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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone tried the Swing Align training aid yet? https://swingtrainer.com/ Alistair Davies was endorsing it on his Facebook page today. It looks promising, so I was if spies have had success with it.
  2. OFFICIAL DST COMPRESSOR REVIEW Could this be the best training aid ever? Follow along with our members reviews to get the answer. 03trdblack Stage One Stage Two Stage Three MGoBlue100 Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Golfer Ken Stage One Stage Two Stage Three THEDOUGIEDOUG Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Let us know what you think! Visit DST Golfs website HERE Like DST Golf on Facebook HERE Follow DST Golf on Twitter HERE
  3. I bought a Swingbyte a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the data it provided (club path, club face, loft, lie, etc). They also had great customer service! The company seems like they fell off the map and haven't updated the software or website in well over a year. I also did a search for other swing analyzers and this area has seemed to dry up. I had hope these devices would translate into a golf simulator. Anyone see any updates in the market or any new swing analyzers?
  4. Recently picked up the PuttOut training aid for a little indoor winter practice and wanted to share my thoughts. Awesome aid to keep around the house and for travel. I travel for work and found that I can take this along and it passes the time. This device has 2 options for putting. 1 you can go for a perfect putt. It requires you to have the right speed and line to make the ball stop perfectly in the hole. Great way to consistently get the feel and speed of a putt and have a great visual cue that you are succeeding. Then you can use it like a normal ball return putting aid. Device simulates regulation size cup and gives you a visual when a putt lips out of the hole. For the $25 bucks I have found that it is money well spent. Can't wait to get out on the course and see some results.
  5. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share an iPhone app I've been working on in my free time while holding down a tech job. For the longest time, I have been looking for something to help me take my game from the practice tee over to the golf course and when I realized most training aids were designed to be used on the range, I decided to build it something I could keep in my pocket in practice rounds. That's how concept for the GolfBeats app started. The app has vibrating cues to help golfers know when to start the next sequence. To use the app, I just open it before I tee off and make a few swings to make sure my swing is in rhythm, then head over to the first tee. If it's a practice round, then I'll keep the app running in my pocket and test out my swing under pressure. Sometimes I notice that my swing gets ahead of the vibrating cues because of the adrenaline/nervousness and the app helps me to be aware of this. Hoping for some feedback on the product and curious to know what you all think about it! Link to the GolfBeats app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/golfbeats/id1190230444?mt=8 (also included a driver swing I made today with GolfBeats) driver 01.12.mov
  6. SPEED REVIEW TIBA PUTT - Impact Zone Training Aid Written by:Dan Mann THIS PUTTER GADGET WILL MAKE YOU A STAR When I was offered a chance to test the TIBA Putt I scoffed. You see, I am Canada’s Self-Proclaimed Best Putter and I laugh at your training doodads. However, my wife, the beautiful and very talented Mrs. MBP, thinks she’s this great putter. She's not, but I dare not state this aloud at risk of rocking the perfect marriage. She takes way too long of a wavering backswing and decelerates hard far too often. So when the TIBA putt arrived I cunningly convinced her to try it, stating “You need this, you’re not that good.” I cooked dinner and washed the dishes that night, but I’m still the better putter in the house. PREPOSTEROUS WHAT?! It’s a cardboard box, with two orange pieces of plastic and four short tees. Not even three-inch tees that I can use after I stuff this thing in the back of a drawer only to be forgotten. I will admit the instructions are well laid out and setup is a breeze. I’m telling you people are looking at us funny on the putting green with our fancy orange thingies… Sigh… Now I gotta explain what we’re doing. This is TIBA Putt – Impact Zone Training Aid. It’s supposed to: Correct swing path Square face angle Improve distance control Ha?! Laugh at me now will you. PROGRESSIVE Day one, we’re 6 feet out with 2 sleeves of balls and spent an hour on the putting green. At the start, the Mrs. was hard pressed to make 50% of her putts, that’s 3 out of 6 for those counting. But I’ll tell ya, by the end of that hour she was ramming in 5 outta 6 no problem and this was with substantial gaps on either side. Who would have thought focusing an inch on either side of the ball would have such an "impact"? There’s truly something to be said for the visual and mental guide reinforcement TIBA putt presents. A week later, we went back out and ran the same tests with the orange guides pretty much putter width. There are 2 things that jump out here right away; she has a much shorter controlled backswing and a much more aggressive direct follow through. You can see her focusing on squaring the face and maintaining a smooth stroke. I’m keeping my mouth shut ‘because I’m still the better putter, but I won’t say it hasn’t helped me too. Here's a fancy image because the boss is all about #DATACRATIC PROFOUND I sprained my knee a month ago (everyone stop what they’re doing and feel very, very sorry for me right now) and I've done nothing but push a cart caddying for Mrs. MBP. This means I've had a lot of time to inspect her putting. Folks, listen very, very carefully: TIBA Putt really, really works. Kyle Henderson and Don Everhart TIBA Putt creators are onto something special here. I’m not sure who replaced my old crappy putting wife with this new version, but I’m blown away and diggin' it. It’s about the things I see that she doesn’t even realize are happening. On the course her stroke is very solid and direct. You can see how much squarer the putter face maintains through impact and by golly is she ever making a ton more putts inside 15 feet. I’m really blown away by the aggressive confidence she’s gained stepping up to short putts too. Oh and let’s not forget TIBA’s last claim there about distance control. Not only did the Mrs. notice a marked improvement, but I’ll go on record as saying it’s nothing short of phenomenal. THE WRAP PREPOSTEROUS PROGRESSIVE PROFOUND MBP APPROVES Yes I scoffed at the TIBA Putt's claims as sorcery and witchcraft when it first arrived, but I, Canada’s Self-Proclaimed Best Putter, was quickly swayed and am now a believer. Not only is it good for beginners, but its innovative design can easily adapt to and improve even the most established strokes. Trust me when I say you’re going to see this guy practicing with his orange pieces of plastic for the foreseeable future. This is one of those products you may overlook, but if a good friend recommended it, you’d buy. Consider me that good friend. For more info visit TIBA Putt TIBA Putt Seriously I was making like 6 outta 6 all day with the TIBA. Canada’s Self-Proclaimed Best Putter out.
  7. I have been interested in this training aid for some time and the recent blog post made me finally decide to invest in one. (Dan Mann is Canadian as well so that also means something). Have any of you used it? Do you recommend the 8-iron or the Wedge? I am leaning towards the 8-iron, but most of the pics online show people with the wedge. Any major differences besides the obvious? Is there anything to the DST CR-10? The CR-10 is just a straight shaft with 10 degrees of forward lean caused by the sole. Billed as a 'transitional' club, I guess the idea is that it will help you mentally move from the curved shaft to your clubs. Seems a little unnecessary to me. Finally, does anyone here address the ball with as much forward press as the Compressor causes at impact or do you line up even with the ball and initiate the Compressor posture at impact. If Dan Mann is reading, has it changed your address position?
  8. Fellow golf enthusiasts, 

I am ecstatic to share with you our project. We have an AWESOME new putting training aid that we just introduced at the PGA Show. It's incredibly simple & truly effective. Check it out, get a feel for what we're really all about, and if you like it, share or back us & purchase one for yourself. We have some big ideas and goals. We're working to create aids that genuinely improve the skill set of players, as well as shedding a different light on this game in order to attract new players. And we're doing everything here in the USA.

Thank you for everything that you all do to make this industry great. And thank you for your support. 
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