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  1. I have been listening to a backlog of podcasts recently and just finished the "Used Clubs" Podcast on No Putts Given. I also recently upgraded my driver and irons and did so with used clubs. I deployed what for me seemed like a logical strategy. I still understand it is all a bit of a lottery ticket (especiialy the irons due to quanity of shafts) but for me this made sense and fit my budget. I ultimately bought newer irons ( ie technology) than I thought I could because of money saved from doing a $200-300 fitting into $600-1500 clubs.(which was out of the question) I am curious what strategi
  2. Keeping this simple. I have the option to conduct my bag fitting indoors (studio environment using Foresight GC Quad) or outdoors on natural turf using Skytrac. Which would you choose and why?
  3. So I recently had 2 fittings: T100 Pw-6 + T200 5-4 w/ px 6.0 T100S Pw-4 w/ px 6.0 + 50* SM8 w/ px 6.0 The T100 5-4 irons are the same lofts as the T200 6-5 irons. Would the T200 6-5 irons 0.50" longer fit the gap better than the T200 5-4 bent? Obviously it would be so weird having two 6 irons but I am just curious if anyone has tested this at all? Or would bending the T200 5-4 irons be a better option? Another option would obviously be to just go with the stronger lofted T100S so that the T200 fits in easier or just go full T100S, I just don't nee
  4. I have finally come to the point where i am going to play the same ball over and over so I can trust consistency. I was considering getting fit for a ball, but I fear the quality of that experience. The local golf shop 2nd Swing here in Minneapolis offers this as a service, but am I better off just playing balls that I really like? What are the odds they actually fit me one that is better? I have a bunch of Pro v1 balls from birthday gifts but recently tried out the Srixon Q Star Tour and Loved it! Super far and tight off the tee and just enough check up on my approach shots. Has anyone g
  5. Earlier this Spring (obviously) I went through a wonderful fitting to get new irons. I'll give some background on this in a bit here but I went in with no preconceptions of what I should buy other than some historical preferences and experiences. Ultimately, my fitter and I decided that going for a split/combo set was the best option to put me in a chance to succeed out on the course. I've only played a little bit since my new clubs arrived in the mail (again, obviously) but luckily I live 700 yards from the center of the first green of our local muni so I have had a chance to hit them quite a
  6. I want to hear everyone's experiences that they may have had on fittings. Particularly if you had an outdoor vs indoor fitting for the same product within a short period of time, on how they went and the differences between the two. So as some may have read, I was one of the members chosen for the JPX 900 Iron Testing. I'll be reviewing/testing the Hot Metal version. We were even more fortunate that Mizuno was allowing us to send in our own specs and choose from anything on it's current custom offerings. So wanting to make sure I got properly fit irons for the test, so i could
  7. So Mr_Theoo and I caught wind of a brand new Golf Galaxy opening up here in good ol' Ohio. Since its still like 2* outside (I saw 50* for the forecast next week!) there wasn't much else to do so we decided to go check it out. Mr_Theoo will have more info on the store and some of the other things we tested. It's funny that any of this happened today. Theoo and I met up for breakfast before we went to Golf Galaxy and most of our conversation revolved around the putter that xMassacrex recently bought and posted from Edel and how we wished there was an Edel fitter closer to us because we both
  8. I had my first true fitting. This may be different then what others have gone through for a fitting but I enjoyed my experience. I live in South Jersey and there are not too many club fitters around here. When deciding to get fit for new irons i wanted to make sure the fitter used Trackman so I looked around. There was one fitter 5 minutes from my house who is a Golf Digest Top 100 fitter. I have been in his shop a few times for different things and just knew our personalities didn't sync up to do a club fitting. I found another fitter about 80 miles away with a trackman and called the sh
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