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Found 2 results

  1. Well after this long on the forums I think it time I post a WITB thread. Yes there's a lot of pics, but hey be happy the photo shoot produced almost 200 APRIL 2017 https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/9313-bag-of-the-mbp/?p=267674 MAY 2016 http://bit.ly/1WAQ4ML SEPTEMBER 2014 Bag: Ogio Ozone Driver: Nike Covert Performance 9.5 Draw with Aerotech Claymore F4 3 Wood: Wilson Staff Fybrid 15° With UST Mamiya Proforce AXIVCore Red Stiff Hybrid: Nickent 4DX Pro 20° Irons: 4-7 TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB & 8-PW Tour Preferred MC with KBS Tour Stiff 1° Up with BestGrips MicroPref Leather Grips Wedges: Wilson Staff FG Tour Tour Grind 56°, 60° with TT Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex Putters: Nike Method 003 2013 Bag: Ogio Ozone Driver: *Current Nike Covert Performance 9.5 Draw with Kuro Kage Black S - Nickent 4DX Pro D-Spec 10.5° with Aerotech Claymore F4 3 Wood: Wilson Staff Fybrid 15° With UST Mamiya Proforce AXIVCore Red Stiff Irons: 4-GW TaylorMade Rocketbladez with KBS Tour Stiff Soft Stepped Wedges: Wilson Staff FG Tour Tour Grind 56°, 60° with TT Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex Putters: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 - Odyssey White Hot CS2, Nike Method 003
  2. This week's “Know Your GolfSpy” profile is GolfSpyMBP - MyGolfSpy Equipment Reviewer & Digital Media Strategist. Check out what he had to share with us below! Was Golf part of growing up for you? The year was 1980, I was 7, the Padres still wore brown, yellow & orange and my shorts barely covered my ass. Our family had a summer home just south of the border in Birch Bay, Washington. My brother and I would hunt for snakes in the hillside behind our place and one day he stepped on something not reptile; it was a small, white dimpled ball. Upon returning home dad informed us it was a golf ball. Apparently beyond the tall grass and barb wire fence lay an 18 hole tightly mown mecca of joy. So we had the ball, now we need to try the golf. Our neighbor gave us some random clubs to cut down (think I had a 5 and 9 iron), we joined the junior club late that summer and got into the group lessons before heading north. That winter was terribly long because all I could think about was getting back and playing this golf. The following summer we started playing the tournaments, yes, I had a lot of apparent natural ability. I won once and the season produced my first birdie as well. That birdie is burned in my mind too. During the second tournament of the year we're on the third hole which is playing about 300 yards for me. The hole is perched on top of a hillside with a rolling drop off running the entire length of the right side. I slice a drive that goes about 160 and I'm a good 30 yards off line half way do the hill. From there I hit a miraculous 3 wood that barely trickles on the front of the green. Next thing you know I'm rolling in a 50 footer for birdie, that in my mind must have broke 15 feet, but I'm sure if was only 5 inches of break. The following year I won all tournaments in my age class, 4 maybe 5, including the Junior Boys 8-10 (or 12 not sure) championship. That course doesn't exist anymore, but my real claim to fame does. I'm on the Fraserview Golf Course Junior Club Championship trophy from when I was 17 and had to beat out some real talent that year. The last time I did anything substantial in a tournament was 1999. I'd maybe broke 80 once all year and was sitting at a 12 handicap. Bunch of us roll out on a late September weekend for our favorite annual fall tournament; The Autumn Leaves Hope Open. There's just something about that course that makes me feel comfortable and I shoot 74-75, yes... with a 12 cap. Geez, I was even going into 15 on the final day. Ooops. My net score was so low I guess they didn't even consider it come prize time because they awarded it to the second place guy. We quickly called to their attention the minor clerical error and I got my due lol. Crazy weekend, my buddy I drove up with won low gross as well. We both picked the biggest prizes and somehow managed to get two 25 inch CRT TV's into the back seat of my lowered, 2 door Honda Accord. Remember CRT TV's?! I've basically lived my last 20 plus years of golf in my once great childhood memories. Pretty much haven't played to better than a 8 cap at best since. It's made for some frustrating times because you believe you can pull off these great shots, but you've formed so many bad habits it's just not going to happen. I finally sucked it up this year and took lessons, if I stick to everything I worked on in 2014 I can see some great golf in 2015. [D. Mann showing off his trophies and on-course style] Why golf? What is it that you enjoy the most? What are your golfing ‘pet peeves'? I never know how to answer this one… Why golf? I'm not going to give you some philosophical answer about the ultimate quest to get the ball in the hole either. It's just addictive and I love everything about it. Early mornings, fresh cut grass, playing exotic locations, all the gear & equipment (I'm becoming a serious gear junkie) and the social aspect; I can play with anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill level. Think about it, you can be a 32, our buddy a +1, me a 10 and we all have to get around the course the same way. The +1 one may bang his head against a tree waiting on the 32, but ya'll still got to spend a day out together. Ahhh can you feel the love? And dude! I got to meet you in Hawaii because of golf. Seriously, no matter race, religion, ability, dietary beliefs or if you like the movie “Man of Steel” or not; we're all human, all equal and we can all golf together. BTW, Man of Steel is a grossly underappreciated movie, I watched it again yesterday. I can't forget the moments I've shared with my wife on the golf course either. Oh and there's a story in itself. We were married on Master's weekend 2007. That Sunday after all the festivities we were sitting at a restaurant with our friends who had come into town and Zach Johnson was cruising down the back nine to victory on the TV's. As you can imagine I was distracted by the annual Augusta drama, when Nidine turns to me and says “I guess I'll have to take up golf or I'm gonna be a golf widow”. She took her first lesson that week and we've played almost every weekend since. Spent my honeymoon at kapalua playing every day too Oh a Pet peeve? Ball marks - fix your damn ball marks people. Golf is clearly a big part of your life, but what else have you got going on? (Job, Hobbies, anything else interesting that we don't know about you) A first glance I read that as “don't NEED to know about me” and boy you would have loved what I just erased. The day job is Quality Assurance for a digital media agency specializing global interactive marketing. We do websites, strategy, branding etc for some pretty big name clients. Nothing goes out the door without passing by my desk for approval. This isn't always a good thing either as it becomes a rather stressful position because if there's one mistake all eyes are back on you. As for hobbies I'm into lots of A/V related things like TV's, home theater, headphones etc. A big former hobby of mine was custom show cars and trucks. My wife's a wedding planner on the side. So I guess you can call me a wedding planners assistant, as I seem to end up helping set up every gig she gets. I'm very proud of my work in the area of cupcake-cake building and presentation. You've become well known for your ability to create things – design, images, etc – are there any tips/tools/secrets you can pass on to help all of us make our own threads look more professional? Keep all your photos the same size and scale. Nothing kills an article or review with photos that are all over the place. Tall one here, wide one next, then a little tiny one. I think we get the picture. Oh and proof read your copy people! I took a peek at a review on another site last week and could barely get through the first 2 sentences. I think there were 2 spelling mistakes and not to mention a blatant disrespect for grammar and the English language in general. Really if I was the company being represented I wouldn't be happy. With your photos you want to shoot in as much light as possible. If you can get outside or next to a window with lots of natural light even better. Nobody wants to see your grainy, blurry, irregular size, shaky cam pics. Oh and for every 10 pictures I post in a review I've taken 100 to choose from. It's digital you can always delete. What are the strongest and weakest parts of your game right now? Top 3 goals for the 2015 golf season… go! ...We'll circle back with you at the end of 2015 to give you a performance rating Seriously? We're going here? The only thing I can do with an consistency and well is putt, I'll toot my horn (brrrrrph) I'm rather good at it. Chipping's always decent, my irons are hit & miss and the driver has a tendency to do horrible, horrible things. With that said I may have found a new friend in the G30 Goals Break 80 every time out consistently shoot 75 by end of season Break par You have a 5-year 13-club sponsorship contract (excluding putter and ball) with one OEM - who do you choose, and why? Who supplies your putter and ball? Way to put a guy on the spot…. Isn't this MyGolfSpy? Aren't we brand agnostic or something? Fine… Well currently putter wise Odyssey is supplying the putter, but that could change by the weekend. I just keep going back to those soft, white inserts. Balls… I'm gonna hear some groans from the peanut gallery, but I've had my most success last 3 seasons with the Wilson FG Tour. 13 Club sponsorship? I'm going to say Nike just so I can be in commercials with Tiger and Rory. Is there any particular review or article you're most proud of this year at MyGolfSpy? I get excited working on everything I write and each has a special place for me. Sometimes it's the way the photos turned out, or a product that dramatically changed my wife's putting. I really loved the Tiba Putt this year and I can see that really picking up good traction in the training aid segment. Heck even Hank Haney retweeted and commented on our review. But if I had to pick one it would be my part of the work on this year's Holiday Gift Guide. X asked me to help produce it again and I tell ya, what you see on the blog is pretty damn close to what I'd envisioned from the get go. You'd never believe I shot that in the lunch room at work, would ya? Thanks for sharing with us MBP! (check out the straight arm on that shot from 1982... great form! ...the shorts... not so much...) If you have any questions for Dan, please ask them below and I'll bug him until he answers!
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