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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings and welcome to my first attempt at reviewing a new product. I purchased the Shot Scope V2.0 (https://shotscope.com ) wrist worn integrated GPS and shot tracking system after reading some good gouge here on MGS about it. I have friends who have used ARCCOS and watch them carry their phone in their front pockets, making it uncomfortable to swing (I personally don't like anything in my pockets except tees, a divot tool and a spare golf ball in my front pocket, scorecard and yardage book in my back pocket). A little about me. I am a walker, I like to carry my bag, and have used pace count for as long as I have been playing serious golf as an adult - probably due in part to my years as an Infantry Officer, walking became part of my job, and knowing where I was constituted a vital part of the profession. I jumped in early on the opportunity- there was a $50 discount on "pre-orders" with an anticipated ship date of September. I also spoke to several of my buddies who have used other tracking systems and one decided to jump in and invest in the V2 as well. So far, so good. I purchased the V2 in August, in anticipation of the late September delivery. Unfortunately the company had some Quality Control issues, and needed to delay shipment until mid October. This was relayed to me and all the pre-order customers via email. The email support thus far has been very good, very timely and very professional. Here is a copy of what they wrote to explain the QC issue... "This is not the email we were expecting to send out today and we apologize profusely. Your final payment email was scheduled to be sent at 5pm this evening. Unfortunately, we have had to pause this following a development at our manufacturing facility this afternoon. We have manufactured all V2 bands and the digitally printed screens were delivered to our manufacturing partners at 1pm BST today. This is the last process on the manufacturing line before the product is shipped. Unfortunately, on receipt of these screens it became apparent that these were not of the quality required and therefore none of the screens are fit for use. We have enclosed an image of manufactured bands and an example of the screen quality which we received this afternoon. The team are now working to rectify the screen issue so that the bands can be completed and shipped. We expect to complete all pre-ordered Shot Scope V2s in four weeks, dispatching your order on the 10th of November. Emails containing full payment details will be sent on the 1st of November, allowing maximum time to finalize payment and shipping details before we ship on the 10th. It is completely understandable that there will be a lot of frustration and disappointment. We are devastated to have to further delay the shipment of your order and want to thank you for your support thus far. From all of the Shot Scope team, we are truly sorry that we have had to disappoint you. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the support team who will be working late tonight and over the weekend to ensure your questions are answered as quickly as possible. From all of us, our deepest apologies and most sincere thanks for your patience and belief in what we have built, David Hunter, CEO, and everyone at Team Shot Scope" This was not good news for me, as I wanted to take the V2 on a trip to Pinehurst. Oh well... The device arrived the week after my Pinehurst trip- Here is what I received. (package image) The V2 is not an intuitive device. I should have read more, or watched the videos regarding process, but alas, I am like many of my male caveman brothers- loath to read instructions or ask directions- (you know who you are...) I installed the club identifiers into each of my 14 clubs, and planned on using it to play on Sunday. Luckily I took the device out on Saturday to the range just to update the time and date (quick start guide mentioned that the V2 would automatically adjust time, date and the like upon first connecting with the GPS satellites). It did, but I could not sync the device to my phone, so after my range time, I returned home and plugged it in to my computer. I logged on to the website Dashboard , where your statistics will be maintained, and found out that you must first download the courses that you intend to play (takes a few moments) and then sync your "Dashboard" to the V2 to download the courses onto the device. I arrived early on Sunday and turned on the device. It acquired the satellites rather quickly and immediately went to course choice (we have three 9 hole tracks, Red, White, and Blue, which you play in sequence R-W, W-B, or B-R. I selected the course I was scheduled to play, and the tracker immediately went to hole #1- great, but I am still on the range. Again, caveman style, I tried to turn the device off, pushing a series of buttons (there are three on the left side, two on the right side of the V2) with no joy. It was not until I was finished the first 9 that I learned the middle left button is the "mode" button! Anyway, not wanting to record my work on the range as a round, I placed the V2 on my bag, with enough distance from my swing to (hopefully) not trigger a swing recorded. Turns out the V2 has three operational modes; GPS, PRO and GPS+Track to suit different playing environments. Whether you are playing a social game with your friends, a practice round or a tournament, Shot Scope V2 helps you get the most from every round. MODES The first is GPS-Tracking, which is the designed to provide GPS locations to the front, middle and back of the green from wherever you are on the course. This mode also tracks every shot with patented "ClubSense" technology which recognizes practice swings from actual ball strikes, and knows the club based on the club sensor tag at the base of the grip. The second mode - GPS, provides distance information, but does not record shots- and can be used during scrambles or other modified games where you may not complete each hole individually. The third mode - Pro, offers the ability to track your shots thru ClubSense, but will not display distance information. This mode is for use when competing in matches where devices which measure distance are prohibited. When we tee'd off, GPS ranges were accurate (I know the courses very well, having played at my home course for nearly 13 years, and having used both pace count and a Bushnell GPS watch in the past). I swung the club, made the shot and moved forward, hoping the shot was tracked. Upon arriving on the green, the Putt capture feature appears on the screen. The proper way of using this feature is to record all putts (both on and off the green) and when truly holed, hold the V2 over the cup and press the button associated with the number of putts required (0 - 4). This putting process is both cumbersome and, in my case, prone to be forgotten. I am trying to play "ready golf" and once holed I am used to picking up the flag or moving off the green and getting ready to pick up my bag and move to the next hole. I found myself running back to the hole to click the proper number of putts over the hole on more than a few occasions. (Note to self, get in habit of picking up flag every time, thereby requiring you to be over the cup as you replace the pin- thereby fulfilling your duty to input number of putts over the hole.) All things were good thru the first 9 holes. The Mode button allows the ability to record penalty shots (one drawn over the lateral hazard on a drive, etc) and is used to exit the current course, while still recording the round. As you move toward the next tee box, the V2 will jump to the next hole, as any normal GPS range tracker does. Now, because of the particulars of my home course - we have three 9 hole tracks, Red, White, and Blue, and you play them in that order. If you begin on Blue, you rotate to Red, and so forth. So coming off Red 9 on Sunday morning, I was going to have to change the course on the V2 for the next 9 holes (White ). Advancing from caveman to semi- competent operator, I used the middle left button to change mode to exit course- at which point you are prompted to save the data, and then, again using the middle left "mode" button, I returned the V2 to the GPS-Tracker mode which causes the V2 device to seek out the satellites again, and recognize the course (in this case the back 9 - our White 9). So began my back 9. The first significant discrepancy I noticed on the GPS distance came on the last hole. White 9 is a 297 yard par 4, but the V2 was reading 402 yards. I drove my tee shot about 230 downhill to about 70 yards, shot a lob wedge to just off the back of the green, chipped and putted for a par. The V2 was still having difficulty on the green, but I used the putt tracker, exited and saved the round, in hopes to view on my smart phone. The V2 has Bluetooth technology to allow the device to sync with either your smart phone or on a computer. Alas, the device would not sync. I did not want to mess with it in the parking lot, so headed into the club for lunch and would deal with it at home. I returned home, plugged the device in and again the device would not sync. My dashboard did not recognize that I had played a round. Disappointed but not the end of the world. Aftermath of the first round: Today I had some time to send a note to Shotscope, to discuss my concerns about the round not being recorded (could well have been operator error), the wrong yardage on white 9, and the fact that after a 3 hour 40 minute round the battery was almost down to 1/4 power- doubtful if I could have gotten another 9 in without it failing. I also suggested that the software be upgraded such that distances to hazards, end of fairway, and bunkers could also be found. Within an hour I had the following response from Gavin at Shot Scope Support "Hello Timothy, Thank you for your email. Don't worry your round was recorded, we had a server malfunction over the weekend (our first in 3 years) but I have your data. There is a course issue which is being resolved and then I will have it uploaded. Regarding your GPS, I will look into that and see if I can figure it out. Could you let me know if it happens again. The distances to hazards package will be added via a firmware update in the early part of next year. The battery charge is an issue we are looking at, we will have a firmware update which will make some improvements and our engineers have some further battery optimization work over the next month or two as well. Hopefully that explains everything and I will have your data in your account by tomorrow. Best regards, Gavin Needless to say I was very happy with the outstanding customer service and the professional manner in which my issues were addressed. I thanked Gavin and asked about a course that I requested to be mapped for a trip coming up in February of next year. They were already working it and usual turn around is about 3 days. So, initial impressions of the device- GPS worked very well, and although the watch is initially somewhat larger than I expected, it did not give me any issues. I hardly noticed it, and as such forgot to do the putt tracker process on several greens - again, this is an operator issue, and not a device issue. I think the battery issue could be a challenge. I hope that Gavin and the team will work through the issue because, unfortunately, I have played in some rounds that last well beyond our 3:40 mark. There is a feature that allows skipped holes- you use the bottom left or right button depending on whether you are going forward or backward- and you can skip a hole. I will discuss that later in the review. Finally, I was asked about putting the sensors into the end of the club grips. As I mentioned to STUD, I only had an issue with two, one because there was a hunk of plastic stuck into the butt end of the metal shaft- I re-gripped the club and during the process I removed the plastic. The other was my putter, which has an oversized grip. I got it in and they all seem to stay, flat and unremarkable on the butt end of the club. No apparent issues here. My First Round It took about 3 minutes for me to comprehend my "Dashboard." This is the secure site on Shotscope.com where you log in to see statistics, track each shot around the course, and then display the results in any number of ways. But there was a problem. Some of the shots - in this case two minor chips - AKA chilli dips - were not recorded. Never fear, because you can edit your shots, hole by hole! Very simple to do- click and drag technology, add a shot, add a penalty or ball lost or in water- very simple, even for a caveman like me. I had my scorecard, made a few adjustments (and added the two dropped shots, one penalty and a few additional putts in less than 15 minutes) and Voila! My Statistics This is one of six different ways the data is displayed. Clubs Tee shots Approaches Short Game Putting Personal Records As I progress and gather more data (one round does not make for particularly interesting reading) I will post more, and continue my evaluation. Suffice to say that right now I am very happy, both with the device, and that I am still trainable!! Moreover, the customer service response has been nothing short of exceptional. I am all about customer service, and appreciate it when I see it. Shot Scope has it going on, and I am very happy about that. More to follow after my - next round!
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