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Found 3 results

  1. fixyurdivot


    So I'm reading that most think the odds of getting a hole in one are lower than getting an eagle on a par 4. I'm failing to see why that would be. Let's talk non pro players at most public courses and white tees. Now I have a big fat zero in my hole in one column and a healthy handful of eagles albeit most on par 5's - so it follows the premise, but still seems odd. On shorter par 4's, a good average drive leaves you at roughly the same distance as most par 3's. Yes, you get to place or tee your ball on a par 3, but I shouldn't think that would be the deciding factor? What are your thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, We have recently taken up golf and are now on a very tongue-in-cheek journey to becoming scratch golfers. Don’t worry, we’re closer to landing on the moon at this rate. We document each round and would love to hear any feedback, tips or if anyone else around London/Essex wants to play. Our latest video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6K8KtmpGbA Check it out, if you can!
  3. I just received this little golf story from one of my clients......and had to share it...... This happened yesterday afternoon: So, a construction company that hopes to build our next $20,000,000 project sponsored a foursome in a Ronald McDonald House charity scramble tournament. They invited me to complete their foursome. Each foursome had a sports celebrity play with them. It rained most of the morning and we were to tee off at 1:30. Knowing it would be a 5 -6 hour round (cart paths only!), I informed my group that I had to leave no later than 5:45 to babysit 4 grandchildren while my wife attends the 5th grandchild's graduation from elementary school. Our plan was that I would take the sport celebrity's golf cart when I left. We started on hole 14 then discovered that because of the rain we were not allowed to play holes 15, 16, and 17. It was a 14 hole tournament for the afternoon groups. I thought "I just might have time to finish". When we finished the 12th hole and drove to 13 tee box, I told the group I had to leave and switched the golf bags. I walked up to the tee and said, "I will just hit a tee shot then leave". It went into the hole and I said, "too bad there is not a prize". They told me to turn around and read the sign that says I just won $20,000. First hole in one in 50 years of golfing. Debbie said she would stay home with the grandkids and I declared the construction company the low bidder for our project.
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