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Found 2 results

  1. Great stuff for sale. All items shipped to CONUS. NO TRADES PLEASE. You can verify my rep on Golfwrx. Same username. Ping G410 irons 5-PW Orange Dot (2* flat) with Nippon NS Pro Zelos 7 steel shafts, R flex pured by TrueSpec golf, Lamkin grips. $550 Cobra F9 3/4w, Project X Even Flow 5.5 Regular shaft, Lamkin grip. This thing goes FA-AAAAR. $130. Cleveland CBX2 54/12 and 58/10 wedges w/KBS Tour 9 stiff shafts. $75 per wedge or 140 for the set.
  2. The fascination started with @BarbaJo's article https://mygolfspy.co...and-cbx-wedges/ last year. I play cavity back irons. And I play blade wedges. I resemble Cleveland's target market. And every time I hit my old Cleveland 588 a little out on the toe, I'm reminded of how little I get to practice and how much I need more help these days. Who am I to turn down a little help? Because I overanalyze virtually every purchase I make, I read voraciously about the CBX. Everyone who's anyone seemed to be singing its praises. The internets were loving this club. Fueled by the encouragement of forum-mates like Ole Gray (if you want to sell software consulting, give me a call), I decided to take the plunge. What did I have to lose? So I ordered the 56*. My Wedge History I'm very loyal to my wedges. My first sand wedge was a K-Mart special Wilson 1200. You know, the one with the twisted shaft (I'm showing my age here). My second, and most beloved wedge was a Ram Tom Watson Scoring System that I won with a third place finish in the caddy tournament at my club. I used this from my sophomore year in high school until 2004. My dad liked to say I was better with that wedge from 75 yards than I was with a putter. It met with its demise on a rainy day at Royal New Kent outside Williamsburg, VA. If you play Tour Wraps, don't hit a punch shot over a lake. My buddies still give me crap about this today. I replaced it with that wonderful Cleveland 588. Initial Impressions The club looks great. Now I'm a rusty wedge guy. My old 588 is an RTG, and I love that raw finish. But the satin finish with just a hint of shine looks great. The topline is just a hair thick, but that little bit of chrome on the back really does minimize the look The topline is nicely camouflaged by the satin/chrome contrast. When you look at the back of the club, you see technology, you see forgiveness, you see help. But put the club down behind the ball and you see a great looking wedge. It's larger than my old wedge, but not obnoxiously so. The V-sole looks just absolutely massive in the bag, but you just don't notice it when it counts, sitting at address Spinny wedge goodness in the front Technology in the back The feel is wonderful. I can really appreciate the slightly lighter Dynamic Gold 115 shaft. I was worried that it would feel too light, but that's not an issue. On Course Impressions So it looks good, and it feels good. But how does it play? Frankly, the hype is real. Good shots feel good. Perhaps it's just my lack of refinement, or maybe it's the arsenal of thin, chunked and toed shots I've developed over the years. Or it's the fact that I have the touch of an axe murderer. But there's just no loss of feel on a good shot. The feedback is wonderful. And maybe it's just new grooves or the fact that I should have swapped out my 588 years ago, but this thing has stopping power. One hop and stop half wedges? I haven't seen them in years. When I lost that shot, I figured it was operator error, but the ROTEX 3 grooves have brought it back. Where it really shines, however, is on a not-so-good swing. That oh-my-god-I-toed-it-I'm-not-going-to-cover-the-front-bunker shot? It covers the bunker. That low screamer that you caught off the bottom of the clubface? It's usable now. Maybe not great, but it's usable. And what about the chunk? Well, there's absolutely no club that can help the decelerating, stick the leading edge in the ground, chunk. That's all you. But the accelerating, caught the ground just a little behind the ball shot? The V-sole glides through the turf, and you'll make decent contact with the ball. You may be a lousy person and not deserve forgiveness like this, but you get it. So make a good, positive swing. And out of the bunker? This thing is just stupid easy. Take a little too much sand? No big deal. The V-sole's got you covered. So What's the Catch? Well, it's not jewelry for your bag. It's not a Vokey, it's not an RTX-3, it's not a Fourteen from @WedgeWizard. No one's going to look at this club and drool. You can't have conversations like "well, I was thinking about the S grind, but I'm just a little bit more picker than digger and really needed the M." Get over yourself, please. Yes, you have one choice of sole grind and one bounce option at each loft. If you can tell the difference, you're probably not the target market for this club. Good for you; move along now. As for the rest of us, enjoy something your wedge probably hasn't given you in quite some time. Confidence. Are the 52* and the 60* in my future? You bet they are. Update MDGolfHacker asked about hitting flop shots with this club. As you read this, bear in mind that: 1. I only have the 56* right now. 2. My flop game is seriously deficient. I started out with flop shots off of dormant Bermuda grass rough. You couldn't ask for a better lie to hit the lob. The club performs really nicely under these conditions. I was able to play the ball a little farther forward in my stance, lean my hands back toward my belt buckle and hit a nice soft shot that lands like a bean bag. The club did everything I asked of it, but this is not a particularly difficult shot. Then I moved to hitting flops off of a dormant Bermuda fairway. I had a feeling that this was a bad idea. What I found was that after a few ugly, tentative swings, I was able to hit reasonable shots from this really tight lie. Again, I found that the V-sole gave me the help I needed if I caught the ground a little too early as long as I was willing to accelerate through the ball. I don't think my technique has suddenly gotten any better, nor has my hand/eye coordination improved, but I feel so much more confident with this club because I don't feel like I need to make a perfect swing. All that being said, the flop isn't what haunts me. It's the pitch off the super-fluffy lie. I'm not exaggerating here. A few years ago, my dad and I made the playoffs in his Member-Guest, survived to the final hole of the shoot out and found ourselves in a tie and facing a chip-off for the title. The shot was a 20 yard pitch out of the rough. I had a lie that Feherty would describe as one that you could miss the ball completely. I didn't do that, but I managed to move the ball about 10 feet. With the chip-off format being worst ball, I'd lost it for us with one swing. In the bar afterward, the club champion came up and talked to me about the shot. He told me that he'd done the same thing before, and he no longer used a blade-style wedge on those shots because there's just no mass at the top of the club. I've used a cavity-back gap wedge on them ever since. I tried my best to reproduce this lie in several different areas, and I saw decent results hitting the ball high on the clubface. If I'd had a club like this in the bag back then, who knows what would have happened? Every time I throw a new shot at this club, I like it that much more.
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