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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all. Sorry for interruption. I am not sure if posting and advertising for my own golf project is allowed here. I am the founder of the company, any question, tech/function/business enquiry please just feel free to discuss here or send me a msg I will try my very best to ans. them. Basically I came up with this idea a year ago. I applied and was granted a little gov funding and raised a little angle fund. A team of 8, we spent a year on this. In the first half of year we worked on pose estimation, but I later realized that's somehow meaningless for a golf simulator, and we spent another half year to get this ball launch monitor done. It is all about computer vision. We spent so much time on making the computer to recognise the golf ball flying in high speed under most circumstances (i.e. dark environment), and then to squeeze the software into a mobile phone. We started implementing all the physics formula a couple months ago to extract motion data such as ball speed and carry distance. This part is taking us quite a lot of time too because none of us had any experience working on similar project before where we realized we have been ignoring a lot of essential factors that are affecting the flight of the ball (i.e. Magnus effect, air friction, spin rate, spin axis, etc.) Frankly speaking, it was once very accurate (less than 15% difference when comparing with a gc2). We recently felt that the detection area was a bit small and we expanded that to around 2 sq. ft. and things screwed up. Therefore, we are adjusting everything again now because we insist to have a larger detection area. Like all other startups, we have no income, have been spending money all along and I am hoping the Kickstarter campaign can ease a bit of our financial stress. Honestly, the $5k goal isn't even enough for our half month operation cost, but I am thinking maybe feedback from the campaign could be some evidence for me to persuade my upcoming investors. Please support us to get this to live, and comments welcomed, either positive or negative! Thank you.
  2. Has anyone else seen this or tried their putting only Gen i1 model? I'm curious what everyone thinks since of this since I would love to have an apartment friendly practice option if it doesn't suck. https://www.coachlabs.com/workshops/gamer-pack
  3. Some product news from ARCCOS... Arccos Golf Launches Player Dashboard 2.0 With Shot Editing, Data Visualizations, Metric Distances Option and More STAMFORD, Conn. – October 10, 2017 – Arccos Golf today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its Player Dashboard, which now includes shot editing, new data visualizations, metric distances and filtering options. A proven game improvement tool that's trusted by golfers and instructors worldwide, the Player Dashboard is free to users of the Arccos 360 app. It facilitates deep dives into round, hole and shot histories, analytics for every game aspect and easy-to-grasp breakdowns of performance trends. The insights it delivers have directly contributed to the remarkable handicap improvement Arccos 360 users realize – an average of 2.77 strokes in one year. “The products and features we develop are consistently informed by feedback received from our rapidly-expanding and highly-engaged community of users,” says Sal Syed, Arccos Co-Founder and CEO. “Adding shot editing to the Player Dashboard was among the top suggestions. Early response to this and the other enhancements has been tremendous.” Beyond the v2.0 Player Dashboard, Arccos has introduced a series of acclaimed products and features in 2017. Principal among these is Arccos Caddie, golf's first artificial intelligence platform. Developed in partnership with Microsoft and powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud, Arccos Caddie helps golfers of all skill levels shoot lower scores by making smarter, data-driven decisions on the course. Arccos Caddie leverages the golf industry's richest data set – over 120 million shots hit by the Arccos community, as well as precise elevation data and 368 million geotagged data points on more than 40,000 courses – while also accounting for weather conditions like wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and more. The platform can be used by anyone, on nearly any hole in the world, regardless of whether a golfer has previously played the course. “Through the power of data, Arccos users are already improving at a rate that's 36.4x faster than the average player,” added Syed. “With the enhanced Player Dashboard, Arccos Caddie and our other offerings, we're helping every player save even more strokes each round by providing the type of strategic insights that were previously available only to PGA TOUR pros.” For more information, please visit: www.arccosgolf.com. Additional Resources: Arccos Caddie Video Blog Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube
  4. 5 QUESTIONS WITH ARCCOS CEO SAL SYED Golf and tech is quickly becoming almost synonymous, with a bevy of products ranging from swing analyzers to GPS watches. The latest craze is instant game tracking technology and it excites me that this weeks 5-ish questions is a chance to pick the mind of Arccos CEO, Sal Syed. What is Arccos, and what kind of useful information can the average golfer glean from using Arccos? How will it help their game improve? Arccos is the industry's most advanced performance tracking system. It incorporates 14 sensors that easily attach to a player's club and pair with our free iPhone app. Once connected, golfers simply play as they normally would and Arccos automatically starts collecting data on distances hit, club averages, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, sand saves, putts and much more. The app also provides GPS yardages for more than 20,000 courses. For the average golfer, this is the first time they will be able to see their game under a microscope and truly evaluate strengths and weaknesses based on incredibly accurate data. They can use the information provided by Arccos to practice the areas of their games that need improvement, leading to lower scores and more fun on the course. It seems everything and everyone can benefit from technology these days, can the average golfer truly understand and extract enough valuable information to improve their game? We're experiencing a time in world history when technology is truly benefiting everyone. Technological innovation in a variety of industries has made everything more efficient. Our goal with Arccos is to make golfers more efficient. Currently, the average golfer doesn't really know how far they hit the ball. They think they do, but our research shows they are often way off. Conversely, PGA Tour players have the tools at their disposal to know exact yardages for each club and type of shot. Without question, knowing this information has a dramatically positive impact on a player's performance. Additionally, we use the Strokes Gained methodology to unlock a player's “Golf DNA.” We have been taught to measure our skill based on a handicap number, we're a 5, 10, etc. But that doesn't give the full picture. With Arccos we breakdown each player's handicap into five key components – driving, approach, chipping, sand game and putting – assigning a handicap number to each. This breakdown is very important, because once a golfer understands where their weaknesses lie, they can practice that area and quantify results based on if they see an upswing in performance and lower total scores. Additionally, by helping players understand strengths and weakness, they are far more likely to be motivated to practice and work on the area of their game that needs development. How do two guys from business management and financial backgrounds (Sal and Ammad) get into the golf technology business? Although I did graduate from Yale with an MBA, my background is working with tech start-ups. With Arccos I saw the opportunity to perfectly combine my two passions for golf and tech. Ammad and I grew up together and have been very good friends for a long time. We went to the same high school and have always been close, so it was a natural fit. I actually introduced Ammad to golf and now he is completely hooked! He is actually doing very well and currently plays to about a 12 handicap. Pretty impressive, considering he only recently took up the sport. We see many similar products on the market these days such as Game Golf which is almost half your price, why should we be buying Arccos? What about non-rechargeable batteries adding costs? Do you have plans for a rechargeable version? Other products may be similar on the surface, but the difference between what Arccos provides compared to the competitors is quite substantial. When we developed Arccos, my philosophy was that people are out playing golf to enjoy themselves, not to collect data. Which is why it was imperative that that our system automatically collect information on the user, without his/her direct interaction. Players don't need to adjust their pre-shot routine or tap a third device in order to activate Arccos. Just go play golf. Of course if an Arccos user wanted to check their stats as they play, they can do that. Everything is recorded and displayed instantly. They also have the choice of waiting until after the round to dive into shot tracking numbers and analysis. The experience on the course is as interactive as you want it to be. We also offer GPS functionality, providing distances to the front middle and back of the green. This eliminates the need for another device or app that serves that purpose. When it comes to the batteries, using a non-rechargeable battery is actually the cheaper technological solution. Our testing shows that the batteries used can last roughly 50 rounds, which is about two years for the average players. Beyond that, we're getting more and more efficient when it comes to battery life and should be able to increase battery life over time. Even if they do need to be replaced, the batteries only cost a few dollars to replace and can be picked up at any drug store or electronics outlet. What do you say to the purists who insist technology should stay off the golf course? I would definitely consider myself a purist. I've been in love with the game for the past 20 years and have spent countless hours studying course architecture reading about the roots of the game in my spare time. The truth is that technological innovations have always been a big part of golf. Equipment manufacturers are constantly experimenting with new materials or borrowing design cues from the aerospace industry to build clubs, balls and shafts that perform better than the previous generation. Technology has always enhanced golf and we made sure we created a technology that doesn't get in the way of golf. Arccos adds to the experience, culture and history of the game. The one piece of technology that has been missing from golf until now is the “data revolution.” People want to be able to record their golf life. If you play a round at St. Andrews or Pebble Beach or another world-class establishment you will want to remember exactly how you played each hole. With Arccos we ensure that those memories are with you forever. Our system is only enhancing the experience. https://arccosgolf.com/ ----------------------- Big thanks to Sal for taking the time to chat with us here at MyGolfSpy
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