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Found 1 result

  1. What's good everyone! I won't rehash what is already know by many golfers with regards to PING's G425 irons, for there are plenty of YouTube videos and written reviews on these Game Improvement Irons ... for additional details, I'll simply plug MyGolfSpy's initial release announcement of PING's irons back in January of this year. https://mygolfspy.com/ping-g425-irons-cleaned-up-tightened-up-squared-up/ And it was that very article that caught my attention to the new G irons ... and more specifically, it's the irons beautiful, clean, simple and attractive black and matte grey color-way that immediately caught my eye. Now, this may be a gross overstatement, and in no way am I stating that these irons will perform like that of the high-end automobile brand that I'm about to state, but these new G425 irons look like the Lamborghini's of irons in the GI category. In my opinion, they're absolutely gorgeous. And call me biased, I also can't help but feel that these irons will fall into their classic irons category much like their i210s have within the past 3 years. It was back in March that I stopped by my local DSG store with the intent of simply taking a look at their standard G425 irons on the display rack ... I was a smitten kitten. My specs for as long as I can remember have always been 2* up with the shafts being a half-inch to an inch longer over standard (depending on what standard was to the manufacturer, and truthfully, it appears as thought standard iron lengths have lengthened from what standard was 15 years ago). The shafts in my previous two iron sets have been the Modus 105 Stiff ... tried both PING's AWT 2.0 and the Modus 105 from the launch monitor ... very similar numbers with the Modus 105s having a higher peak ball flight. Placed the order for green dot, 3/4" for Modus 105 shafts with Golf Pride's Velvet Arccos grips in Midsize. Was told 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, I was cool with that. Fast forward to August, still no clubs or eta on their arrival, I cxld the order. Albeit, the delay isn't exclusive to PING for many golf OEMs are experiencing the same supply chain issues ... heck, the CCC5 was cxld due to issues on getting clubs to the competitors. It was about 2 weeks ago that I saw a few posts on the thread 'PING Custom Orders' and few commenters mentioned they finally rcvd their clubs (which made me irritable in not being more patient), with others stating that they're still waiting at 12+ weeks. I'm sorry, but that's just not good business ... 12+ weeks! With that said, on a whim I went to 2ndswing's website and to my luck, they had a set of the G425 from 5i thru PW, BUT with their AWT 2.0 shafts in stiff, and at just a + half inch over standard ... yet brand spanking new! Called a customer service rep to confirm what my eyes were seeing on the website, and once confirmed by a phone rep, the order was placed for next day delivery. On Christmas morning, or afternoon rather, the clubs arrived and I was off to the range. I will add that the rep stated 2ndswing will buy clubs directly from OEMs or big box store retailers and that generally they're clubs that were custom ordered, but then cxld down the line due to delivery taking so long. Haaa! NOW, with all of that out of the way ... and with several range sessions and a single solitary round of golf under my belt (a 93 with 5 pars, 3 triples and 29% fairways hit ), I'm both very pleased with these irons and excited to see where my game will be 3-6-9 and 12 months from now. Per The Grint, my current handicap is 13.6 (my handicap was inexplicably at 8 just 3 years ago) and ballooned to 17.3 as recently as March of this year for my previous irons, the Cobra F9 OneLengths, really affected my overall game. Initial impressions ... the ball flight with my scoring irons, is HIGH ... which is all the more crazy for the lofts on these irons are a bit on the strong side. It's one thing to see your ball flight on a launch monitor, but to see it in person is a whole different experience. With that said, I'm happy to have the AWT 2.0 shafts (which are also made my Nippon) for the Modus 105s would have had an even higher ball flight. The overall distance, is appreciatively further than my previous variable length irons in the TM M1s, which had the Modus 105 shafts. (To be fair, I did game Maltbys TS1s for about 2-3 months, but I won't be comparing them in this review) More initial impressions, the offset in the scoring irons from 8i thru PW is very nice to my eye and just the overall look behind the golf ball is just lovely. From the 7i on up to the 5i, the club head does get progressively larger as does its offset as well ... yet the back of the golf club and its deeper cavity-back is not visible at all while at address with the ball. The feel of the club, great ... the sound of the club, with its metal-wood variable thickness face, is fine by me. A couple of YouTubers have commented the sound not being to their liking, but for me, it's a non-issue. To me, the important areas in a golf club are looks behind the ball and overall feel during contact ... acoustic for me, would have more importance in the driver category. Forgiveness ... is hella impressive thus far. Like for many of us golfers, my usual misses are out on the toe, and man when I do catch one on the toe, the ball still flies on its intended line ... just slightly more to the right and with only a minimal loss of distance. And those misses are only giving more confidence to really get after the ball when I need to and to swing freely, without concern for misses on the toe for I know I won't be penalized too much. My round should've been much worst this past Sunday for I simply could not find the fairway with my driver or 3W, and these irons really did help me scramble around for some occasional 1 put pars. I'll leave it at that for now, but plan on adding more to this thread over time ... sharing with y'all my experiences and hopefully a shared journey to lower scores.
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