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  1. SlideBelts Belts Without Holes A belt without holes? SlideBelts is a company that has been around since 2007. They are a belt company, but their belts are a little different than most in the marketplace. They don't have holes. You know what a “zip-tie” is, right? That little pice of plastic that's used to secure and fasten wires together? Well, thats kind of how a SlideBelt works but unlike a zip tie, you don't need a knife or scissors to get it off again. It's unusual in the golf apparel segment that I'll pick something up for the first time, and immediately like the concept or piece. That's exactly what happened with SlideBelts and I will explain why. But first, I want to tell you a little about the belt, and what makes it unique: Price, quality, the perfect fit, and customer service. SlideBelts arrive in a nice presentation box with the belt coiled around the buckle. Inside, you'll find a plastic fitting guide demonstrating where you need to cut your belt based on your waist size. The flip side of the leather strap contains a series of numbers corresponding to the belt measurements. With a 33” waist, I was instructed to cut the belt at the 36” mark. After the belt is cut, simply attach the buckle with the crimping clasp. Done. Your SlideBelt is secure and ready to go. PRICE First and foremost, SlideBelts are fairly inexpensive for the quality of product you get in return. Their belts come in two varieties, leather ($39) and premium full-grain leather ($58). This pricing includes both the buckle and strap. Given the quality of the strap and buckle, in my opinion, they are fairly priced for the consumer. I was having a conversation with Golfspy X the other day. He mentioned that in apparel, consumers often associate retail price point for quality. If the piece does not have a premium price, it's not perceived by consumers as premium product. This is certainly one of the anomalies, it's nicely priced and preimum product. QUALITY SlideBelts in both the leather and full grain leather are quality belts. I am not sure where the leather is sourced, but in hand, the quality of construction and finishings are very well done. The buckle itself has some heft to it, and the mechanics of it's function are flawless. You'll think to yourself, "This is well made." SlideBelts contends their competitors are currently using the same buckle system that they designed and used four years ago. Through innovation, their buckle system has evolved into the present design. Compared to other systems, SlideBelts does not have a latch or trigger. The frame of the buckle is the mechanism by which the buckle opens and closes onto the ratchet system. This current system operates and functions surprisingly well. THE PERFECT FIT There is not much to say here, other than the belt fits perfect. It has to because, you have the control to tailor fit the belt just how you want it. This is often one of the drawbacks to companies with an online storefront. Without being able to try it on for size, many consumers are apprehensive about making apparel purchases online. If it isn't obvious, always error on the side of longer when getting the fit just right. You can always cut more off, but unlike body fat, once it's gone, it's gone. Fortunately, if you do cut off too much, that's not a problem either, because SlideBelts will swap it out, free of charge. CUSTOMER SERVICE New companies, or relatively young companies must have exceptional customer service. The vibe of SlideBelts if fun, hip, and consumer first. This is apparent in the design of their website and marketing materials. Shipping of the belts is free, and this includes returns as well as exchanges. As I mentioned before, if you cut too much leather off during the fitting process, they'll make it right. You get the feeling SlideBelts will bend over backwards to ensure the consumer experience is a pleasant one. From an online belt company, there is not much more than you can ask for. SlideBelts has recently partnered with Skinit, a designer and manufacturer of customizable skins for electronic devices. Skinit's design allows you to apply and remove with ease with no residue. This will allow SlideBelts to offer professional and college team logo's, as well as potentially golf course logos. The blue strap featured below has a Skinit film applied to the buckle. WEBSITE: http://www.slidebelts.com/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SlideBelts CONTEST! SlideBelts is giving away on of their belts to a MyGolfSpy reader. Simply post in this thread for an entry. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of the front page of their website for coupon codes and future discounts. Winner selected at random on 3/31/14 by a SPY ZINGER brand ambassador.
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