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  1. Couldn't find a thread quite like this yet, forgive me if there is one. I'm curious what stats y'all track, how you track them, and what do you do with those stats? Does is impact your practice? Change your course management strategy? Possibly influence what's in your bag? Personally, I use The Grint for my stats. I basically use the full (paid for) service, except for shot tracking. So I get scoring, putting, greens/fairways in reg, scrambling, penalties, etc. I use these stats to focus my practice. How do I break that down? I'm following GolfInsiderUK's guide here for some direction and pick two areas at a time to improve, then have a little spreadsheet to track my progress and practice goals from there. It's also influenced some tweaks I've made to my driver head to miss less to the left, as well as given me extra encouragement to just aim for the middle of the green on my approach shots (which I seem to somehow forget once or twice a round ). No direct purchases influenced from the data, but it'll definitely be factored in! So how about you?
  2. Testers Wanted (4) Is it possible for practice to be fun? Is it possible for a training to make you want to spend extended time “practicing”? Can an affordable putting simulator offer you realistic feedback on your golf game? We mean affordable as in cheaper than some of the current drivers on the market now. Got you're attention yet? Well Read on for a very rare opportunity! ExPutt is an at home indoor putting simulator that offers golfers the ability to practice on a high-quality simulator that until now could only be found in a professional setting. Does it do all the things mentioned earlier? We are going to let four of you tell the MyGolfSpy community. More Pics and Video Here How to Apply In a post below in this thread--DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST--provide the following information. This testing is open to US Residents Only Name/City State How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? How many 3 putts do you average per round? What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you've been selected!
  3. Good morning MGS brethren! I am creating this thread to put quality information out into the community for those who are trying to research how to build an epic golf simulator. I just finished my build and it has drastically improved my game in the short time that it has been in use. When I started to research all of the different options for components however, not a lot of good information was available..... Now it will be! I will be updating this thread in a stage-type fashion. Each stage of the project will show pictures of the setup, components, and result. Each stage will also have all of the different vendors researched, the decision that was made & why, and links to the selected products. I hope that this will drastically help anyone going down the road of building their own. Enjoy!
  4. It's been one of the most talked about training aids this year, and has popped up in use by golfers all over the world, including professional tours. But now you'll get to see real everyday golfers like yourself use the full Putt Out system. They'll use it indoors, they'll use it out doors, they'll use the whole system, they'll use parts of the system independently. You can follow it all in this thread and best of all, you can get direct feedback from them on how it works for them, their likes, dislikes and most importantly see if it has improved their putting. Direct access to their links are below. @Kanoito Stage 1 Stage 2 @HardcoreLooper Stage 1 Stage 2 @Peaksy68 Stage 1 Stage 2 @tommc23 Stage 1 Stage 2 @gaussman1 Stage 1 Stage 2
  5. Building my own practice net in the backyard has got to be one of the best decisions I made before the COVID lockdown
  6. Hi all, My first post on here. Just wanted to give a quick review of the Forb 12ft home putting mat. i think this is a great Home practice aid with putting. Works on all home floor surfaces and gives a true roll to the ball with it slightly elevated towards the holes which make sure you’re hitting putts with good speed. only negative is it doesn’t have a faint marked yardages on, I have had to sharpie my own 3,6,9ft marks on to gauge the distance I am hitting balls from. Could be improved by having marks put on it and also something in the bottom of the holes to stop the balls going in and bouncing out on tiled surfaces. overall I would give it an 8/10!
  7. Simple but effective. Set up an indoor hitting bay using 1/2 the garage. Anyone else have a good indoor set up?
  8. Yesterday I had the opportunity to play a very nice away course that I really enjoy and haven't played in several years. We got there in plenty of time to warm up, almost an hour before the round. It was hot and I didn't want to over do it. But I took a small bucket maybe 30 balls and hit 15 or so 7 irons and 10 drivers and about 5 wedges or so. I hit all three very solidly and was happy. Then went and putted for 20 minutes. Rolled in my 2nd putt from 30 feet. Ok this is going to be a good day. Get to the 1st tee a pretty wide fairway and only about 340 yards. I proceed to push it dead right into the pond that had to be at least 70 yards from the center of the fairway. Doubled the hole and tripled the next with an OB 7 iron off the tee off par 3. Went like that the rest of the day...except for the driver. But every iron I hit was horrible. Wedges werent as sharp as usual and I swear I forgot how-to putt in the first 25 minutes of the round. All this led to a disheartening 102, filled with 7 penalty strokes and 5 three putts. Earlier this year. I've gone straight from the office without litteraly 3 practice swings by the cart before the first tee and shot in the 80's. So it makes me wonder if a range session really helps me before a round. Maybe 10 minutes swinging the Orange or Yellow Whip is all I need to go play. What are your all's thoughts on the importance of hitting the range before a round.
  9. Hello there! Since there aren’t near ranges where I live and courses memberships and fees are expensive, I have searched for alternatives. Found the famous Birdie balls and the Almost Golf Balls and yesterday I came across this new ball: Sci-Core practice ball: here’s a link to a video of them: https://youtu.be/sjVC1mCJEF4 I have to admit they look good at least. They seem to be similar to the Almost Golf Balls. Has anyone from this forum tried them? Would love to see your reviews and experiences
  10. Curious to hear and glean some tips from some of y'all's practice routines. What kind of routines do you go with to keep your game crisp? Range routines, short game practice, at home practice, whatever you're doing to get that Handicap dropping! What kind of frequency you're practicing, specific things you're focusing on, games you play on the range to get closer to real-round scenarios, let us hear it!
  11. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Let's congratulate these forum members: @Kanoito @HardcoreLooper @Peaksy68 @tommc23 @gaussman1 Full announcement is found here. ______________________________________________________ 5 TESTERS WANTED Let's make practice fun again! Well even if you never found it fun before, you might after giving the PuttOUT system a go. It begins with the Pressure Putt Trainer. A very simple looking plastic ramp with a hole in it. Has to be easy right? Well give it a go and let us know. it in of itself would be enough practice for you. But PuttOUT has developed a full system, each of which could be used independently, but when combined make for very impressive and effective methods of practicing your putting. It can be used indoors with the PuttOUT mat, it is also very effective on the actual putting green with any combination of the mirror, gate and Pressure Putt. How To Apply This opportunity is open to any golfer who lives on the planet earth! We are looking for five dedicated forum members who will use the system and report back their honest thoughts in a full thorough and comprehensive review. Please provide the following info in a separate post below...DO NOT QUOTE this post. First Name/State or Country Handicap Have you ever used a putting training device before We'll be selecting the testers late next week, so be sure to check back to see if you've been selected.
  12. So fellow Spies, what are your routines to get yourself ready to play? For me if given enough time, I'll grab either a small (usually) or medium bucket and hit the driving range to start. After some light stretching, I have gotten into the habit of beginning at the bottom of my bag (58*) and then working my way up to driver while skipping every other club. Then I work my way back down by hitting all of the clubs I skipped. Next Ill grab 3 or 4 of my game balls and go to the chipping green and chip 3-4 rounds and then start putting practice after my last chip exercise. Then off we go. I'd love to hear how you get warmed up and if you have any tips for things to try out next time. Do you deviate from your routines? Work on new skills? Or just go out cold? Tell us and thanks for posting.
  13. When putting, especially those long putts.. you can feel and almost bet that you have the right aim.. but the reality is your probably aiming far to the left or right. Would training with laser pointers to check the aim and whether my stroke is a squared one or not actually help? Suppose I can build the right muscle memory at home with practice then carry on on the field with that muscle memory...
  14. While not an official MGS review, I thought I'd do a review of this personal LM as there seems to be some interest from the forum on it based on comments I've seen. I plan on using it heavily for the next month or so during my JPX 900 Hot Metal Forum Testing. And as well as just plain old practice to help get my wedge distances down. Here's a couple unboxing pics to get started. Will update with pics, data and thoughts as I go. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Sorry if this thread already exists somewhere, but I couldn't find anything in the search. I get ±60 minutes for lunch at work each day. There is a golf academy ~10 min from my office that includes a full driving range, both indoor and outdoor, putting/chipping greens, bunkers, and a par 3 exec course. So, I could practice any aspect of my game that I wish. I figure I could probably get to this academy 2-3 days per week during my lunch hour and so I would love some suggestions on how best to practice during this time. I'm a decent ball striker but my handicap sucks because I'm terrible around and on the greens. So, that would obviously be where my time would be best spent. So, with that in mind, what would you suggest? What would be some good drills to do and the amount of time for each drill to fill the 45 minutes of practice time? Also, should I consider taking a long lunch onto the par 3 a couple times a month?I I've never actually practiced regularly before but I badly want to start. Your input is much appreciated. - Chappy
  16. Hello guys, Just wanted to introduce a great putting trainer and aid that can actually help out a lot of beginner or weekend golfer like myself. The Smart Putter launched on Kickstarter last week . Check it out here. Now, as a putting practice gadget it's not for professional level golfers who seek and value grip/feel more than anything else. But for golfers like myself, who just suck when you land on green but just don't have the time to practice strokes or get used to reading elevation and stuff like that. Smart Putter has a built in sensor that would indicate the level balance of the putter with it's LED level indicators on the head. It also has a laser pointer that would guide the golfer with aim allowing the golfer to check the proper alignment between the putter , ball, and target. The point is. With the level indicators on the head of the putter, you can track your horizontal and stabilization movement without forfeiting your original stance. Therefore, just get in your stance and as your facing down on the putter as you would normally, you can instantly and constantly check your level balance. Does this thing stop there? Nope. It comes with a SMARTGOLF App. The Smart Putter sends live quaternion data (location/angle data from the head of the equipment) to the application for precise analysis and guidance. Now there are ALOT of training aids that attaches to your club and with connection with the app it would analyze your swing and also tell you how far you've hit. BUT most "pads" or attachable gadgets are put on shaft or the butt of the equipment. Which calls for a very limited and not so accurate analysis. Our application retrieves data from the head of the equipment which is where the gold is. The SMARTGOLF app is free and available in each respective application stores, it would provide data on the velocity, impact point, path, angle, and so on. If you want to hit the course rather than just practicing. Utilize the field mode where you would actually swing or putt on a virtual golf field. It's a mobile golf game, but rather than click some random power gauge to play.. you would actually swing or putt like you would at the field. Alright guys so again visit here if you guys are interested and let's work hard to hole it!
  17. HunkaTurf


    Hi all, I'm on a drive this year to get my handicap down by a few shots. I've had some lessons and am making progress with my technique. I'm also making more time to practice. As my practice time is limited to 2-3 hours a week, I want make sure I'm smart about what I work on. With that in my mind, I want to start tracking my stats so I can see what areas of my game are costing me shots. I've downloaded Game Golf and used it yesterday for the first time. First impressions seem good but I've had some teething problems uploading/editing the round. My questions to you guys... 1) Do you track your stats? If so, what do you use? 2) How do you use your stats to inform practice? 3) Have you seen noticeable improvements in your scores since adopting this approach? Be great to get your input...
  18. I was wondering how many MGS golfers have an Orange Whip in their bags. If so, what's your opinion of the product? It seems like a good idea. While on the topic, I currently own this stuff: Medicus Momentus Speed Stick Tour Striker Impact Bag What do y'all recommend to improve your game? Any success stories, recommendations, and feedback will be greatly appreciated. JB
  19. By now I'm sure you have all seen the Gift Guide on the blog (here). Since you've all been good little Forum Members this year, Santa is putting a little something extra in your stockings. We've reviewed these products over the past year and they are all GolfSpy Donner and Golfspy Blitzen approved! To assist you with your Merry Ho-Ho-Hoing, we have arranged special discount codes exclusively for MyGolfSpy Forum members, which will run through the end of December. Golf Gym Power Swing/Power Swing + Power Swing is a resistance band device used to strengthen the muscles used in the golf swing. It can help add distance and better sequencing of the swing, while eliminating the over-the-top move that so many golfers struggle with. This product was reviewed by Golfspy Dave in August 2014 – http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11729-golfgyms-powerswing-plus-first-look-and-a-question/ To order visit http://golfgym.com/shop/ Enter code “SPY15” at checkout for 15% savings (valid on all Golf Gym products) Tiba Putt- Impact Zone Training Aid Tiba Putt is a training aid to improve your putting. It helps to correct your swing path, square the face of the putter, and ultimately help with distance control and accuracy. This product was reviewed by Golfspy MBP in September 2014 – http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11760-tiba-putt-impact-zone-training-aid/ To order visit http://www.tibaputt.com/products/tiba-putt Enter code “welovemgs” at checkout for 20% savings TPK Putting Stick The Putting Stick is literally a stick that you putt down. It helps promote a square putter face at impact, proper alignment, and an accelerating stroke. This product was reviewed by Golfspy Barbajo in December 2014 - http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/12375-the-putting-stick-the-key-to-nailing-those-5-footers/ To order visit http://www.tpkgolf.com/Putting-Stick-s/1818.htm Enter code “golfspy” at checkout for 15% savings and free shipping (valid on both standard and pro models) 3UP Golf Balls How can a ball improve your game? It can't. However with 3UP you can get a Tour performance golf ball without the Tour performance price tag. This allows you to save those precious dollars for use on the above training aids, which will improve your game. 3UP balls were reviewed by Golfspy MBP in September 2014 – http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11862-3up-golf-2s14-ball-review/ To order visit http://3upgolf.com/ Enter code “SPY15” for 15% savings on all 3UP products Stamp Your Balls This product won't necessarily improve your game, but it could possibly save you some strokes in a round. These ball stamps are a unique way to mark your ball to keep from playing someone elses or having it stolen. This product was reviewed by Golfspy Dave in November 2014 - http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/12172-stamp-your-balls-quick-review/ To order visit https://www.stampyourballs.com/index.html Enter code “GS322" at checkout. This is will get you 3 stamps for $22 US dollars Happy Holidays
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