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  1. Rather than further hijack KCLeo's thread on the M1, let's start a new one on another new driver, the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5... While possibly rivaling Callaways Big Bertha Double Black Diamond 816 for the most syllables in a new driver release, Wilson's new driver fills a hole for them, a "player's" driver. I gamed the D200 this season and really liked it -- forgiving, easy to hit and plenty long. Received the F5 about 3 weeks ago for the blog's First Look piece (click here) and have played 5 rounds with it and I gotta report that this thing is the real deal! Some stats: - 460 CC head, traditional pear shape, fairly deep face - 9* & 10.5* heads, adjustable in .5 degree increments - 1* down thru 2* up - Real deal Fubuki Z 50 shaft (shaft coloring is altered slightly to match the head) - FastFit hosel is supposedly the lightest on the market, allows them to redistribute weight - Green Means GO adjustability - you can adjust the head without having to remove the head - 3 interchangeable sole weights - Reactive Face Technology - Maximize ball speed no matter where you hit it on the face - Serious baddass looking headcover - nice departure from the sock-puppets they offered for the D200 On the course, for me the thing launches somewhat high, but not as high as the D200. But I have been getting some pretty serious distance - even keeping up with my Hack To Jack partner, who can hit it a mile! Outdriving much younger bombers is better than Viagra! The sound is really unique -- I'm still struggling with the best way to describe it -- it's kind of a "KLOCK" sound -- sorta like the original Alpha. it's not a bad sound at all, but it's definitely distinctive, and not metalliic or "clinky" like many drivers. It's a low/forward CG driver, and a 7 gram sole weight comes factory installed. You also get a 3 gram and an 11 gram weight. Wilson says their testing shows most golfers will achieve maximum club head speed with the 7 gram weight, but some will swing faster with the lighter or the heavier options. On the LM I was swinging a fairly steady 102 with the 7 gram weight...haven't tried the others yet simply because I've been pretty happy with the stock results. I would, however, love to see if a fitting would put me into a different shaft. Again, it's hard to argue with the results thus far, but you never know. I did hit this thing side by side against an R15 on the LM a couple of weeks ago, with both drivers set to 9*. The results were interesting. Comparing best swings to best swings, the F5, while launching a bit higher, provided roughly 27% less spin than the R15 with 7 to 10 more yards worth of carry, plus some roll. Disclosure - I fiddled with the R15 weight settings to try to get the best performance I could out of it, but I have no idea whether it was optimized. Wilson has changed their F-C-D fitting program a little. F is Feel, while D is Distance. C used to stand for "Control," in the future it will stand for "Crossover," which is probably more descriptive. The player's clubs - the FG 100 blades and V4 irons are in the F category, while the D200 SGI irons are in the D category. The D200 driver is a GI driver, but Wilson is putting the F5 in the Feel and Crossover category. A 15 handicap who hits the driver well can play the F5. The matching F5 hybrid and fairway woods should be coming in the next week or so...can't wait to give those things a try. The fairways come in three options (13.5*, 15* and 17*) and all are adjustable 1* down and 2* up in .5* increments. The hybrids also come in 3 options (17*, 20* and 23*), and are have two levels of adjustability. You can go 1* up or down in 1* increments, but you can also adjust the lie angle between either Standard or 2* upright. Questions?
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