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Found 3 results

  1. Some of you have been waiting for the GS Rob yard sale, well here's the first part of it that begins with the Wood Section, we'll get to the irons shortly. All prices are shipped. No real Trade Interest, although I suppose if you had a set of G400 or G700 and wanted to talk, I'd listen. Rogue Sub Zero 9.0 Driver 50-Stiff Synergy shaft, played less than 10 rounds, every time I see this driver, I'm amazed at what great shape it's still in. Includes head-cover and wrench. $350 Rogue 4W 60-R Flex Synergy Shaft, played less than 5 rounds, excellent condition. $200 JPX Hybrid 19 Degree, good shape, with wear marks on the face. Fuji 73 Pro Stiff Shaft. $85 Rogue Sub Zero Rogue 4W JPX Hybrid 19 Degree Any questions or reasonable offers...fire away
  2. After three different fitting sessions and waiting 2 weeks for delivery, I finally got my hands on my new driver! The specs: Left Handed Callaway Rogue Draw, 10.5* Project X Hzrdus Yellow 76G, 6.0 Stock Shaft Length (45.5 inches) Stock Grip (GolfPride NewDec Platinum) For a recap of how I ended up with this club, read my full fitting experience here. First Impressions: I was only able to hit the driving range this weekend (thanks so much, rainy DC weather), but my first session with this club was truly impressive. With the heavier shaft and much stiffer profile than my old club, I felt much more in control throughout my swing. This was most pronounced in my downswing, where the heavier club helped me feel when I was coming over the top, thus mitigating that bad motion and delivering better results. My prior driver swing delivered a fade to the left side of the fairway to a slice-miss on a bad swing. With the Rogue Draw, I was hitting center target line to slightly left on poor swings. My goal with this club was to eliminate the out-of-bounds miss to the left. It's clear from my driving range session this will prove to be a success. The shaft: Overall I'm really impressed with the Hzrdus Yellow. Leaning on this driver compared to my old R15 was night and day. Ballflight was much more penetrating and dispersion very tight. What really stood out to me was how stiff this shaft is compared to my old driver that also had a "stiff" shaft. When I put both on the ground and lean on them a bit, The Hzrdus has very little give and my R15 Shaft felt like it was going to snap in half. As many have said here and elsewhere, not all stiff shafts are created equal. Overall feedback from the shaft is a bit muted since it's so stiff, but miss hits felt much more solid (likely a bit of the new head as well). I'd highly recommend trying a heavier shaft for increased control. Many folks think (as do the marketers) that heavier shafts will slow your swing speed down considerably. I can tell you that for me, this wasn't the case at all. The stiffer profile and overall control of the shaft encouraged me to really get after a few with really positive results. Your milage may vary, but don't shy away from trying a heavier shaft when getting fit. The Clubhead: At address, the head profile is incredibly inviting. The solid black to exposed carbon-fiber finish helps make the head not look massively oversized. Compared to my old White-top R15, this thing looks sleek. Coming from a white head driver back to a more traditional black was interesting. The contrast between the ball and head has more of an effect on my comfort level at address than I thought. I just felt like I had a much better idea of where I was lining up, for whatever reason. From above, you'd have no idea it's the draw biased head compared to the standard Rogue. For those of you that care about not showing you're playing with equipment that's designed to mitigate your high-handicap miss, this may be important (it's not for me). As for performance. Man oh man, when you strike center face with this bad boy, the ball just explodes. My wife came with me to the range and when I pured one she was amazed at the sound at impact and how the ball took off like a rocket. Mis-hits were very forgiving. On several toe strikes I felt very little twisting (likely also thanks to the stout shaft) and while the result was offline, the ball definitely carried closer to full distance than my prior club while "in play" of my defined fairway at the range. The caveats: If you tend to solidly fade the ball and rarely hit a draw, this the draw version of the Rogue Draw will not have you suddenly pumping pure, tight draws. This wasn't the expectation, nor is it the result. For me it eliminated my strong fade on good drives, pulling those to straight down centerline, while tightening my miss from OB to left-fairway. This club definitely opened up a pull-hook miss for me. I don't think I've ever missed fairway right, and there were a couple swings where I was really trying to turn over on the ball that resulted in dead pulls. I suspect my new miss will have me exploring a number of areas on the course that I've never had to explore. Conclusion: Very, very impressed with the club. I can't speak to on-course results just yet (I'll reply with an update once I get a round or two in) but I can say that my range session was as impressive as it could've been. One thing I'll keep looking out for is the right-of-fairway bias that may become more prevalent as I continue to improve my swing through the recurring lessons I'm taking. For my swing right now, I suspect it'll be awhile before the draw-bias starts getting me into trouble, but it may in the future. Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Happy to take any and all questions you may have!
  3. As mentioned in another thread, the Aldila Rogue family of shafts will likely be THE hot shaft of 2015. That's not saying much because it already was the hottest shaft on tour for 2014 in its tour-only 125 msi (million pounds per square inch) versions that fetch prices over $500 per shaft when you can find them in the aftermarket. For 2015 we mere mortals will be able to find slightly "watered-down" 110 and 95 msi shafts at prices that don't break the bank. Savvy shoppers can get Rogue Blacks on ebay for about $100 to $150 and Rogue Silvers clock in between $150 and $175. Prices should drop fast over the winter. After doing a bit of research, I calculated that the Rogue Black was probably a better choice for me as I tend to launch low and I'm not a bomber. The Black is the mid-spin, mid-launch sibling and the Silver is the low launch, low spin offering. So I bought a 60 gram Stiff flex 3.5 torque uncut Black and cut it down to a 46.5 total length for my Optiforce 440. That's a half inch long over spec for the Optiforce, but its a full 1 inch shorter than my current Fujikura Z-com 74 gram, 2.9 low torque, high launch, regular shaft. I decided to shorten the Rogue in an effort to get some more control that I have been lacking of late. Once I got to the range, I was immediately reminded of how NON-STANDARD any of today's graphite shaft measurements really are. What is "stiff" for one manufacturer may be "regular" to another and "x-stiff" to a third. Same goes for the relative categories of "launch" and "spin", if not for torque as well. If you want to find a shaft that fits you, you almost need to go in for an all new fitting with no preconceived notions or you'd better be prepared to do some stumbling around in your testing as you make adjustments to what you thought you were getting in launch height, spin, flex etc. Right away I noticed that the Rogue made my Optiforce feel "heavier", as if the heavy head was swinging at the end of long rope. It had more waggle, it felt looser. This was exactly contrary to the way I thought it should have felt, since I'd taken an inch off the shaft and the shaft itself was ten grams lighter. But there it was. It took a little getting used to. IMO, the Black is definitely a softer flex than its S rating. Either that or my old Fujikura Regular is much firmer than it's R rating, Either could be true, but in no way did the Rogue too firm for my 105-108 swing speed. In fact, it got me itching to try the X next time. I'd also categorize the Black as a MID-HIGH or a HIGH launcher, not just a mid launcher. It definitely launched higher than my Fujikura. I normally play my Optiforce head in the Neutral loft (9,5) or +1 degree, Draw position. But with the Rogue I found that it performed best in the -1 degree & Neutral, or Neutral & Standard position. It really drew when set to Draw and it ballooned in anything over standard. These results also convinced me that maybe the lower launching, lower spinning 110 msi S or X shafts would be an even better fit for me. This one wasn't bad, but I think I'm still leaving something on the table. Anyway, after one range session and one 18 hole outing on my old familar course it's still too early to tell, but I think I see a small improvement in both length and dispersion over my current gamer. I didn't see any huge monsters, however. I just saw a bunch of shots that were about 5 yards beyond my usual spots of late and no shots checked up worringly short. So I'm going to take this shaft out again with eager anticipation and as soon as I can find a cheap Rogue Silver, I'll give that a whirl too and let you know what I think. In the meantime, feel free to chime in with your impressions of any Rogue you try -- especially you guys who get on a monitor with it. I'm not likely to do so, it's just too hard to arrange in my area.
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