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Found 17 results

  1. Since we are now almost a year removed from Nike getting out of the equipment game, I was wondering if anyone has ever come across any photos of the 2017 equipment line that would have been launched. Based on the chatter last year, the 2017 equipment was already finished and 2018 was in development, but I personally haven't come across any photos of what they left on the table when they decided to close up shop. And in this day and age, there isn't a lot that you can't find on the internet with a quick google search. Was everything completely locked down, destroyed and burned once ping bought some of their parents? We're the innovations so mind blowing that the CIA is covering it up and using the technology in its clandestine assignments across the globe? I know the majority of the golfing community was not a fan of Nike equipment, but I have gamed their drivers for a while as they just seemed to work for me. Heck I still bag the covert tour 2.0 driver with that bright red paint and huge cavity (which I use as a couch for my golf ball while waiting on the tee box for the rest of my group to tee off. I think that is really what it was built for!) So naturally, as a purchaser of their clubs, I am curious what innovations (or gimmicks, if you prefer to call the, that) the company was attempting to bring to the table.
  2. Hey guys, wanted to take a minute to introduce to y'all - STICKSWAP. My buddy and I created this golf club marketplace so people like you could easily buy & sell used clubs. Just like eBay, but just clubs. Also, we'll be spending money on advertising to make sure your clubs get seen, and ultimately sold. Check it out and let me know what you think. - www.stickswap.co Best, Mike
  3. Team Black: J_Wurz Stage 1 Stage 2 evershady Stage 1 Stage 2 Seef824 Stage 1 Stage 2 GolfSpy Barbajo - Team Captain Stage 1 Stage 2 Visit Nike Golf's website HERE Visit Nike Golf's Facebook HERE Visit Nike Golf's Twitter HERE
  4. Gotta throw this out there... The response to the Nike Vapor Flex 440 driver review opportunity has been pretty astounding -- lots of folks want to give this thing a try. So I gotta ask, what are your thoughts on the Nike brand? Do you like the equipment? Do you like the looks? Does Tiger hurt or help the brand? Is Rory bulking up too much? Is Thorbjorn Olsen not the coolest name in golf this side of Bryson DeChambeau? What are you thoughts on the Nike Golf brand? How does their equipment stack up to the rest of the "Big 5?" (Cally, TMag, Titleist, PING, Cobra?)
  5. I finally had the chance to go to the range this weekend and put a little work in. After tinkering a little with my driver configuration this weekend, I started thinking of the poor state of custom fitting today. "Custom fitting" today means going in to the store and hitting a few shafts, picking a couple, tinkering with weights and positions and then finally coming up with a combo you like. The majority of the time is spent on arguable non-sense and the stuff that matters (the specs and info that isn't "pretty" in print ads) like: frequency matching the stiffness of the shaft, spine-ing, and flo-ing (flat-line oscillation) are largely ignored. Now let's put aside the debate over whether or not adjustability does anything. If you spine and flo your shafts (you should if you want consistency), you have to pull the shaft each time you want to change the settings. That real seems like the OEM's could care less if you take the time to make sure the shaft is correctly installed (they don't ). Going back to what started this train of thought... It's nice to see a company (Callaway Golf) actually pay attention and create an adjustability system that doesn't affect the shaft's alignment (also great for hand-stitched grips! Now when I tinker, I don't need a blow torch and epoxy on the range.
  6. Testers Wanted!!! Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver Are you looking for a little more hop in your pop? A little more fly in your sky? A little more ka-boom in your broom? When it comes to drivers, who isn't? We know distance is good, and distance in the general direction of the green is even better. And when it comes to our big artillery, long and findable make for fun golf. All the better if it's a stick with bitchin' good looks. Unique By DNANo matter how you feel about Nike's golf clubs, one thing you can't say is "same thing, only different." The word "unique" definitely applies. So does "polarizing." Nike has no problem with “polarizing.” You may love ‘em, you may hate ‘em, but as far as Nike is concerned, at least you're paying attention. Big, bright swooshes, Volt-yellow underbellies and now a Swedish flag color scheme - Nike gives you clubs you can't help but notice. Color and flash get you looks, but performance gets you gamed. And if you're a better player, Nike thinks its new Vapor Flex 440 driver is long enough, straight enough and unique enough to find a home in your bag. Of Flight Pods & RZN...2015's original Vapor Flex driver broke the mold with its extensive use of RZN (roughly 20% of the body was made of Nike's mystery meat) and with its Flight Pod – an AA battery-looking movable weight thingy that lets you swap the CG from low-forward to low-back. If a little bit of RZN is good, then apparently a truck-load of RZN is better. Nike joins the multi-material parade by making a full 60% of the 2016 Vapor Flex 440 head out of RZN (the rest is titanium). As a result, the new 440CC head is larger, lighter and deeper than its 420CC older brother, with the requisite thinner, hotter face. And the Flight Pod lets you fine tune for either a mid-or low launch angle, more workability or more forgiveness and either low spin or wicked low spin. Combine the Flight Pod with Nike's Flex Fit 2.0 adjustability and you have a driver with a Transformer-like 30 unique loft, face angle and flight settings. Test & Review? We Want You!Make no mistake, Nike says the Vapor Flex 440 is aimed at better players, combining the right amount of forgiveness with the obligatory beastly distance. As you know, MyGolfSpy never takes anyone's word for anything. #DataCratic is a way of life as well as a hashtag, and we want your help. Nike Golf is providing us with 4 Vapor Flex 440 drivers, and we need 4 of you to do the heavy lifting and test and review them for us. Does the Flight Pod make a difference? Does this thing deliver length, accuracy, and forgiveness? And is it a piece of heavy artillery worthy of consideration in your bag? How To Sign Up:If you'd like to test the Nike Vapor Flex 440 driver for MyGolfSpy, please tell us: First name, home state/province/country Your current driver, current shaft and current flex Swing speed and average carry This is a great opportunity to test out one of the most unique drivers on the market today. We need you to help us determine if “unique” equals “performance.” We'll be selecting our 4 testers in a week to 10 days, and will announce the testers in our Official Forum thread. For more information: Visit the Nike Golf website Like Nike Golf on Facebook Follow Nike Golf on Twitter Subscribe to Nike Golf on Instagram
  7. It's been bugging me for weeks, but I finally figured it out... This driver.... Will be the official National Driver of Sweden... Sorry, it's the best I could come up with... Can anyone top that???
  8. Nike Converge Putter Forum Member Reviews! It's time to find out what our boys think of the new Converge Putter line from the folks at Nike! We'll start with a series of Unboxing posts, and then get right into the reviews. Our testers have been working hard at giving these putters the run-through, and are chomping at the bit to let you know what they think. Please feel free to ask any of our testers any questions you may have about the Nike Converge putters, and we hope you'll find some useful feedback to help in your hunt for anew flatstick. Here's the lineup: Kenny B: Unboxing Review Sluggo 42: Unboxing Review MmmmmBuddy: Unboxing Review EthanSterlingPrice: Unboxing Review Kor.A.Door: Unboxing Review JustHiggz: Unboxing Review
  9. CAN YOUR PUTTING SAVE THE PLANET? Let's say Mars attacks, and to settle the War of the Worlds, the Martians agree to an 18-hole team best-ball match at Whistling Straights, as a prelude to this year's PGA. The winners get total domination of the known universe. The losers become intergalactic assistant greenskeepers. The match is tied. Mars taps in for par, leaving Earth with a 19 foot sidehill-downhill for birdie. For the win and the right to rule the solar system, who do you want taking that putt? Tiger in his prime? Arnie in his? Jack in his? Rory or Jordan? Choose wisely, lest you become the Karl Spackler of Uranus. Okay, so maybe your putts aren't for intergalactic domination, but we're sure you'd like to dominate your Saturday Swat, wouldn't you? MyGolfSpy would like to give you that chance. MGS, along with Nike Golf, is offering six of you the chance to test and review the new Nike Converge line of putters. We want to give six of you the opportunity test one out and let us know if they can help save the planet! According to Nike, the Converge line features: · An RZN layer between 304 stainless steel that manages forgiveness, for 10% tighter dispersion · Tour-proven RZN interest for softer feel and faster forward roll · “T” shaped alignment aids · Length-specific head weight How Can You Enter? It's simple – just follow these steps: Your name, average putts per round and home state Your putting stroke type: either straight, arc or slight arc Who you'd like to see take the putt against Mars for inter-galactic domination. This contest is open to avid golfers in the Continental US ONLY!!! (Sorry Canada, Australia, the UK, etc ) Check out the Nike Converge putter line here
  10. We've talked several times over the last few weeks about how Nike will do golf differently than it has in the past. In case you need it, here's further proof. Ladies, and curious gentlemen, here's a little something for you. Behold Michelle Wie's unique Nike Blazer golf shoe. For her part in this, Wie is a bit of a sneakerhead who owns 20 pair of Nike Blazer shoes and another 50 pairs of NikeID shoes. Following on the...heels (sorry) of the recent announcement of the Nike Jordan VI golf shoe, and Rory McIlroy's Limited Edition Lunar Control 3s, Wie's Blazers shouldn't be any surprise, nor should the implication that Nike considers Wie to be one of their marquee golf athletes alongside Tiger and Rory. Equally as interesting is that the Blazer golf hightops were apparently Michelle's idea. “Michelle asked us to create a high top golf shoe,” said Joël Greenspan, footwear designer for Nike Golf. “She wanted to feel more support throughout her swing and greater connection to the ground. She also wanted a shoe that would reflect her distinct sense of style on and off the course. The Golf Blazer is a dynamic take on a classic silhouette; reengineered and rematerialized to reflect Michelle's elite level of play.” If you're thinking hightops are overkill for golf, Wie makes an argument for stability (while talking up the iconic style): “The Blazer is a versatile, stylish and high performance shoe,” said Wie. “The high top collar is so functional for me, providing the support I need through the impact of my swing. I love the fact that I can bring the iconic retro hoops look to the golf course.” Other than the can't-miss-pink colorway, noteworthy about Wie's new shoes is the inside tongue detail which features her 2014 US Open Winning score. The announcement was originally slated for a later date, but I'm told Michelle loved the shoes so much she wanted to wear them immediately. Actual retail availability won't come until early next year. Retail colorways will be white w/black swoosh and Midnight Navy w/ white swoosh. What do you think? Is this something you'd like to see carry over to the men's side?
  11. Looking for a 2nd home on the Emerald Isle? Rory's old house is on the market... If you have 2.5M pounds in your couch cushions, click here to check out the listing....
  12. The 2015 golf season for Tiger Woods is off to a rough start. Thankfully, his line of apparel from Nike Golf is a predictable constant, season after season. In fact, the entire Nike line, season after season is predictable. The research and development as well as a commitment to advancing the brand doesn't end with hard lines. Nike produces some incredible, technologically advanced pieces in the soft lines. The Tiger Woods line is always positioned as there flagship selections. This past January, I had the opportunity to attend the PGA Merchandise show, courtesy of MyGolfSpy. Across the highway from the Orange County Convention Center, there is a Golf Galaxy. Prior to visiting the show, I wanted to familiarize myself with the apparel choices presented at big box retailers or golf specialty stores. As I was walking in, another CEO from a major golf brand was walking out. Seems like perhaps he had the same idea that I had. The aisles of the PGA Merchandise show present an abundance of apparel manufacturers. However, inside big box retailers, you'll only find a handful of apparel brands, and they're names that are usually partnered with the major equipment manufacturers. The Niche brands are usually only found inside the country clubs. Nike continues to dominate the big box segment of the apparel market in terms of quality, technology, fit, finish and styling. Nike always seems to produce premium quality pieces, and receives the SPY ZINGER award for Best in the [big] Box. Following the show, I had the opportunity to take a close look at a couple pieces of the Tiger Woods line for 2015. TW Cypress Shield ½ Zip The TW Cypress Shield is a unique ½ zip pull over. The first feature of note is the over all warmth to weight ratio. This piece is very lightweight yet retains body heat very well with the texturized, “3-D" waffle patterned interior. The elastic cuffs and waist appear as exposed, yet finished, elastic that is very comfortable and functional. The Cypress Shield has some stretch built into the fabric and is unrestrictive during the motion of the golf swing. With most quarter or half zip pieces, the length of the collar determines if I'll wear it up, or folded down like a shirt collar. The Cypress Shield features a “mock neck” collar, and just lays nicely as designed with minimal rub against facial hair. Nike is calling the Cypress Shield a standard fit. I would characterize this as a tailored fit, but you should purchase your normal size as this will have some give in the needed areas. Less bulk, lightweight, and warm. Very cool piece from TW. MSRP: $140 FROM NIKE: The TW Cypress Shield 1/2-Zip Men's Golf Shirt is made from sweat-wicking fabric and a 3-D interior to help keep you dry and warm on cooler courses. Benefits Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable Mock neck with zip placket for coverage and adjustable ventilation 3-D fabric at the interior to trap pockets of body heat near the skin Elastic cuffs and hem for enhanced fit Standard fit is not too slim, not too loose Product Details Contrast stripes, cuffs and hem Fabric: Dri-FIT 100% polyester Machine wash Imported TW Engineered Golf Sweater The TW Engineered sweater is another piece from the flagship line, that when you hold it in your hand, you can just feel it's a premium product. Made from about half merino wool, this offering from Nike is a classy piece worn over the golf shirt when the temps are cool. Unrestrictive and warm. The TW Engineered sweater fits true to size and has an MSRP of $140 FROM NIKE: The TW Engineered Men's Golf Sweater is made with a soft wool and acrylic blend for a cozy, warm feel. Articulated elbows and underarm mesh panels deliver great range of motion and zoned breathability. Benefits Rib crew neck, cuffs and hem for durability and comfort Articulated elbows for natural range of motion Underarm mesh panels for strategic breathability Embroidered logo at upper back for signature style Product Details Fabric: 55% merino wool/45% acrylic Machine wash Imported TW Ultra 3.0 Polo If you haven't purchased any TW apparel in the last couple years, you're in for a bit of a surprise when you pick up the polo again for the first time. Nike has designed the TW 3.0 polo with a series of small holes located in the neck area of the collar, the collar itself, and about halfway down the spine of the back. These holes, laser cut by Nike, are designed to assist the tech fabric in ventilation. These, along with the mesh armpit panels, you'll be hard pressed to find a cooler shirt in golf. Although personally, I am not a fan of the snaps in place of the buttons on the shirt plaquet, true to TW designs, they are nicely done. Fits true to size, with some room. Hangs a bit longer than normal so it stays inside your pants. MSRP $95 FROM NIKE: The lightweight TW Ultra 3.0 Men's Golf Polo has strategically placed perforations at the collar and back for modern style with breathability. Underarm mesh panels deliver essential ventilation, and the standard fit offers natural range of motion. Benefits Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable Laser cut perforations at center back and collar for excellent ventilation Fold-over collar and bonded placket for classic polo style and durability Mesh underarm panels for breathability Product Details Fabric: Dri-FIT 100% polyester Machine wash Imported
  13. Stumbled upon this fascinating interview with Tiger this morning. This is the kind of insight Dan Jenkins will never get.... Stumbled upon this fascinating interview with Tiger this morning -- great insight on how he works with Mike Taylor at Nike to develop clubs, why he's slow to change clubs and what happened when he hit a Gutta Percha ball at St. Andrews. Doubtful Dan Jenkins would be able to dig up kind of insight... EQUIPMENT COURSES & 2-FORE!-1 TIPS & TUITION NEWS & EVENTS MAGAZINES 19TH HOLE WIN Tiger: My Game, My Gear The 14-time Major champion tells us how the clubs in his bag have changed, how he designs gear and his best advice for amateurs Yesterday 10:00 By Today's Golfer Only a privileged few have had the chance to sit down with Tiger Woods, to talk one-on-one and gaze into the eyes that have instilled so much fear and intimidation down the years. Thankfully, the situation in which we are looking at them is not on a golf course during the back nine of a Major championship. It's on the terrace of the clubhouse at Liberty National Golf Club, New York, during the launch of Nike's new Vapor iron range. Despite his endless timetable of media commitments, Woods is in a jovial mood. Why? Because the Vapor Pro model, the blade within the new trio, is a product he has helped shape through over four years of testing – and he's excited to see it revealed to the world. “Helping the average golfer – it's how Nike started as a company,” he tells me. “Athletes give their input to create a product that will allow them to win, dominate, be the best and distribute it to the masses – that's what Nike does. Golf is no different. Working with the club team to bring the concept of the Vapor Pro to life was a great experience.” Woods signed with Nike when he turned pro in 1996. As a company, it boasts sport's finest athletes on its roster, so gaining Woods' signature made perfect sense. At the time Nike were still some six years from bringing out their first golf clubs, but they've caught up fast and have become a force in the equipment business. A big part of this is down to Mike Taylor, Nike Golf's master craftsman, who possesses the enviable title of being the only club engineer that has shaped clubs for Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Rory McIlroy and Woods. His knowledge and experience has been a huge factor in Woods' achievements and the 14-time Major champion is quick to recognise this. “Mike knows what I like to see in the playing position. I describe what I like to feel through the turf, the sensations and ball flight, how the club feels through the swing, and he listens and goes off and does his thing. I can tell when something's off, even if it's a gram of weight. We can feel that as players. Whether the toe is too long or too high, or it's getting out of the dirt too fast, these are feelings we can now measure and incorporate into new technology.” The story behind Nike's new Vapor Pro iron is one that reflects the lengthy, in-depth discourse between Taylor and Woods, to create a product that has achieved the ultimate seal of approval. “We've had an existing iron model we tested with Tiger for the last four years,” Taylor tells TG. “In that time we learnt a lot about the speed and power of his hands, how the balance is important, and how to bring the club into a square position. Tiger told us the clubface was closing too quickly. We built some extra models that were toe-weighted with tungsten and the test sessions were the most awesome I've witnessed in my career. Every gram of mass in these new irons is where it belongs, because of the technology and the feedback we get from Tiger.” Woods is equally enthused about the new irons, which have already been used on Tour by his stablemates and look set to go in his bag when he returns to action in December. “With the new irons, the hit feels heavier. When you go to the range and listen to guys hit balls, there's a sound difference from someone who's really flushing it that day. “When I hit these, they had that same flushness to it. The thing that shocked me about it was yes I had the sound, yes I had the feel, but the ball was holding its line better in a crosswind. That was really surprising – the ball was getting through the wind better, and travelling the same distance. “For me, irons are not all about distance. I've played the same lofts since I was 14. The length, grip size has stayed the same. The only thing that's changed is my lie angle over the years with the different swings. I've played blades my whole life. “We all grew up in the same era when the lofts were weaker, and I haven't changed from that. Mike knows what that looks like because that's what he grew up playing. In this day, when guys are hitting a wedge 150, 155 because it's 45 degrees, that's a totally different look. I picked up Rory's wedge last night and was like, ‘Holy cow! That's about my 9-iron,' and it is. “We experimented with different types of musclebacks, getting the centre of gravity behind the centre of the face with a rounded shape, but that wasn't quite right because if I hit it in the heel or toe, I wasn't getting the distance I would from a straight muscleback. “My wear marks over the years have always been slightly towards the heel, which is where the meat of the club has been. If you look at Ben Hogan's 1-iron he hit at Merion (in the 1950 US Open) the wear mark is nearly on the hosel. We were trying to get it in the middle of the face and now we've got it with the tungsten weight out there in the toe.” Why he doesn't change clubs Famously, Woods – by his own admission – isn't much of a tinkerer with his equipment (he still plays the ONE Tour D ball launched in 2009), which is why the process of testing new clubs and making any switch is longer and more in-depth than with most players. “For me it starts from Mike and the engineers almost with a clay model. I enjoy the testing process because I have had to learn to understand the little, minuscule differences of things... like how five micros can make a difference in ball flight because of the dimple pattern. All these different things that we monkey around with just change the whole dynamics. They know I like certain shapes, pear-shaped drivers for example. A lot of my success has been with a pear-shaped driver. The years I've gone away from that are the years I've struggled. I've never been one that enjoys a 460cc driver. I can feel the drag. I like it smaller.” Woods' love for smaller-headed drivers stems from his childhood, when he learned to play the game using persimmon clubs with his father overseeing his progress. “I grew up on persimmon,” he tells us. “So the ball always moved, and you always had to curve it one way or the other. The gear effect was amazing. If you hit the ball off the heel, it starts way left and then it cuts back. Hit the ball off the toe and it starts way right and then it comes back. “Playing with persimmon hones your senses, it hones your feel. You have to be so precise because if you miss by a tiny amount, it does a lot, especially with the older balls. But then, when you get to the golf balls that we've got now and you hit it with persimmon, if you start it off to the left, it doesn't cut back. “In 2000, I played at St Andrews and was playing the 9th hole. It was driveable at the time. I had the Tour Accuracy in my bag at the time and Peter Dawson came out, the head of the R&A. So I hit driver – it was downwind – and I drove it on the green. “He said: ‘Hey, why don't you hit this one?' It was an old gutta-percha ball. So I hit it, and there's two bunkers off the tee that I had never seen before and I just barely carried them. I said, “Oh s***!” “I drove it on the green with my ball, and then I hit a driver and a 4-iron with a gutta-percha ball to the same hole. I think technology has come a long way. “I've talked with Jack Nicklaus about what he did. He'll tell you that he shaped his driver and put a little more roll on the heel because when it got tight going down the stretch on the back nine, he'd ‘neck' it on purpose and hit a heel-cut. It would start down the left rough and cut back into the fairway every time. That doesn't happen now. If you try to play the same shot, it goes straight into the trees and doesn't come back.” Not all new club designs have got Woods' approval. Fads in shapes have come and gone many times in his career and it's no surprise the one that was furthest removed from traditional sticks in Woods' mind. “When they came out with the square driver, I kept missing that thing dead straight. When the wind was coming off the right and I wanted to cut it and hold it against the wind, it just went straight and I couldn't handle that.” When you consider the genuine rise in performance Woods needs to see before making a change, it's not surprising success often comes almost immediately after. One of the most significant changes was back in 2000. Woods had been using a wound ball and switched to a solid construction in the Tour Accuracy TW early that season. “I tested it and felt great about how it performed around the greens and especially in the wind. I put it in play for the first time at the Deutsche Bank event in Hamburg. Then I came back to the US and played Memorial and won, and then I had a good showing at the US Open at Pebble (he won by 15 shots) and then won the British Open (by eight shots) and the US PGA (in a play-off over Bob May). It was a nice little run... I basically won four straight Majors with that new ball. All of a sudden the wound ball was history. “I've been excited to be part of this evolutionary process with Nike, grown together, they've helped me win and I've inspired them to keep pushing.” Related articles on Today's Golfer
  14. Met these three gentlemen during the recent visit to The Oven. Fascinating to hear what's it's like work fit clubs and balls for the world's #1 player - as well as hear the differences between Tiger at 24 and Rory at 24. Click here to check out the video. Two brilliant golfers - very different personalities.
  15. Full court press from the Big Swoosh on the new Vapor line of irons. Click here for the full story from the Nike website... Question is - do you find them Sexy or Silly? Been gaming the Vapor Pro Combos for about 3 weeks now and they perform...and to my eye they fall on the Sexy side. What say you?
  16. Nike Golf has named a new president to take the place of the retiring Cindy Davis. It's Daric Ashford, VP and GM of Nike's Jordan Brand. Click here for the story.
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