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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning MGS brethren! I am creating this thread to put quality information out into the community for those who are trying to research how to build an epic golf simulator. I just finished my build and it has drastically improved my game in the short time that it has been in use. When I started to research all of the different options for components however, not a lot of good information was available..... Now it will be! I will be updating this thread in a stage-type fashion. Each stage of the project will show pictures of the setup, components, and result. Each stage will also have all of the different vendors researched, the decision that was made & why, and links to the selected products. I hope that this will drastically help anyone going down the road of building their own. Enjoy!
  2. A dream of mine which I would love to make a reality, is to have a place in my area to be able to hit all year long. and be able to hit whenever I can(any hour I am free). Maybe I am in the minority in this category but I love to practice and just hit balls on the range and improve my swing. This as of that last year and a half( a child later and another on the way) has been happening very little. Between working at work or working around the house, helping with the kids or helping the wife with whatever she needs, the golf practice has been lacking. Looking into my schedule there is a time frame that would be perfect to be able to get away for an hour or 2 that I could practice. Only issue currently is weather in Ohio is not the best and it is dark when my window is open to practice. My solution...a lit night range or a nice place to hit indoors(DOME or simulator) year round would be great. The closest place to be able to do this is currently about 30-40 minutes away. being in the country/ a rural area it is tough to say whether or not it would last or be profitable to build one. My question for the mygolfspy fam is if anyone else has any wisdom on building a driving range/Lit range/ year round facility? or any other things they do to keep their game sharp all year round, or at night when that is the only time they can? I have land that I could potentially build a range but for me to be able to I have to prove that it is worth it or profitable. As of now that is a big unknown being out in the country.
  3. Curious to hear and glean some tips from some of y'all's practice routines. What kind of routines do you go with to keep your game crisp? Range routines, short game practice, at home practice, whatever you're doing to get that Handicap dropping! What kind of frequency you're practicing, specific things you're focusing on, games you play on the range to get closer to real-round scenarios, let us hear it!
  4. I am going out on a stretch with this one... When we all buy new golf clubs or are in the market for a new club (testing), we head over to our local shop (Dicks Sports, Edwin Watts, PGA Superstore, etc) and request to try the clubs out in the bay with the launch monitors. Of course, how well is the new club going to compare to our existing club. In my personal experience, the employees in the shops always seem annoyed when you ask to try out clubs in the bays; more so if you are a lefty such as myself. That means they have to move the launch monitor sensor to the other side of the mat . Those of us not on tour or living in the 1% wealth do not have the ability to own a Trackman or GC Quad BUT would still like to utilize those products to test equipment and learn to gap our clubs. Do these 8 new drivers really give me 20 more yards and are much more straight than my existing driver... who knows, but the golf shop guy does not want me spending 3 hours testing all his equipment. Yet he wonders why i do not buy anything after i try one driver and dont get results. Don't be annoyed with me if i ask to try a different driver. Here is the dream... A driving range with 2-4 bays rigged with launch monitors. Having top of the line monitors may be quite expensive but something to at least provide sufficient data to help the average or better golfer. By allowing players to learn their yardages and make adjustments will in essence speed up rounds as well. With the popularity of the technology AT the range, players would need to schedule times and pay fees for equipment use. The Arccos system is a great tool to help gap and determine club lengths BUT it takes quite a few rounds to determine all your clubs. Now i can hit 20 shots with each club and get solid data on EACH club. In addition, i can borrow or rent multiple clubs if i am in the market for a new driver, iron set, etc. IDEALLY having newly released equipment AT the range would be perfect. My Golf Spy Community, lets make this happen! Make this the new Top Golf or get me in touch with a Top Golf guy to integrate this!
  5. Hey guys, Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why can't I bring my range game to the golf course? I certainly have, probably 90% of the time and it is so frustrating! If you have, I have an interesting point for you to consider. Golf is the only sport I can think of that separates the practice ground from the playing ground. Hockey players practice playing hockey on the hockey rink. Football players practice playing football on the football field. Swimmers practice swimming in the pool. Where else would they practice? So why do golfers? So what's the problem? If I can hit all of my clubs how I want to on the driving range, why can't I do the same on the golf course? Let me ask you this question: When is the last time you hit a bunch of 7 irons in a row at the same target from a perfectly flat lie with no consequence to the results of your shots while you played a round of golf? Something I changed and it really worked for me and if you want to become better at playing golf on the golf course, you have to practice like you play I believe!! Now I know for most people it is not practical or even possible to practice on the golf course. So with that said here is my tip! Try not hitting the same club at the same target ball after ball, but instead try doing this very simple routine when practicing on the driving range: Change your club and target using your full pre-shot routine with each ball that you hit. It is necessary to do these things if you want to play better when you are out on the golf course. Golf is about dealing with constantly changing conditions and the best possible way to practice this on the range is as I mentioned above. I would love to get your perspective on this and hope it will help you as much as it has helped me… Cheers Tom
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