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  1. Good afternoon everyone. I'm trying my hand at re-gripping this afternoon. With a little patience I think I can get it done. I don't have a garage or shop to work out of, but fortunately I remembered this countertop mountable vice that I got a few years ago. I will post a couple updates as I go.
  2. GraceRW

    Ben Hogan

    The Ben Hogan golf company and brand must be one of the most exciting prospects this decade to emerge from golf recently (I’m very fond of PXG too, but price point puts them out of reach for the average Joe). Just to confuse things, I game Mizuno and Titleist...
  3. Official Forum Member Review Ben Hogan Ft. Worth hi Long Irons Wha's a long iron replacement, but not a hybrid? And not a "utility" club? And definitely not a driving iron? Well, it's a niche product, but a niche that seems to be growing this year. In this review, our crack, hand-picked review team will test out and give their thoughts on the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth hi long iron. Hogan says these irons are designed to be more forgiving than the long irons in their Ft. Worth 15 set, and we want to find out how well they fit into our testers' bags. As a treat, we've recruited
  4. As some of you know I am moving soon and I need to clear out some of my equipment that isn't currently in my bag. First up is my Ft. Worth Black irons. This set is 4-PW with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts and stock Ben Hogan Lamkin Z5 grip. This set was used for a review but was by no means abused during testing. Looking to sell for SOLD.
  5. Please join me in congratulating our five testers: US: DPattGolf PMookie poprockncoke UK: Jon Brittain CAN: TravisClarke (5) TESTERS WANTED!!! Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons In the words of Peter Wolf - don't touch the knobs 'cause I think we're gonna have some fun with this one.... ​This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Ben Hogan Company. The brand has has plenty of ups and more than its share of downs, but it's still with us and as a brand, it still maters. With three new product launches this year, Hogan has firmly reestabl
  6. (4) TESTERS Announced: Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges Another week, another review opportunity for you, fellow Golf Spies! And we think you're going to really like this one. There's been plenty of chatter here and in social media on the new Equalizer wedges from Ben Hogan. 1025 forged, enhanced V-Sole, Progressive Center of Mass - there's a lot here to get you intrigued, and we want four of you to test, review and keep a 3-wedge set of Hogan Equalizers, and let us know if they're the real deal. TESTERS Chosen: Four of you will be chosen to review a 52-56-60 set of Equalizers with you
  7. From today's InBox -- very similar the Bridgestone's program. Seems like a smart move as Hogan continues to inch forward... Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Launches Club Demo Program _______________________________________________________________________________ FORT WORTH, Texas, January 3, 2018 -- Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC, manufacturer of premium golf clubs and golf bags, announced today it has launched a Demo Program to allow golfers to try its premium line of golf clubs before they purchase. "We understand that many players want to touch, feel, hold and,
  8. I was told by SWMBO that some of the the golf equipment clogging up my garage has to go. It's not easy letting go, but I thought I'd give the fellas at MGS first crack. First up is my '99 Hogan Apex/Apex Plus flow set. These are legit. They have spined TTDG S300's and mixed grips. Set is Apex blades from 7-E and Apex Plus cavity irons from 4-6. I'd call the condition a solid 7/10. Grooves are clean. These have the normal bag chatter that you would expect from a nearly 20 year old set of forged irons. Sold Asking $100 +10 to cover some of the shipping. I'll add more as I get time. I
  9. Thanks to undershooter for finding this one... Ben Hogan's website is back up -- sort of. Seems like the old boy isn't dead yet. Just swapped texts with Hogan CEO Scott White - he says the website is back up so Hogan can continue to sell clubs direct to consumers. "The phone has been ringing off the hook by "serious golfers" who are just now realizing our situation and want to buy clubs," White told me. "We're trying to raise short-term operating funds via the sale of existing inventory, while attracting new, long-term investors simultaneously. It's a challenge!" Whit
  10. I was talking to Ben Hogan Golf today about a question regarding the VKTR hybrids that I am testing, and I changed the subject to the SCOR wedges. I remembered a post by @revkev in the short game struggles thread... I was told that Ben Hogan Golf has a deal for loyal SCOR wedge owners. For every club you buy to replace your SCORs, Ben Hogan Golf will give you $50 trade-in. So, if you replace 4 SCOR wedges, they will give you $200 off your new purchase. This offer is only available through Ben Hogan Golf and not through stores. If you are thinking about replacing your SCORs, the
  11. (6) Testers Wanted!!! Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrids Hybrids are funny clubs. For some, hybrids are true long iron replacements: easier to hit and designed for a specific distance. For others, hybrids are really just min-fairway woods intended for maximum distance. The Ben Hogan Company says its new VKTR's, while no slouch in the distance department, really are long iron replacements because, after all, #precisionisback! Testers Wanted: Even though the name sounds like a Cold War-era Soviet tank, Hogan says its VKTR is designed with the better player in mind: a tour-in
  12. The Ben Hogan Company has officially launched its new Online Performance Center -- the relaunch of the online HoganFit program. We shared a preview with you last week, but it's now officially launched for the rest of the world. It's important to remember that it's just an online fitting tool, and not in any way intended to replace an in-person fitting with a professional fitter. Here's a link. And here's the press release: The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Introduces the “Online Performance Center” Company's proprietary technology now provides precise iron, we
  13. (6) TESTERS WANTED!!! Ben Hogan PTx Irons What should a Game Improvement iron actually do? Let you get away with bad swings? Or maybe, you know, help improve your game? Testers Wanted The new Ben Hogan Company says there's a big difference between shot improvement and true game improvement. Shot improvement lets you get away with mistakes, but game improvement mitigates your mistakes while giving you enough feedback to help you strike the ball better today, tomorrow and next week. Hogan says its new PTx irons not only forgive you your trespasses, but through feedb
  14. Found this in the InBox the other day -- they do a nice job on their monthly newsletter. Worth subscribing to if you haven't already.... Click here to check it out.
  15. (3) Testers Wanted!!! Ben Hogan FT. WORTH hi Long Irons So let's say you're one of those golfers who can't hit long irons like Jason Day, but who also tends to hook any hybrid made slightly to the left of Bernie Sanders. Kinda limits your options, doesn't it? A New Kind of Long Iron: The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company thinks it has something that could help the hybrid-hating long iron-phobics out there – the FT WORTH hi. Hogan says the FT WORTH hi is a hollow-bodied long iron that has the look of a forged player's iron but with enough perimeter weighting to provid
  16. Got this in the Inbox this week - great stuff for Hogan-files... The President's Forum - Why We Do Things Differently April 2016 From the day we determined we would be bringing the Ben Hogan brand back to golf, we knew we must look to the past to see our future. Mr. Hogan founded his company in 1953 with the promise to craft "the finest golf clubs that could be made," and that they would be "like a fine piece of jewelry." Those principles built a legacy for producing the finest players' irons in the game, and a string of innovations ranging from the first light steel shafts (Apex
  17. Posted this already in the PTx iron forum but thought I would start a new thread for the hybrids (I don't know if this is good forum etiquette). I am in the market for a new one and the offerings from Hogan look really interesting. Love the design. http://www.benhogangolf.com/hybrid
  18. It's one of the most talked about equipment introductions of 2015 – the new Ben Hogan irons and wedges made their debut at the 2015 PGA Show. And by all accounts, the new sticks flat out perform. The new iteration of the Ben Hogan Company is the brainchild of Terry Koehler – the founder of Eidelon and SCOR wedges. “We had lots of electricity around us, driven first by the reintroduction of Mr. Hogan's ideals to the game, the equipment and the business,” says Koehler, who spent time in the 90's as Marketing Director for the original Ben Hogan Company. “We had countless golf p
  19. Picked up pieces, rumors and what to look for from Ben Hogan in 2016... Look for an addition to the Fort Worth 15 iron offering - specifically an option for easier to hit long irons. Sources say the long iron options will be available in the 20-31* range and should make for a nice "combo" set -think Nike Pro Combo-ish New long irons will be unique to the Fort Worth 15 line, so as not to be confused with... A completely new iron set - a more forgiving forged cavity back compared to the Fort Worth 15's New iron will most likely to be situated between AP1 & AP2, or Cally's Apex a
  20. Hogan just announced a Masters-themed contest - in honor of Mr. Hogan's two Masters victories, they're joining Lamkin and KBS in giving away two Augusta-themed iron sets...
  21. Just cruised over to the Hogan website -- they've active the order-taking portion for the general public. Click here to go to the website. Once I went through the HoganFit process and got my "prescription," I found this little nugget... Jeff Harris, the Marketing director, told me last week that this is very important to them, especially as they start up and work toward building a fitter network. He says they want you to be happy with what you buy, especially if it's over the internet, and they'll do what it takes. The manufacturing area is gearing up - I"m guessing th
  22. Business travel has its advantages -- paying a visit to the Ben Hogan Co. HQ this morning. Will be meeting with Jeff Harris, their director of marketing...let me know if you have any questions for him...
  23. Just got an email from Hogan -- the HoganFit online fitting program is back up and running. Here's the link if you want to try it... http://www.benhogangolf.com/HoganFit I tried it the day it was first up last month -- it's pretty thorough. Let us know what you come up with if you give it a whirl....
  24. We've seen our beloved Scors get special discounts this fall and we all know that the Hogans are coming. Today I heard rumors that they've pulled the plug on Scor wedges and in the future you'll have to buy similar V-soled Hogans. Anybody get an email announcement to this effect?
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