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  1. Brand New Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver 9 degree with stock Haz 6.0 stiff flex. Right Handed. Headcover included. Stock grip. Tournament Giveaway I don’t need. $599 +tax in stores. Supposedly can no longer order PLUS models from Taylormade. Get this at $100 off and no tax. Will ship for FREE. $500 obo Venmo accepted
  2. I'm a sucker for golf alignment aids, I mean I've played with a solid line on my golf ball since I was probably 12. That usually means sharpie markers in my bag and usually ink on my fingers for the first few holes. So when I first saw an ad for the new TaylorMade Tour Response with a large thick green/yellow stripe right down the middle, I was pretty intrigued. I have not previously played a TaylorMade ball or one of the several alignment balls Callaway does, something about the thick greenish yellow stripe is appealing to the eye. So about two weeks ago I swung by my local Walmart and picked up a dozen to try them out and possibly pass along what I like and didn't like about playing them. This is the product info from TaylorMade: Easier alignment with a larger center alignment section Better visibility with a unique multi-color stand out design 100% Urethane cover played by Tour Players that is stronger and softer than ionomer Interacts with the club grooves to optimize spin and control, specifically around the greens Upgraded HFM Speedmantle™ and New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern are designed to optimize aerodynamics, lift, and ball speed Low 40 Compression core and soft urethane cover result in a total ball compression of 70 3 Layer Performance I don't want to spend too much time on the specs as those could be found in various locations and to be honest the spin rates and softness of the ball isn't what made me click buy. Its that big thick green stripe down the center of the ball and will it help me make more putts.... First, When I'm trying a new golf ball I take the advice I've always heard and test it from the hole back, meaning the most important features are on the green, around the green, from the fairway, then last off the tee. With that in mind I've played three rounds with the ball currently and have a some initial feedback. The first round I played was in a charity golf tournament for my university's Civil Engineering Scholarship program. I was excited to try the ball putting, especially getting to see a few putts ran at the hole in front of me in the scramble format. I was disappointed when I realized the greens on the back nine had been aeriated and it wouldn't do me much good watching it bounce up and down on its way to the hole. Luckily, it was only the back nine and after we made the turn I got the ball rolling (literally) with a big eagle putt the first 'real' roll I made with it from about 30'. I'll have to say that had us off to a great start with the testing. It was a pretty solid putting day for me, of course its always easier seeing a roll or two in front of you but initially the ball is soft off the putter face, seems to roll true, and gives instant feedback if you miss hit the putt, watching the flashing colors of the ball instead of the nice end over end line you would get when struck pure. For the second round, I played a practice round at my home course in Crossville. I was riding solo so I decided to play a "worst ball" scramble where I hit two shots and played the worst of the two. I did make a couple caveats as I didn't want to spend all day in the tee box or putting green having to hole twice or hit two balls in play every tee shot. Off the tee if one ball was OB or in a hazard I just selected the other ball to play, but if both were in bounds I had to play the worst of the two. On the greens, or around the greens once a shot was holed that was my score, that just prevented me from missing a bunch of 2' putts and also made that second putt/chip really count instead of being less important if I missed the first shot. This also gave me the opportunity to hit a gamer and directly compare to the TM Tour Response. My usual gamers are the Bridgestone TourBX and Titleist ProV1. Here were some observations I made and notes from the round. Putting with the Stripe again seemed to give better feedback and helped with alignment, instead of the single small sharpie line. Putting twice from the same location gave immediate feedback on if the Stripe ball was firmer than what I usually play. I noticed little to no difference in distance control, it felt easy to adjust to the TM Stripe and the alignment aid helped my putts start off straighter. Chipping around the greens felt similar to my gamers. I did have one or two shots where the Stripe ball didn't seem to have as much spin as a TourBX or ProV1 but 90% of the time they would be side by side on chip shots. Approach shots again were similar distance when struck properly. I didn't gain or lose yards swapping to the Stripe ball and when I did land on the green with both they had similar roll out distances. That tells me the spin rates are very similar, hitting two shots from the same lie onto the same putting surface. Off the Tee I noticed little difference in carry and total distance. On two separate holes I hit what I would consider bombs with both my Gamer and the Stripe. One hole the Stripe was 10 yards longer than the gamer and the on the other hole the gamer edged out the Stripe by 5 yards. Making it a push as to if it made any difference. Just a side note... and this is a super minor deal but when I played this round it was rather wet and several shots plugged into the fringe or fairway. The green/yellow stripe was nearly the same color as the grass which made finding those little white areas rather difficult. The third round was again in a charity golf tournament for a local Christian school. My previous round led me to believe that little to no difference with the driver meant I'd mostly use the Stripe ball to putt, chip and hit approach shots with. Again I really like putting with the ball, approach shots into greens seemed to be the correct distance and spin the proper amount when hitting the green. There was one or two half to 3/4 wedge shots that didn't spin exactly how I thought they should and rolled out several feet longer than I anticipated but that does sometimes happen with my gamer balls too, I will certainly keep an eye on it as I work my way through the remainder of the dozen balls. I think I will try next to hit some shots on my Skytrak and see if there is any difference in spin rates from ball to ball. It might be dicey as I do know the Skytrak does sometimes get finicky with balls with a lot of graphics. I guess we'll soon find out.
  3. Center-Truss-Specific Pros: 1. The center-positioned truss frames the ball at address, creating confidence that the ball is well-positioned for a center strike 2. Extremely stable in back-stroke through impact General Pros: 1. Look of a blade at address, weight and feel of a mallet 2. One of the few center-shafted putter options for lefties 3. Pure Roll insert feels like butter Potential Cons: 1. Unconventional looks (not at address, however) 2. Relatively skinny grip 3. Face-balanced, so ideal for straight back and through strokes Having used the Toulon Las Vegas for the past year, I felt it was time for a change. For the last few months, I have been unable to control the face through impact. I began testing putters, and I decided a center-shafted putter felt the best. Unfortunately, as a lefty, CS putters are few and far between, especially ones available to test. Luckily, I happened upon the Taylormade Truss TB2 at 35” with 10g toe and heel weights. I specifically chose the TB2 model because it was a blade and because the truss is located towards the center of the head. Initially, I assumed this would only benefit stability and smoothness of stroke, but the real benefit I have found is the way the truss frames the ball at address. Here is an example: With respect to the MGS Most Wanted Blade 2020 results, I was surprised that the Truss TB2 performed so poorly at 10ft. My personal experience has been improved accuracy from 5, 10 and 20 feet, and I have decreased my three putts from 7.3 to 4.9 per round since switching to the TB2. Before discounting the Truss TB2 based on how it looks on the shelf, I would highly recommend testing it on a proper putting green. For me, it indeed looks like a blade at address, but it has the added benefit of the truss increasing stability and framing the ball.
  4. Found this absolutely beautiful Taylormade Cb.3 putter in a bag I bought off FB market. Does anyone have any information on what year it came out? I’ve tried googling but to no avail. Thanks in advance
  5. Up for sale is a 2017 M1 3 Wood. Will split 3 wood head, and shaft. Motivated seller. MAKE SOME OFFERS. Thanks for looking 1.) Tour Issue M1 9.5* (9.5/10) Used 3 rounds Loft: 9.9 Face angel: 1.5* open Came from Will Peoples No wrench, will come with sock cover $old 2.) 2017 M1 16.5 3 Wood Ad-Iz 8tx Used half season, slight mark on top line, not bad from address, will show in pics standard length, and tipping Has OEM Head cover, no wrench Shaft is sold $old HEAD- $45 OBO
  6. Just joined the forum after lurking for months. 2 things for sale: 1. Sim2 10.5 degree driver with Ventus Velocre Black 5x (no tipping) $600 shipped to Continental US. Add $10 for shipping to East of Mississippi. Note: Pics don't show, sale includes OEM headcover 2. i210 4-GW Black dot standard L/L/L. Shafted with PX LZ 6.0. $800 shipped to Continental US. Add $10 for shipping to East of Mississippi. I only take PayPal via Goods and Services (no Friends and Family). Feel free to ask questions or for more pictures. **The pictures switched order in the way they were uploaded... not sure how to fix it. Sorry about that
  7. The Ryder Cup rarely needs anything else to generate any excitement. Well except for maybe a Taylormade and MGS Ryder Cup Contest!! And not just any ordinary club, but add a TaylorMade SIM2 Max USA Edition driver to the mix as the Prize, and you have a really special Ryder Cup and contest. That's right one of the hottest drivers of the year, but in the Red White and Blue USA Edition that will be the discussion of your foursome. Here you go, very similar to the Majors Pools we did this year, you'll pick the winning team, and a player from each tier. Players get points for winning or halving in team and singles play. Points are given for choosing the correct winning team also. See Rules for scoring. So choose wisely, as this will be the last shot for Glory in 2021 and a chance to Rep the USA with an driver the rest of the year. Must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Forum and US Residents. Driver comes stock with no customization, to limited availability. Winner will have limited time to reply to request for shipping info before another winner is selected MyGolfSpy CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN A GOLF POOL LIKE NO OTHER 2021 MY GOLF SPY RYDER CUP POOL -- for the -- 2021 RYDER CUP HOW IT WORKS Everyone picks a team of Golfers. Each golfer earns points for winning or halving their match. For team matches, Win=2pts, Tie=1pt. For singles matches, Win=4pts, Tie=2pts. Pick the winning team USA or Europe for 8 points (no points for 14-14 tie). Add all points to form your team score. Most points wins the pool. Tiebreaker: pick the final score. HOW TO JOIN THE POOL Pick your team of golfers here: http://www.easyofficepools.com/join/?p=164687&e=kccl LIVE LEADERBOARD Follow the action live http://www.easyofficepools.com/leaderboard/?p=164687
  8. For Sale, shaft only 2020 Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black 7X with Taylormade adapter for standard length Taylormade 3W. Priced to move! >>>$215/ Shipping is Included<<< Built for a stock Taylormade 3W (SIM) Shaft Length: 42.5" (shaft only) Tipped: 1" from standard Grip: MCC4+ Perfect for those with fast tempo swings and looking to keep spin LOW ! No trades, US shipping only, DM with questions
  9. Howdy- Been playing for about 8 years now, not as good as I’d like to be but have been steadily improving over the last few years. No official handicap, but i’m typically in the high 80s/low 90s. Long time reader/watcher of the youtube/podcasts I figured I would start becoming active on the forums. Enjoy my WITB/BYOB! Starting from longest to smallest! DRIVER - Taylormade M3 9.5 deg. with Fujikura Pro 2.0 7X 3 WOOD - Cobra King F9 with Fujikura Atmos 7X 2 IRON - Titleist TMB 716 with Nippon NS 1050GH S 4 IRON - Miura MC-501 with Nippon NS 1050GS S 5 - PW - Miura MB-101s with Nippon NS 1050GH S WEDGES - 50 deg. Vokey F grind SM6 bent to 52 deg. 8 deg. bounce 54 deg. Vokey F grind SM8 bent to 55 deg. 14 deg. bounce 62 deg. Vokey M grind SM7 bent to 61 deg. 8 deg. bounce PUTTER - Scotty Cameron Select Laguna GRIPS - No1 50 in white
  10. TAYLORMADE GOLF COMPANY INTRODUCES ALL-NEW P·790 IRONS, BUILDING ON THE ACCLAIMED FRANCHISE OF PLAYER’S DISTANCE IRONS Combining the Newly Engineered SpeedFoam™ Air with an Intelligent Sweet Spot to Help Golfers Obtain New Levels of Power and Performance CARLSBAD, Calif. (August 10, 2021) – Following the resounding global success of one of the best-selling iron franchises in company history, TaylorMade Golf, an industry leader in product innovation, technology and performance, today announces the third generation of the P·790 irons. A pioneer in the player's distance iron category, P·790 are built on a foundation of performance and elegance. Delivering power, distance and feel in a package that appeals to a wide range of players. To tackle the task of improving one of the most successful irons in recent history, engineers began by redeveloping the technology that sits at the center of it all. The all-new SpeedFoam Air, an ultralight urethane foam inside the forged hollow body construction, is 69% less dense than the prior generation. In a world where minor adjustments can lead to major results, the switch to SpeedFoam Air accounts for significant weight savings – an average of 3.5g in respective irons. The change allows for a substantial redistribution of mass to lower CG placement and improved launch properties. Furthermore, it unlocked access to the thinnest face in P·790 history and allowed for the creation of an intelligent sweet spot. P·790 iron heads are crafted from an 8620 carbon steel that maintains strength and durability while allowing for a new thin-walled design – adding to the overall weight-saving benefits of SpeedFoam Air. This reengineered Forged Hollow Body Construction pairs with a responsive 1.5mm forged 4140 steel L-Face to promote supreme flexibility, fast ball speeds and distance while upholding a premium forged feel. The company's iron development team charted data from thousands upon thousands of golf shots and determined the most common impact points on the iron face. Utilizing this data, engineers strategically shaped and positioned the sweet spot to capture more of those shots. Results include measurable upticks in ball speed and distance compared to the prior generation. Overall, the sweet spot has been better aligned with center face to naturally provide performance where golfers need it the most. The 2021 P·790 contains much of the DNA that has made this a dynamic iron franchise for more than five years. Heavy tungsten weighting, up to 31g in an individual iron head, is strategically positioned to deliver both stability and forgiveness. The patented Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ continues to provide increased face flexibility while preserving ball speed and distance on low face strikes. Clean and classic aesthetics complete the look of this artfully designed iron. Symmetrical lines and traditional shaping create a look that's cohesive with the full P·700 Series – making P·790 the ideal pairing for combo sets with P·770, P·7MC and even P·7MB in some cases. P·790 UDI Complementing the P·790 irons is the P·790 UDI, a forged driving iron designed with Tour-inspired shaping and incorporating proven TaylorMade technologies such as the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and Forged Hollow Body Construction with a new thin-walled design. Like the other irons in the set, the P·790 UDI is powered by the all-new SpeedFoam™ Air and is constructed of a soft, 8620 carbon steel body combined with a high strength forged 4140 carbon steel face. It features the same intelligent sweet spot that positions performance precisely where golfers need it the most. The head design promotes low spin shots with a piercing trajectory and is built for golfers who want control without sacrificing distance. SPECIFICATIONS, PRICING & AVAILABILITY Available now for pre-order on www.TaylorMadeGolf.com and at retail on Friday, September 3, the new P·790 irons ($1,399 steel/$1,599 graphite) will be offered in 3-PW/AW and come equipped with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts or Mitsubishi Chemical MMT graphite shafts with Golf Pride Z-Grips. Available in RH and LH. P·790 UDI is available as a 2-iron (17°) and comes equipped with the Project X HZRDS Black Smoke shaft and Golf Pride Z-Grip at a retail price of $249 USD.
  11. Sharing my WITB without a little background feels a little self indulgent, but what is golf if we don’t spoil ourselves a little? Since I’ve been playing golf (started in ‘93), I’ve always played knock-offs, with a Taylormade driver being my only spurge. I learned to play well, and down to a single digit handicap with the help of golf magazines, eventually the Golf Channel, and lots of range time. Somewhere along the line life interrupted, my priorities shifted, a few playing partners moved on to other things, and I let the clubs sit. Fast forward about 10 years to my son seeing the clubs in the storage room in 2019 and asking why I don’t play. My reply was that I didn’t know. I should play. I’d like to play. In that moment, I pulled the bag of dusty, under-loved clubs from the depths of the storage room and headed to the backyard. I grabbed a well-loved wedge and started chipping balls to a familiar target from years past. I then explained to my son some basic techniques and let him hack away at my neatly manicured lawn. It didn’t take him long to start asking questions about the rest of the clubs. The spark was ignited, both in him and me. This would quickly lead to the driving range to see if my aging and *ahem* slightly heavier and less flexible body still had some memory of the game I left behind. It was also a chance to see if my 12 year old had interest in taking golf a little more serious. Instant playing partner for life, I thought. And wouldn’t you know it, like a moth to a flame, we were both drawn in— him for the first time and me all over again. At this point, I was perfectly content with the clubs in my bag until I pulled out my tried and true Dunlop putter. A putter with a lot of great memories. I loved that putter, so it saddened me when I noticed the shaft had signs of rust. I knew with a little elbow grease I could bring it back to its glory, but then again, it gave me an opportunity to visit the candy store to see what was new in the world of golf. After all, I’ve always wanted a PING Anser and their was a little more change in my pocket these days. The trip to the Golf Galaxy resulted in that new PING Anser… and a full set of Taylormade M4 irons, 3-wood , Driver and of course a bag. It wouldn’t be fair for my son not to have his own set of clubs, so it just made sense for me to upgrade and hand him down my old clubs while he learned. As luck would have it, the pandemic afforded us plenty of time to practice, followed by weekends together on the course. It truly was the brightest light through 2020. And we got better. It was clear my son was learning the game quickly and improving consistently. Those old clubs just weren’t going to cut it any longer. Having spent a significant amount of time online reading, on YouTube watching, and in stores drooling, I felt the P790’s calling. The dream had always been to play blades, but it was never affordable or practical to consider. I just wasn’t that good at golf, but the Taylormade marketing machine change my opinion and made me think I could get the blade, but with forgiveness. I was golfing well, and saw my single digit handicap in sight, it was down the fairway some distance, but I could see it. I owed it to myself to visit the simulator, and didn’t I owe it to my son to give him a better set of clubs, my now loved M4’s? I was given a 7-iron and loved the look at address, how it felt when hit solid, and even the results on mishits. What I couldn’t reconcile was that I seemed to struggle to hit my yardage consistently. I also felt the club head was weighted, or heavier, than I prefer. The P790’s felt ok, but I really wasn’t convinced. I wasn’t in love. It’s then the associate asked if I had considered Mizuno. I had not. I know Mizuno’s reputation, but I’m just not good enough to play them. Without saying anything, he put an MP-20 HMB in my hands. I chuckled to myself, but gripped the club anyway, felt the weight, checked the view at address, gave it a few waggles. So far so good, but still thought there was just no way I could play Mizuno. He knew something about these clubs I didn’t in that they were hollow-forged clubs and forgiving. Their appearance was deceiving, and he knew their secret. I setup, gave it a smooth swing, made solid contact… and asked myself what it was that just happened. How did I just hit a forged blade so well? Did I really hit the sweet spot? I looked at the gentleman helping me, who still said nothing, but stood there with a sly grin on his face. He knew that sound, that feeling, that reaction. He finally broke his silence and suggested I hit a few more. Swing after swing, I couldn’t believe the feeling, and the consistency from all various strikes was remarkable. I wanted to know more, so he started explaining the HMB to me and answering all my questions. We’d talk, I’d hit, and we’d talk some more, and on it went like that for about 30 minutes. I came in thinking P790’s were my club, but left with a set of irons I only dreamed of ever playing. They’re in my bag and I can’t believe how accessible and friendly these are to my swing. Nothing feels like a Mizuno wasn’t just marketing any more. And while they’re not true solid forged blades, they have all the features of blades I love, while still being forgiving to a hack like me. Sometimes you have to treat yourself, and nothing feels like a Mizuno.
  12. Srixon ZX5 irons- Love the look and feel. Replaced my Callaway XForged irons. Vokey SM7 wedges-50*, 54*, 58* played vokey wedges forever. Driver- New Callaway Epic Speed. Replaced my Sim. Love it. 3Wood- Taylormade M1. Old faithful. I’ve tried newer ones but just love this one. hybrid- Sub 70 949 pro. So pure and easy to hit. Great in the rough too. putter- Sub70 AL6 arm lock. I am always switching putters but I am liking this one so far… ask me next week.
  13. I am in the market for new sticks. I have trackman tested SIM Max, Epic, and Ping 425 drivers. THOUGHT I would like SIM....hated it. LOVED the 425. Looking to switch putter before my irons. UNLESS I can get the Titleist T-200s to test!! Now to Dr-9.5 Taylormade Burner S flex 3wood Taylormade Burner 5wood Taylormade Burner 3-4Hybrid Adams a2 5i-PW Adams a2 52, 56, 60 Cleveland RTX Zipcore Putter Taylormade Rossa Blade 34in Balls Testing now. Currently in Taylormade TP5 Orange PIX
  14. SOLD VENTUS Velocore Black 7X Driver shaft ( shaft only ) for Taylormade Driver (adapter/sleeve 2017-current) Price: $250 (shipping included) Specs/info: Length - 45.75" (playing length)/ 44.75" shaft tip to butt Weight/flex - 7X Tipping - 1" (customary when ordered directly through Taylormade) Grip - Golf Pride MCC plus 4 The shaft was purchased last season directly from a Taylormade fitter. It is tipped 1" (attached is also a picture of the measured tip section) Purchased new last season (for SIM) No trades US shipping only FedEx/Priority Shipping PM for additional details or email directly pft.doorcounty@gmail.com
  15. LUCAS HERBERT CLAIMS WINS DUBAI DUTY FREE IRISH OPEN PLAYING SIM2 DRIVER AND TP5 GOLF BALL Team TaylorMade’s Lucas Herbert claims wire-to-wire victory to claim his second European Tour title CARLSBAD, Calif. (July 5, 2021) – Playing TaylorMade's SIM2 driver and TP5 golf ball, Lucas Herbert returned to the winner’s circle with a three shot victory at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open. © Getty Images Herbert recorded his first European Tour victory at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic last year. Today, with rounds of 64-67-70-68, saw Lucas claim his second win with a full bag of TaylorMade clubs and ball. NEED TO KNOW Uniquely, Lucas does not game a 5 iron under the premise that he can hit all the shots and distances he needs without it. Meaning he can make better use of an extra wedge for the bottom of the bag and can play a 5 wood or 2 iron at the top to fill the gap between the longest iron and first wood Lucas switched from TP5x into TP5 before his win in Dubai 2020 to manage his spin control and transitioned into the new 2021 TP5 earlier this year Herbert has the exact same lie angle (58 degrees) in every club which is extremely unique Herbert led the field in both scoring average and total strokes gained this week Moves to a career best #55 in the OWGR The victory also gives Herbert a place in the 2021 Open Championship in two weeks © Getty Images LUCAS HERBERT WITB SIM2 8.0° driver SIM 15.0° fairway P790 UDI P7TW 3-PW (no 5 iron) MG2 50° SB, 56° TW and 60° LB Spider X Chalk TP5 2021
  16. My bag is somewhat of an amalgamation of clubs I have collected over time. I will get fitted for a new set of irons in a month or so, but until then I'll be running with these: Driver: Callaway Big Bertha (2014) Woods (3 & 5): TaylorMade V Steel Irons: Callaway X-20 4-SW (missing 9 iron) Misc Wedges: Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 (56); Titlest Vokey 250.08 (50) Putter: Odyssey White Hot #4 (still love this putter) Bag: Nike Miami Hurricanes (proud alum)
  17. Team TaylorMade's Rory McIlroy shoots a final round 68 to claim his 19th PGA TOUR title at Quail Hollow CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 9, 2021) – Playing TaylorMade's SIM2 driver and TP5X golf ball, Rory McIlroy jumps back into the winner's circle with a win at one of his favorite tracks on the PGA TOUR, Quail Hollow. © Getty Images Rory McIlroy recorded his first PGA TOUR win eleven years ago at the Wells Fargo Championship in 2010 following a final round 62 around Quail Hollow. Today, with a 68 final round, Rory collects his third win in Charlotte, NC at the Wells Fargo Championship, with a full bag of TaylorMade clubs and ball. NEED TO KNOW Rory switched to the 2021 TP5X earlier this year Rory recently added the new Spider X Hydro Blast putter to his bag This is the first time Rory has won a PGA TOUR event three times Finished in the Top 3 Strokes Gained for Driving Distance, Greens in Regulation, Scrambling and Putting Moves to #7 in the OWGR Rory celebrated his birthday during the Wells Fargo Championship week, turning 32 on 5th May © Getty Images RORY MCILROY WITB SIM2 9.0° driver SIM 15.0° fairway SIM 19.0° fairway P730 Rors Proto 3-9 MG 48° MG2 TW 56° and 60° Spider X Hydro Blast TP5X 2021 #22 © Getty Images
  18. Anyone subscribe to this? Wondering if that could help my dispersion. Thinking left dash or others, although everything else seems very soft for my swing. Suggestions?
  19. TAYLORMADE GOLF COMPANY ANNOUNCES DUSTIN JOHNSON SPIDER LIMITED COMMEMORATIVE EDITION AHEAD OF THE SEASON’S FIRST MAJOR THIS LIMITED-RUN OFFERING CELEBRATES THE MOST RECENT MAJOR VICTORY FOR REIGNING WORLD NO. 1, DUSTIN JOHNSON CARLSBAD, Calif. (March 31, 2021) – As the golfing world returns to Augusta just six months after Dustin Johnson’s record-breaking performance, TaylorMade Golf Company honors his major championship victory by announcing the Dustin Johnson Spider Limited Commemorative Edition putter. This truly unique design is built to mirror the specs of DJ’s winning Spider. A seamless solid black crown is absent of any sightline, allowing him to aim with the topline while also promoting reliance on feel at address and during the putting stroke. In addition, it features a short slant hosel, a Counter Core SuperStroke GT 1.0 grip and two 9g weights placed in the heel and toe. Subtle green accents have been added on the sole and back badge as a nod to the iconic venue, while a specialty box completes a springtime vibe. It’s outfitted with the 2020 Season’s Tradition putter cover he used the week of his victory. Growing up in South Carolina, winning in Augusta was my dream. When that dream finally came true last fall, I was speechless. The win was special for many reasons, as is the putter that helped me get the job done. The putter has been in DJ’s bag for 13 of his 24 PGA Tour wins, including his second major championship and the two victories leading up to it. During the week of his major triumph, he rewrote record books with the lowest 72-hole score in tournament history at 20-under-par. He dominated off the tee, hitting 77% of fairways while averaging 307 yards. In turn, he dominated from the fairways, hitting 60 greens in regulation for a total of 83% and led the field in proximity to the hole (30’8”). With only four dropped shots on the week, he set another record for the fewest bogeys made by a tournament champion. While his ball striking was superb, his work with the putter cemented his wire-to-wire victory. On the 12 greens he missed, DJ one-putted to save par nine times. In the final round, he closed the door on the field with birdies at holes 13, 14 and 15 – making putts of 13, 7 and 6 feet, respectively. Here are marquee moments and stats from DJ’s 2020 major victory: Strokes Gained Putting (6-9ft): +.902 (1st) Total Strokes Gained Putting: +1.38 (6th) Led the field in GIR (82%) Led in Proximity to the Hole (30’8”) No. 1 in Strokes Gained Approach (8.78) No. 2 in Strokes Gained Off the Tee (4.92) Sets a new tournament scoring record of 20-under-par Fewest bogeys (4) across 72 holes 2nd major championship PGA Tour career victory 24 SPECIFICATIONS, PRICING & AVAILABILITY The Dustin Johnson Spider Limited Commemorative Edition will be available for preorder on March 31, 2021, and for purchase on April 9, 2021, at www.TaylorMadeGolf.com and select retailers at an MSRP of $499.99 USD. A limited number are available for sale. It is only available in 35” length with a black chromed stepped steel shaft, gray Surlyn Pure Roll™ insert and Special Edition Super Stroke Counter Core Pistol GT 1.0 Green/White grip. RH only
  20. Well, ain't this interesting. What do you say, GolfSpies? Reported by the New York Times: Exclusive: TaylorMade is for sale KPS Capital Partners has hired Morgan Stanley to run a sale of TaylorMade, the golf equipment brand, DealBook has learned. A deal could value the company at more than $2 billion; KPS bought it for $425 million from Adidas four years ago. Spokespeople for Morgan Stanley and KPS declined to comment, while TaylorMade was unavailable for comment. Tiger beat. Adidas sold the brand to KPS in 2017, as golf was falling out of favor and the German sportswear group sought to refocus on shoes and clothes. (It’s since tapped JPMorgan Chase to weigh a sale of its Reebok brand.) By the time KPS bought TaylorMade, the brand had struck a deal with Tiger Woods, who needed a club sponsor after Nike quit the business. When Mr. Woods signed the deal, he was struggling to make a comeback, but two years later he won the Masters. While TaylorMade has also inked deals with Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy and others, its deal with Mr. Woods is a “key component to the strength and growth” of the brand, its C.E.O., David Abeles, said last year. Pandemic boom. Social distancing has been a boon for golf. Sales of golf equipment hit $1 billion in the third quarter of last year, up 18 percent from the year before. The last time the industry topped those levels was in 2008, the last year Mr. Woods won a major before his career was sidelined by injuries and scandal.
  21. Not aware of there being a list of persons or companies in the UK that provide a customisation service on either clubs or Headcovers but here goes for starters ... CLUBS / PUTTERS Chris Finch Golf Irons UK _golf_id_ : Tom Boucher (Instagram) HEADCOVERS Glam Golf Hell For Leather Golf VARIOUS Custom Putters / Milling specialists ID Golf (personalised grips)
  22. I got a some bag upgrades so I figured I would update you guys. I was playing two hybrids (3 and 4) but found that they were going a similar distance (not sure why), so I decided to dump the 3H and stick with the 4H as I am more comfortable with it. I also upgraded my irons and 3 wood, I am currently gaming the M6 Irons (4-PW) and the Ben Hogan GS53 (total technological upgrade, may or may not stick in the bag). I also replaced my GW with a Sub70 48*, will probably replace my 56* with another club from Sub70 once they come out with their new Satin wedges. The last upgrade would be the putter, decided to go with the Wilson Staff Michigan Ave which I am enjoying thus far. Here are some pics:
  23. MORIKAWA COLLECTS HIS FIRST WORLD GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYING TAYLORMADE'S NEW TP5 BALL TaylorMade's Collin Morikawa now has 4 PGA TOUR victories including a major and a WGC before the age of 25 CARLSBAD, Calif. (February 28, 2021) – Team TaylorMade's Collin Morikawa captures the WGC-Workday Championship at The Concession, FL and moves inside the Top 5 in the OWGR. © Getty Images Collin recently switched to TaylorMade's new 2021 TP5 ball and the company's new Spider FCG putter at the first event of the year - Sentry TOC in Maui, HI. He is also playing the company's new SIM2 fairway wood. With rounds of 70-64-67-69 to win by three shots, Collin heads into the PLAYERS and majors season in good form looking to capitalize on his first major last year at the PGA Championship. © Getty Images NEED TO KNOW 4th PGA TOUR win Made 23 birdies through the opening three rounds and fell one short of the 54-hole tournament record set by none other than Tiger No. 1 in SG Approach (+9.97) and SG Tee-to-Green (+12.30). Since turning professional: 4 wins, 13 Top 10s, 21 Top 25s from 39 events Moves to no.4 in OWGR © Getty Images COLLIN MORIKAWA WITB: SIM 8.0° driver SIM 14.0° fairway SIM2 19.0° fairway P7MC 4-6 irons P730 7-PW irons MG2 60° wedge Spider FCG putter TP5 2021
  24. My friend, military veteran, cracked the head of his Taylormade R15 460 10.5° head driver. He asked if I could find him another head, so I am hoping someone has a head they can part with for a reasonable price? I'm in Southern California. He is only asking for the head because he has the original shaft. I'm hoping the MGS community will come to the rescue.
  25. I bought this during lockdown, I am right-handed, I was experimenting with my dominant eye looking at the target. So I got very good putting left-handed but it is way too much work, I am definitely better right-handed. 34 inch, putter is face balanced, it puts on a really nice roll, pure roll. You can be like Dustin Johnson only left-handed. So now I need to sell the left-handed spider X. Hopefully to a lefty. I probably hit 100 putts on the living room carpet it has never been outdoors. It is essentially brand-new, so I paid the full $349. But I know this is probably nearly impossible to sell so let us start off somewhere around $225. Thanks for looking Cheers make me an offer.
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