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Found 5 results

  1. OFFICIAL PING GLIDE WEDGE REVIEW StrokerAce - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 MGoBlue100 - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Aliens8mycow - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Mmmmmmbuddy - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Visit Pings website HERE Visit Pings Facebook HERE Visit Pings Twitter HERE Visit Pings Instagram HERE
  2. OFFICIAL SHOT SCOPE REVIEW Kanoito - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Evershady - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Orange Hog - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Downlowkey - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 Visit Shot Scopes website HERE Visit Shot Scopes Facebook HERE Visit Shot Scopes Twitter HERE Visit Shot Scopes Instagram HERE
  3. As we get close to spring here in Wisconsin I wanted to post about a new (for me) fitness program I tried out this winter: Kai Fitness for Golf. The DVD is from 2012, but I haven't seen many reviews online for it. A lot of detailed program info is given on the website kaifitnessforgolf.com so I'll mainly focus on my own experiences. A little background info on me. As I approach 40 I've been trying to be more consistent in my fitness. I've gone through quite a few exercise programs the last few years (P90X3, Hammer and Chisel, Daily Burn Live to Fail, etc) but get bored easily and am always on the lookout for something new. This is the first time I've ever tried a golf specific workout program. The program is broken out into 4 phases with each phase containing 3 workouts. I have tried to do the Kai workouts on M-W-F with added cardio on Tuesdays and stretching/yoga on Thursdays. The program only suggests breaking the workouts apart by a day for recovery so there are a lot of ways to set your own schedule. Equipment needed is pretty minimal. The items I've used the most during the program are pictured below. I did invest in braided fitness bands since there are so many rotational exercises (and I didn't need an old one snapping off into my eye), but that's pretty much the only thing I didn't already have. Phase 1: Learn and Build – This program goes over the basic principles of a golf specific program and keeps things pretty simply. Workouts are typically in the 40-50 minute range and are scheduled to last 9 weeks, but I felt ready to move on much more quickly than that. They do show you progressive exercises if the basics are too easy. Phase 2: Strength and Control – The 2nd phase focuses more on heavier weights and full body exercises. This reminded me a lot of the workouts I had previously done through Beachbody or Daily Burn programs. Workouts here are again 40-50 minutes. The toughest exercise for me was probably weighted squats on a balance board/discs. Definetely not an exercise to do with heavy weights or my kids running around nearby. Phase 3: Power and Distance – Workouts here are much shorter and generally top out at 30 minutes. There are a lot more explosive plyometric type exercises. I liked this phase, but often felt like 30 minutes was kind of short compared to the first two phases. It seemed like there should be one or two more exercises added to each day here. Phase 4: In-season and scoring – Unfortunately I haven't gotten to this DVD yet as Wisconsin winters last about 11 months. There are also DVDs that cover swing fault exercises, pre-round warm-ups, and super fit workouts. If there's any interest I can check them out and post some quick thoughts on each. The other thing I wanted to mention before this gets too long is the customer service of Kai. When I received my shipment from his website the DVD package was broken. Although the DVD's all worked I sent an email to the generic website contact to let them know the package had been damaged in shipment. To my surprise Kai himself called me up that week to apologize and ship out 8 brand new DVD's free of charge. You have to love it when someone stands behind their product like that. Overall I'm fairly happy with the program and would have no problem continuing the in-season DVD this summer or starting the program over next winter. Kai seems like a quality trainer and the production value of the DVD's is above average. He also keeps it fairly straight and doesn't tell 900 of the same jokes like Tony Horton does. As a bonus he does have a slight accent, so it's hard not to think of the Swedish Chef at times. Not Kai: I don't think the program will get you in the best shape of your life or increase your clubhead speed 20 mph, but for me it feels like I can avoid the winter cobwebs this year. I was on a Trackman 4 simulator a few weeks ago and the numbers I was seeing were right in line with my July/August swing.
  4. OFFICIAL MIZUNO JPX EZ FORGED IRONS REVIEW This is, to date, the biggest review thread we've had, with nearly 600 applications and 20,000 thread views. We have three members that are chomping at the bit to get out and review custom sets of Mizuno JPX EZ Forged irons. Without further ado, here are the testers. Oaks Stage One Stage Two Stage Three RoverRick Stage One Stage Two Stage Three ChemClub Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Let us know what you think! Visit Mizunos website HERE Like Mizuno on Facebook HERE Follow Mizuno on Twitter HERE
  5. Brief mini-review on my impressions hitting the (2017) Steelhead XR at a Callaway demo day. Background: I am solidly in the GI category; eg. a mid-/high-handicapper .. some good shots but then some mental lapses, tension/jitters, whatever .. but making incremental progress over time in producing more solid shots on-target coupled with more manageable misses. Current irons: 2016 Cobra King F6 with FST steel shafts (regular). Prior to these I had Taylormade R9s with graphite shafts. Story: Earlier this year I did see a fitter who recommended changing the shafts to Recoil 460 ES. The 5 in my bag was a Ping G Crossover (5/24*) which was ok, but was not all that crazy about. I ordered a Cobra King OS 5i with a 460 ES in it as a replacement and am very (very!) happy with that choice - and definitely liking the lighter shaft and the, well, "recoil" ;-) feel of the Recoil. So now I'm ready to either change out the rest of the iron shafts or buy a new set of irons with Recoils in them. Testing Impressions on the range. Club tested was a 7i with the stock graphite Matrix Ozik Program 15; Recoils were N/A at this demo day. They were able to give me a shorter shaft and flatten the lie to match my current 7i. We were hitting range balls off of a good quality mat with a "rough" strip so could hit from that or the "fairway" lie. I hit three balls with the Steelhead XR then with my F6; then hit three each off the "rough" strip; then flipped back-and-forth for a while so I felt like hit a number of shots, from each lie, with each club. Results are eyeball observations only; no LM. * Performance: 10 No kidding - first, and every, shot .. except for the ones I outright hacked .. flew high and straight. Easy, smooth launch. Very nice! Felt liked the clubhead really worked to help straighten out mis-hits. * Looks - 6.25 (average of 5 + 7.5) Can't decide whether these are ugly or "cool", so kinda 50-50 there. BUT.. as far as head shape, size, topline and offset these are appealing - on a GI scale - so better score there. * Sound - 2.5 Yeah, maybe it was the range balls but there was a bit of a high, 'tinny' sound .. even on solid contact..... * Feel: 7.5 Reasonably solid, but not "like, totally awesome, dude!". Maybe it was the sound that put me off a bit, but on the plus side like I said solid hits felt solid; off-center hits did give some feedback and still flew reasonably well. * Overall Impression: Based on the (range) performance alone, I would buy a set ... and very well may ... though with the Recoil 460 ES for a bit higher launch and presumably bit higher spin (the weights of that and the Program F15 are almost the same). * Additional Testing Note: Also grabbed a 2016 XR to compare - in every aspect outlined I felt the new Steelhead was better. And, unrelated but as an aside - the demo reps were polite and helpful when asked, but .. probably needless to say .. all their time and attention went to the young studs smashing the Epic driver... :-)
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