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Found 27 results

  1. What is the best "bang for your buck" aftermarket shaft out there? Would love to get everyone's opinion on this one. Personally I think its the Proforce V2 for $59.99 but I don't know everything that is out there or how much they all cost.
  2. Great forum, great community, and I am sure one of the knowledgeable members has come across this question before (or, can point me in the right direction). I have used the search bar some to pin point this topic to some effect, but haven't come across the answer that satisfies my curiosity. I already know and understand a dynamic fitting and static fitting work best for shaft fitting and it's hard to beat a good (and patient) fitter. My question pertains to online iron shaft fitting/recommendations from most of the shaft manufacturers and/or online fitting services: How relevant is a question regarding iron distance (say, 6i carry) when your current 6i loft and the set you are interested in purchasing is different? I could ,theoretically, hit my 6i 170 yards using a 26* loft but only hit my buddies 6i 155 yards using 29*...these are just relative numbers to express a questionable point... with all other variables being the same (relatively speaking) but loft. My interpretation of the line of questions for iron shaft recommendation is that it is generating results based on flight and dispersion preferences along with swing speed/power/carry distance. However, if my current 6i is 26* and is allowing me to move the ball 170yds down the fairway, how good is the online fitting tool going to be if the new set I am interested in has a more traditional loft to it? Am I totally off base in this line of thinking? Are the manufacturers shaft recommendations useless? Again, I apologize if this has already been discussed ad nauseam. Happy golfing!
  3. Matt Saternus (used to be with MGS) of PluggedInGolf.com posted an interesting article... "Do wedge shafts matter?" https://pluggedingolf.com/do-wedge-shafts-matter-golf-myths-unplugged/ He tested in a similar style to MGS using a variety of recreational players and identical wedge heads with different shafts, then swapping them among the players and having them hit different short game shots. Results are measured by Trackman at a Club Champion. The questions he was looking to "Confirm" or "Bust" include... Myth #1 – A wedge shaft can create more spin Myth #2 – A wedge shaft can change launch angle Myth #3 – A wedge shaft can improve accuracy Myth #4 – A wedge shaft can improve consistency Myth #5 – The same shaft will fit all your wedges Interesting and informative article .. worth a look! https://pluggedingolf.com/do-wedge-shafts-matter-golf-myths-unplugged/
  4. I recently swapped my Project X 6.5’s for a set of 5.5’s. I did keep the 7i shaft as it had been repaired after bending it around a tree. Its new home is in an old Wilson 2i. I digress, I want to sell these shafts. I have 4,5,6,8,9,PW with grips, Lamkin 3 gen ACE that have been played but are in good shape. The shafts have ferrules but I recommend dressing them up with new ferrules if you have the opportunity. Here’s some pics. I’ll start at $100 shipped within the lower 48. Thanks for looking. I’ll be playing at Sweetens this weekend so I may be out of touch. I’ll check in when I can to answer questions.
  5. This one is next up in our shaft review pipeline. I still need to get some of the details from the team at UST while our shaft review partners at Cool Clubs take their S3 measurements, but I wanted to get some pics up now. This is essentially a release that celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the ATTAS line. While the paint is bold, it's not without purpose. Starting from the butt end of the shaft the colors celebrate the previous ATTAS models by way of sequentially matching the colorway of each of the 9 generations of ATTAS. Beginning with the butt section of the shaft; the original ATTAS was orange. The ATTAS 2 was red, 3 was yellow, and so on it goes through the white of the 9th generation ATTAS Cool. Full details and review in a couple of weeks.
  6. I have three (3) driver shafts up for grabs. All are standard length (one was lengthened to standard), TaylorMade adapters, and Golf Pride MCC +4 grips in great shape. All prices include shipping to the continental US. Can discuss prices if you are elsewhere. I will entertain all serious offers and I can supply more photos on request. PM me with any questions, concerns, offers! Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.3 Tour Spec X-Flex - $110 $90 Used maybe 2 rounds. Got it from a friend, didn't like the feel. Aldila Rogue Silver MSI 110 70-3.1 S-Flex - $100 $75 Used approx. 15 rounds by me. Came with a used driver I bought. This has been lengthened by approx. 3/4" Fujikura Pro 60 S-Flex - $75 SOLD I only used this on the range. Another pick up from a friend, launches a bit too high for my liking.
  7. Hey all, have some shafts for sale today that have been collecting dust all prices are OBO, no low balls. Will work on price if buying more than one. All shafts with adaptor measure 44” tip to tip tensei is 44.5”. Can remove adaptors if you wish, all grips have some life left. Oban Devotion 65g 04 Flex- SOLD Matrix Black Tie 70g x-flex- $100 $80 have 2 Matrix Black Tie 60g s-flex- $100 $80 Matrix White Tie 50g r-flex- SOLD Speeder 757 x-flex - $120 $100 Tensei Blue CK 70g x-flex- $90 $75 Aldila Rogue 95 MSI 70g s-flex- $75 $60 Aldila Tour Blue 65g s-flex- $50 $40 $5 shipping add another $5 west of Mississippi. If you have questions or want more pictures let me know. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Just got some Artisan Wedges created by Mike Taylor:
  9. For Christmas this past year, I was given a driver fitting at Club Champion along with the driver/shaft I was fitted for. I ended up going with the Rogue Sub Zero with a HZRDUS Black 6.0, so it was early February before I had it in hand. After playing with the driver for a little over a month, I decided the trajectory was a little flatter than I wanted it, so I increased the loft 1 degree. In doing so, I knew I would be altering how the shaft (which was sst pured) was oriented, but was ok with that just to see how I liked the flight. I figured if I liked the flight, I would just go back to Club Champion and have them reorient the shaft. Well, not only do I like the flight more, I also like the feel of the shaft more as well, which raises some questions? -Was the shaft not properly pured? -Was the shaft not properly installed? Club Champion puts a P on the shaft for where the spine is located, and that was installed facing down at first. Now, after increasing the loft, the sticker is facing up. -I know some people don't think puring a shaft is worthwhile...is this just evidence for that mindset? Or it is just something about this specific shaft/my swing that is causing me to prefer the way it is oriented currently? If it helps, my swing speed with driver is right at 105 with a quick tempo. Any suggestions/information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Up for sale is a set of Project x 6.0 4-pw iron shafts, and a Cleveland RTX 3 raw 46* head. Shafts are a one time pull, from Mp 18's 5 iron played Mizuno standard 37.75 Brand new lamkin Crossline Grips: 1 wrap Project X 6.0 4-pw 9/10 condition $100 OBO plus $10 shipping to east coast Cleveland RTX 3 raw 46* Used half season Small knick on sole, face in good shape, grooves have tons of life left Wedge head only 8/10 $50 OBO plus $10 shipping to east coast
  11. Titleist 816 H2 hybrid - $110 (includes shipping) loft = 19° shaft = Fujikura Speeder Motore stiff Headcover = included Club has been used, will have expected wear. It was always cleaned after playing and taken care of. 8.5+/10 PayPal only please. If you have any questions, please feel free. Thanks for looking. Fastest way to get in touch - oudefart@gmail.com SHAFTS - $45ea (includes shipping) - X-stiff flex - professionally pulled, NOT tipped Diamana White D70 Matrix HD 6Q3 Red Tie Matrix Ozik 75M Black Tie
  12. OFFICIAL FORUM MEMBER REVIEW - KBS $ TAPER SHAFTS Here's our lineup of testers... Hackabilly Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 BigHappyVA Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Kegger Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 VolGolfer Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
  13. I've always been fit to 3/4 or 1" over in iron fittings, depending on the OEM and their standard length. But recently I went to a demo where I wanted try two different shafts in the same iron. But they only had one shaft in 1/2 over and the other in the 1" over. I hit the 1" well enough, mostly like my normal shaft length. Then when I tried the 1/2 it was like magic, every shot seemed flushed and seemed to have much more solid contact. Could it be similar to drivers, where the shorter shaft gave me much more control thus producing more consistent contact. I know the answer seems obvious based on the above results. But I guess I had just never thought of irons that way, It seemed i was always fit more for my posture stance with the 1" vs. better results with a shorter shaft. I didn't seem to notice a huge difference in my set up, meaning I didn't feel like I was more hunched over with the 1/2 than the 1" but that was just my feel, I obviously couldn't see for myself.
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking for some advise. I currently have a set of TaylorMade Speedblades, stiff shaft and my swing speed is between 85 - 95 MPH. I am looking to move over to the 2016 M2 Irons, should i move over to Regular shafts?
  15. They will need new grips. The shafts weight is 127grams. The 5iron length is 37.75". Tthe tip size is .355". The ball flight that they give is Low-Mid (i.e: Lower than KBS) Asking for 70$ shipped!!!!!!OBO!!!!
  16. I've got an EPIC SZ head on the way. Friend gave me a good deal on just the head. Now I need a shaft to go with it! Does me no good if all I have are Titleist tips sitting around in my basement. So what does everyone have that they are willing to let go at the MGS discounted price?? Looking for Stiff shafts, 55g - 75g (well weight is really not the issue) Let me know, send pics .... I know you guys have shafts laying around that you're not playing ... let's see 'em!
  17. Anyone have any of these lying around? Been contemplating between these & Recoils. Wanna put the 95's in AP2's 4 - 9 & 110's in the wedges
  18. I golfed with a gentleman today who claimed that golf shafts "wear out" and need to be replaced every 4 years (assuming 50 rounds per year). Can anyone (equipment junkies, club builders, club fitters, etc.) please chime in with your thoughts on this? Is this a valid claim?
  19. Turns out these just don't work for me ... spray the ball all over the place. Have 2 rounds in them, just 1 pull so they are like new, taper tip 3 - PW with an extra wedge shaft that I would be willing to add in if interested in the set. Have brand new GP MC4 grips on the 4 - 9 iron, GP tour velvet on PW, and GP red multi compound on 3 iron. (Didn't buy enough +4's so had to put together a few stragglers) Trade interests would be Recoil F4 95s or 110s. Or maybe a Callaway Epic SZ and some $$ Let me know thanks ... looking for $230 OBO
  20. **SOLD** Ozik Matrix MFS5 X5 White Tie Shaft 60 Stiff This is the 2017, just released version, of the White Tie shaft. Just not right for my swing. Retails for $290. Designed for high launch, low spin. Specs: Weight grams: 65 Torque: 4.1 Shaft is cut to make overall driver length 44.5 to 45.25, depending on club Actual shaft length 43.25. New white Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip. $150 . PayPal only, includes shipping. Thanks! Good luck, hope it finds a good home. you can email me directly at surfandturfdan@gmail.com if questions
  21. Really need some graphite in my life! Want to put some Recoils in my AP2's ... cause I'm not getting any younger & I need to gain as much club head speed as I can to stay up with the young folks! Plus I'd like to not be sore after a round anymore. Anyone have any Recoils that they would like to give up at a reasonable price?
  22. I've been studying wedges for a few weeks now. Had used Vokey's for years...purchased some Harry Taylor wedges. Really like them but they have s400 shafts and seem stiffer than the wedge shafts of Titleist. Also -- looking at grinds. I have an old, BeCu DCI 56 with a Triple Grind sole...love that club but have not used it due to wear on the grooves. I cannot find a Titleist wedge with a triple grind... Any thoughts on these issues...
  23. Well fellow Spys, it's time for a little spring cleaning. All items are OBO and willing to negotiate. Not trying to get rich, just make it fair. I've been buying and selling on eBay for a long time (ID=pgcsf). I know what things are worth, I keep items in best condition possible and I have great feedback. As for shipping, smaller items are most likely free. Everything else, we will decide best option together and I'd prefer to split cost 50/50. I usually use USPS priority and it's almost always reasonable. Any thoughts/questions we'll work it out. Will ship within 48hrs of received payment. I try very hard to describe all items as accurately as possible. I take great care of my equipment and have no problem passing it on to others to enjoy. Anything, please ask. Please DM me Oudefart and I'll happily include more pics for any specific item. Thanks. I will do my best to honor correspondence in order received. I reserve the right to end any discussion/agreement should it get nasty (it happens, at least on eBay). Finally, I request all transactions via PayPal. I'd prefer using Friends/Family option to avoid an fees. Thanks. Here's the list: - OBAN Kiyoshi Black shaft for driver. 04 flex (stiff) 75g. Depending on head, finished club should measure roughly 44.5" $125 OBO - Leupold GX-1 rangerfinder. VERY lightly used as I bought one with slope shortly after getting this. $115 OBO - Titliest 915F 15° 3W, Diamana Blue Board 72g Stiff. Shaft is brand new, never used it with this head. Club in great condition. Headcover included $140 OBO - Nike B1-01 Converge Counterflex putter. 38" Basically new, owned about 6wks, played 2x. Headcover & tools included $90 OBO - Titliest Sunday "pencil" bag, black. VERY lightly used , maybe 6x - Hogan Apex Plus iron set. Collectors dream. These are brand new, never used. PW has a couple shots on it. Make serious offer - Callaway Sunday "pencil" bag, black. VERY lightly used , maybe 6x $45 OBO - Odyssey putter. Brand new in package. $15 (free shipping) - Hogan Apex Plus iron set. Collectors dream. These are brand new, never used. PW has a couple shots on it. Not from me, most likely the person I inherited them from. Make serious offer - Miura CB-202 heads (4-PW). These are in great condition, LOTS of life left in them. They have expected bag chatter, however I always us iron covers on them when playing. Additionally, I have a set of True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts I'll include. Or, I can build them for you. I build them to Miura stated specs. $800 OBO 4 iron - (shows least wear) PW - (shows most wear)
  24. PADERSON Premium Graphite Shafts It's exciting times for the MyGolfSpy forums. We have multiple members who have been selected for Paderson driver shaft testing and along with that I will be looking at other club shafts by the company. About Paderson "KINETIXx" IMRT loaded shaft technologies are the worlds only golf club shafts that combine filament winding and table rolling construction methods with a vacuum curing process making Paderson KINETIXx loaded shafts. the most advanced, multi-structure, multi-material, precision tailored high performance composite shafts in the world! KINETIXx IMRT = Visible fiber performance technology unlike any other shaft! The tailored coupling of kevlar and 3K micro carbon fibers, filament wound over precisely located high modulus filament wound and or table rolled flag core sections, in select portions of every KINETIXx IMRT loaded shaft, demonstrate visible kite and dart quadrilateral patterns. Producing a visible rhombus web structure that's precisely tuned for vibration suppression, vibration control, EI (Energy Inertia), torque, feel and most important, kinetic energy transfer to the clubhead for the moment of impact creating a visible fiber chain that's comparable to a lightning rod of conductivity. KINETIXx IMRT shafts, are the worlds only filament wound kevlar golf shaft technology family available for all clubs metal woods and irons. The green or blue kevlar and 3K woven chain of fibers visible in all Paderson KINETIXx IMRT branded shafts have 20x the elastic strength of steel! The fiber revolution has arrived!" Vacuum Cured Whereas table rolling is the most commonly practiced art of manufacturing graphite shafts, the process surfaces two very distinct disadvantages that manufacturers invariably compensate for ongoing; static and autoclave curing does not ensure the highest possible measure of consistency with regard to the flow of resin. controlling the ratio of fiber to resin is especially important in performance reliability. Resin pooling, voids and fiber "washout" occur when resin coverage is limited. this inhibits fusion of internal flag layers. A controllable yet common occurrence with standard curing methods. this also exposes precious fibers to unnecessary cutting in the center-less grinding process conducted post production, necessary to ensure concentricity of the table rolled shafts outer diameter. Center-less grinding occurs in all table rolled shaft construction. Static autoclave curing and center less grinding, combine to affect consistency, flex, performance, durability and feel, in even the most premium shafts marketed today. Our proprietary vacuum curing processes creates a homogenous resin to fiber coverage ratio and more precise fiber area weight distribution over the entire shaft as compared to all other shafts marketed today. Minimizing the quantity of resin in each and every Paderson KINETIXx loaded shaft to maximize fiber performance. Vacuum curing allows us to incorporate nobel materials in pre-preg sheet form for table rolled construction that shaft manufacturers have all previously struggled to optimize. Utilizing today's most advanced nanotechnology to produce stronger light weight shafts, with demonstrably greater flexibility and faster recovery as found in KINETIXx VMT driver shafts. The world's only vacuum cured amorphous fiber golf club shafts. First Impressions Dealing with Paderson has been an unbelievable experience so far and like other forum members you don't just talk to anyone, you're in direct contact with the CEO, Jason Horodezky. Jason has been hands on with helping to find the perfect fit in shafts based on a series of questions related to my swing. Visually these shafts are quite something in person. The woven patterns in the butt and tip sections are very sharp and the greenish/yellow color is quite pleasing as well. It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in person as I imagined they would based on the hyped up saturation of their website photos. Another nice feature is that Paderson runs a post-production partial tip prep to each shafts reducing much of the additional work required for builders. The Shafts Shafts were selected based on criteria of SS, AoA, quick transition and my desire for a smooth regular feel with stiff characteristics. Jason shot multiple emails with followup questions until we hammered things down. These are the original questions I was presented with: 1. How fast are you with the Driver? Good swing range +/- 3mph. 99-102 2. Good swing, Attack Angle? + or - don't require specific # + 2.8 3. Hit from the top or Swing from the top? My fitters tend to keep me in heavier shafts because of a "quick transition". 4. How Far do you carry a 5iron? 180 Drivers: KVMT870-D30+ ~ 247cpm 63g - Torque 5.5° This shaft fits at least 10cpm and in the case of LD 25-30cpm lower than "conventional" shaft with an SS phonetic flex classification.This is the worlds only vacuum cured amorphous shaft and full table rolled construction KG860-D30 ~ 257cpm 72g - Torque 4.7° The flagship construction technology loaded with KINETIXx IMRT = Visible fiber performance technology. Fairway Wood: KG495-F30 ~257cpm 82g - Torque 3.5° An inertially tailored fairway wood shaft and should be optimal for my quick transition swing. Hybrid: KB972-HUT30 ~280cpm 82g - Torque 4.4° Another of their KINETIXx IMRT = Visible fiber performance technology. Irons: KB972 IRT20-2+ ~284cpm - 315cpm 4-PW 110g - Torque 2.0° - 1.3 Here they've pulled an upper 20 flex after noting my comments taking into consideration mass, the coupled affect with EI profile and overall playing characteristics of the KEVLAR iron shafts. We're at the installation stage, so keep an eye on this thread as I will continue to update with reports of my experience.
  25. KBS Golf Shafts has added two wedge-specific steel shafts to its line and will debut the new products at the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day, Jan. 20-23, in Orlando, Fla. “We've gone outside the box designing shafts specific for scoring clubs,” said Kim Braly, head of R&D and Tour operations at KBS Golf Shafts. “They are some of the most important- if not the most important- clubs in a player's bag.” Over two years in development, the new KBS 610 WEDGE Shaft is designed to deliver penetrating ball flight with less spin. The shaft's stiffer butt section combined with the KBS signature step down configuration enhances shot making for the skilled player. This shaft is available in three flexes, from 110-125g. “Our overall goal with these two shafts is to create a wedge-concentrated shaft category,” said Braly. “Wedge shafts are commonly overlooked and we are aiming to tackle this issue, beginning with the HI-REV 2.0 and 610 WEDGE.” The HI-REV 2.0, an updated and improved version of the current HI-REV shaft, features an active tip section that increases the effective loft of the club head. Golfers can expect a higher ball launch with more spin for added stopping power. The HI-REV 2.0 is available in three flexes, from 115-135g. Both shafts will be available for inspection and testing, along with the full KBS product line, at the PGA Merchandise Show Outdoor Demo Day, Tuesday, Jan. 20, Tee #5, Orange County National Golf Center, in Winter Park, Fla. --- I like that they are committing to a wedge category and offering a low and high spin option. Barbajo - can you go and test these please!
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