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  1. Lot of 8 brand new and 100% authentic NS Pro 950GH shafts from Nippon in 38.5-35" uncut lengths. Asking for $160 shipped via PayPal G&S. Also open to local pickup (NYC).
  2. Looking to move from S-Flex to X-Flex in my fairway wood. Found an AccuFlex Creation 80 X-Stiff on Diamond Tour Golf's Website for $49.99. Being born in the 2000s' I haven't heard a lot AccuFlex until know. I am wondering if I should buy it and if its worth it. What should I gain from it. If it helps I have a Project X Hzrdus Smoke Yellow in 75 Grams S-Flex.
  3. Message or comment with any questions 1. JR Cobra ltdx max 12* driver with two cobra jr shafts and head weight. Headcover included. Cobra connect device grip. amazing shape played very little by a scratch jr - $275 Without extra shaft $265 2. Ping ProdiG driver jr Ferrule spacer missing does not effect performance. No headcover - $100 SOLD! 3. tour ad dj-6s 3 wood shaft -$85 SOLD 4. SOLD Cobra vintage nova 40 putter mint shape. -$125 SOLD 5. grey scotty cameron new takeoff from a phantom 11.5. -$45
  4. Just wondering if many have tried Paderson driver shafts? I am interested in getting one for my Driver but as everyone knows shafts can be expensive. I have a higher swing speed and so shaft is very important .
  5. Golfworks has released an interesting new counterbalance putter shaft under the Maltby line. The shaft is appears to be a heavy aluminum shaft on the butt end that transitions into steel for the final few inches. The stock shaft is 38" and the heavy aluminum portion represents 32" from the butt. According to Britt Lindsey's comments on the Maltby Forum, it appears the shaft is designed for putter heads ranging from approximately 360 - 390 grams but must be at least 350 grams to have any feel. The shaft itself weighs 265 grams which is considerably heavier than the roughly 130 gram standard putter shafts. I find this shaft to be intriguing and wonder if anyone has ordered one yet. I can't seem to find much else like it on the market but I'm sure it's not alone. Maybe it's a ripoff of something else out there but I can't seem to find much. There are the BGT Stability shafts but they don't seem to have the same weight to them and they cost around $300. I'm curious if anyone has any insights on these shafts. The idea of counterbalancing a putter using a shaft that distributes the weight more evenly through the length of the club than just shaft butt weights and heavy grips seems interesting.
  6. Fujikura Ventus Black 7-X and HZRDUS Smoke RDX driver shafts. - Ventus - $275 (Currently no adapter) - HZRDUS - $200 (Mizuno adapter) - RH Ping Adapter available at no cost
  7. Looking to sell my Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 10.5 degree Pars and Stripes edition with head cover head only -$sold obo Evenflow Riptide 6.5 X 60g with TM adapter $45 obo plays at 46” Evenflow Riptide 6.0 S 70g 42.25” $45 obo ping adapter- free
  8. Hey everyone, I have been meaning to do these reviews for a while and finally took the time to show them. I have been playing a number of Xcaliber shafts for at least a year and have been playing Robin's shafts for several years, even back to when he owned AXE. Here are my unfiltered thoughts on the Avalon 6, Avalon i9, and several of the Pro series shafts. As an update, I did put Modus 120's in my 4 iron and 2 iron to replace the i9 shafts, because I felt that they were too light and I think I am right based on the first range session with each. In summary, these are great shafts and certainly worth a try!
  9. SOLD VENTUS Velocore Black 7X Driver shaft ( shaft only ) for Taylormade Driver (adapter/sleeve 2017-current) Price: $250 (shipping included) Specs/info: Length - 45.75" (playing length)/ 44.75" shaft tip to butt Weight/flex - 7X Tipping - 1" (customary when ordered directly through Taylormade) Grip - Golf Pride MCC plus 4 The shaft was purchased last season directly from a Taylormade fitter. It is tipped 1" (attached is also a picture of the measured tip section) Purchased new last season (for SIM) No trades US shipping only FedEx/Priority Shipping PM for additional details or email directly pft.doorcounty@gmail.com
  10. Has anyone experimented with lengthening a stroke lab shaft? I have a Triple Track 10 that I need to extend an inch, but I'm concerned about messing with the counterweight and the graphite portion of the shaft. Any advice is helpful!
  11. I have both of these shafts in my possession, one of them will be used in my Epic Speed 3 wood. I am going Club Champion and going to see what the numbers say but before I go...can anyone give me some input/suggestions? Thanks !!
  12. hi all, sorry I know everyone will be busy with the 2021 Masters but could anyone able to give me a steer please? I’m getting a replacement set of irons from TM due to a batch defect but the shafts I was fitted for (Dynamic Gold x100 120g) are no longer available. They have the DG Tour 130g but I tried the 130g in the fitting and it was just a bit too much so we went back to the 120. They have the current Dynamic Gold, Nippon, Project X & KBS Tour options available to choose from. I have a really high ball flight, 7 iron is about 170 yards, driver around 300. I can’t get onto a launch monitor to pick the new shafts. Any ideas what I should be getting in place of the Dynamic Gold x100 120g? thanks in advance.
  13. I golfed with a gentleman today who claimed that golf shafts "wear out" and need to be replaced every 4 years (assuming 50 rounds per year). Can anyone (equipment junkies, club builders, club fitters, etc.) please chime in with your thoughts on this? Is this a valid claim?
  14. Testers Wanted (3) One of the ongoing debates, or maybe decisions among golfers is graphite or steel for iron shafts. It was long ago decided that graphite is the way to go for drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. But the use of steel in the iron category--maybe due to the name--who know, is still holding strong as the most common material used in most sets of irons on the market. With the ever increasing models of graphite and it's lighter weight benefits in the marketplace, steel has fought back with technology and new materials to offer some of the same benefits as steel--namely weight. Enter Nippon with the N.S. Pro Zelos model. A true lightweight steel that offers some of the benefits of graphite--mainly increased speed due to a lighter weight. And, just as Nippon has multiple models in the very successful Modus lineup, it offers three different models in the Zelos line. Zelos 6 is the lightest coming in at 68 grams Zelos 7 offers a range of 73 to 77 grams depending on the flex Zelos 8 comes in 84 or 87 gram for a bit heavier feel, but still very much in the lightweight category for an iron shaft. You can click Here to see the details of each model. How To Apply Link to our Here We will be choosing one tester for each model. In a post below, please provide the following information-DO NOT QUOTE this post when applying! Per the request of Nippon the testing is open to U.S. residents. Name/City State Zelos Model & Flex You Wish To Test Swing Speed Current Shaft/Flex In Use That's it! We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you have been chosen. Note: please apply one once; multiple entries will be removed. If you'd like to have a discussion regarding the clubs or other things related to them please start a new thread.
  15. For Sale, (All shafts require $10 for shipping): 1) Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 TX -> $225 (untipped) 43-7/8" (Butt to tip) >> (Plays 45" in Taylormade M5/M6/Sim Max, 44-7/8" installed in a standard Sim Driver (due to the shallower head) Weight: 67 grams Torque: 3.4 2) Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 TX ->$225 (tipped 1") 44" (Butt to tip) >> Plays 45-1/8" in Taylormade M5/M6/Sim Max, 45" installed in a standard Sim Driver (due to the shallower head) Weight: 67 grams Torque: 3.4 3) Accra Tour RPG 462 M4+ Stiff/XFlex $300 (untipped) 44-1/8" (Butt to tip) >> Plays 45-1/4" in Taylormade M5/M6/Sim Max, 45-1/8" installed in standard Sim Driver (due to the shallower head) 4) Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 7X -> $90 (untipped) 41-3/4" (Butt to tip) >> Plays 42.5" in TaylorMade Sim 3 wood
  16. Hi, currently debating keeping my taylormade r11s driver and buying a diamana d+ 70 stiff flex for it or using that money to buy a newer used driver. Just not sure what I would see most benefit from. The r11s currently has the stock aldila rip phenom shaft in it and I hate it. Getting too much spin and losing everything right. The diamana shaft would cost me €80. So I could put that money toward buying a used M2, 915d etc. Swing speed a year ago was measured at 98, swings on the smoother side not too aggressive. Opinions and help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. So currently I've got a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero in the bag and hit it pretty well. I'm not 1000% sure what my swing speed is exactly, but I'd have to guess high 90's or 100. I usually carry it 220-240 and roll out to 260-270, again I'm not 1000% sure. When I got the club at Golf Galaxy (i was young and naive and get clubs through fittings now) the guy helping me suggested a 55 Evenflow Green Stiff shaft, since I'm 5'5" and 125 lbs and wasn't that strong a year ago. So now my only gripe with the club is I'm not a fan of the high launch I've been getting and the high spin. Is there any favorite brands out there with a lower launch and good weight? I know the obvious answer is to get fitted but I need posts as a recruit. Thanks.
  18. I am looking for a new shaft. I have narrowed it down a little. I really loved the S3 data comparisons that MGS ran for the Fujikura Pro 2.0 6s. I am inquiring here to see if someone can provide data charts like that for the Evenflow T1100 White 65 6.0, compared to the Fujikura Pro 2.0 6x. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. If you guys have played this you know how sweet these things are. Im been looking for an after market shaft with a similar feel. Has this riddle been solved? Anyone play something similar along their travels?
  20. Hey everyone, I'm wondering what everyone's opinion on these shafts are? I've been using the KBS tour v for 6 years now but recently kit the modus 105. I found the feel was amazing. Just wondering what everyone else has found the playing characteristics like? Cheers Nick
  21. I've got both a driver shaft and 3 wood shaft both with Titleist adapters. Trying something else in my 917d2 and 917fd2. Both are in great shape with, new this year, CP2 Wrap in Midsize. Diamana D+ 70-S - $60 shipped Diamana D+ 80-S - $60 shipped Not looking for trades at this time. Thanks.
  22. I just bought some MP20 with Modus Tour 105 X flex. I have been playing KBS Tour 120 S. Does anyone have experience how a lighter shaft with x flex compares to a heavier shaft that is stiff flex?
  23. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific 2017 shaft for a driver. It's the "ProjectX" LZ Handcrafted Driver Shaft, 6.5 flex, around 65-67grams of weight, standard length. Any help? Thank you for your time
  24. What is the best "bang for your buck" aftermarket shaft out there? Would love to get everyone's opinion on this one. Personally I think its the Proforce V2 for $59.99 but I don't know everything that is out there or how much they all cost.
  25. I have to say, I have been jonesing for these shafts since the 2019 PGA Show when I hit them in some irons at Demo Day. They were just phenomenal feeling. During this past summer, to truly get a better feel for them, I ordered a single Apex 7 iron from Callaway with the shaft in it, to really have time with it to make sure it was a shaft i liked. I still had the love for it that I first experienced at the PGA Show. Now moving on, some of you know I was fit for T300 irons last fall at TPI. What most of you don't know is I had the opportunity the day before my TPI visit to visit the new KBS Experiece. A combination retail store and fitting center, with all things KBS and even draft beer on tap! You can see some pictures from that visit Here Now I didn't go through a full fitting there, but knowing I was going to be fit for most likely the T300 the next day, and knowing Titleist doesn't currently offer it as a custom option, the guys at KBS gladly put together a T300 head with a couple different TGI shafts. The TGI 80 worked very well for me in all aspects, distance, most importantly flight dispersion and height. So I got back home, the season was pretty much over and had surgery and knew I wouldn't even be thinking about hitting any clubs until well into January. I ordered the T300 with the stock Tensei Blue, which was what was best for me out of the options that day at the TPI fitting. Once they arrived, I took a day to take in the excitement of new irons, and then immediately shipped them off to KBS to have my long awaited TGI shafts put in. What better news to see on a Monday than the Fed Ex truck pull up with a very cool long box. Inside was a full set of TGI 80 shafts in brand new T300 that have yet to have the misfortune of striking a golf ball by me. I'm sure both the clubs and shafts would be better served in a more skilled players hands, but it is what it is, and you'll get to here the experiences of your affable if not scratch golfer CG2. Initially I've got some unboxing photos to share. They unfortunately arrived on a wet and cool day, so no real opportunity to get them on the course. Will definitely try and get some Trackman time with them this week if the weather improves a bit. And while this thread will be mostly about the shafts and their performance, I'd be remiss not to show off at least 1 in the bag picture of the irons. I must stay they look pretty darn good for a GI iron.
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