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  1. Dave's Take: Xikar's Turrim Single Lighter http://www.xikar.com/products/lighters/turrim%2Dsingle/ The Turrim Single is XIKAR's newest family addition. Built on the same principles as the 5x64 Turrim, the Turrim Single is a thinner, shorter 4.5x50 version in a single jet flame. The oversized fuel tank is elongated, providing ample butane capacity and the EZ-View™ Red Fuel window makes it easy to visibly detect when it's time to refill with butane. Welcome to the first of three Xikar product reviews that I'll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. Previously, I've written about two other Xikar products, the Xikar 5-cigar travel humidor and the 19th Hole gift set, and both of those products have been firmly in my golf bag's cigar arsenal ever since. The more I use their products, the more I'm convinced that Xikar is the company to beat in the cigar accessory marketplace. Today I have for you the Xikar Turrim Single jet torch. Did Xikar keep the awesomeness rolling, and add another must have item to my bag? Features Durable metal body with sleek look and feel Ergonomic pull-down pivot action for easy lighting Oversized, ratcheting fuel adjustment system allows for easy flame height adjustments Fits into one cigar slot in a travel case Elongated fuel tank maximizes fuel capacity EZ-View™ Red Fuel Window to easily detect remaining butane levels 4.5� x 50 RG Four available colors MSRP: $49.99 Ergonomics and Functionality The Xikar Turrim Single jet torch is basically cigar shaped. Even the dimensions for it are listed with a ring gauge for diameter. The great thing about this shape is that it allows the lighter to fit into cigar shaped spaces. It's ideal for most travel humidors and cases. The lighter also has a nice weight and texture. The cylindrical body fits well in my hand, and the added texture keeps it in place as you flip the igniter. Your thumb just ends up being where it should be when you go to light it. Solid ergonomics. The only thing that I would caution you about with this lighter, and all other sliding top ignition lighters, is to make sure that you are putting your thumb on the switch, and then sliding it away from the now exposed burning jet. Buddy wanted to push the ignition switch with his thumb, rather than pull it, and he almost had a hot thumb surprise. Seems like and obvious thing, but it's not for all. The flame adjustment knob is huge, and very easy to adjust. I hate torches where you need a screwdriver to change the flame height. That's often times a three-handed operation, when I currently have only two. With the Xikar Turrim Single jet torch you can ignite it, and then adjust the flame height while it burns. No other small torch that I own allows for this to happen. The butane window is also a nice feature, removing all questions about whether or not the lighter is full. This definitely helps to prevent the click and hope flame delivery system that can happen with other torches. You know exactly how much butane remains. Dave's 10 Click Challenge My new measurable metric for lighter performance is Dave's Ten Click Challenge. Basically, I will fill the lighter, and see how many ignitions occur with ten consecutive lighting attempts. I know that I want the torch to light more often than it doesn't, and so this seemed a valuable bit of data. For the Xikar Turrim Single jet torch, the score was 9/10, with the only failure coming on click 10. (It also lit on try 11; I was curious...) 90% ignition rate is a damn fine score in my book. Golfability So the lighter performs like a champ, but does it work well on the course? You bet it does. There are two main reasons why the Xikar Turrim Single jet torch may be just the torch that the golfer is looking for. First, the shape is perfect. The torch is just the right size to fit in one of the cigar slots in your travel humidor. Sure, this means that you are down one cigar for the round, but I can't imagine when I'd have a five cigar round. For me, four sticks and a lighter still means that I have extra sticks to share with my friends should they want one too. The Xikar Turrim Single jet torch just fits right in. The other thing that I like about this design is that the butane tank is huge. You can fill this up, and then let it ride for a couple of rounds. You'll have the flame when you need it, without packing a can of butane in your bag like my buddy does. This torch will definitely avoid the 10th hole fill-ups. Overall: It's in the Bag! The Xikar Turrim Single jet torch is a great lighter for the cigar-smoking golfer. It has the shape, capacity, and dependability that will keep your cigars ablaze as you traverse the links. Once again, I am truly impressed with what Xikar has to offer. I think that the $49.99 price tag on this lighter is pretty solid as well. Sure, there are cheaper lighter options out there, but how many $15 torches have you bought, and then thrown away when they break? This torch is backed with Xikar's lifetime warranty, so you are basically buying a forever torch. I feel that the investment in something nice adds to the experience as well. A cigar on the course has a bit of ritual for me. I like to pick the cigar from my selection, cut it with a nice cutter, and then light it with a fun to use torch. Maybe you are different, but like lots of the stuff in my bag, using something that is more than utilitarian adds to the experience. Tune in for more Xikar products soon.
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