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  1. Just got the wife driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood in Taylormade M6 with Senior Flex. We bought them stock because she's a brand new golfer and got fit into standard senior flex shafts for the M6 irons. Her irons have slightly smaller grips, and I was wondering on the basics of changing grips at home. What tools do I need to do it properly? As a beginner, is it worth it to do on my own? Or would it be better to get it done professionally and practice on my own before tinkering with grips?
  2. OFFICIAL FORWARDGOLF PUTTER GRIP REVIEW Follow along with our 10 testers as they review the ForwardGolf putter grip, the grip that was designed to put your hands in the perfect position for putting. Does that design lead to more made putts? Read the review below to find out. Without further ado, meet the testers..... Without further ado, here are the testers. Super Dave Stage One Stage Two Stage Three wersty Stage One Stage Two Stage Three
  3. PINEHURST, NC … Golf Pride, an industry leader in grip innovation and the #1 Grip on Tour®, announced today it is expanding its popular MCC® family of hybrid grips with the new MCC Teams collection. The launch lineup will start with 15 unique team color combinations to choose from, so golfers can represent one of their favorite teams while on the course. As the #1 Grip Series Worldwide™, preferred by amateurs and professionals alike with over 250 Tour wins, the revolutionary MCC model features Brushed Cotton Cord Technology in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control with high performa
  4. Going for $4.99 on The GolfWorks... https://www.golfworks.com/lamkin-z5-golf-grips/p/lk0152/?utm_source=eblast&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LK0152-Sale
  5. Introducing the UN series. A hybrid grip with the signature velvety sticky touch of NO1 Grip. This grip combines a sticky, solid feel in the upper hand area, and a delicate softer feel in the lower hand area, which provides an unmatched sense of stability and confidence. UN series promotes light and consistent grip pressure, which leads to a smoother swing, improved distance, and control. Available Round Material: Elastomer Weight: UN series 50g (±1g) UN Light 44g (±1g) Pink, Shocking pink Men's Standard My Third Shot at NO1
  6. RW's one word review - FIRM Hopefully you like calluses! I've been playing the Lamkin UTx Midsize Reminder for the last season or so, and wanted to see how the Golf Pride Z Grip Align's compare. My biggest issue with the UTx is the loss of tackiness and grip texture mid round. I've realized I must have extremely dirty hands because to keep them tacky, I have to clean the grips during my round. I play in the south, so the necessity for a cord grip is a must. Hence my gravitation to the Z Grip. Golf Pride hails the Z Grip as the firmest grip model with "heavy cord texture an
  7. Testers Chosen! These four forum members will be testing and reviewing the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro (104cc) putter grips: @chemclub @BigtazzGolf @JDHolmes @gchester33 Reviewing a set of Z Grip ALIGN grips: @LeftyHawk And reviewing the MCC Plus4 ALIGN grips: @romeopapazulu @knightsofnii Full announcement here 3-Testers Wanted Z Grip ALIGN Tour Velvet ALIGN MCC & MCC Plus 4 ALIGN Tour Velvet Plus 4 (rubber or cord) Golf Pride ® a divis
  8. Just got some Artisan Wedges created by Mike Taylor:
  9. I am new to mygolfspy.com and I love all of it. I have recently started golfing again regularly and am interested in some new clubs and overall improving my game with and without technology. My handicap is somewhere around 18-22 if I had to guess. Driver: Orlimar tri-metal 440cc fairway woods: also olimar tri-metal Irons: ACER XK pro 4-GW slotline putter (probably 28 years old) titelist 14 way bag brooks running shoes. I don't have favorite grips, but my hands sweat even when they shouldn't and am in the market. I am also a big guy...5'10 300+ and am trying to lose weight whi
  10. Press Release From Lamkin LAMKIN GRIPS ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH WOMEN'S PGA CHAMPION DANIELLE KANG SAN DIEGO, 01 August 2018– Lamkin Corporation – the original manufacturer of premium golf grips - is very proud to announce Danielle Kang, the winner of the 2017 Women's PGA Championship, as their new LPGA brand ambassador and the company's first female spokesperson. Upon signing the new multi-year agreement, Kang commented on working with the Lamkin team to create her own customized grips, “I've really enjoyed the process of testing and refining my grip selection
  11. Press Release from Lamkin Grips JUSTIN ROSE EXPANDS ROLE AS LAMKIN GRIPS' EXCLUSIVE PGA TOUR SPOKESMAN & BRAND AMBASSADOR SAN DIEGO, 11 July 2018– Lamkin Corporation – the original manufacturer of premium golf grips - is delighted to announce that 2013 U.S. Open Champion and reigning Olympic Golf Champion Justin Rose will continue his long-standing partnership with the brand. Rose has had an official agreement with Lamkin since 2014, however his relationship with the company goes back to a custom grip fitting at their U.K. office more than 15 years befor
  12. Whoopwhoop here, I was lucky enough to be a tester for the Golf Pride Align grip giveaway Golf Pride did a few weeks ago and decided to do a quick review. First off, I love trying new equipment so I was delighted to get a grip in the mail. When I entered, I had three choices of Golf Pride's Align line. One was oversize option, one was the MCC dual compound and the third was their tour velvet. All had this new align grip feature that intrigued me. I've never have tried a dual compound grip before so that's the one I picked. Once I got it in the mail. I quickly put on some Marley
  13. Im sure that many of you who have went to see your club pro, or went for a lesson have been told the you "need new grips". Its very convenient that the pros are at hand to do it for you. Recently I was amazed when a friend told me he was being charged £20 to get his driver regripped, and that was standard!!! I thought this was steep to change a grip. I went onto eBay, had a hunt and bought 20 Golf Pride Multi Compound Grips for £3 each, plus got to choose what colours I wanted. Then I bought myself some double sided tape and gave changing my grips a go. The toughest thing has to be
  14. TESTERS WANTED - APPLY NOW We are looking for 10 MyGolfSpy Forum members to test the Super Stroke TX1 club grips. Many of you have tried Super Stroke putter grips and now they are making a play to get on the rest of the clubs in your bag. The Super Stroke TX1 is a multi-material grip, with the upper section being soft, tacky cord and the bottom section being soft rubber. As usual, we're looking for readers who can put the grips through their paces and be willing to write coherently about your experience and provide good quality photographs. To apply for testing, reply to t
  15. Something occurred to me last night for the first time. Probably because I just went through a recent fitting where I was making sure I was still a midsize grip. I have always had my iron grips in midsize for as long as I can remember. But last night as I was grabbing a hybrid, with the stock grip, it made me wonder why I never considered getting a midsize grip for my hybrid, or driver, of FW or wedges for that matter. So those that have midsize grips, do you have throughout the entire set or just irons? What are your thoughts either way on the subject?
  16. Will the new Golf Pride MultiCompound Plus4 ALIGN Grips created a problem on adjustable loft drivers, fairway woods, or hybrids, when the loft is changed?
  17. Hey All, So I need to replace my grips soon on all 13 clubs. I have GP Tour Velvets now. I am a mid-sized grip size. But I've had troubles with sweaty hands and slightly losing my grip during the swing. Any tips on new good grips for sweaty hands / losing your grip? Any suggestions would help! p.s. I've got Speith, Phil, DJ, Kuchar, and Stenson as my top 5 (not necessarily in that order) for The Open! Who do you have for The Open this year? Thanks again, Dave
  18. Just bought a new set of glide wedges, and although I love the non-tapered, longer grips that come standard, I like the consistency of having the same feeling grips on all clubs (I use GP Tour Wraps on everything.) I thought I might have a go at regripping the Glide wedges, but building up the grip to reduce the amount of taper. I would lose the benefit of the longer grip, but I feel that's a trade-off. Anyways, anyone else play with their wedges like this? How much tape do you tend to use? Any other pros/cons I'm missing (I realize the dyla grips are heavier.)
  19. This is for charity, and i don't really want to ship a box of grips back, i'll lose the money I made for our foundation. I have to list these for the $29.95 price (shipping included) as determined by The Cork Tree grip company but make me an offer including shipping. I have to pay back $15 per grip and will NOT sell for a loss to our Charity, but i cannot list a different price. I will include a tax Donation receipt. Howdy Fellow Spies- I am the president of a non-profit in Sacramento, CA. We held our annual fundraiser on 9/30 and Cork Tree Putter Grips owner Marc Boggia was kind enough to he
  20. Lamkin Gold Medal Edition Grip A new twist on the grip played by PGA Tour player Miguel Angel Jimenez is inspired by the sporting events taking place in Rio de Janeiro this summer. The Gold Medal Edition Wrap-Tech grip features Lamkin's proprietary Double-Helix pattern designed with a smooth spiral for comfort and a high-traction spiral for increased control. The proprietary metallic compound adds enhanced tackiness and a lighter, softer feel for unmatched grip comfort. The combination of wrap styling, a softer material and an unbuffed finishing process makes the Wrap-Tech ideal for pla
  21. I'm a new member but a long time follower. These tests offered is a real incentive to get active in My golf Spy. I'm originally from Texas but have retired to my wife's home state of Ohio. I have never seen the number of daily fee golf courses that are located within a 30 minute drive as I have seen here. My big complaint is not being able to play 12 months a year. So now I go back down to Houston to visit my kids and grand-baby during the Winter months so I can at least play a couple of times in the Winter months. I am a authorized dealer for Pure grips out of Arizona and have an eBa
  22. Ready for new grips, looking at going to an oversized dri tac, any suggestions?
  23. On the course and on tour I have been seeing a lot more of the fat putter grips. What is the advantage of these grips? I can see having them if your grip isn't what it used to be from hand issues. However, I am seeing younger people utilizing these grips and I would think it would diminish the feel of the putter. Is there an advantage rather than a detriment? Thanks!
  24. You know you need to re-grip your clubs.........Now here's an insane deal.....13 Lamkin I-Line Grips for $29.99! http://www.lamkingrips.com/comfortable-performance/i-line Get them while they last.......
  25. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 15, 2014 FROM CORK TREE - THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN PUTTER GRIP TECHNOLOGY NOW AVAILABLE SAO BRAS DE ALPORTEL, PORTUGAL - There's a brand-new golf grip material quickly gaining popularity. The Cork Tree has debuted four new putter grips made of cork leather. Why cork? It's proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork leather putter grips provide an overall user experience that cannot be achieved with any other putter grip material known to man. Cork is 100% natural, feels soft in the hands, and improves its playability well beyond othe
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