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Found 15 results

  1. Anyone subscribe to this? Wondering if that could help my dispersion. Thinking left dash or others, although everything else seems very soft for my swing. Suggestions?
  2. https://mygolfspy.com/snell-mtb-x-golf-ball-review/#comment-475243 Share your thoughts below!
  3. I'm wondering what experiences other people have had with the Spalding SD Tour and SD Tour X ball sold at Walmart for $25/dozen. I've bought a dozen of each now and have been impressed to say the least. I found both to be long with the non-X version being longer for me and the spin on the non-X version is tremendous. The amount of spin and penetrating trajectory I get with my mid irons on the non-X ball is what caught me off-guard. I was on a 175 yard par 3 last night and hit two 6-irons and they both did a short hop and stopped hard. I'm a more of a sweeper and getting my 6-iron to hop and stop is something I've rarely done in the past. I'm not saying my 6-iron shots just run off greens but being able to hold the ball to less than 5 feet from the landing spot is unusual. For reference, I played the Snell MTB-X all of last year and liked it but I switched away from it because it seems the ball exacerbated sidespin on slight mishits. I've tried the Z-Stars and generally liked them but they definitely seemed shorter off my driver. I recently went through a dozen of Vice Pro+ and really liked them and thought they were similar to the SD Tours but didn't spin quite as much.
  4. Hello everyone, I have been playing callaway chrome soft for quite some time. I have tried other balls here and there, such as pro v1, bridgestone e6 and tour 330, maxfli tour, and just recently the supersoft from callaway. This is from the time i started playing 5 years ago up until last weekend. I love the way the chrome soft feel on a well hit shot and it was ok on mishits. The supersoft was less erratic and i will find out this weekend more about the distance. Im not even remotely close to a scratch golfer, but i figure straighter is better and should result in lower scoring. Im hoping the supersoft keeps going straight and i dont lose too much distance and control around the greens. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or any experience?
  5. Testers Wanted (10) Fresh off it's stellar performance in the MyGolfSpy 2019 Golf Ball Buyers Guide (Read it Here) the newly released Snell MTB-X is taking the golf ball world by storm. Within two days of the study the ball was sold out on Snell's website. So what's all the fuss about, can a $32 (Less if you buy in quantity) ball really perform as well as some of the "Big Boy" balls? Well that's what we want you to determine for yourself. Ten members will be selected to receive, test and keep a dozen Snell MTB-X balls (your choice of White or Yellow) then report back on the forum your experience and thoughts of the ball The new 2019 Snell MTB-X is a 3-piece tour ball designed for lower driver spin, higher ball speeds, reducing “ballooning” with irons and providing excellent feel around the greens. How To Apply Open to U.S. and Canada Residents Important Steps Please Follow All Them Exactly *DO NOT quote this post in your application post! Your First Name City of Residence Swing Speed Current Primary Ball Tell us of any previous experience with Snell Golf Balls...It's OK if you don"t have any. Note: Participating and completing this testing, will not eliminate you from other testings to come in 2019 Testers will be selected sometime next week. Your attention please.... after much deliberation and analysis we have come up with our list of 10 lucky spies who will be giving these balls a thorough test. join me in congratulating these 10(!) spies who will be testing the MTB-X ball: @Wedgie @newballcoach @GC70 @DaveP043 @Shankster @tehuti @KevinE @josmi15 @gchester33 @Brjpool See the link below for more fun info! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/31623-testers-announced-snell-mtb-x-golf-balls/?do=findComment&comment=541591
  6. Official Forum Member Reviews Snell MTB Black & MTB Red MTB Black: 03trdblack Stage 1 Stage 2 HighontheHog Stage 1 Stage 2 Theedpatt Stage 1 Stage 2 dhartmann34 Stage 1 Stage 2 Derek666 Stage 1 Stage 2 MTB Red: kingcscott Stage 1 Stage 2 Rickp Stage 1 Stage 2 MaxEntropy Stage 1 Stage 2 golfergirl1 Stage 1 Stage 2 PING Apologist #9 Stage 1 Stage 2
  7. Fixin' to order up a fresh batch of MTB Blacks and noticed that Snell has several models on sale right now if interested... $150/6-doz which is $25 per dozen, or single dozen boxes at only $26.99 each! Delivered! NO TAX! Sweet deal for us Snell honks! https://www.snellgolf.com/ https://www.snellgolf.com/products/mtb-black-value-pack-6-dozen?variant=4722119311401 https://www.snellgolf.com/products/mtb-red-value-pack-6-dozen?variant=4722172887081
  8. Snell Golf just posted this picture over on Facebook with the teasing caption #whatsinthebox. To me, this has to be hinting at the highly desired arrival of a Yellow version of the MTB Black. A new Yellow version would certainly fill their lineup out perfectly along side the MTB Red and its Yellow version and was something that a few MGS Testers and Forum members were asking for a few months back.
  9. Official Forum Member Review Snell My Tour Ball Snell Golf is taking the golf ball industry by storm - a direct-to-consumer golf ball company with its own in-house R&D, led by legendary golf ball designer Dean Snell. We have 5 reviewers ready to take a look at Snell's flagship product, the My Tour Ball. Here's the tale of the tape... Meet the Testers, and make sure to check out their work: RobertMarkGolf Stage 1 Stage 2 dhayse32 Stage 1 Stage 2 Fireinthehole Stage 1 Stage 2 DaveP043 Stage 1 Stage 2 jacustomgolf Stage 1 Stage 2
  10. SNELL GOLF EXPANDS TO U.K. AND IRELAND company news international April 18, 2017 For Immediate Release U.K. Media Contact: info@snellgolf.uk April 13, 2017 SNELL GOLF BRINGS TOUR-LEVEL PERFORMANCE AT A VALUE PRICE TO THE U.K. AND IRELAND NEW BEDFORD, MA — Snell Golf, Inc . , the fastest growing ball brand in golf, announced today that it has expanded its international distribution to the United Kingdom. Beginning April 30 th , U.K. and Ireland-based consumers will now have the ability to purchase Snell Golf's award-winning golf balls through Snell Golf U.K. Snell Golf is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, and designs, markets and distributes premium golf balls primarily via an online, direct-to-customer business model. Snell Golf, whose goal it is to create premium, high-performing golf balls at affordable price-points, has been awarded multiple commendations in Golf Digest's 2016 and 2017 Golf Ball Hot Lists and by My Golf Spy. Snell Golf was founded in 2015 and is led by Dean Snell, co-creator of the industry-changing original Titleist Pro V1 and TaylorMade Penta golf balls. “I started this company in 2015 here in the U.S. because I felt that golf was becoming too expensive to play,” said Dean Snell, President & CEO, Snell Golf. “It was my mission to provide top-quality, Tour-level performance at a price point that was more consumer-friendly. We were able to achieve our objective by going direct-to-consumer, avoiding Tour endorsement contracts and streamlining our marketing spend. Since our balls were first reviewed by some of the top golf websites in the world, we've been inundated by requests from the UK. We are excited to now be able to offer our products to a region that has such an important place in the history of the game. For me personally, it is very special to be able to have our products available in the birthplace of golf.” With the addition of a U.K.-based distributor, Snell Golf now offers its products in 13 different countries including Australia, Austria, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. For more information and to view Snell Golf's innovative range, visit www.snellgolf.com. To purchase Snell Golf's award-winning balls in the U.K and Ireland, log on now to www.snellgolf.uk
  11. Dean Snell knows golf balls like Thomas Edison knew light bulbs. Dean has been designing golf balls for 25 years and owns 38 patents. Perhaps you've heard of some of them? Oh, like the Titleist ProV1? Or maybe the TaylorMade Penta TP, Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X or the Project (a)? Yeah, those. The dude has his golf ball street cred. Snell has been marketing his own brand of golf balls direct to the consumer since the beginning of the year, and took “Best Overall” in MyGolfSpy's Direct-To Consumers Buyer's Guide last March. Here's what our reviewer had to say: “Snell's My Tour Ball is long off the tee, solid with irons and offers outstanding spin off the wedge. It's also among the best feeling balls we've ever encountered. Trajectory is consistent and durability is excellent…It's as if Dean Snell took the very best of his past work and rolled it all into a single ball.” Sound enticing? You bet it does! But that's just our opinion, and ultimately it's your opinion that really matters. With that in mind, MyGolfSpy wants to give you the opportunity to try out a dozen of Snell's My Tour Ball and see for yourself. We're looking for a dozen avid golfers to try a dozen My Tour Ball's each, and tell us what you think. The My Tour Ball is a 3-piece tour level ball with a cast urethane cover. It's designed for low driver spin, accuracy and spin control with irons and short game control and feel. “Most golf balls go the same distance off the tee. But they're much different from 100 yards and in. Choose the ball you prefer for feel, spin, launch and control.” – Dean Snell So what do you say? Want to test out the hottest “underground” ball in golf? HOW TO APPLY: 1. Tell us the following · Name and home state · Handicap · Rounds per year · How you typically purchase golf balls (online, pro shops, big box golf retailers, department stores, etc) We'll choose 12 of you to try these babies out and let us know what you think! Continental US only For more information: Visit the Snell Golf website Like Snell Golf on Facebook Follow Snell Golf on Twitter Visit Snell Golf on YouTube
  12. A lot of golfers on forums have been touting the Snell My Tour Ball as a quality 3-piece tour level ball at a reasonable price ($32/dozen). I am one of them. If you like the feel of a tour ball and want tour level performance, this is a ball that you have to try. I am writing this thread to bring attention to Dean Snell's other golf ball; the 2-piece soft Surlyn covered GET SUM ball. If you currently play a 2-piece ball, have a slower swing speed, need a little more height to your ball flight, or if you simply want to try a softer ball, you should give the GET SUM ball a try. I have played the Snell My Tour Ball all summer and it is my go-to ball, but it is autumn now in the Pacific Northwest and temperatures are dropping. It's time to play "winter golf". Let me define "winter golf" here in the TriCities, WA. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not wet; that's Seattle, here it will be cold and dry. Soon the temperatures will reach the 20-30's. Only the hearty golfers play during the winter. For some reason these golfers are older and have enclosed, heated golf carts. Except for being older, I'm not one of them. I walk. I stay warmer walking because I am dressed for it, but I digress. Sorry. My point is that in the winter the tour level ball does not play any better than a 2-piece ball. So why play an expensive ball if there is no performance gain. What matters for "winter golf" is using a ball that has a soft feel so it won't feel like hitting a rock. Landing a ball on the green will surely result in the ball being behind the green. It won't stop, no matter what ball you use. Now you have to judge how far in front of the green to land it so it stops on the green. Old guys do this really well because they do it all year long!! They don't generate enough spin to stop a ball even in the summer! So, yesterday I played a round of golf at a course I don't play much. I know the fairways and greens are firm, even in the summer. The Snell My Tour Ball stayed in the bag; I pulled the Snell GET SUM ball. On my last order of the MTB, I order a dozen GET SUM balls just to see how they played and if they might be my new winter ball. I had a great round; 71 on a par 70 course. Was it entirely the ball? No, for some reason I had a great ball striking round, but the GET SUM was very predictable in its feel around the green. No, it doesn't spin like a tour ball, but I found it easy to judge how it comes off the club. Less spin produced longer, straighter drives than normal. I knew it wasn't going to spin much on chips and pitches, so I played for it to roll out. Here is what Dean Snell says about 2-piece balls and spin: In past testing that I have done with a scratch golfer, I took a tour ball and a 2-pc golf ball and had him hit wedges.. he spin the tour ball 10000 rpm and launch angle was around 30 degrees... then with the 2-pc ball, his spin was 6000 rpm and 45 deg on the launch angle.. so the tour ball has almost twice the spin and launches much lower off the face.. this is why a lot of better players do not play 2pc balls.. they have a tough time of occasionally getting those fliers of high launch and lower spin and over the green... the tour balls slightly compress and roll along the face causing lower launch and higher spin.. the 2-pc balls will "slide" a bit more than roll, so they launch higher with less spin... Although a few of you are scratch golfers or close to it, the rest of use don't generate that much ball spin. So we compensate by playing a lot of bump-and-runs and pitches with lots of roll. During the winter this is true for all of us in the north. I am looking for a softer ball and the amount of spin around the green becomes less important because the ground firms up and no ball stops like it does in the summer anyway. I think I have found it; I had a couple of birdies and a bunch of par saves. The ball is soft enough off the club to let me feel the shot, but not squishy like I have experienced with the Wilson DUO. It seems to be more like the Callaway Chrome Soft. Compared to the Snell My Tour Ball, I would say that besides less spin around the green and being softer in feel, the ball flies higher off the driver and certainly higher off the irons. If you want the extra height, play this ball. If spin is not that important to you for whatever reason, play this ball. You really can't go wrong at $21/dozen.
  13. ...so I need to buy some new ones. I am running low on the Lethal Practice balls I have been playing for the last few years. Need to order some new balls this week and confused on what direction to go. Debating on the ProV1x or the Snell Tour ball. I know we have a solid Snell following on here which is why I am considering them....thoughts? Suggestions? I mean, all I really want is a ball that consistently finds the fairway, have great feel on approach shots, and won't allow me to 3-putt....
  14. Glad to finally be a member. I've been reading MyGolfSpy almost since its inception; by far, the best golf site on the web. Currently play: Mizuno MP H5 - 3-6, MP15 - 7-pw, Taylormade R15 430 with either a Fuji Speeder Evo 661TS, Accra Zz Tour RT, or Oban Devotion 6 (depending on conditions). Scor Wedgees - 52, 56, 60, Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 3 wood with Aldila Trinity shaft, and Bettinardi Signature 6 putter. KBS C taper lite shafts in irons. Snell My Tour Ball golf ball. So, let's talk!
  15. Greetings I see a lot of products over the year, much of it gets covered in reviews such as the Holiday Buyers Guides, Ball Guides or Speed Reviews, but I think it's important to let you guys know what stays in the bag or hasn't survived the test of time. This is the 2015 MBP Gear in Play thread. Featured are 22 products that are bag fixtures, I continue to scrutinize or just new pending some sort of review. I've listed a brief overview of each with general comments, but I'm starting this thread to open up each one for questions and discussion. So ask away, or maybe even leave your own impressions of a product listed here. Look forward to hearing from you guys. ACCESSORIES Best Grips Drivershoes and Puttershoes I'm constantly asked at the range; course etc where I got the driver cover. It's a serious head turner. Feels and smells like genuine leather Takes a beating an holds up well after over a year's use Soft internal lining Stitch Golf Covers The leather is good; although not quite as plush as I've seen Looks are really nice in person with nice detail and great color selection Internal lining is very thin and doesn't imply luxury Tight fit on large driver heads Garmin Approach S6 Mrs. MBP swears by the easy to read plethora of data Comfortable on wrist Data is quite accurate when verified against my laser GRIPS Best Grips Microperf I love grabbing the water bottle, soaking the grip and handing them to someone to see their “Holy crap it's even tackier!” reaction. Super tacky Love the feel of leather The stitching down the back isn't for everyone 2015 Pure Grips DTX and P2 Wraps I wasn't a fan of previous generation pure grips. They always felt as if they were dusty and instilled not confidence of not flying out the hands. Much tackier than before Comfortable with good feedback DTX tend to twist in the textured areas a little SHOES Biion I reviewed these last year and immediately fell in love. Yes, I've suffered through my detractors who I still call friend with comments like “Take off those Rubbermaid shoes”, but I continue to wear them. Super comfortable No smell after (serious I stuck my nose in) Quick and convenient to throw on and go (driving is fine) Great traction ECCO Biom Very sturdy, stable feeling Wide fit whether that's a good or bad thing – good for me Awesome toe protection – can wear on range mats without wearing out Footjoy DNA They hug and mold to your feet with their cool fitfoam system. I wasn't expecting this kind of support and will admit my feet ached for the first hour I wore them. By the end of that days round I was sold on their comfort. Fit to size Super comfy Really good traction Nike Lunar Control 3 Just took them out of the box, more to come Wide toe box Went a half size up for best fit True Linkswear Gent Wingtips Well don't I look all fancy! Fit wide Scuff easily Sole peeled back on first pair in 8 rounds BALLS From the Direct to Consumer Ball Guide 3UP, Lightning, Monsta, Nicklaus and Snell These balls all compete on a tour level but there are a few shining stars. Snell Very controlled spin Bombs off driver Feels great Nicklaus Crazy low bombing driver spin Solid feel Really good wedge touch/Spin TaylorMade Project A They claim it's like a Pro V 1 and they're pretty close. Sweet soft feel Mid-flight trajectory Surprising spin CLUBS Ping G30 Driver This club is all shaft dependent for me to ensure I keep the spin down. I've gone with a 73g Paderson and so far so good. Accurate Predictable ball flight Freakin loud Nike Vapor Pro For those who like to hit non-ballooning, line-drive bullets. I've had this driver one weekend and I look for every excuse to hit it. Talk about a perfect fit for me stock with the Diamana S+ shaft. Mishits carry much further than what I'm used to Really accurate Great soft feel face Flat trajectory TaylorMade Rsi2 Irons Love these Straight Mishits carry better Feel is really nice for a GI with forge faces Titleist 915 HD Hybrids Yes it's dirty, but you needed to see how often I use it. I look for a reason to hit hybrid because of this club. I will mention I'm test driving a Paderson Hybrid shaft in this one and the combination is great. Accurate Workable Feels good Ping Ketsch 352% more accurate from 5 feet? Yup 8 feet and in seems automatic I find it tough to adjust to for lag putting SHAFTS Paderson Irons I've got a thread already that I need to update with a mini review, but I will say these are the straightest damn iron shafts I've ever played. Distance is good, not phenomenal Good feedback Strong but smooth Great flat trajectory So there you they are, a bevy of goodies for us to discuss.
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