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  1. It's that time of the year again! Who's ready for some fantasy football?! This is your Official 2019 MGS Fantasy Football League Thread. Let me or @GolfSpy STUDque know if you are interested in playing this season as the league generally fills up fast. Please only apply if you plan on keeping up with your team the whole season! It is no fun when people throw in the towel after the first few weeks go poorly and THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK INTO FUTURE LEAGUES. We have some teams from last year's league that won't be permitted into this year's league, for this very reason. With that said, prior year's league members who participated all season long will have priority to joining this league. The League will be run again on Fantrax which was gracious enough to waive their fee for a split division league. They have been working hard to fix the bugs that they had last year and are continuing to make improvements to the site, as well as, the app. Fantrax is our best bet for such a large league with split divisions. Last year the league was 28 teams strong it was much easier to run it all through Fantrax, than it was in the past with two separate leagues on ESPN. What are we playing for you might ask?! Well pride of course. That and what we can call The Golden Ticket! Which is the ability to test and review anything you like in the following year. Who wants some shiny new toys?! Alrighty, let's open up the floor for questions. Please DM me and Co-Commish @GolfSpy STUDque with your email address if you would participate in this year's league! Please follow this thread as there will be more info to come in the coming weeks.
  2. Driver- Ping G400 SFT Regular Flex 3W- Ping G Stiff Flex 3Hy- Ping G400 Extra Stiff Flex 4-PW - Callaway XR OS irons Regular Flex (Graphite) 50, 56, 60 Wedges - Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Putter- Ping Sigma G Piper 3 Balls- Snell MTB X Optic Yellow Shoes- Ecco Biom 2 Under Armour Spieth 2 In a years time I’ve cut my average score down about 20-25 strokes per round. Shot an 88 yesterday on one of the tougher courses around my way. Would have been low 80’s if I didn’t get 3 penalties on two of the last three holes. So actually really happy with how far I’ve come in a years time.
  3. So for almost two years now, I've been trying to arrange a trip to or time to stop at MGS HQ in Yorktown. I get down that way about once a year but so far had not been able to coordinate the time on any of my trips. Well the stars aligned this week! I was in Williamsburg for a company annual conference. It wrapped up on Wednesday night, and before heading home on Thursday, i traded in attending the A-10 Basketball tournament in DC for some time at MGS HQ. Adam had previously told me to just stop in anytime I was there, and CNosil who does the Most Wanted Testing there at least a cople times a week, told me the same, just drop in. So here's a recap (I don't know if it'll be short or long yet ) I walked in and immediately put my foot in my mouth by mistaking Harry for Adam, I have met Adam before, but they both have a similar build, and Adam was wearing the MGS Hat when I met him, as was Harry yesterday and it was from across the facility about 1,000 yards away...Ok in reality maybe 100 feet. But it only took a few steps and Harry cheerfully greeting me with a Cheers before I relaized my mistake...Off to a great start...ha After explaining to Harry who I was and the purpose of the stop in, actually I wasn't sure of my purpose other than to say hello and see whatever they would liet me see...whcih as it turns out was pretty much anything I wanted to! Harry stopped some work he was doing, and walked me through the entire Most Wanted Testing steps and protocols, they were in the process of finishing up driver testing as well as some putter testings, and had just begun the Standbag testing. He showed me each of the 27 or so drivers that are being tested, the too many to count putters and probably 15 or so stand bags. The Drivers were all neatly arranged in staff bags along a wall next to one of the hitting bay. They have two full sized hitting bays much like you'd find in any major OEM or Club Champion type facility. Equipped with Foresight GC Quads and so cool MGS Logo'd Bridgetstone balls. There was a very large putting green with an immaculate service, after all the Most Wanted testing is taking place on it, so it has to be of the highest standards, along the edge were putters all lined up and around the perimeter were all the stand bags being tested. I asked Harry how they test a bag, and I think the answer is best left for one of them to answer as i don't want to misrepresent it in any way. But there are so many aspects to a bag they test that I take for granted. Again this is the Most Wanted Testing, so of course it would be more in-depth than you would even think. Around this time two of the testers came in, one to test four drivers he had yet to test and one to test putters. I watched each for a bit, they really seemed to enjoy what they were doing, and also took great care to make sure they were following the protocols. It was really neat to see how one particular driver didn't' work too well for this tester but the other three all did very well. Sam arrived after a morning appointment and when I introduced myself, he was genuinely pleased to meet me. Sam is the type of person, you are instantly drawn to after about 30 seconds of talking to him. He has such a great personality and enthusiasm for both this job and golf. Both he and Harry played college golf for a nearby university. You may have read on Twitter today is Sams 2-year anniversary of working there, and he told me the story yesterday of how it came to be. Really so simple as Adam reaching out to the coach of the university saying he was looking for someone to test clubs for him, the coach knew Sam was looking for a job, and sent him over. Sam was wondering if it was part time, for free or if he was going to have to pay...LOL He was thrilled to come on board. Both he and Harry told me they felt like they knew a good bit about clubs. Until they met Adam that was. Both couldn't say enough about how much they have learned working with Adam and Tony, and their passions are contagious. Matt (the newest employee, I believe) who is doing a lot of the video and social media posting you have or will see, came in and went straight to work on setting up some elaborate settings for a video he's getting ready to do. So didn't interrupt him as well...ha So we talked more about everything Sam and Harry do there, and I was quite impressed and a bit envious as I looked and literally saw clubs from wall to wall. Sam offered me the chance to grab any club I wanted to try out. I was still feeling the results of 3 straight days of playing in cold weather and the after effects of the awards celebration the night before, and told him I appreciate it but I'm good. Sam and I talked a lot about the forum, even though he's not very active on here, he''s see's a lot of it. He told me about a lot of content ideas they have coming up...if even half of what we talked about happens, there are going to be some very cool things coming down the pike for MGS in 2018. One thing they will be podcasts, a couple of them dropped this week, if you haven't listened to either of them give them a go. This is the link to the one with Tony and GoalieWales about their experience at Tour Striker Golf Academy in December. it's almost an hour long but it's a great listen and goes quickly. https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/mike-wales-interview Also the Spy vs. Spy with Tony and Adam discussing the Distance "problem" is so good and I PROMISE you, you will learn something from it. https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/mygolfspy-podcast-ep-1-spy-vs-spy So after taking up almost two full hours of their time, I felt I didn't want to be the guest who overstayed his welcome, although may have already occurred. Sam said he wasn't going to let me leave empty handed, so he and Harry disappeared behind the magic curtain and came back with a handful of MGS Goodness!! I was very appreciative, and look how cool these are. The T-Shirts, Balls, patches and stickers are all first class!! I'll definitely be saving one of these sleeves of balls, but can't wait to put the other sleeve in play and have people ask about the logo. So if you're ever in the Yorktown, VA area, I encourage to reach out to them and drop in. They will be genuinely happy to see any forum members.
  4. I know its a ways out still but what is everyone looking forward to seeing in the Most Wanted Putter Testing this year? Any early predictions? I personally LOVE my custom matte black Evnroll ER2 so I'm not looking to switch but would love to see it continue to perform well in Most Wanted Testing. With that said I could see the Bloodline R1-J Blade doing quite well and possibly giving Envroll a serious run for its money, especially if testers stand behind to check the line before putts.
  5. Here is a link to Mark Crossfield's vlog featuring MyGolfSpy talking about the recently released USGA/RNA Distance Report. YT ]b4S36Q7brYc[ /YT ]
  6. We want to invite MyGolfSpy forum members to be part of a exclusive closed BETA testing for a new technology we will soon be releasing. We are looking for golfers to take part in an early and unreleased version of a new site powered by MyGolfSpy. As a tester you will become a part of something we think will forever change the way consumers buy golf equipment. We are going to put the power back in the player's hand and make everything about one thing: performance. The days of marketing being more important than the actual performance of the clubs these consumers are buying, is over. Golf consumers have become tired of the same old stale marketing ideas and claims made by golf companies. So were we. So we are going to change that, forever. We are looking for 25 golfers to take part in this BETA testing. If you are interested, please tell us the following information about yourself and your game: 1. AGE: 2. SWING SPEED: 3. HANDICAP: 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 5. CURRENT DRIVER: 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: Y or N 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: Sincerely, MyGolfSpy #ConsumerFirst
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