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Found 8 results

  1. Selling entire package. $22,500. Details below. Please send a message for further details. Trackman 4 Indoor model with up to date software (simulator software included) and hardware subscription. Excellent condition, used only indoors Computer Alienware Aurora R7. Trackman computer cabinet included Computer Monitor ViewSonic TD2740 touchscreen LCD Monitor (with built-in camera) Projector EPSON ProG75OOU WUXGA (ceiling mount included)
  2. Hi, We have a TrackMan flex cage (three to four years old and used only in winter months) that we no longer need. We are installing a professional studio and will use the TrackMan 4, projector, cpu, etc. but no longer need the flex cage. Looking to sell it and will take best offer - pickup only (Northern Delaware). TrackMan sells them new for $14k. We would are willing to sell for $5k (screen replacement needed). Note: The unit is disassembled and is being stored for summer. After winter use, the screen developed a hole and will require a replacement - not provided. All other pieces of cage, including turf are in good shape. Thanks, Anthony
  3. Hello everyone im a Scottish PGA Teaching professional working in Germany close to Frankfurt, and ive now changed Jobs as a Sports director, and as a result have n real Need for my Trackman ll if your interested have a look on the link on eBay and some of the info is below https://www.ebay.de/itm/293873354130 If your Looking to buy this outside of Germany you would have to pay extra shipping and insurance just get in touch with me through thr Forum or email: TM2forsale@hotmail.com Anyway all the best to everyone and a Happy Xmas when it Comes! TrackMan 2 ll TPS Radar Golf Technologie with 6.3 Software. For indoor and outdoor Use A portable golf launch monitor or swing analyzer is a important part of the golf instruction today. The TrackMan 2 ll is in Perfect condition, measures 21 different data parameters (swing direction,ball speed,Smash factor, carry distance ,dynamic loft,face angle, etc. Used by many Tour Professionals and Good Golf Coaches . All parts working as new comes with power supply and USB 2.0 cable and Suitcase/indoor silver stickers Laptop/Computer is not included! Trackman signs about 1 meter long can be added if wished Trackman 2 only works with USB 2.0 controllers,and not with USB 3.0 please be aware! Ive been working for over 20 years as PGA Golf Coach & now i have a new role in my club as Sportdirektor . You can buy with confidence . Please if you have any questions in English or German I will be happy to help!
  4. Hey Spies, Just finished the No Putts Given episode on personal launch monitors and I think that the Trackmans and the Flightscope companies should make a personal launch monitor that gives data similar to Shot Tracer. Akin to catering to the people who don't care how the sausage is made, this monitor won't spit out Ball speed, Spin Rates, AoA, etc. but maybe focus on the information about the ball flight: Yardage Yards Offline Left or Right from the "Target Line" (in relation to the position of the monitor which is assumed to be some 10 feet behind the ball) Peak Height? Maybe also have a camera so that it makes a shot tracer video? The selling point would be to give golfers an idea to where their ball ended up (helping pace of play), shot tracer video they can share, and just enough data for those using it as a DIY fitting tool. Obviously getting professionally fitted with a GC Quad or Trackman would give you more data, but that's when you buy the flagship product (therefore, even if these companies were to develop this product it wouldn't undercut their top of the line product). What do you all think? Is this something worth developing? Would you buy it? Does it fit in the market and satisfy the requirement of not threatening sales of the fully spec'd launch monitors?
  5. Have a trackman 4 dual radar indoor/outdoor that was purchased in early 2017. Used it indoors only for 3 years, and now have kids taking over the golf space, so no room to use it. Up to date on software license and no issues with it. Can send more info as needed for serious inquiries. Will work out shipping to interested parties. Asking $20,000 USD obo.
  6. I got the results of my distance analysis back today. It's so cool being able to look at all your shots and see what you actually dig and why things are doing what they do. I have much better understanding of my distances, why certain clubs perform and it gave me some insights into what I need to work on in my swing as well. For one thing, i learned that I don't swing the club quite as fast as I thought but I hit the ball with a lot of force anyway. Also, I have to say, the Haggin Oaks performance center is amazing! If I ever have the money to buy the set of my dreams, I'm getting fit there. They had a shelf of dozens of different heads and dozens of shafts with a special quick change hosel adapter so you could demo any club you could think of with any shaft combination. Didn't have time for that today but it looks awesome! So, my driver was pretty much right where I thought it was, carry 267 total 287. My swing speed averaged 103.3 which was lower than I thought, always figured I was up around 110mph! I'm able to measure my drive pretty consistently. So the distance wasn't a shock. The rest of my bag is fairly new to me and I was surprised at some of the results. 3 wood, 246 carry, 269 total. This was off the mat and definitely farther than I thought I was hitting it. One thing that stood out was how much farther my 5 iron went compared to my 5 hybrid. I hit the 5i 218/236 and the 5h 210/219. The difference is, I hit the hybrid a lot higher and with 1700rpm more spin. Typically, I hit my hybrid on long par 3s because I know it goes higher and has less roll out so this makes sense. My other real surprise was the amount of spin I put on my PW, 11298 on average (my high was over 12500)! I also learned that I need to do a much better job of hitting inside out. Almost all of my swings had a serious, negative attack angle. the higher the loft, the worse it seems to be. Anyway, I had a blast and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about improving their game go in for a session!
  7. For a place like Seattle where it rains a lot, this might be nice. Too far away for me though. Ultimate Indoor Golf (UIG) is placing golf simulator facilities in LA Fitness clubs around the country. The new facility in Bellevue, Wash. is their second collaboration. At UIG, you can play or practice in a comfortable, climate-controlled, indoor setting. Play iconic courses such as Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines or Kapalua; day or night, rain or shine. Play 18 holes in an hour or less, at a fraction of the cost of a round outdoors. Three high definition golf simulators provide an exciting golf and entertainment option. It's ideal for golfers honing their skills or just getting in some golf when pressed for time. "For someone like me who doesn't have four to five hours to play regularly, this is perfect," says Bob Hochstadter of Mission Viejo, Calif. "I can play 18 holes against a buddy in an hour and a half. Just a super way to practice if you can't go out to play 18." It's also the perfect place for parents to introduce kids to golf. LA Fitness membership is not required. At UIG, improve your game, regardless of age or ability using TrackMan, the Gold Standard of golf simulators. TrackMan is used by more than 350 tour pros including Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Rory McElroy. Whether you play 18 holes or practice on the range, TrackMan tracks all your statistics including launch angle, ball speed, club head speed and much more. UIG then saves them in your virtual locker. "I think of the HD Golf facility as my Golf R&D Lab," says Ken Gryske of Irvine, Calif. "It's where I try new things with my swing and hone my game. It has taken my game to a new level." Operations manager Doug Kauffman, PGA, has worked as Director of Golf at The Members Club at Aldarra and Head Pro at Bear Creek Country Club. He discloses, "Seattle has a large population of passionate golfers. This is perfect for them. No frost delays, no pace of play issues." SPECIAL OFFER: Ultimate Indoor Golf is offering a first round (one-hour session) to WSGA members at half price ($19). UIG is so sure you'll love it, if not completely satisfied, your round is FREE. Visit www.ultimateindoorgolf.com or call 425.455.3335 for details or to register. STOP IN FOR THE GRAND OPENING EVENT: Free demos. Drawings and contests for exciting prizes. Food & drink provided. Saturday & Sunday April 1-2, 2017 (8am-8pm)
  8. Very interesting article by TrackMan on the differences between hitting off a mat and hitting of grass. I always knew hitting off mats can give you some crazy distances (yesterday FlightScope was telling me I was hitting my 7i 220), but I didn't realize the dispersion would be that far off. Give it a read.
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