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Found 5 results

  1. Item for sale is a set of Callaway Apex Pro '19 Irons in excellent condition. I've included pictures of the irons with the most wear but they are hardly played. 4-PW set, Lofts are stock, Lie angle is 2* upright and length of set is 1/2" longer than standard. 4-9 irons are shafted with KBS C-Taper 130 X-stiff and have almost new Golf Pride New Decade Align grips. PW iron is shafted with a KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff and has a Golf Pride New Decade Plus4 grey grip. Previously asking $745 Shipped OBO... NOW $700 SHIPPED!
  2. I have a couple Aldila Hybrid Shafts 1) Aldila NV Hybrid 85-R. Overall length is 38.5", butt trimmed only. 2) Aldila Gamer Hybrid. 60-R Overall length is 39". also butt trimmed only. Both are in VG condition. I'll sell them for $40/pair, or $30 for the NV and $20 for the Gamer. Prices include shipping, ConUS. PP welcome.
  3. The old NV was such a performer for me. I saw the press release but haven't seen any for sale locally or noticed any online reviews . Wondering if anyone on here has hit the new NV and if so can you share feedback? Specifically how it compares to the older model and what your ball flight was with it? Thanks!
  4. As mentioned in another thread, the Aldila Rogue family of shafts will likely be THE hot shaft of 2015. That's not saying much because it already was the hottest shaft on tour for 2014 in its tour-only 125 msi (million pounds per square inch) versions that fetch prices over $500 per shaft when you can find them in the aftermarket. For 2015 we mere mortals will be able to find slightly "watered-down" 110 and 95 msi shafts at prices that don't break the bank. Savvy shoppers can get Rogue Blacks on ebay for about $100 to $150 and Rogue Silvers clock in between $150 and $175. Prices should drop fast over the winter. After doing a bit of research, I calculated that the Rogue Black was probably a better choice for me as I tend to launch low and I'm not a bomber. The Black is the mid-spin, mid-launch sibling and the Silver is the low launch, low spin offering. So I bought a 60 gram Stiff flex 3.5 torque uncut Black and cut it down to a 46.5 total length for my Optiforce 440. That's a half inch long over spec for the Optiforce, but its a full 1 inch shorter than my current Fujikura Z-com 74 gram, 2.9 low torque, high launch, regular shaft. I decided to shorten the Rogue in an effort to get some more control that I have been lacking of late. Once I got to the range, I was immediately reminded of how NON-STANDARD any of today's graphite shaft measurements really are. What is "stiff" for one manufacturer may be "regular" to another and "x-stiff" to a third. Same goes for the relative categories of "launch" and "spin", if not for torque as well. If you want to find a shaft that fits you, you almost need to go in for an all new fitting with no preconceived notions or you'd better be prepared to do some stumbling around in your testing as you make adjustments to what you thought you were getting in launch height, spin, flex etc. Right away I noticed that the Rogue made my Optiforce feel "heavier", as if the heavy head was swinging at the end of long rope. It had more waggle, it felt looser. This was exactly contrary to the way I thought it should have felt, since I'd taken an inch off the shaft and the shaft itself was ten grams lighter. But there it was. It took a little getting used to. IMO, the Black is definitely a softer flex than its S rating. Either that or my old Fujikura Regular is much firmer than it's R rating, Either could be true, but in no way did the Rogue too firm for my 105-108 swing speed. In fact, it got me itching to try the X next time. I'd also categorize the Black as a MID-HIGH or a HIGH launcher, not just a mid launcher. It definitely launched higher than my Fujikura. I normally play my Optiforce head in the Neutral loft (9,5) or +1 degree, Draw position. But with the Rogue I found that it performed best in the -1 degree & Neutral, or Neutral & Standard position. It really drew when set to Draw and it ballooned in anything over standard. These results also convinced me that maybe the lower launching, lower spinning 110 msi S or X shafts would be an even better fit for me. This one wasn't bad, but I think I'm still leaving something on the table. Anyway, after one range session and one 18 hole outing on my old familar course it's still too early to tell, but I think I see a small improvement in both length and dispersion over my current gamer. I didn't see any huge monsters, however. I just saw a bunch of shots that were about 5 yards beyond my usual spots of late and no shots checked up worringly short. So I'm going to take this shaft out again with eager anticipation and as soon as I can find a cheap Rogue Silver, I'll give that a whirl too and let you know what I think. In the meantime, feel free to chime in with your impressions of any Rogue you try -- especially you guys who get on a monitor with it. I'm not likely to do so, it's just too hard to arrange in my area.
  5. **SOLD**** Getting rid of a Cobra King LTD Pro driver. This is the version that goes from 7-10 degrees. It's in excellent shape. There are no major scratches, just some normal wear on bottom. I tried to show all sides of the head in the photos. The length is standard. It has a white, midsize Tour Wrap grip. Aldila Rogue Black 60 stiff. I don't have the tool or headcover. $175 shipped Paypal only. contact me for more info: surfandturfdan@gmail.com Thanks guys!
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