! It really feels awful off the club face. But it flies pretty good, although the distance is about 75% of normal. Again, probably to ensure no knuckleheads can get over the nets. The wife and I played TopChip. A game that has you hit 20 balls into 3 different pins, and assigns points according to how close to the pin you get. But the advertised micro-chips inside the balls are not nearly as accurate as you might think. With the chips inside the balls, I expected the distances to be measured super accurately. But in reality, each pin has a series of small nets surrounding it, and the depending on which net your ball lands in, you get that assigned score. If you miss the nets, you get nothing. Still fun, but not what I expected. There are a few more 'games' we could play using the touchscreen next to the bay, but we decided to just hit balls and have fun. It really is a different experience. Even though I couldn't hit driver (I tried, but couldn't get better than a slightly topped shot). 3 wood was perfect though. I could see getting a few guys together and having some good competition with the games and plenty of drinks to go along with it. Overall, a really fun idea, and it will be a ton of fun in the wintertime.
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