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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been playing callaway chrome soft for quite some time. I have tried other balls here and there, such as pro v1, bridgestone e6 and tour 330, maxfli tour, and just recently the supersoft from callaway. This is from the time i started playing 5 years ago up until last weekend. I love the way the chrome soft feel on a well hit shot and it was ok on mishits. The supersoft was less erratic and i will find out this weekend more about the distance. Im not even remotely close to a scratch golfer, but i figure straighter is better and should result in lower scoring. Im hoping the supersoft keeps going straight and i dont lose too much distance and control around the greens. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or any experience?
  2. Hello, Has anybody ever used Callaway chrome soft golf balls before, if so how do they compare to the Titleist ProV1? I'm very tempted as i've just a seen a very good deal on powerhouse golf's twitter page, 21.99 if you use code 200317 http://www.powerhousegolf.co.uk/acatalog/Balls-Chrome-Soft-12-Box-Callaway-ACC1537.html Any advice?
  3. Callaway Chrome Soft Garage-Lab Review So this ball is supposed to be the holy grail of balls; the ball that changed the ball! Well, I love hype just as much as the next guy, but this level of promise has finally moved me to action. I have never written a review of any sort, although I find most, especially by honest folks like those on this site, extremely valuable. I am your average 15 handicap golfer, and learned mostly on my own as an adult over the last several years. I haven't taken nearly enough lessons and have donated my fair share of income to buying a better game. My driver swing speed is only 95-105, with average drives hovering in the 240-260 range. My objective for this test was simply to verify that this ball, at an advertised compression of just 65, could indeed stand up to the ball speeds of the Titleist Pro-V1x. I know on most days, I am not swinging fast enough to get the most out of the Pro-V1x (despite what Titleist says), but every now and then, the rules of golf physics break down and I catch one perfectly that finds its way out near the mythical 300 mark. It's that potential that keeps me using a ball that usually out-classes my game. I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about the softness of the ball (it is Supersoft-soft) or how much it spins around the greens (subjective based on how you strike it anyways and it is urethane). It does feel great when chipping and putting, but I expected that. Methodology: I tested this ball against the Pro-V1x across two different testing sessions. I alternated 5 shots on each ball, with a total of 120 shots total on the driver (Ping G25) and 10 balls per iron (TM R7 TP) for each. I also kept only consistent shots, which was a real bear at times as the SC100 does have a tendency to drop in a 312 yard drive from time to time (I attribute to stray sunlight streaming through the windows). I performed this test in my garage at a temperature of about 60 degrees with the assistance of my new Voice Caddy SC100. I apologize, but I have yet been able to convince my beautiful/brilliant wife that we should invest in a more expensive launch monitor, but for this test, I feel it gave me the data I was looking for. I made every attempt to keep my swing as consistent as I could and favored control over max-out distance to ensure good contact with the ball. I wanted this test to be about the ball as hit by an average golfer (for better and worse). So without further ado, here goes nothing… Driver Results: (60 balls each for Chrome Soft and Pro-V1x) Driver: Swing Speed Ball Speed Distance Smash Chrome Soft 97 142 244 1.46 Pro-V1x 97 144 249 1.48 Iron Results: (10 balls per iron for both the Chrome Soft and Pro-V1x) Iron: CS SS//V1x SS CS BS//V1x BS CS Dist//V1x Dist CS Sm / V1x Sm 4i 89 | 93 119 | 122 183 | 191 1.30 | 1.29 5i 88 | 92 120 | 122 176 | 180 1.36 | 1.31 6i 92 | 91 116 | 119 172 | 181 1.24 | 1.30 7i 84 | 90 110 | 113 154 | 158 1.30 | 1.24 8i 85 | 86 104 | 107 145 | 151 1.21 | 1.23 9i 82 | 86 99 | 101 134 | 136 1.20 | 1.16 PW 80 | 87 92 | 96 117 | 123 1.14 | 1.09 Interpretation of Data: Starting with the driver, the data shows a 2 mph ball speed advantage for the Pro-V1x which led to an additional 5 yards of carry. This is not nearly as much as I had suspected it might be, but this data does not capture any sort of spin rate, which may affect real world distance when roll is added in. This data is carry distance only. In addition, I have no numbers on accuracy as well, so no way to compare the two balls in that dimension without getting on the course. The iron data reveals more the flaws in my iron game than anything else. However, if you look carefully, some of my swing speeds with the Pro-v1x were significantly higher than the Chrome Soft, but these did not necessarily translate into large distance games or ball speed gains. Again, this could be attributable to not a big enough sample size per iron and my less than pro-like iron swing. I did notice a better smash factor in the irons with the Chrome Soft than with the driver, but I would have to leave it to the smart ball experts around here to know if that was in any way a result of the lower compression. Summary: From just the raw numbers of ball speed without any sort of spin numbers, I am a bit surprised the Chrome Soft held so tightly to the Pro-V1x with the driver and with the irons, produced comparable ball speed numbers even at slower swing speeds. I don't know what the distance loss curve will look like at much higher driver speeds, but from this limited ‘garage lab' testing, I think Callaway may be onto something with the Chrome Soft, especially for those of us who swing at more human speeds. The temperatures here are not expected to get out of the high 30's for a while so an accurate on course test of distances would not be fair right now, but when the temps do start to rise, I will do some on course testing. I am curious both about comparing distance to the Pro-V1x as well as accuracy comparison to the Supersoft. I hope this was helpful in peering through the marketing a bit to see what some hard data might reveal. I did notice in studying Callaway's marketing of this ball, they are careful about highlighting the spin and softness to a much stronger degree than to the distance. I think the results I found demonstrate that while it may not beat or match balls like the Pro-V1x in driver distance at every speed, it is really pretty close for such a low compression ball. My mind remains open…
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