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  1. PGA Tour Superstore Putter Fitting with Miguel for Brown Bear Golf. This video leads to a big gamble, as Miguel will order a putter spending the most money he's spent on any club ever! This video explores data, the Science, and the Physics of putting. Data is acquired using the Science and Motion or S.A.M. putt lab. So why another putter fitting after conducting one at PXG headquarters? Unlike PXG I get to try multiple brands and styles of putter. We try Ping, Odyssey, and Taylormade. You might be surprised what I pick based on all the data I got.
  2. So I recently had 2 fittings: T100 Pw-6 + T200 5-4 w/ px 6.0 T100S Pw-4 w/ px 6.0 + 50* SM8 w/ px 6.0 The T100 5-4 irons are the same lofts as the T200 6-5 irons. Would the T200 6-5 irons 0.50" longer fit the gap better than the T200 5-4 bent? Obviously it would be so weird having two 6 irons but I am just curious if anyone has tested this at all? Or would bending the T200 5-4 irons be a better option? Another option would obviously be to just go with the stronger lofted T100S so that the T200 fits in easier or just go full T100S, I just don't nee
  3. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for quality fittings in the West Michigan area? I think a putter fitting is first on my list, but driver and irons probably aren't too far down the line...
  4. Often on the forum you can read a response similar to this, “to get to the next level you need to get your clubs fitted” this is a bit of a paraphrase, although I am sure you get the meaning. I have looked through the different posts and never saw anything that goes further. How serious do you have to be to say you are ready to have a club fitting? Should I be under a 10 handicap? Should I be someone who is working towards competitive golf? Can anyone benefit from this? To answer this I decided to embark on doing just that. Firstly, there are many places that offer club fitting. Prices
  5. This post was stimulated in part by Barbajo's recent super-fitting and also by some of my own research into the Cool Clubs franchise. It was also compounded by the changes I see happening this winter at the retail level in my area. Basically, all my local green grass shops have GIVEN UP selling clubs. The pros who work them don't have the technical expertise to fit anymore, they don't have launch monitors, and they do not keep fitting carts on the premises. They have dropped their on site inventory of non-perishable items (meaning clubs) down to basically zero. For them, 80% of eq
  6. So I've actually wondered this for a while, during fittings for irons why are they only done with a 6 or 7 iron? I understand the idea that they are usually in the middle of the set and usually the easiest to hit, but you buy and play with 8 irons. Wouldn't it make sense to hit the long, mid, and short irons when getting fitted?
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