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  1. What kind of hesitations should I have if considering buying a Driver head with no Serial Number... Seller is listing it as a "prototype" and that's why there is no SA#. Its actual tour issue model ( one I just happened to be fitted for the other day) but this one doesn't have a serial number - does this mean it wasn't approved for tour use or should I be nervous about knock-off?! Also - would it be legal to use in tournaments?! Just happens to be the exact club head I was fitted for and selling for a price I could live with so I would want to take advantage of it's legit! Any thoughts?!
  2. VENTUS Velocore Black 7X Driver shaft ( shaft only ) for Taylormade Driver (adapter/sleeve 2017-current) Price: $250 (shipping included) Specs/info: Length - 45.75" (playing length)/ 44.75" shaft tip to butt Weight/flex - 7X Tipping - 1" (customary when ordered directly through Taylormade) Grip - Golf Pride MCC plus 4 The shaft was purchased last season directly from a Taylormade fitter. It is tipped 1" (attached is also a picture of the measured tip section) Purchased new last season (for SIM) No trades US shipping only FedEx/Priority Shipping PM for additional details or email directly pft.doorcounty@gmail.com
  3. I have been listening to a backlog of podcasts recently and just finished the "Used Clubs" Podcast on No Putts Given. I also recently upgraded my driver and irons and did so with used clubs. I deployed what for me seemed like a logical strategy. I still understand it is all a bit of a lottery ticket (especiialy the irons due to quanity of shafts) but for me this made sense and fit my budget. I ultimately bought newer irons ( ie technology) than I thought I could because of money saved from doing a $200-300 fitting into $600-1500 clubs.(which was out of the question) I am curious what strategies others use to make informed used purchases ? 1. Have a basic understanding of swing speeds/tempo and play a few differnt shaft flexes from differnt brand clubs I already owned or borrowed. ( also be honest with oneself about club head type...those Hogans are pretty though) 2. 3 years or less on the Irons and Driver upgrades. Fairway woods up to 8 yrs. ( I don't have hybrids yet.) 3. I needed to get a good enough deal on the driver that a shaft change wouldn't break the bank. 4. Adjustablity ! ! ! I needed a driver that I could adjust as much as possible since I was purchasing first without a full fitting. Final Assumptions: I planned from the beginning to get fit into my driver at my nearby Dicks (which happens to have a rather good golf dept. in our area) and I planned to let a fitting determine the upper end of my bag ie hybrids, utility, fairway woods. Their prices are reasonable and are free if you buy a similar amount of merch (any merch). My plan is to wait when I am stocking up on balls or apparal and do the fittings at those times. Keeping my current Fairway Woods for another 2-3 yrs and I will need to see compelling tech and shaft combos to make the shift. Boop bop be bop boop and out came: $85 - Wilson Staff Triton Driver w/ Weight and Sole Kit, stock shaft - truly like new condition from Ebay. $350 - Cobra Fmax One Lenght 5i-GW - gently used, steel shafts, appeared to be only mat use, from Ebay. Future Needs / Hopeful Budget: 1-2 Hybrids/Utility Clubs - $85-120 each 1 - One Length SW - $60-85 *** In an effort to be above board and provide all the info I used and am using I did a $30 per 90 min session on a trackman at a nearby GC. Of course I did this after buying my clubs (totally illogicial but I lucked out and swing speeds, dispersion etc. genreally affirmed my shaft choices and head types)
  4. I am looking to find an upgrade in the iron department. as a college student I can't go out and break the bank on shiny new compact irons. I'd like some opinions on cost effective options with in the price range of under 800$. i was considering a set of ben hogan PTX pros. I am looking for something with a compact shape, minimal offset, and a reasonable top line. to keep it short I want to have solid feel but have a tad bit of help. Love to get some good opinons.
  5. So, I've never been fit for clubs in my life. The clubs I have now I bought roughly 7 years ago and I pieced the set together based almost wholly on looks, company reputation, my OCD tendencies (hence the same brand throughout) and if I'm being honest, something less popular. (I can be weirdly contrarian like that). That said, I like my clubs well enough, but I'm not certain if they're truly appropriate for me. So, when I say "fitting" what I really mean is current club evaluation and length/lie & shaft recommendations and adjustments to my current clubs. I'm not opposed to, for instance, picking up a new driver, but it will only be used and a year or two old (think $200 range). From what I can tell, most of the places around me have certain manufacturers they're looking to sell and, while they advertise evaluation of current equipment, almost all of them eventually mention finding "the best equipment for" me, not necessarily tweaking what I've got to "fit" me. GolfTec is nearby, a handful of mom & pop shops, and a few golf course academies. So what do you suggest? I plan to go chat with a couple places this weekend, but any of you in this boat, or have been in the past? Now, with that said, the second part of this question moves into which club I should have fit first. My putter is good to go, no need to have it fit. So, really, it comes down to irons or driver as far as which to fit first. I see the pros and cons of either being first, but wondered if you all have a suggestion. Thanks for your time, Chappy
  6. Get it. Get it. Get it. (while it's still here)
  7. You're not Shooter McGavin, and you could use the extra help on the greens. So, put this putter in play and watch them drop! Here's the stick that makes it happen:
  8. They're here. You won't find a better deal than this. Starting at $99.99!
  9. To cheat, or not to cheat. For that price, who cares!
  10. A ton to choose from. Even a little lefty love.
  11. All we ask is that you give us some love when you have the lowest score every week.
  12. It takes a lot of balls to play the way you do...
  13. On the cheap + lots of extras!
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