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  1. MYGOLFSPY MASTER GOLF BALL REVIEW THREAD Purpose: To become the Internet's number one source of truth on golf balls and help the MyGolfSpy community members to find the right ball. How it works: You play a ball, hit up this thread and write a review using the template below FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE TO A TEE (very important for to use our ratings and naming conventions for consistency) using these will make it easy for experienced and less experienced golfers to give a review. People then read/ask questions/give follow ups etc We will link all reviews within thread at bottom of this post for quick access. Explaining the template categories Distance It's hard to tell if a ball is going exactly 2 yards or 6 or 10 yards less or further, but most will be able to say "same, better or less" Trajectory - high, mid, low Should be self explanatory Spin Suck back - high spin Hop & stop - high spin but not coming back 5 feet Release some - trends to run out a bit Roll out - there's no coming back Feel - firm, crunchy, soft, mushy Should be self explanatory Durability (1 round) - like new, scuffed but payable, rough shape Should be self explanatory Rating Gamer - could replace or become part of current rotation Casual - would play again if given or found Avoid - do not like Notes or writeup Use this section to tell us everything you thought about the ball, compare it to other balls and all other observations ------------------------- **Please use our ratings and naming conventions for consistency** -THE TEMPLATE- PHOTO The player: Current gamer - name/model of ball you current game Handicap or Ave score - e.g. 7.3 or 86 7 iron carry distance with current ball - e.g. 165y Trajectory - high, mid, low Putter - brand/model/insert + feel - firm, medium, soft The ball: Name of ball + model year Distance - same, better, less Trajectory - high, mid, low Spin - suck back, hop & stop, release some, roll out Feel - firm, crunchy, soft, mushy Durability (1 round) - like new, scuffed but payable, rough shape Rating - Gamer, Casual, Won't game at all Notes or writeup: Paragraph or two, or just notes *Try and tell us what you thought Extra photos at end ----------------------- REVIEW LINKS: 2018 Bridgestone Tour B RX Peanut05 - "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=354271 Maxfli Softfli This2Win - "won't game at all" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=383990 TaylorMade TP5x joyzee - "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=380553 chisag - "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=338573 Vice Pro Plus NickDog - "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=376971 Tour mellow - "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=392975 2017 Callaway Chrome Soft mackdaddy - "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=373569 Chrome Soft X chershey "casual" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=266551 Costco Kirkland Signature Chisag "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=266936 Golfinnut "casual" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=275779 MG Tour C4 PlaidJacket "Gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=309323 Snell My Tour Ball Ty Pettit "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=277189 Srixon ZStar XV Street11 "new gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=275687 ZStar Shankster "Gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=317190 Q Star Tour MBP "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=266371 OnCore Elixr MBP "Won't game at all" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=335025 TaylorMade TP5x Lowie "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=280654 Shankster "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=318054 Titleist ProV mDumble21 "casual" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=308778 Wilson FG Tour Shankster "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=278342 mdumble21 "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=280582 Duo U GolfSpy MBP "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=309310 2016 Nike RZN Black Tour Cwojtowicz "gamer" - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18861-mygolfspy-master-golf-ball-review-thread/?p=267542
  2. Hello all, After playing golf casually for a couple years I started to pay more attention to the equipment I used and found what works best for my game. As a new golfer struggling to keep the ball down and reduce spin I fell in love with the AVX ball. Fast forward 2 years to now and I am a 9.2 HDCP with more control and ability to keep spin down when needed and control flight. I still love the soft feel of the AVX but with a driver swing speed between 110-115mph I’m afraid that I’m losing performance/distance with the AVX. Would I be better suited using the PROV1x Left dash? Thanks in advance! God Bless. -Josh
  3. So I recently did the Titleist virtual ball fitting and it was between 3 balls so they sent me 3 2 packs of the potential balls. My next step is to figure out which one works. The fitter’s suggestion was to take the balls out and hit shots from different spots on the course and see how I like them. Well I don’t have the ability to just go out on the course and hit multiple shots with different balls to test things out. So I thought to head to our local PGA Tour Superstore and rent a practice bay and hit these balls on their systems to see if I can see any differences with the numbers. Long story short I was wondering a couple things: 1. Has anyone ever done this? 2. Any tips on which clubs to hit with them? 3. Any other tips you’d give on how to best test out potential new balls? Thanks!
  4. Been on the forum for a bit now, just wanted to talk about what’s in my bag and what everyone else has working (or not working) for them. I have just recently changed drivers, that being the Taylormade SIM Max 10.5 degree. I took the shaft (HZRDUS 6.0 76g with the yellow writing, not the smoke) from my PING G30 and had the new tip installed because I absolutely love it and they are harder to find now for some reason. Aside from that, I have had the same clubs In the bag for roughly 3-4 years now. As mentioned, I have the new sim driver, ping g30 3 wood and 3 hybrid (both stock stiff shaft), Mizuno MP59 irons with KBS tour 120 stiff shafts, Vokey SM5 wedges (50,56,60), scotty Cameron select Newport blade from 2015. I usually play a taylormade TP5 but I will hit whatever is in the bag. I have hit ProV1’s, Srixon soft feel, Bridgestone b330, pinnacle soft (laugh it up), and almost anything out of the weeds that will fly and roll (ha). I was fitted for my irons and I absolutely love them. Great feel, lofts are not too aggressive or passive, can work the ball (to the best of my ability) with them, and they sound magical (for me sound is psychologically either a confidence boost or bust). My irons have come light years from where they were prior to being fitted so I would absolutely recommend letting someone who knows what they’re doing fit you for irons. And most people will say “I would not suggest a blade and I would bet you’re not good enough to play them). Well it’s more of a MB and I swear the smaller an iron you can hit, the more you will rely on your striking ability and skill than just hoping the club will help you out because you know you’re going to mis hit it. Don’t get me wrong, game improvement absolutely has a place but if you can convince yourself to just try more of a players type club you will not be disappointed. Even my dad who is around a +11-12 handicapper hit my 7 iron several times on the range and said “wow, that feels amazing and it gives way more feedback than my irons. So irons are kind of a personal thing but I would definitely recommend getting fit. It’s like wearing shoes that fit and walking all day as opposed to borrowing a size too big or small and trying to make them work. Anyway, on to the next. I absolutely love the new driver, I was fitted for my PING and my dad actually purchased the sim prior to me getting it. The sound of that thing was magical and I loved the look. Not swapping shafts I kind of gambled and just went with the same degree and the max instead of the regular sim. I don’t work the ball a ton with a driver so the added forgiveness was more appealing to me because realistically the number differences were nominal when I hit them in the pro shop. It was a good gamble, I consistently hit the ball straighter as compared to the ping and we all know keeping the ball in the fairway will lower your score quicker than anything. My spin was slightly lower with the sim than the ping and that also adds to the straighter flight I’m sure. And I assume the twistface has helped my mishits. Could be wrong, but it seems that way. I usually carry the driver around 265-270 and on a good striking day maybe a little further. No superhero drives usually. Lol. If I could hit it straight and 250 every time and I would sell my soul. Wedges are as I said the sm5 vokey wedges (50,56,60) and I know most of you will rip me for playing a 50 instead of a 52 to keep my gapping more consistent. But hey, it works for me using a controlled swing and a knockdown swing with the 50 and then being able to nip the 56 and 60 closer to the greens to give me a little more control. Bunker shots I usually go for the 56 just so I don’t have to really swing for the fence but if I’m short sided or want it to stop a little faster I will use the 60. I love them but this is one reason I’m posting this, I want to know what everyone hits that works!! Putter, Scotty, and I firmly believe everyone is different when it comes to a putter so I’m not making any suggestions or comments on what putter because I believe you should use what works for you and what you feel comfortable with. let’s hear what you guys like or dislike in my bag and what’s in your bag that I need to have a look at!! Q
  5. JalanK

    Price Trigger

    I like Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls. I like to suss out a good deal on new ones. When I find a good deal, I will buy in quantity. Just curious, what is your price point trigger on your favorite ball? Is there one which will compel you to by in larger quantities: 5 8,10, 12 dozen? I found one supplier of TP5s for $20/doz. - they were legitimately acquired by the seller. I bought about 12 dozen. Recently, there was an ebay auction of 35.5 dozens Titleist's. 3 dozen were AVX, About 5 dozen total were half-dozen boxes of Shamrock and Ryder Cup models of Pro V1. The rest were Pro V1 and V1x. Only 3 dozen were not current model. Starting bid was $800. BIN was $1050. Winning bid was $810 - 2 bids. Shipping was $113. I almost bid on them. That worked out to about $23.xx/doz. before sales tax and PP fees. What kind of deal would make you buy like that?
  6. I'm wondering what experiences other people have had with the Spalding SD Tour and SD Tour X ball sold at Walmart for $25/dozen. I've bought a dozen of each now and have been impressed to say the least. I found both to be long with the non-X version being longer for me and the spin on the non-X version is tremendous. The amount of spin and penetrating trajectory I get with my mid irons on the non-X ball is what caught me off-guard. I was on a 175 yard par 3 last night and hit two 6-irons and they both did a short hop and stopped hard. I'm a more of a sweeper and getting my 6-iron to hop and stop is something I've rarely done in the past. I'm not saying my 6-iron shots just run off greens but being able to hold the ball to less than 5 feet from the landing spot is unusual. For reference, I played the Snell MTB-X all of last year and liked it but I switched away from it because it seems the ball exacerbated sidespin on slight mishits. I've tried the Z-Stars and generally liked them but they definitely seemed shorter off my driver. I recently went through a dozen of Vice Pro+ and really liked them and thought they were similar to the SD Tours but didn't spin quite as much.
  7. Please use this thread for all discussions, impressions and reviews of the new version of the TP5 & TP5x golf balls from TaylorMade The new TP5 and TP5x golf balls will be available at retail on February 15th. NEW SPEED-LAYER SYSTEM The new Speed-Layer System is comprised of four increasingly stiff layers to produce more ball speed. The result is more carry distance off the tee, more control in the wind, and more spin around the greens. NEW HIGH-FLEX MATERIAL (HFM) The 2019 TP5/TP5x feature a new material called HFM—delivering for higher ball speed through a greater rebound effect. HFM acts like a tightly wound spring that builds energy and rebounds quickly, generating more ball speed.
  8. Hey gents. Was curious if anyone could tell me the difference between these two. Maybe I'm inept but I couldn't find what specifically separates these two balls. I currently play the BXS but I went through their online golf ball fitting by entering my stats. The entire way through I'm fitted for BXS but the last stat, driver distance puts me in the BX as the choice. Numbers are as follow: Swing Speed : 105-107 Ball Speed : 155 Launch: 13 degrees Backspin: 1900 Distance average 270+ Is it distance or is it softer cover?
  9. Hello there! Since there aren’t near ranges where I live and courses memberships and fees are expensive, I have searched for alternatives. Found the famous Birdie balls and the Almost Golf Balls and yesterday I came across this new ball: Sci-Core practice ball: here’s a link to a video of them: https://youtu.be/sjVC1mCJEF4 I have to admit they look good at least. They seem to be similar to the Almost Golf Balls. Has anyone from this forum tried them? Would love to see your reviews and experiences
  10. All this talk of the MGS Hard Rock Challenge and the ball test recently has me thinking about the hardware... I know I *should* be gaming one model, and probably one I'm fit for at that. But the cheapskate in me just can't pass up on a free wayward ball, looking for a home. Nor can I bring myself to just toss the 24 pack of two piecers I walked away from Christmas with. So my question is this - what do you do with the random balls you might come across one way or another? Do you keep em all? Hit them into the woods? Do you have a threshold of quality that determines if it's a keeper or a leaver?
  11. This is a thread for those who are interested in reading or sharing golf ball comparisons! Personally, I am in the stage of personal ball testing to try to find my next gamer for the next season or two. As such, I have been and am in the process of testing a variety of premium golf balls to see which fits my game and personal preferences. My posts in this site will be coming from off my new website (linked here for those who might want to check it out: https://griffinc6.wixsite.com/golfreviews) and will be in the form of a head to head matchup between two of the balls I am considering. During my tests, I will be taking two different models to the course and playing 9 holes with each in the same round, same day, and same conditions. In my posts, there won't be much in the way of technical data other than distance (measured via Shot Scope) but will rather be how I experienced the balls in terms of distance, spin, flight characteristics, performance and fell around the green, putting, quality, durability, and consistency. Once again, for my posts here, these are by no means a scientific test, but rather what I prefer, what I see, and how the balls perform for me. Therefore whatever performs for me might not translate to your game or your experiences with these products. I also invite everyone to post your own comparisons, head-to-heads, and reviews here as well! Now that that is out of the way, let the discussion begin!
  12. Official Forum Member Reviews Snell MTB Black & MTB Red MTB Black: 03trdblack Stage 1 Stage 2 HighontheHog Stage 1 Stage 2 Theedpatt Stage 1 Stage 2 dhartmann34 Stage 1 Stage 2 Derek666 Stage 1 Stage 2 MTB Red: kingcscott Stage 1 Stage 2 Rickp Stage 1 Stage 2 MaxEntropy Stage 1 Stage 2 golfergirl1 Stage 1 Stage 2 PING Apologist #9 Stage 1 Stage 2
  13. OFFICIAL VICE PRO SOFT REVIEW 85-95 MPH SS Fozcycle justsay937 Kkaw1988 thegolfgal Manjagolf cjwiegmann 95-105 MPH SS golferKen Bigtazz Golf Tsauer Golfbymagic
  14. So on Wednesday I'm headed to the Team Titleist Invitational at TPC Sawgrass. It will be 2.5 days of golf, getting to see and demo the entire 718 line, and getting to have a Q&A and discussions with several people from Titleist HQ. I went last year to Pinehurst when the 917 lineup was introduced and it was a fantastic time, filled with lots of great information directly from the sources. I'm really interested in hitting the new 718 lineup, probably focusing on the AP1 and AP3 but might also like to see what I can or can't do with one of those TMB's. So if you have any questions about the new line or really anything Titliest related..(except for the K Sig-ProV battle) I'm sure with the lawsuits in place, that's a non starter of a topic. But anything else let me know and i'll try and get the answer directly from them. I'll be updating this thread along the way with pics over the 3 days, so stay tuned!
  15. Recently, I received a complimentary sleeve of Titleist DT Trusoft 2nd Generation golf balls (available in golf shops on September 21, 2017) with a request to compare these to the ball I normally play. I was skeptical that I would see any significant difference as I've always thought the swing is more imporatant than the brand of ball you use. I was surprised to see that was a considerable difference between the two, using as much scientific evidence that I could muster. I was able to play a round yesterday on an uncrowded course where I could spend a lot of time using the tech toys at my disposal. I used a Zepp golf swing analyzer to record swing quality, swing speed and club angle. I also used a laser rangefinder and a gps phone app to record distance and direction data points. I'm around a 14 handicap and my swing speed with a driver is consistently between 84 and 88 mph. I consistently come over the top with a positive club swing angle of 15-20%. Using the data from the swing analyzer I was able to record 9 holes of comparable data sets out of a possible 13 (the other 4 had too much variance in swing data). Yes, it is a small sample, but the results were so consistent that I feel my review and conclusions are valid. Review Comments: There was a marked difference in distance with the Titleist ball averaging 20.4 yards farther than the Bridgestone. However, this came with a disadvantage of additional spin. The fairways hit percentage was 33% compared to 72% with the Bridgestone B330RXS. The difference off the tee was very evident. I would give the Titleist an edge on approach shots as the difference in spin rates seemed to decline, but action off the club was still superior. The Titleist ball had a feeling of launching off the club, both with the driver and iron shots. I didn't hit significantly more greens with the Titleist, but the general feeling was I was hitting better approach shots with the Titleist. I would rate both balls as excellent when it comes to sticking greens. The weather has been very dry and the air temperature at the beginning of the round was 90 degrees. Approach shots hitting greens would still stick with less than a couple feet of roll. There was no noticeable difference in this regard. Similar comments apply to both chipping and putting. Both are soft balls with excellent feel. Conclusions: What I learned and wanted to pass along here is the ball does make a difference!!... Duh, right? The real lesson learned is that if you spend the time to do a true evaluation, you can gain an edge depending on the course you're playing by MATCHING the ball to the course. Of the 5 courses I regularly play I would definitely use the Titleist DT Trusoft on 3 of the 5. These courses are fairly long, wide and open, and the extra 20 yards off the tee will make the approach shots more comfortable even if they are off line a little. However, the Bridgestone would be definitely be my choice for the other 2 courses where fairways are tight and trouble looms everywhere. The Bridgestone is very forgiving off the tee and if you need a straight shot (or controlled fade/draw), the Bridgestone is markedly better. Staying out of trouble on these courses is more important than distance. My bottom line is, depending on the course, I could see the brand of ball possibly making the difference of 2 or 3 strokes. Both are good balls and I would buy either one again, it would just depend on where I'm going to play.
  16. Dean Snell knows golf balls like Thomas Edison knew light bulbs. Dean has been designing golf balls for 25 years and owns 38 patents. Perhaps you've heard of some of them? Oh, like the Titleist ProV1? Or maybe the TaylorMade Penta TP, Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X or the Project (a)? Yeah, those. The dude has his golf ball street cred. Snell has been marketing his own brand of golf balls direct to the consumer since the beginning of the year, and took “Best Overall” in MyGolfSpy's Direct-To Consumers Buyer's Guide last March. Here's what our reviewer had to say: “Snell's My Tour Ball is long off the tee, solid with irons and offers outstanding spin off the wedge. It's also among the best feeling balls we've ever encountered. Trajectory is consistent and durability is excellent…It's as if Dean Snell took the very best of his past work and rolled it all into a single ball.” Sound enticing? You bet it does! But that's just our opinion, and ultimately it's your opinion that really matters. With that in mind, MyGolfSpy wants to give you the opportunity to try out a dozen of Snell's My Tour Ball and see for yourself. We're looking for a dozen avid golfers to try a dozen My Tour Ball's each, and tell us what you think. The My Tour Ball is a 3-piece tour level ball with a cast urethane cover. It's designed for low driver spin, accuracy and spin control with irons and short game control and feel. “Most golf balls go the same distance off the tee. But they're much different from 100 yards and in. Choose the ball you prefer for feel, spin, launch and control.” – Dean Snell So what do you say? Want to test out the hottest “underground” ball in golf? HOW TO APPLY: 1. Tell us the following · Name and home state · Handicap · Rounds per year · How you typically purchase golf balls (online, pro shops, big box golf retailers, department stores, etc) We'll choose 12 of you to try these babies out and let us know what you think! Continental US only For more information: Visit the Snell Golf website Like Snell Golf on Facebook Follow Snell Golf on Twitter Visit Snell Golf on YouTube
  17. Snell Launches Canadian Website! That's right folks, the #1 ball not on tour is now available to all Canadians without the excess fees of dollar conversion, duties and cross border shipping! This has always been a sore point for me because by the time they arrived you're paying the same price as any other tour ball. But those days are now behind us with the launch of https://snellgolfcanada.com/ For those that might not recall, we tested a golf ball not too long ago that sent shockwaves across an industry. and now the official press release: SNELL GOLF CANADA LAUNCH ALLOWS IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO GOLF BALLS DESIGNED BY TOP GOLF BALL EXPERT Kingston, Ontario, Canada – May 25, 2016: Dean Snell has worked closely with world-ranked professional golfers and amateur players alike during his nearly 30 year career as a golf ball engineer, developing top quality golf balls for Titleist and Taylormade. Well known brand names such as the original Pro-V1, Tour Preferred and Penta balls are among just a few of the balls he helped develop. In 2015, Dean leveraged his 30 year career in golf ball technology and started his boutique firm, Snell Golf Inc., with headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. The current Snell ball line includes “My Tour Ball” – a 3 piece tour caliber ball to enhance scoring for golfers at all levels and “Get Sum” - a 2 piece golf ball that will produce less spin. In the US, Snell Golf Balls have rapidly gained marketplace traction due to their excellent performance, competitive pricing and “best in class” ratings by various testing groups. Snell golf balls have been recognized by Golf Digest's 2016 Hot List, MyGolfSpy.com and GolfWRX.com. The launch of SnellGolfCanada.com now provides hassle-free access to Dean Snell's golf ball line to all avid and recreational golfers in Canada. Dean Snell comments on the Canadian roll-out, “Snell Golf launched in the United States in 2015 with an e-commerce business model, zero player contracts and low overhead. My intent was to design a high quality golf ball and sell it at an attractive price lower than comparable balls in the market. Our golf balls can only be ordered on-line and golfers who have tried one or both of the “My Tour Ball” or “Get Sum” balls have been consistent repeat customers and through word of mouth have introduced their friends to the balls. The formation of Snell Golf Canada, with people, warehouse and website located in Canada was the solution we needed to get our product to Canadian golfers. Ron and his team, with extensive business and marketing background allows Canadian golfers easy access to our products at www.snellgolfcanada.com. Dean Snell has been involved in the design of several high profile golf balls that most professional and amateur golfers have used. Unlike the 14 golf clubs in a golfer's bag, the golf ball is involved in every shot and the right golf ball has the potential to enhance the golf experience. Snell Golf Canada's website shares Dean Snell's golf ball fitting philosophy that merits review by all golfers. Ron Stenzl, President/CEO of Snell Golf Canada comments on the Canadian launch, “Dean Snell is a golf ball guru and our group intend to transfer his expertise and effectively market and distribute his existing golf ball line and any future golf ball innovations to the Canadian golf community. Both golf balls are outstanding. Golfers who play the balls are quick to talk about how much they like them. But it's been the industry reviews that have really piqued golfer's curiosity about the Snell Golf Ball line. Top ratings in Golf Digests 2016 Hot List product reviews and in mygolfspy.com have really driven demand upwards and these award winning golf balls are now easily available to Canadian golfers. We are confident that our customers in Canada will have amazing shot-making moments with Dean Snell's golf balls.” Snell Golf Canada is going to initially introduce the 2 piece ball (Get Sum) at $27.50 per dozen and the 3 piece ball (My Tour Ball), the flagship product at $41.99 per dozen which is 20-25% percent less than other recreational and tour quality golf balls. The Snell Golf Canada senior management team includes Ron Stenzl (CEO), Bill Crowe (Strategic Marketing Co-ordinator) and Dan Shea (Ecommerce Infrastructure.) All are experienced entrepreneurs with a lifelong passion for golf. For more information on Snell Golf Canada, current incentives, photos, logos and wholesale / reseller opportunities, visit SnellGolfCanada.com or email service@snellgolfcanada.com
  18. NIKE RZN TOUR 2016 Recently received the Nike RZN Protos, which I'm told are the Platinum. Weathers been crappy lately, but finally got a chance this weekend to do some comparisons around the greens. Luckily I have 5 of the older models to compare. Initial reaction is they are softer, closer to the old One Tour's. Last few models are definitely clickier than these. Roll off the putter and wedge feel is quite nice. Will report back as I get out more.
  19. Just when I was getting used to the new Titleist DT Trusoft, I received a small package. This letter was in it. I am always excited to recieve Titleist Test Balls. Seems that they arrive in November every year. Has anyone else recieved the titleist Test Balls? If so, which ones did you get? Kindly post your reviews in this thread so we can all compare.
  20. This recent blog post regarding the latest TM ball prototypes caught my eye: http://www.mygolfspy.com/first-look-taylormade-2016-tour-preferred-tour-preferred-x-and-projecta-golf-balls/ I've never really given Taylormade golf balls the time of day just because i didn't think (perception wise) they were very good. But i had heard good things about the Project [a] golf ball and recently had a chance to test it. I've been playing with it ever since. I typically enjoy lower compression balls and prior to this i was using the Callaway supersoft. Love the way it sprung off the club face and felt like you weren't hitting much of anything. However, as i'm getting more comfortable on the course, the Supersoft left a lot to be desired around the greens. I've found the Project [a] is still a pretty soft ball that has a bit more "click" to it (It isn't hard enough for me to really be irritated by it, but it is noticeably harder than the Supersoft ), but still feels like it launches nicely off the face. And that little i lost in "feel" is more than made up for around the greens. The Project [a] checks up nicely around the greens (noticeably from 120-50 yards in) and gives me confidence with my wedges, plus it has a bit more of a piercing trajectory with my irons, which is nice. Definitely enjoying these balls at the moment and am pleasantly surprised to have my perceptions proved wrong. Wondering if anyone here has had similar reactions to the Project [a] ball? Or if there are other balls in the category that are worth giving a shot? Also, how do the Tour Preferred balls stack up against other premium balls on the market?
  21. Winter Shut Down I hear rumor that some of you can't play golf year-round. During winter, you actually get winter weather, shutting down access to your favorite course. While I can sort of understand that, NorCal drought has kept my courses open, but dry, during the winter for the past couple of years. We do need the rain though... Anyway, like many of you, I see the winter as a time to hone some golf skills in order to be ready for the next season. I'd like to say that the goal is to play better the next season, but we all know that just not having the swing completely disappear would be a victory. Training aides seem like a natural place to turn to get some golf motions in when real golf is not possible, and I've got a couple of them from SKLZ to share with you today. Really, these are more my first impressions about the aides since I have not had a ton of time with them, but so far, three of four are really good. The fourth shows potential, but its complexity will warrant further research. Grip Trainer $19.99 http://shop.sklz.com/fall-2015-products/grip-trainer-/invt/gogr001 Has anyone ever actually gripped a club with one of the standard type grip-training grips? I've definitely held one in the shop, and wondered if it would help, but I just couldn't (can't) see myself permanently attaching it to one of my clubs. Maybe I could buy a back-up set of clubs and grip them all with the training grips. Honestly, that seems like the only time I would go that direction. This little grip trainer is a different animal as it snaps on and off of the grip already on your club. You can switch it from wedge to iron to wood in about five seconds. Sorry midsized and up, you're too large from this. What I like about the grip trainer is that with it attached, I have a better understanding of where the face is during my swing. As a known wiper of the ball, this is a huge help. Additionally, once you clip this on, it really stays put. No twisting or sliding on my NO1 grips at all. So far, this one has earned a spot in the bag for range time. Accelerator Pro Compact Putting Mat $29.99 http://shop.sklz.com/fall-2015-products/accelerator-pro-compact-/invt/iptm001 This one is about what you would expect from a putting mat. The turf lays down pretty flat and allows the ball to roll true to target without skips and bumps. It does have a couple of extra things going for it. First, it's small. At only three feet long, you can probably find a spot to use it even in your new tiny house. Second, the alignment graphics and the elevated hole should help one to groove in a putting stroke. You are going to need to practice, of course, but having hit about a hundred putts on it (it's fun ), I can definitely see how it can help. Currently, it is at my neighbor's house where a high school golfer has been struggling with her putting. We will see if it can help her reduce here putts per round. Impact Golf Ball $9.99 http://shop.sklz.com/accuracy/impact-golf-balls/invt/mimpgb001 I love blasting practice golf balls around the backyard. I've used most of the different kinds, from the old hard plastic whiffle balls, to the reduced-flight Almost Golf balls. BTW, reduced flight does not mean that you should hit those with driver. You are welcome. Without a doubt, these Impact Golf Balls are my new favorite. They fly pretty well off the face, spinning enough to let you know some info about the swing, but not launching over fences, onto roofs, and into unhappy neighbor pools. What is best about these though is that they are seemingly unbreakable. A hard plastic one usually lasts an afternoon. One thin shot and it is done. These are fully resistant to my bashings. They squish, and pop right back. Seriously, check this out: You get a dozen for $10 and that should last you a long time. Plus, it comes with a little mesh bag for storage. You may lose these, but it will take some serious work to destroy them. All-In-One Swing Trainer $49.99 http://shop.sklz.com/accuracy/all-in-one-swing-trainer/invt/sled001 This one has me a bit more cautious in my praise. While I am totally thumbs-up on the other three training aides, my thumb is still level here. In theory, this contraption is amazing. It's easily adjustable in such a way that it should help you address multiple swing issues, such as coming over the top, moving your head, and weight poor shift. It could be amazingly helpful. It is a bit unruly to transport around. Not terribly so, but the bars will take up some space, and the base will be heavy-ish when you fill it with water. It's just not that portable. It does have a handle built into the base, but you will need that free hand to tote it around. I also have some concerns about its resiliency. Not from experience with this product, but with a similar one that I built DIY from PVC. That homemade contraption was similar in design, allowing me to work on the over the top issue. It worked well too, until I really came over the top and smashed it with a 7i. With that, I had to replace a cheap section of PVC, with this, a big chop could put you out $50. The simple solution, of course, is don't hit it with the club... Back to the plus side, this trainer is super easy to adjust and is built in such a way that the parts slide to the correct position and then lock in place via little pop-up buttons. With a bit of experience, it shouldn't be a huge deal to switch from one configuration to another. Anyway, this one is going to take a bit more research to get a final opinion. I am especially interested in setting it up for head movement monitoring, as there is no real way to do this on one's own. I'm sure I'll look a little silly with it resting against my head at the range, but if it helps my swing, I can handle that. Hone those SKLZ this Winter I love the balls, and I think that there will be some repeated use with the grip trainer and the putting mat. If the swing trainer survives my hacks, it too could be quite a help this off-season when I hit on a mat in the garage. Ball flight won't tell me anything in there, but the swing trainer could give valuable feedback. If I don't shatter it. What do you all think? Do you have any toys that help you to stay golf-fresh in the winter?
  22. NOW LIVE ON BLOG SNEAK PEAK!! Coming Soon to the MyGolfSpy Blog A while back Adam, Tony and myself starting brainstorming new feature and/or series ideas for the blog. Today I'm bringing you a sneak photo peak of what's coming up, hopefully without giving away too much. So while you're ogling the pretty pictures we'll ask for your thoughts and feedback. What do you think we're up to? Any guesses on a concept or theme? What's your instant reaction to the brands displayed?
  23. Three New Mizuno Balls Announced for March 2015 Mizuno has revealed that its second wave of golf balls will land in Europe during Feb 2015. Accompanying the pro level MP-S and MP-X is Mizuno's new ‘dimple-cluster' concept ball, the JPX (RRP £35 per dozen). JPX Micro-Dimple cluster for delayed descent Working closely with the Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Mizuno's research team identified that the ‘descent' phase of ball flight was the least optimized by current dimple design. By adding a cluster of micro-dimples around each larger one, the collaboration found that descent could be slowed down – effectively extending airtime and distance. “The micro-dimples have little effect at higher ball speeds generated at impact. However as the ball peaks and slows, they start to take effect. By stalling the descent phase just a fraction, we were able to increase the JPX's overall airtime.” Masashi Tamakoshi – Head of Golf Ball Development. The MP-S and MP-X balls (RRP £50 per dozen) continue Mizuno's long standing relationship with the better player. After months of seeding both prototypes, the manufacturer is confident that it is ready for the next stage in its evolution as a credible ball manufacturer. “We've been testing the new MP-S and MP-X since late September,” commented Alex Thorne, Head of Tour Operations. “This time round the younger elite players are more familiar with the Mizuno ball. We already have some highly ranked amateurs ready to put the new ball into play. The golf ball is possibly the most sensitive piece of equipment in a better players bag – so it's better to work with the players young and bring them through with our specific feel and technology.” “We are also working with Chris Wood with a view to him playing the MP-X on the European Tour in 2015. There are also 5 players on the Japanese Tour committed for 2015.” Mizuno's soft touch MP-S for maximum grab. Low spinning MP-X Ball designed for Mizuno's Japan Tour team. http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/blog/three-new-balls-announced-for-march-2015/
  24. Members who work in or own golf shops, what has happened to the two ball pack? I used to buy these every spring to mess around and try a few different balls that had been released for the season. Now I can't seem to find even loose three ball packs at my local retailers much less two ball packs? I really don't want to buy a dozen balls of something I may not care for. Is it just my local shops or has this practice gone the way of the dodo?
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