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  1. Il Possente Mati Mamo - Putter Amano lo Stile Italiano (The Mighty Mati Mamo – Putter Love Italian Style) Dean Martin. Frank Sinatra, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini. Sophia Loren. The list of Italy's gifts to North America is deep, wide and long. Italian-American pride is strong among my people, to the point where we feel amore for anything from the homeland. Like Gnocchi. Or Braciole. Or Mati Putters. What, and Who, Is Mati Putters? Mati makes hand-crafted, milled-faced putters in a small machine shop in Bernareggio, Italy, a small village near Milan in Northern Italy, not far from the Swiss border. Owner Seliano Brambilla, 44, is Mati Putters. He's the head designer, machinist, master putter assembler, and CEO. He's also the only employee. Metal work is the family business. Seliano was taught machining by his father, and still does much of his machining by hand, with some CNC milling. “I started Mati because of my passion for golf and for quality,” said Seliano. “I design, and then I make. It takes 3 hours, more or less, to make a putter.” That, friends, is the entire journey from a hunk of 303 stainless steel to a fully milled, balanced, decorated and assembled golf club. Seliano started Mati in 2013, naming it after his daughter, Matilde. A new model is named GAB, after his son Gabriele. It Italy, it's all about passione e famiglia. Seliano sent me a Mamo model to try out. “It has a very special story,” he said. “It's made in collaboration with Mamo no-profit association, to take care of sick children around the world.” Mamo is Massimo Cocchi, or “Mamo” to his friends. Mamo died of cancer last year, and his friends (he had many) started Team Mamo Onlus in his honor to benefit children's health charities worldwide (teammamoonlus.org - you'll need it translated). Seliano donates 40 Euros from the sale of each Mamo putter to the cause. Andiamo al Putter Mamo: The Mamo is a milled-face blade with a slight toe hang, suitable for the slight-arc golfer. Here are the specs: Material: 303 Stainless Steel Loft: 4* Lie: 72* Dexterity: Right or Left Length: 33 to 35” standard (mine was cut to 32”) Shaft: True Temper with double-bend Grip: Lamkin Gen3 Pistol, midsize Price: 350 Euros (≈ $435.00) 303 Stainless Steel is easy to mill and makes an exceptionally soft feeling putter. On the company website, Seliano says a Mati putter is not “manufactured,” it is “obtained.” I kinda like that. Take a hunk of stainless steel and mill away anything that doesn't look like a putter. Let's run this bambino through its paces and see if it performs. Lo Aspetto: The Mamo's satiny stainless finish is understated, and one of the first things you notice is the fairly wide sole. The tri-level back of the putter has just the slightest hint of a stripped down Bobby Grace look. The milled face is traditional, with “Mamo” engraved on the backside. “SS303” is etched into the toe-end of the backside, “Fe” into the heal end (a tribute to Italian photographer Federica Cerami). The Mati logo is engraved on the sole, along with three lines paint-filled green, white and red, i colori della bandiera italiana (colors of the Italian flag). Seliano added a nice little surprise on the sole, engraving “Giovanni,” as my broken English-speaking Nona used to call me. The Mamo is solid looking and confidence boosting at address, but I wouldn't call it “stunning.” Its look is one of handsome grace; more Tea Leoni than Sophia Loren. Not that that's a bad thing. Il Tatto: When it comes to feel, however, the Mamo is all Sophia Loren. Bellisimo! A benchmark of 303 stainless is soft feel, and Mamo is downy soft. At impact the ball makes a muted little “click,” and you absolutely know when you've hit the sweet spot. Practice strokes with the Mamo feel very stable. The 360-gram head feels strong and balanced, even with the shaft cut down to 32”. Perimeter weighting makes it very easy to make a smooth, stable stroke. It's almost impossible to twist the head at impact. Allineamento: A simple red line on the back of the flange is subtle, but effective, and the milling on the putter's backside helps you frame the ball easily. All Mati putters have that same line, so if you want more alignment help than that Mati may not be the putter for you. Prestazione: Ultimately, none of the above matters if the Mamo doesn't perform, Italian-made or not. I tested Mamo on the practice green at the Minnesota Golf Academy: 50 putts from 5, 10 and 15 feet each, a total of 150 putts, spread out over 4 days. These were basic, straight putts – with just a touch of break, taken from similar spots on the green. Green reading was taken out of the equation, so the only thing considered was the ability to hit a putt on the line you choose, with the right speed so it goes in the hole. Here are the results: 5 feet: 42 of 50 – 84% 10 feet: 41 of 50 – 82% 15 feet: 24 of 50 – 48% From 5 and 10 feet Mamo was mortale (deadly) – the ball simply wanted to go straight! The heavy blade felt stable and steady, making it easy put a smooth, accelerating stroke on the ball. Davide Contro Golia: How does Mamo stack up against a giant? I tried a head-to-head shootout with a Nike Mod 00 Mallet. The Nike is an excellent putter, and from 5 to 10 feet it was close to equally effective. From 15 feet, however, the Mamo started to stand out, not so much from the putts sunk, but from the misses. Misses with the Mamo were either slightly left or just short – nothing more than 6 to 8 inches from the cup. On the longer putts the Mamo's putter head still wanted to stay square. It was almost impossible to twist, and distance control was spot on. The misses with the Nike were more erratic, further left or right, and distance was less consistent. Analisi Finale: In the final analysis, a good putter is like a good tool. It should feel like an extension of the person using it. What Seliano Brambilla has produced is not just homage to a friend, but a putter than “fits” as well as anything I've ever putted with. It's soft, smooth and stable. And it finds the hole. At 350 Euros (roughly $435.00) the Mamo is not inexpensive. But what you're getting is a unique, custom-crafted piece of workmanship, made with what we Italians call “passione.” The motto “Memento Audere Semper” is embroidered into the leather headcover in green, white and red for all Mati's. It means, “Remember to Always Dare.” To Seliano, it's his personal, as well as company, motto. “For golf, for life, for family, for all my life,” says Seliano. “I wish for people to understand life isn't about having a famous name. I prefer to make only quality putters full milled, not like the ones made in China. Quality is much more important.” Hmmm…Bettinardi, Buzelli, Brambilla. There's something about Italians and putters… Mighty Mamo MyGolfSpy Forum Contest!! We have a Mati Mamo putter to give away to one lucky forum member! Click here and follow the instructions to enter.
  2. Win This Putter!!!! You've read the review (click here if you haven't), so now let's get down to the serious business of giving one away. We have one drop dead sexy Mamo putter, the hand-crafted handiwork of Mati Putters owner Seliano Brambilla, and we want one of YOU to own it. All you need to do is comment below on what you feel Italy's numero uno contribution to North American culture is! Sinatra? Lollobrigida? Pizza? Creativity and humor count, so let's hear what you think... Buona fortuna, amici!!
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