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Found 2 results

  1. Introduction One of my goals for the 2019 golfing season was to walk most of my rounds. Not only is it better for my pocketbook, it’s good exercise. I also feel like I play better when I walk as it gives me an opportunity to really think about shots and strategy. I detest carry bags (terrible for my shoulders and posture), so I prefer a walking cart. I started out this season with a hand-me-down, partially-broken Orlimar cart from my in-laws. The cart has the typical nylon straps with plastic clasps, two ball holders, a few tee holders, and a worthless scorecard holder (they never actually hold the scorecard in well). The Orlimar cart had seen better days and was patched together with glue and duct tape. About halfway through my round last week, the top bag rest finally broke completely off. I planned on golfing again the Thursday following, so I headed to Amazon and ordered the CaddyTek Caddylite EZ V8 - EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart for $179.99 and it was delivered in two days, in time for my Thursday round. The CaddyTek had a few features which were important to me and influenced my decision: Bungee-cord style bottom bag strap Strapless upper bag holder Integrated basket for my range finder Cell phone holder A secure scorecard/random junk compartment First Impressions As usual, Amazon’s delivery was on point. The cart arrived USPS in a rather large box. The Amazon reviews mentioned there was some assembly required. The cart came securely-packaged in three large pieces, the main frame assembly and two wheels. The umbrella holder also came unattached. I figured the assembly would take some time, but I was wrong. From unboxing to completion, the cart took about 15 minutes to put together. The cart has the usual foot brake, a small coat pocket and a cooler suspended from the back. The upper bag holder has rubber grips in it. After setting your bag on the cart you pinch the arms against the sides of your bag to secure the bag in place. The mesh pocket is plenty big for my rangefinder. Scorecard compartment is opened with a button press and is deep enough to hold additional balls, etc. The cart will also hold three tees and has a magnetic spot for a ball marker (provided, also). The cart folds up and down easily with a press of a button. You must rotate the front wheel 180 degrees to fully fold down the cart. The one downside here is that there is not a locking mechanism. The instructions reference using the bottom bag bungee straps. I have opted to not use anything and just hold it together as I move it around. The cart is not overly large or small. It’s easily maneuvered in and out of my compact car’s trunk. Real World Results I played 18 holes Thursday morning with the cart. It was easily pushed around my home course, which has a lot of elevation changes. The wheels glide easily (almost too easily – it took off from me once or twice) and are silent. No pulling to one side or the other, though an Allen wrench is included to adjust the front wheel if necessary. The tires are airless, so no risk of a flat. Parking brake works as it should. I really enjoyed having my range finder within easy reach. Previously I’ve had to fish it out of my bag each time I needed a distance, which is frustrating mid-round. I shot one of the best rounds of my life and think the ease of access to scorecard, phone and laser really helped me mentally. It’s one less thing to worry about. I used the coat pocket which had no issues with my spring jacket. Only downside of this rear-hanging pocket/cooler is that it got pretty muddy from the wet course conditions. The cell phone holder uses a bungee cord to hold the phone. It seemed secure for the most part, and I had no problems during the round. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the upper bag arms held secure even going up and down hills. The only major negative to the cart is that the bag arms block access to the larger zipper pockets on my cart bag. I’d have to physically remove the bag from the upper arms to open these pockets. Generally, all I keep in the large and long pockets is an extra box of balls. Unless I’ve lost most than 8-10 balls this will never be a problem for me. Final Thoughts (For now…) Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase. It would cost me an additional $10/round to ride at my home course. The cart will pay for itself this season, and my health will be better for it as well. At $179.99, this cart sits somewhere in the upper-middle of price range for walking carts. I think it’s a great value for the price.
  2. Hello all, This is my first post on this thread so go easy on me. I was wondering if anyone in the MyGolfSpy community had any experience with this range finder. All i could find were a few amazon reviews and reviews of the older model. Seems like a steal for that price! https://www.costco.com/CaddyTek-Golf-Laser-Rangefinder%2C-CaddyView-V2-%2BSlope.product.100419508.html
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