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Found 3 results

  1. 2015 MyGolfSpy Fall/Winter Look-Book In the vast sea of golf apparel there seems to be two primary seasons in which new designs are released: Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter. Since I started covering golf apparel for MyGolfSpy, I have struggled with how to present the brands and the latest pieces in their respective lines. Inconsistent with the spirit of MyGolfSpy, there is nothing empirical to study when it comes to clothes. There are no statistics to make sense out of nor is there a ranking structure. Readers fine little merit or interest in the traditional ‘review” when learning about the latest threads. There is, however, recurring feedback I hear from our readers. They want to see clothes and more specifically, complete outfits, presented on a human being. Unlike virtually everything else in golf, apparel is more about looks than it is about function. I know, I know, I get the tech fabric, fit, function, waterproofing, etc… But at the end of the day shopping, if it doesn't look good or fit well first and foremost, it's not going in the cart. For the 2015 MyGolfSpy Fall Apparel Preview, I decided to give our readers what they asked for and wanted. Selections from 6 brands presented in complete outfits, on a person. A golf apparel “look-book” if you will. Thankfully, I was able to use the best looking man I've ever met as a model. So here you have it. I talk briefly about the brands, tell you the price, and let you see how the duds look, right out on the dance floor. The size breakdown: Shirt/Outwear Top: Large Pants 34” Height: 5'11” Weight: 185 Chest: 44” Handsome: Yes ALIAL FITAL www.alialfital.com Alial Fital is a boutique golf apparel brand celebrating it's 5th year in business this year. Their specialty is throwing a dress shirt collar on a golf shirt. The concept is simple but the look is brilliant. Alial Fital produces their selections in lots of 100. Once that style is sold out, it's gone forever. Each piece is a limited edition. New for Fall 2015 is their Performance Pants which are incredibly water repellant and confortable. In my opinion, one of the classiest looks in golf today. Prince of Mustang Polo $89 – Super Navy Performance Pants $135 BUNKER MENTALITY www.bunker-mentality.com Bunker Mentality is a brand out of the United Kingdom that took all of the tradition out of golf apparel. Their unique look is always flashy and slim fitting. Just as you would expect from an apparel brand across the pond. Bunker Mentality is a fun addition to an Americanized wardrobe. Hit it Hard Polo $65 - Nino Tech Pant $105 – Playa Crest Jacket $115 CMax Camo Golfadelic Polo $90 - Nino Tech Pant $105 GALVIN GREEN www.galvingreen.com Galvin Green is an undisputed king of golf outerwear. The Swedish apparel brand is about as respected as they come in golf apparel. Their shirts and pants follow the lead and dominate in feel, fit, and function. You know their jackets, now give the other selections in their line a close look. Ventil8 Manning Polo $150 – Bourne Jacket $375 – NED Slacks Ventil8 $165 LIZZIE DRIVER www.lizziedriver.com I rarely see women's golf apparel covered in the online golf community. Lizzie Driver is a female specific line, and offers classic cuts and colors suitable for the country club or the office catering to ladies age 30 and up. Lizzie Driver is a premium line that is really well thought out and designed. Raven Polo $98 – St. Sophia Skort $136 NIKE www.nikegolf.com The behemoth in Oregon is a big box brand that always produces high quality and technical fabrics. Last year, Nike said that they are focusing on the technical side of their apparel and continuing to innovate around the movement of the golf swing. If you pick something up from Nike Golf, chances are you're going to like it. If there is anything you can expect from Nike is that it will be consistently good. Transition Polo $70 – Flat Front Pants $82 – Storm Fit Vapor Half Zip $230 Nike Momentum Polo $85 – Modern Pants $85 – Hypervis Half Zip 2.0 $90 Q.E.D. www.qedstyle.com QED is a brand that is quietly going about their business making some of the coolest apparel in golf. Their focus has always transitioned away from the golf costume look. You can pick up any piece from the QED line and wear it to work, out for a night on the town, and yes, even on the golf course. Trendy, stylish, and functional. Their pants? Some of the most comfortable in the game, pick up a pair and you wont be disappointed. Gold Kamas Polo $89 – Brigham Pullover $170 – Park City Trousers $149
  2. Alial Fital Heaquarters Tour Seattle, WA This past week, I had the opportunity to visit the Alial Fital Headquarters and showroom. The building, a transformed dental office in Seattle's Phinney Ridge neighborhood, is about ten minutes north of downtown. I sat down with Gibran Hamdan, CEO and Creative Designer, for the boutique apparel label that celebrates it's fifth year in business this year. Hamdan, a larger than life, former NFL quarterback, looks like he could bench press the Alial Fital building without breaking a sweat. However, he's as nice as they come in this industry and has a relentless passion for the business he created. He's a guy and a brand that you just want to support. Hamdan has unique business strategy for a golf apparel brand. He's not looking to get into big box retailers. He doesn't want to wholesale his apparel to pro shops. He wants to sell to you and I on his online store, which is where 95% of his business is done. He wants a personal relationship with each one of his customers. Hamden takes pleasure in getting to know your name, treating you more like a friend than a customer. At it's core, Alial Fital produces limited edition golf shirts (only 100 shirts produced in each design,) made in the U.S.A. For the most part, Alial Fital is a one man operation. Hamdan creates all of his designs from his Seattle office. He then sources the fabric and has the pieces created in Los Angles. The finished apparel is then shipped back to Seattle where Hamdan keeps inventory of the limited edition pieces. He takes the orders, packages the product, then ships it to the customer with a handwritten note, individually thanking them in every order. Although cliché, you don't get the sense that this lean, one-person org chart, is operating a business at all. He's operating a dream, and he controls each component of his destiny. Hamdan is having sucess with his business model, and does not have immediate plans to change a good thing. I like this brand. High quality, limited edition, made in the U.S.A. I also like the guy behind it. For a guy that get's to take a look at a lot of different brands in this industry, I spend my own money at Alial Fital. I spend my own time visiting the shop. This is one of my favorites in golf. Customers are welcome to stop in the Alial Fital HQ for a personalized fitting experience, by appointment. Got a question for Hamdan, visit @alialfital on Twitter and use the hashtag: #AskAlialFital Location: Alial Fital 6193 Phinney Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98103 Website: www.alialfital.com Contact: info@alialfital.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ2j4JufgCI&feature=youtu.be&list=PLYcVX95rhD7HcWT_FwEwRohoegdCndwWZ
  3. ALIAL FITAL OFFERS A JUNIOR LINE About two years ago, Golfspy Tim introduced you to Alial Fital. Based in Seattle, Washington, they're a company founded in 2011, by a former NFL Quarterback, Gibran Hamdon. Alial, and Fital are the first names of Hamdon's mother and father, spelled backwards. Alial Fital is a boutique company offering premium golf shirts with a twist at the top, they've got a contrasting dress-shirt collar. Additionally, each shirt is a limited edition of sorts because there is only 100 made of each color/style combination. Once they're gone, they're gone. The likelihood that you'll ever run into someone wearing the shirt you purchase is improbable. By now you know, I like this aspect of a golf apparel company. I am just not a big-box, mass market guy. Through social media, I noticed Alial Fital was offering something different that I have not seen much of at all, especially in golf apparel. This past month, Alial Fital launched two shirt selections with a matching junior line. A father/son combination. As a father myself, I thought this option was a fantastic idea and wanted the opportunity to share a matching shirt with my 18 month old son. It's a concept that's not only unique and rare, it's simply fun to do on occasion. The first release color-combinations are offered in two options, the “Brian Evans” & “Desert Pop”. The junior options come in sizes 2-4T and 6-8 ($48). The junior shirts fit pretty true to size. The adult options ($85) also fit true to size which is a departure from the original slim fitting Alial Fital selections. Speaking of sizing, Alial Fital has what I believe to be one of the best online fitting tools in the industry. They've really spent a great deal of time and effort on this application. It does a great job ensuring you're ordering the proper fit shirt. This is important to their customer base because the only place to buy Alial Fital shirts is online. In this fitting application, you enter both your height and weight. Additionally, you pick from a database of shirt manufacturers and select the size of that specific shirt that fits you the best. For example, I selected size large from Puma as my model for sizing preference as I believe that size and manufacturer fits me the best. It's a nice tool, and very accurate in determining which size is right for you. Just look for the green button when ordering. Alial Fital has two shirt styles, “Original Cut” and “Golf Cut”. The Golf Cut option is your standard, American cut, true to size, room for a belly, style. The Original Cut is a slim fitting option for those that prefer that fit. It's about one size down from the Golf cut in the same-labeled size. As a size large, I would require an XL in the Original Cut for a comparable fit in the Golf Cut. I can wear a size large in an Original Cut shirt; it just shows off the fellas a little more. This was my first experience with an Alial Fital shirt and I came away impressed with the fit, construction, and overall quality of their product. This is a premium shirt offering that competes well with the top golf shirts in the industry. Aside from the quality product offering, Alial Fital has an evident history of loyal repeat customers and continued excellent customer service. Before PGA Tour Player, Bo Van Pelt was an Alial Fital ambassador; he was one of their best [paying] customers. Personally, I believe the contrasting collar to be an attractively unique look to a golf shirt. But even more so, the cotton dress-shirt construction of the collar left me impressed and is a feature I desire in a golf shirt. The body of the shirt is constructed of moisture wicking and UV protectant - 92% Micropoly, 8% spandex. I prefer the material, and structured look of the collar that maintains stature wash after wash. They're great shirts, and ranging in price from $60 to $145, which is appropriate in the market, given their premium quality/construction. However you can often find options at $50 or less during sales. Check out their Facebook page too, as they give one shirt away every Tuesday. At the 2014 PGA Show this past week, there is a push from the PGA of America to make golf more fun while finding ways to engage juniors in the game. While a matching shirt or outfit combination is not going to foster Alan Kournikova skill in your junior, it certainly is another fun way to connect with them while exposing them to golf. It's fun, it's family, and it's definitely unique. You're not going to spend $48 on every shirt for your child, but having this one option available is kind of special, once you experience it. TWITTER: https://twitter.com/alialfital FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/alialfital
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