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  1. Since we are now almost a year removed from Nike getting out of the equipment game, I was wondering if anyone has ever come across any photos of the 2017 equipment line that would have been launched. Based on the chatter last year, the 2017 equipment was already finished and 2018 was in development, but I personally haven't come across any photos of what they left on the table when they decided to close up shop. And in this day and age, there isn't a lot that you can't find on the internet with a quick google search. Was everything completely locked down, destroyed and burned once ping bo
  2. Hey guys, wanted to take a minute to introduce to y'all - STICKSWAP. My buddy and I created this golf club marketplace so people like you could easily buy & sell used clubs. Just like eBay, but just clubs. Also, we'll be spending money on advertising to make sure your clubs get seen, and ultimately sold. Check it out and let me know what you think. - www.stickswap.co Best, Mike
  3. Team Black: J_Wurz Stage 1 Stage 2 evershady Stage 1 Stage 2 Seef824 Stage 1 Stage 2 GolfSpy Barbajo - Team Captain Stage 1 Stage 2 Visit Nike Golf's website HERE Visit Nike Golf's Facebook HERE Visit Nike Golf's Twitter HERE
  4. Gotta throw this out there... The response to the Nike Vapor Flex 440 driver review opportunity has been pretty astounding -- lots of folks want to give this thing a try. So I gotta ask, what are your thoughts on the Nike brand? Do you like the equipment? Do you like the looks? Does Tiger hurt or help the brand? Is Rory bulking up too much? Is Thorbjorn Olsen not the coolest name in golf this side of Bryson DeChambeau? What are you thoughts on the Nike Golf brand? How does their equipment stack up to the rest of the "Big 5?" (Cally, TMag, Titleist, PING, Cobra?)
  5. I finally had the chance to go to the range this weekend and put a little work in. After tinkering a little with my driver configuration this weekend, I started thinking of the poor state of custom fitting today. "Custom fitting" today means going in to the store and hitting a few shafts, picking a couple, tinkering with weights and positions and then finally coming up with a combo you like. The majority of the time is spent on arguable non-sense and the stuff that matters (the specs and info that isn't "pretty" in print ads) like: frequency matching the stiffness of the shaft, spine-ing,
  6. Testers Wanted!!! Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver Are you looking for a little more hop in your pop? A little more fly in your sky? A little more ka-boom in your broom? When it comes to drivers, who isn't? We know distance is good, and distance in the general direction of the green is even better. And when it comes to our big artillery, long and findable make for fun golf. All the better if it's a stick with bitchin' good looks. Unique By DNANo matter how you feel about Nike's golf clubs, one thing you can't say is "same thing, only different." The word "unique" definit
  7. It's been bugging me for weeks, but I finally figured it out... This driver.... Will be the official National Driver of Sweden... Sorry, it's the best I could come up with... Can anyone top that???
  8. Nike Converge Putter Forum Member Reviews! It's time to find out what our boys think of the new Converge Putter line from the folks at Nike! We'll start with a series of Unboxing posts, and then get right into the reviews. Our testers have been working hard at giving these putters the run-through, and are chomping at the bit to let you know what they think. Please feel free to ask any of our testers any questions you may have about the Nike Converge putters, and we hope you'll find some useful feedback to help in your hunt for anew flatstick. Here's the lineup: Kenny B:
  9. CAN YOUR PUTTING SAVE THE PLANET? Let's say Mars attacks, and to settle the War of the Worlds, the Martians agree to an 18-hole team best-ball match at Whistling Straights, as a prelude to this year's PGA. The winners get total domination of the known universe. The losers become intergalactic assistant greenskeepers. The match is tied. Mars taps in for par, leaving Earth with a 19 foot sidehill-downhill for birdie. For the win and the right to rule the solar system, who do you want taking that putt? Tiger in his prime? Arnie in his? Jack in his? Rory or Jordan? Choos
  10. We've talked several times over the last few weeks about how Nike will do golf differently than it has in the past. In case you need it, here's further proof. Ladies, and curious gentlemen, here's a little something for you. Behold Michelle Wie's unique Nike Blazer golf shoe. For her part in this, Wie is a bit of a sneakerhead who owns 20 pair of Nike Blazer shoes and another 50 pairs of NikeID shoes. Following on the...heels (sorry) of the recent announcement of the Nike Jordan VI golf shoe, and Rory McIlroy's Limited Edition Lunar Control 3s, Wie's Blazers shouldn't be any surpris
  11. Looking for a 2nd home on the Emerald Isle? Rory's old house is on the market... If you have 2.5M pounds in your couch cushions, click here to check out the listing....
  12. The 2015 golf season for Tiger Woods is off to a rough start. Thankfully, his line of apparel from Nike Golf is a predictable constant, season after season. In fact, the entire Nike line, season after season is predictable. The research and development as well as a commitment to advancing the brand doesn't end with hard lines. Nike produces some incredible, technologically advanced pieces in the soft lines. The Tiger Woods line is always positioned as there flagship selections. This past January, I had the opportunity to attend the PGA Merchandise show, courtesy of MyGolfSpy. Across
  13. Stumbled upon this fascinating interview with Tiger this morning. This is the kind of insight Dan Jenkins will never get.... Stumbled upon this fascinating interview with Tiger this morning -- great insight on how he works with Mike Taylor at Nike to develop clubs, why he's slow to change clubs and what happened when he hit a Gutta Percha ball at St. Andrews. Doubtful Dan Jenkins would be able to dig up kind of insight... EQUIPMENT COURSES & 2-FORE!-1 TIPS & TUITION NEWS & EVENTS MAGAZINES 19TH HOLE WIN Tiger: My Game, My Gear The 14-time Major champion tel
  14. Full court press from the Big Swoosh on the new Vapor line of irons. Click here for the full story from the Nike website... Question is - do you find them Sexy or Silly? Been gaming the Vapor Pro Combos for about 3 weeks now and they perform...and to my eye they fall on the Sexy side. What say you?
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