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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All! I'm just recently getting back into my club repair/building. Went to school and took some classes on this back in the day, the only thing I am missing in my set up at the moment that i think would really benefit me would be a Mitchell type machine for bending loft/lie. Is there a solid option out there that isn't going to cost me $1,000+. I'm not yet planning on doing this for a ton of other people, so the investment wouldnt be worth it at the moment. I will bite the bullet eventually since it's something i would love to get back into as a part time gig. Right now in my makeshift shop I have mostly golf works equipment: Grip station (Vice mounted) Shaft extractor (Vice mounted) 1" x 30" belt sander Bench top small chop saw 8" grinder wheel (new purchase, still not sure exactly what buffing/grinding wheels to get) PLUS all the extra smaller tools needed to remove grips & do the small stuff Any other recommendations would be awesome! Thanks! Thank you!
  2. I played each day in OR from TU april 2nd - SU April Apr 8th and managed to avoid rain. If you've ever been to the PNW you know that this is quite the accomplishment! The weather was iffy for the week at Bandon so we skipped it (if I'm paying THAT much there's no way I'm going in questionable weather..) I did a lot of searches and asked on the forum for some suggestions and got some great ideas. I wish it could have been 2 weeks, but alas... It was just me and my buddy. We were best friends in high school and hadn't seen each other in almost 30 years so it was a reunion of sorts. He has a bad back so he has to ride in a cart but that was okay because we played 6 days in a row and I'm not sure if even I could have walked all 6 days. So my challenge was to find the best courses in OR that aren't in Bandon and time the weather right so that we aren't playing in a soaking rain .... add to that finding the best price with a cart and it was quite a challenge, but with a lot of driving we pulled it off. Here's what we did. MO - landed at Portland around 1; played a little 9 holer to get loose. TU - played Pumpkin Ridge ghost creek...got a good deal on GolfNow for 2 w/cart at 50.00 each....anyone who tells you Pumpkin Ridge is in Portland is lying. It's "near" Portland; out in farmland. There are two 18 hole courses/1 private and 1 public; the course we played was fantastic...I couldn't get over how green and lush everything was and the trees were awesome. really fun course with some great holes and there was nobody behind us or in front so we could take our time and have fun. Awesome flags on the pins! (BTW - they had fake coyotes on the fwy to scare the geese away; they look awfully real until you're right up on them!) drove from Portland to Bend OR (162 mi) WE - played at Sunriver Meadows in Bend...got a great deal on GolfNow for 2 w/cart at 45 each. It started off cold...there were still little spots of snow on the ground and the wind was strong. we each had to go into the clubhouse and get pullovers to wear; my buddy is bald so he grabbed a beanie. A local member ended up joining us and it was a fun and different course. The grass in the rough was really coarse so your ball ended up sitting up on it...that was cool. We played another 18 by ourselves and the guy in the clubhouse said to just go ahead..no charge. My buddy ended up at 79/74 - his best 2 rounds. TH - played at Pronghorn in Bend (Nicklaus design)...got a super deal on teeoff.com for 2 w/cart at 33 each. Outside of Bandon this is usually the highest rated course in OR (or maybe Pumpkin) and I could see why. This place was amazing and the layout was awesome. You could tell that Jack has a specific way that he wants you to play certain holes but there are always options to go for it. We played by ourselves again - nobody in front or behind - and had a great day. The fairways were like carpets...I wanted to lay down and take a nap. One of the best courses I've ever played and I had a chance for my first sub-80 round ever but missed a slippery downhill 10 footer for an 80. I was over the moon with that score on that course. An awesome day. drove to Eugene from Bend (130 mi) and then from Eugene to Medford (167 mi) FR - Met a friend from high school that we used to hang out with and played a fun 18 hole course with some great elevation changes and beautiful vistas. he isn't very good - shoots 100+ - so we weren't being too serious and just having fun hanging out...again - nobody around us and the weather was fine. There were some pretty aggressive turkeys on one of the holes! He treated us as "clients" so the golf was free. drove from Medford to Klamath Falls (75 mi) SA - played at Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls (Palmer design)...found a good deal on Groupon that ended up being 36 each with cart. We were the only group out and soon found out why. There were some serious squalls that blow through but they last about 5-10 minutes. This course was designed by A. Palmer and was so beautiful. It wasn't as narrow as Jack's design but he made sure you were accurate on your approach shots. The weather cleared out after a few holes and it was amazing. The scenery is incredible. drove back to Eugene from K Falls (175 mi) and to Florence from Eugene the next day (60 mi) SU - planned to play at one of my buddies fav courses - Sandpines - but it was walking only due to the recent rain so we headed over to a neat little course called Ocean Dunes. Couldn't find a deal online for this one but it was only 40 each with a cart. We were all alone again and this place had some awfully narrow fairways. You really had to be accurate or you could easily end up in big trouble. My buddy lost more than a couple of his Volviks! This place had one of the coolest benches I'd seen - some recycled trees. A lot of fun and some neat tee boxes with some cool "chutes" that you hit out of...kinda like on tour (haha!) drove back to Eugene from Florence (60 mi) That was it! 800+ miles, 6 days and 6 great courses and, for the most part, weather wasn't an issue. We never had to wait on a single tee box, we didn't have anyone pushing us from behind and we only played one round with another person (who was really friendly so it was no big deal). I can't recall a more enjoyable time! There were definitely some courses I missed - Tetherow, Sunriver crosswater, Sandpines, Tokatee, etc. - but we played some awesome courses and got phenomenal deals on them. I would definitely love to do Pronghorn again...my buddy moved from AZ/NM and he said it reminded him of some of the courses out there. Oh yeah - I also played pretty well for it being my first rounds of the year! My scores were 87/84/80/84/83/81...(I've never shot in the 70's but I keep getting close!) We're already planning to meet up in AZ next year !! Sorry for the long post and all the pics...thanks for hanging in there if you made it this far.
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