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Found 2 results

  1. Here's a took at the 2015 Vintage. Decently handsome, not too different.
  2. The TaylorMade Golf RSi Experience Las Vegas, NV Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, NV, for the launch of the latest iron series from TaylorMade Golf. To assist in marketing efforts, and player education, TaylorMade launched a website specific to the irons: http://mis-hitshappen.com/Thank goodness they threw the hyphen in there or consumers would assume it's a gastrointestinal website. No product launch would be complete these days without some hashtags like, #RSi and #MisHitsHappen. When I first heard the event was in Las Vegas, I was surprised. After a review of the PGA Tour schedule, it made more sense with the Shriners tour stop in town on the same date. This makes it easier for their professional staffers to assist in the launch events. Additionally, the TaylorMade Experience at the south end of the strip makes for a great venue and backdrop for product launches (http://www.taylormadegolfexperience.com/) TaylorMade has been turning their product launches into two day events for select media members. The first day is designed to inform the media about the product and present the technology as well as the research and development behind it. Their professional staffers were on hand (Retief Goosen and Martin Laird) to talk about the product and hit some purposely bad shots on a launch monitor. The premiss behind this is to have the launch monitor verify the shot was “poor” but also allow you to watch the ball flight revealing the product forgiveness. Members of the media could ask follow-up questions and hit the product on the sprawling driving range. The second day of their product launch experiences have been the validation day for me. TaylorMade brings their product right to the dance floor for 36 holes of golf. The product testing site was at Southern Highlands Golf Club: http://www.southernhighlands.com/golf_spa.php Tom Kroll and David Cordero from TaylorMade were on hand and available the entire day to answer questions about the new product while enjoying the day of golf. Kroll was a former touring professional, and remains an accomplished player. It was enjoyable to watch him hit the golf ball. In case you missed the MyGolfSpy coverage about the RSi irons, I will provide a brief overview. The RSi ions are the next generation of slotted irons. In addition to the SpeedPocket on the sole of the club, TaylorMade engineers found a way to frame the actual club face with two vertical slots. Research in their hitting bays across the country revealed that golfers miss the sweet spot on their irons 76% of the time. In essence, the most common shot in golf is the mishit. The SpeedPocket helped shots hit low on the face. In an effort to expand the sweet spot even more, the FaceSlots help on heel/toe misses. The result is more consistent shotmaking for the common chop, even on miss hits. Because hey, #MisHitsHappen The R in the #RSi means TaylorMade is bringing back the “R Series” product lines. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, I would bet a sleeve of Tour Preferred balls that their next driver will be called the R15. “Si” stands for Slotted Iron. The iron comes in three models, one for the chop (me), one for less of a chop, and one for those that's aren't really a chop at all. TaylorMade Golf's Tom Kroll gave this advice for selecting the right iron: RSi 1: Handicap at 10 or above RSi 2: Handicap under 10 RSi TP: Accomplished players and touring professionals As mentioned, I had the opportunity to play 36 holes of golf at Southern Highlands with the RSi irons. I can confidently say that this is the most forgiving iron I have hit. Yes, it was a 36 hole honeymoon in the desert. However, I firmly believe that if you are not playing this iron, you're at a performance disadvantage. My first round with these irons at Southern Highlands was the lowest (81) round I've shot in the past two years (as a 12 HDCP). The most notable difference with this iron compared to all others I have hit to date is the overall outcome of the shot. As billed, this face is forgiving. Strike that. It's very forgiving. In playing terms, it allowed me to throw my same hack at the ball, but the outcome was different. Ball flight on off center hits was higher, and by default the dispersion was tighter. I was able to hit more greens, and land the ball softer as a result. I consistently found myself walking to the green with only my putter in hand, rather than a wedge and putter. The results spoke for themselves, I literally took the plastic off the heads, threw them in the bag, and shot my lowest round in two seasons of golf. Off the rack, and in the bag, my mind's eye and ego want to hit the RSi 2's. Over the years, I have told myself, that's closer to the look that should be in my bag. Less offset, thinner top line and sole appeals more to me aesthetically. But after 36 holes of pure enjoyment, I wouldn't have it any other way. If I were to select an iron set today, the RSi 1 would earn the spot in the bag. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to play more TaylorMade equipment than any other single season. It's the first time in my golf career that I can physically see tangible results to marketing claims. The SLDR goes further for me than any other driver. The slotted irons really are forgiving and mishits do fly long and straight. I apologize I do not have empirical data or on course statistics to share. Launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, I have none of that at my fingertips. In fact, I am beginning to care less about it. The reality is, this equipment is lowering my scores with the same terrible swing. If the scores are lowering, my blood pressure is lowering, and my happiness increases. #MisHitsHappen
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