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  1. Awesome! you decided to review some equipment on the MGS Forum. We are not looking for everything to look the same, show your personality, tell a story! What we are looking for is quality and honesty in your review. We do, however, want to provide some tips should you be looking for some guidance. Forum Member Review Tips: We love looking at pictures - augment your review with them! All pictures should be 750 - 800 pixels wide. This is to make sure the reviews load quickly for anyone reading them. Please take photos and/or video in landscape orientation - this fits the screen better and ensures that there is not unnecessary whitespace. Tell a story! We want to be entertained as well as enlightened If you love the product and how it is performing, say so. If it don't meet your expectations say that too. Feel free to contact one of the Forum Directors if you need help resizing your pictures, photo editing (enhancing the image, cropping, etc), or just have questions There are some great examples of member reviews on the forum in case you need ideas, but ultimately we want to hear how the equipment you shelled out hard-earned cash for is working, and whether you'd be happy recommending it to a friend. Some tips for taking pictures: Natural light is always preferable to artificial light. If you're taking a picture inside, use the light coming from a window. In general night pictures aren't great unless you have a good camera and light setup. The best time to take pictures is an hour or so after sunrise or before sun set, right when the sky becomes a bit golden. A slightly cloudy day is ideal, but you can't really control that. Overcast conditions are the worst. Cell phone cameras are OK, but if you have a good digital camera, you should use that. Picture composition tips: You can use a flash to counterbalance sunlight. For example, if the sun is behind your subject, usually that'll make everything dark. If the sun is behind your subject and you use a flash, then the subject is well lit still and you have a lot of light in your picture. If your camera supports HDR photos or multiple exposure shots. HDR photos are a combination of 1-2 underexposed, 1 normal, and 1-2 overexposed shots. The software puts them all together. If you camera can't do HDR, but can do multiple exposure, then there's plenty of software out there to combine the shots. If you have a zoom lens, you can play around with depth of field by taking shots of the same subject all the way zoomed in or all the way zoomed out. If you can change the aperture of the lens, you can play with the depth of focus and light. A very open aperture (f1.4-f2.8) needs little light, but the depth of focus is very shallow. A closed aperture (f7+) needs a lot of light and has a much deeper depth of focus. ISO is the quality of the image. The lower the ISO, the better the quality, but requires more light. Picture editing tips: Use www.picmonkey.com , www.photoeditor.polarr.co , the snapseed app on iOS/Android or any number of other software options to edit your pictures. A lot of times, simply pushing "Auto Adjust", or playing with some of the preset filters will make your picture(s) look a lot nicer.
  2. Hey guys I'm no professional photographer, but I've been experimenting with photography tricks etc lately. Go through my Instagram and you can see a lot of results of my experimentation. https://www.instagram.com/golfspymbp/ So thinking about product photos and more specific member reviews, I though it would be nice to share my techniques and maybe start a discussion to help everyone. Of course feel free to chime in with your own tips and suggestions there's a lot I can learn too. Everything lately I've been shooting on my phone. With today's phones and technology anyone can take a great product shot with a little practice. The Balls and BB-8 This photo is 2 white pieces of gloss photo paper, sitting on my dining room table. I've back lit using my iPad on a 100% white screen max brightness. The front is lit using an iPhone on 100% white screen. Keep in mind I took 20 photos moving around the light sources and in the end selecting the one that turned out the best. Shot on manual: f/1.8 1/154 .42mm ISO150 After minor edits - Crop, Brightness, contrast and Saturation. Nike RZN Proto Sat these on a cutting board against white wall. Just moved things around looking for cool composition. Shot in AUTO, tap to focus on front ball. After minor edits - Crop, Brightness, contrast and Saturation. Captain Phasma Shot in a pitch black room on a black piece of wood. This was lit using just an iPhone on 100% blue screen. Shot on manual: f/1.8 2s 4.42mm ISO50 After minor edits - Crop, Brightness, contrast and Saturation. Quick tips: To get full screen colors on tablet or phones use a flashlight app or google and download pure color images. https://www.google.ca/search?q=100%25+white+jpg&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=951&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBveKKoJjKAhVKbj4KHU-TC7kQ_AUIBigB#tbm=isch&q=white+jpg+background
  3. SCOR4161 Custom Wedge SetOfficial MGS Forum Member Reviews JREcklund03 Unboxing Review txgolfjunkie Unboxing Review whiskey golf Unboxing Review Walkerjames Unboxing Review R.P. Jacobs II Unboxing Review SCOR Golf Website |SCOR Fit |SCOR Zone (blog) Buy Now
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