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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone experimented with lengthening a stroke lab shaft? I have a Triple Track 10 that I need to extend an inch, but I'm concerned about messing with the counterweight and the graphite portion of the shaft. Any advice is helpful!
  2. Hello fellow spies (and spyettes?) For my first unofficial review I decided to review something that has been in my bag for only 6 months now, but it has absolutely had a positive impact on my rounds as a newer golfer and I don't see it getting much attention on the forums or really anywhere else on the internet, but it is something that is geared more toward new golfers and not those of you who have played for your whole lives or have single digit handicaps. As an abridged background for this review, I am 33 years old and have only been playing golf for one-and-a-half years now. I desperately wanted to learn as a child, but I was always told it was a rich man's sport and that I should stay away from it. At some point as a child or early teenager, my grandmother caved and bought an open box set of clubs that was missing the majority of the clubs and I wish I could say I remember the brand, but I can't. I think she found it at a Sam's Club in the late 90s. No lessons were offered or given, it was just here they are, here are some plastic balls, now go swing them in the backyard. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had some fun for a little while. Eventually a practice putting green came along that was complete with an electric ball return. That was something I could get into! And boy did I. I used that thing enough that the ball return quit working! After that, I lost interest as I had never figured out what to do with the irons and putting wasn't fun if I had to go get the ball back every time. Flash forward to the college years and I discovered that I could take golf and badminton as a one hour elective. Jackpot! The professor ended up just being another member of the athletics staff who glazed over the rules of golf, told us all that if we didn't have certain muscles in our hands, we wouldn't be any good at golf, and then took us out to the "driving range" on campus. It was nothing more than a small grassy area with a shed full of 7 irons, practice balls, and shag bags. We never had gloves or golf shoes or tees. Just hopes and dreams in my case. Again, I never really learned what I was doing and the ball went every direction possible and we were encouraged not to take divots so that there would be minimal maintenance required. Finally very early in 2019 I had an epiphany. I was the only thing keeping myself from finally learning to play golf. Well...that and you know...the wife. After much persuasion, a set of clubs was purchased that I could beat up in the learning process and not feel bad about them being beat up. Now that my introduction has gone on longer than I intended it to, let's get down to business. As I said in my very first What's in Your Bag post when I was still brand new to the forums, I lost faith in a hurry with the Strata putter that came with my set of clubs. The wedges too, but that's not what this review is about. Little did I realize, my natural tendency to be a window shopper had a whole new outlet. Eventually in my pre-MGS web browsing, I came across the Odyssey Red Ball Putter. I'm not sure, but I believe I saw it first in the offical Odyssey store on Amazon, but I could also have been in the rewards catalogue at work. I was hooked on the looks and the idea of this putter immediately. Odyssey has since moved on from this putter, so offical information from them is harder to find these days, but there is and official MGS First Look from 2018 https://mygolfspy.com/2018-odyssey-red-ball-putter/ . I have never read this article because it was from before my time as a forum member and I already own one, so a first look does me no good at this time. I happened to find one on sale for Black Friday 2019 that was certified pre-owned through Callaway Pre-Owned. I'm not much of a person for buying used things of any kind, but from what I could tell, Callaway meant it was as good as brand new and unable to resist the temptation, I bought it. I don't remember all of the options, but at the time, my uneducated thought was that I wanted a putter that was the same length as the set of wedges I had bought. Initial Impressions As I stated, I didn't know about My Golf Spy at the time, so I didn't take any pictures of the putter in the box when it arrived and tore into the packaging like a child at Christmas. Hey! I just learned how to add pictures into the thread by accident! That aside, this is the first picture I took of the Odyssey Red Ball after I had opened. I had to send a picture to my buddy of course! And I swear the listing said it would come with the original head cover, but I have been happy simply having a genuine Odyssey head cover that fits. It is 35" in length and has the standard Odyssey pistol grip. To me this putter is everything I need and want at this stage in my time as a recreational golfer, so looks aren't a big priority. But, grade I must. The flat black of the grip is very quiet and doesn't draw my eyes away from the ball. The shaft has a small Red Ball sticker near the top, but it isn't eye grabbing enough either to draw my eye away from what really matters. The black and white color scheme of the head of the putter provide crisp contrast for alignment as only those two colors can and the vibrant red of the Red Ball itself is easily spotted through the scope. The only thing that I have to say about the scope is that sight might be a better word for the shape, but that's just me. The one and only subtraction is that the head of the putter is a bit of an off shape compared to other mallets that I have seen, but it's not as weird as some. Feel I haven't used very many putters, but I have never had a putt that felt bad with this putter. Short putts, mid putts, and long putts all feel soft. I may not have a tiny wear mark in the long run, but I tend not to hit the toe or heel very often, so I cannot speak to hits there feel. I came as close to yipping and blading a putt as possible two weeks ago, and there was nothing terrible feeling that was transmitted back through the putter to my hands. Basic Characteristics The Red Ball and sight are very easy to use and check your body's alignment against what Odyssey considers the proper putting stance. However, the Red Ball alone won't tell you if the face of the putter is twisted out of alignment. The White alignment marks that frame the ball at address take care of that job. It seems like a whole lot to review before taking a stroke, but in reality checking and correcting alignments can be achieved in about 30 seconds or less. I have not timed that, but I cannot see all of these alignment tools slowing down the pace of play. I am not a Claw grip putter, so for me a traditional pistol grip feels fine and allows me to relax my hands. The 35" length feels comfortable when I am standing over the ball and during my stroke. I was not fitted for this putter or length, so there may be a different length that works better for me, but as a recreational golfer, I am pretty easy to satisfy. I have seen a few articles and statements that a mallet putter is best for someone who tends to have a curved putting stroke that opens the face and then closes it at impact. That's me for sure, but it's not a very big opening and closing motion. My first trip to the practice putting green ended up being a shock to my system from the White Hot insert. I have never owned a milled or an inserted putter, so when there was suddenly an appearance of more power to my putts was a surprise. Power is a relative term with putters, but a mid range putt that would have normally come up short for me, went rolling right by the hole and stopped about 6 inches beyond. A sudden surge of confidence overwhelmed me and has never left when I have this putter in my hands. But more on that in the on course performance section. Keep in mind, this is no magic wand putter. I didn't suddenly become automatic from 10 feet and in and I certainly didn't start sinking 40 foot putts. On Course Performance Technology is where I am lacking. I do not have Arccos or Shot Scope or a launch monitor\simulator, so you the reader will have to take my word for things and I promise not to spin any yarns about state record fish or sinking 100% of my putts. Not all of the improvement to my putting is attributable to just this putter. I have gotten better at reading greens each time I go out, but the alignment checks before attempting a putt have helped correct issues that could turn a good putt into a bad putt. The very first time on the course with the Red Ball in the bag came on a cool, soggy February day that featured slow and firm greens. I can only attribute such a combo to it being Winter in Arkansas. Everything went as well as I could hope in the course conditions and I ended up shaving a few strokes off of my usual score thanks to being on a good starting alignment. It's still not a magic stick, but the confidence gained from the practice green carried over to the course and honestly has never even dwindled. Over the past four months, I have stopped 3 putting and mostly 2 putt with the occasional single putt mixed in to keep me coming back. About two weeks ago, I had two of my coworkers playing with me that hadn't seen me play since I bought the Red Ball. Both of them remarked on how much better I was putting with this putter in my hands. Miscellaneous My review has been about confidence more than anything because that's what I can speak to the most. I don't have a lot of experience within the rather large world of putters. And to me, confidence is what matters most because it's impacts every aspect of what happens on the golf course. Allow me to put it this way: Confidence=more success. More success=more confidence. Play it or Trade it? For me, this putter falls into the "Cold Dead Hands", category. Even though I make fewer corrections at address with each passing round, the visual checks and reassurance will keep this putter in my hands. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I welcome any and all questions and I will do my best to answer each one. I also openly welcome the criticism of anyone who has been writing reviews on the forums for a lot longer than I have.
  3. Has anyone heard about the model #10 from stroke love being discontinued? They stopped taking custom orders of it. Their website only has left handed and 33”. Seems weird to me to discontinue a model only one year later. But why stop taking orders unless they stopped making them. any ideas? Thanks.
  4. PGA Tour Superstore Putter Fitting with Miguel for Brown Bear Golf. This video leads to a big gamble, as Miguel will order a putter spending the most money he's spent on any club ever! This video explores data, the Science, and the Physics of putting. Data is acquired using the Science and Motion or S.A.M. putt lab. So why another putter fitting after conducting one at PXG headquarters? Unlike PXG I get to try multiple brands and styles of putter. We try Ping, Odyssey, and Taylormade. You might be surprised what I pick based on all the data I got.
  5. Here's what's in my bag: Driver: Rocketballz RBZ Stage 2 9.5 degree Fujikura Rocketfuel 60 gram Stiff shaft 3-Wood: Roketballz RBZ Sage 2 Tour TS 13 degree Fujikura Rocketfuel 70 gram Stiff shaft Hybrid 4: Rocketballz Stage 2 4 hybrid 21 degree Fujikura Rocketfuel 65 gram Stiff shaft Iron: 2-iron Titleist DTR (Distance Through Research) (still in the bag - from 1990!) Irons: 3-PW Titleist AP2 718 (recently upgraded from AP2 710s) AMT White S300 shafts Wedges: Cleveland 588 Tour Action RTG 52, 56 and 60 degree Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball Fang with Superstroke 3.0 Slim Grip Alternate Putter: The Wilson 8802 (again, still in the bag - from 1990) I shuffle the 3-wood, hybrid and 2-iron and drop the 60 degree wedge when I need to carry 2. Just upgraded the irons, looking to upgrade the driver and 3/hybrid. Then I need to look into the wedges, maybe go to 50, 54, and 58 to fit better with the lofts on the new irons? Thanks, Mick
  6. Been playing Callaway Apex CF16's (PW-3i) and haven't tried anything that made me think upgrading was necessary. This past year I took my TaylorMade Rocketballz 3 wood out of the bag and got the Ping G410 5 wood to help spread my numbers out a little bit better. Love the way the Ping sets up on the ground as well as the feel off the club face. I'm still playing the Ben Hogan TK15 wedges (50/58) but will be in the market soon to replace and will likely be going with the old faithful Vokey or the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2. I've been playing Ping Drivers for as long as I can remember and am still carrying 250 with my Ping G400 with the HZRDUS Smoke shaft and will likely ride it to the retired bag grave with how much I like the feel. On the greens I roll with the Odyssey Protype Tour Series #2. Switched to the Ody after years of a hand-me-down Ping Anser that once the greens started speeding up, I lost all touch with. Currently caught between the Snell MTB-X and the Bridgestone Tour B RX.
  7. Please join me in congratulating: chemclub - Indianapolis S GregB135 - Rossie Just Another Lefty - 7s Camcmart - 7s _____________________________________ (4) TESTERS WANTED!! Odyssey EXO Putters So how's your putting been this season? That good, huh? Well, here's a late season MGS Review Opportunity that might just give your putting a bit of a boost. TESTERS WANTED: Putting is eminently personal, yet high technical. We want to believe it's all about looks and feel, but there's plenty of data to suggest it's technology that helps you sink more putts. Odyssey's EXO line of putters features six models that Odyssey says will give you MOI levels like you've never seen, and a new White Hot Microhinge face insert for a better roll and a sound and feel to die for. But will it all help you sink more putts? For that, we need four of you to test, review and keep an Odyssey EXO. (Open to any avid golfer who calls the US or Canada home) HOW TO APPLY: As you know, we take our Forum Member Testing very seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read this instructions VERY carefully and apply ONLY in this thread (applying in the comments section of the blog, while a nice gesture, doesn't count). To apply, please tell us: First name/home state or province Current putter Your choice of EXO model (check Odyssey's website for options) We'll be announcing our testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
  8. (3) Testers Wanted Odyssey O-Works Putters Let's do this again fellow Golfspies! Time for another test/review opportunity for you, and this one should be fun for fans of the flatstick. Odyssey raised some eyebrows last week when it announced its new Red and Black series of O-Works putters - tour inspired coloring with the unique O-Works Microhinge face. Cant these babies help you sink more putts? That's what we want to know. How To Apply: If you'd like to test an O-Works putter (your choice of style and color scheme), please apply in this thread and ONLY in this thread (don't go back to the blog in apply, it won't do you any good!). Please tell us the following: Your first name and home state/province Your current putter & putter specs Your preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color (check them out on Odyssey's website here) We'll announce the testers in this thread next week.
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