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Found 4 results

  1. Okay, I’m clearing out my garage and trying to get some good homes for some equipment that’s not getting any use in my bag. Everything is being looked to move shipping included for over $50 items, bundles with include discounts. Trade offers welcomed, but looking for cash. $SOLD - Srixon ZU85 23* with HzrdusSmoke black Hy 6.5 shaft. Lost out to my Sub 70 699 pro $SOLD Sub 70 939 X 4 hybrid UST Mamiya Pro force V2 85F4 (stiff flex) includes head cover $SOLD Mitsubishi Tensi Orange CK 70 Stiff flex 44.5” length. Cobra adapter. $SOLDCobra King F8 Driver Head. Includes 17g weight option $SOLD Oddessy White Hot Pro 1 converted to a 42” armlock. Lie and loft adjusted for the 42” length. 17” flatso XL Super stroke grip includes head cover $SOLD SuperSpeed swing sticks. Just don’t ever use them consistently anymore. I did use them for 24 weeks and added about 10 mph of swing speed that has stayed. Worth the investment!! Has Jumbo Max XS grips that I added to reduce tension during the training and soften the grip. $SOLD hitting mat. Real turf interaction. Soft impact, can use real tees in the turf.
  2. Here recently I have been watching a lot more golf than normal, probably because I am so interested in improving my game and want to see what the pro's do. One thing that struck me odd, was the technique Bryson DeChambeau uses to putt. It is obviously not the typical pendulum style putt with that massively long putter. This intrigued me as I naturally wanted to know more about the technique and the equipment he used so that I could try it and see if it improved my game any. In this review I will be going over that very method of putting as well as the equipment I used to give it a try and what kind of results I found. The Equipment After doing research about what it takes to try the arm-lock putting method I found exactly what Bryson has in his bag. As you can imagine he has a custom length, loft, and lie angled putter that probably cost an arm and a leg to get, so I resorted to altering an extra putter I had to conform to the specs required of an arm-lock. The putter I altered is a Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400, which is about $50 brand new at Academy. OEM length is 35" and it has a regular flex steel shaft with an aluminum head (Not really a fan of the putter but that another conversation). This is a very basic mallet style putter that has nice sight lines but a very lightweight head. [Insert Picture of Shaft Length Comparison with Callaway Here] The first alteration I had to do to the Ray Cook putter was to extend it up to almost my elbow joint which is 40" for me. This required me to put on a 5" shaft extension probably isn't the ideal way to get a longer shaft but considering it is just a putter I thought the structural integrity should hold up just fine. Unfortunately, my garage does not have as many tools as I want so I had to take the putter over to Dick's Sporting Goods to get all the work done. The most important part of using the arm-lock method is getting a grip that is made specifically for this style of putting. I went with the Arm-Lock AL-2 Converter Grip because it seemed to be the best grip at the time of purchase. If any of you reading this know about this technique, then you probably noticed that the grip is actually installed incorrectly. I take 100% blame for this as I did not tell the fitter that this style of putting requires the flat side of the grip to be on the same plane as the putter face. I suppose next time I will remember to leave better notes with the fitter of what I want! The Method I am by no means a pro at the proper technique for using an arm-lock putter so I will keep this section rather short and just give the basics of how I understand it. [Insert Picture of Putter Address Here] From what I understand, the reason behind the arm-lock is that it isolates the movement of your leading wrist so that you can have a more consistent putt. When addressing the ball, your leading arm must be straight at the elbow with the top of the grip pushing into your leading forearm. By locking it in your leading forearm it naturally causes your head to be behind the ball (which in my opinion helps line the ball up with the target). When swinging, you rotate your chest and shoulders in unison, so that no joint moves independently causing a bad putt. My Results Coming into this trial I had high expectations for how this was going to perform. Prior to using this style of putter I was probably hitting my lines 20% of the time and I had terrible form. Once I started training with this style of putter probably 90% of my putts are on my lines. Given I do not have any statistics on shots made or shots missed because I had no idea about MGS' existence. This putting style, even as a training aid, has helped me to hit straighter lines more consistently. The other day I broke out my old blade style putter that has a small sight mark on the head and I was able to hit straight, pure putts from the center of the head. I give credit to the rotational muscle memory I gained from the arm-lock putter. To wrap up this unofficial review, I want to say that this putting style is not for everyone but is a very unique experience to try and do something that not many other people are doing! Let me know what y'all think and if you have any questions! *More pictures coming soon!
  3. With so many players having recent success with the ArmLock putters on the PGA Tour, we thought we'd see how it works for the average golfer. So follow four of our forum members as the put the Bettinardi Studio Armlock in play over the next four to six weeks to see how they perform with it. Feel free to join the conversation and ask any questions you might have in regards to the putter or method of using it. @KCLeo12 Stage 1 Stage 2 @CarlH Stage 1 Stage 2 @GB13 Stage 1 Stage 2 @downlowkey Stage 1 Stage 2
  4. Testers Wanted (4) So how does MyGolfSpy follow up a forum testing of the Most Wanted Driver of 2019 that resulted in almost 1200 applications? How about throwing up a putter that not only will be officially launching this week, but comes from one of the most respected names in the golf industry. A name that speaks not just quality and beauty, but in addition has topped the final leader board of the PGA Tour eight times in the last nine months, two of those by Brand Ambassador Matt Kuchar. That's right Bettinardi Golf has just launched the newest addition to it's Studio Stock lineup with the SS38 Armlock putter. How can something so beautiful have so much tech, well here's just a taste. Armlock putter, a compact mallet with maximum forgiveness and easy alignment. Robert re-engineered the popular SS38 standard model to craft this elegant, high performing Armlock putter that features 1 shaft of offset and 5 degrees of loft. Our Tour-proven F.I.T. Face is milled into the SS38 with 20% deeper grooves for an even softer feel at impact on the 303 stainless steel body. A stunning hand-polished platinum finish gives the SS38 Armlock, an extremely durable and clean appearance at address. Well enough of the tech talk, there will be more of that and of course more talk of the beauty from our testers...that will be the job of those selected for this elite opportunity. So lets enjoy a bit more of the beauty that is to come their way. How To Apply Open to All US Residents who putt Right Handed Follow ALL instructions below to be eligible. In this thread and only this thread please list the following Name/Home State Current Putter ONE sentence that describes Bettinardi putters. Lastly. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST IN YOUR ENTRY! Good Luck! We'll be announcing the testers next week in this thread! Congrats to our 4 testers! @GB13 @downlowkey @KCLeo12 @CarlH I'll be in touch guys! For more on the announcement see below.
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