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Found 11 results

  1. So, another one of my quick reviews. The weather in Europe in Spring is usually quite funny. With it being 27 in the sun, to 11 in the shade, with a shower in between. Then there is my favourite clothing brand - Galvin Green. Their SpringSummer '18 collection is a hit with me, love the waterproofs and interface-1 jackets. "THE JACKET TO WEAR 95 OUT OF 100 ROUNDS" is a bold statement. Considering I clock in 250 rounds a year - it's a tall order. It's a good looking jacket. I put it in my bag weeks ago but it was either cold enough to wear an Insula + Larry Interface-1. Or if it was raining I'd just put waterproofs on. Now that the weather got a lil better and in the low-mid teens I've put that jacket on. It's so thin that I had little trust in it before, but it's pretty warm. It also stretches like a pair of leggings :-D And has a pocket - a feature which most of the 2017 GalvinGreen jackets lacked. So then it started raining. And I was about to take my waterproofs out, but didn't. And the water resistance is actually pretty good. It was heavy rain, but short. I havent tested the jacket out in the little raindrops that just make the air feel super damp. But I will for sure. It's a great addition to any wardrobe. Will continue testing it over the next couple of months and share my experiences :-) Let's be honest here. If I was more of a 'fair weather golfer' it could be close to the truth. But I'm not. And 95 out of 100 rounds for me would mean that it would have to be some jacket made out of Unicorn hair and rainbows. But it's still a jacket I'll get a ton of use, especially with the changing weather in Europe!!
  2. So as we're heading into the 'lets play golf' months but it's still bloody freezing I got myself a new jacket. Price £250 as of the time of reviewing. I love my GG IFC-1 Gilet (reviewed here) but sometimes it's too cold to play sleeveless so I thought - I'll get myself the vest with sleeves. It's the 2018 version of the Bruce that I liked a lot, but it has some happily welcome upgrades. It's good looking enough that I dont mind popping to a pub while wearing it. The zips don't catch the material anymore (!) and it has the all important pocket! Which was the main reason I upgraded the 2017 Bruce. The material is great, stretchy, water resistant to the point of me sometimes not being bothered to take out my waterproofs at all if I see the rain will stop in under 30 minutes. The collar is also soft and comfortable. I played in it in temperatures between -3 to 8/9 degrees. When the temps were higher I found myself wanting to change thermals for a tee underneath, or swap the jacket for the sleeveless gilet. As a guy that sweats a lot it does take the moisture away, so you don't feel like you've just been swimming in your clothes. It was paired mostly with some body warmers and an insula pullover underneath. Warm, comfortable, with great quality, looks and moisture management. And most importantly - it doesn't restrict my golf swing. If you're in the market for a jacket this season - buying this one is a no brainer. Feel free to ask any questions as usual.
  3. Wanted: 1 Social Media Savvy Tester Galvin Green Combo Hi Gang... I'm looking for one social media savvy product tester to test, review and keep a sweet combo apparel set from Galvin Green. If you were watching the Ryder Cup, you may have noticed Galvin Green as the official apparel of Team Europe. It didn't help them any, but darn they sure looked sharp! We're looking for one of you for a quick fall review of a really nice combo from GG -- the Alpha half-zip short sleeve jacket, and the Moore Ventil8 golf shirt. It'll be your choice of size and color. Galvin Green has been reviewed here before and considered to be pretty high end stuff. This is your chance to give it a try and see if the performance matches the hubbub. Here's what you need to do: In this thread, give us your name, home state and color preferences for the Alpha jacket and Moore shirt. Also, be sure to follow Galvin Green on Twitter (click here) and on Facebook (click here). We'll want you to post pix here and on Twitter & Facebook! Good luck - we'll pick our tester on Friday!!!
  4. A disclaimer - I love a good gilet. Most of the time I wear a base layer, some mid-warm stuff + a gilet. It keeps you warm, it's a great top layer, it restricts movement less than a jacket, and you can still put your waterproofs over it. November - March I tend to wear them 9/10 times while playing so I thought I'll share my thoughts as to what and why. I've had quite a few from Nike, through UA to Ralph Lauren and Boss. First one I was using A LOT was a Galvin Green Insula. It was basically a comfortable fleece. But it was getting soaked within seconds when it was even a little drizzly so I thought 'Hey, I'll upgrade". So last year after again one too many beers I've bought more golf clothes. One of the items was Oscar Jacobson Caleb Vest RRP £110, but can be bought for £65 online in the UK. It's a great. Padded, windproof, water-repellant gilet. Now that the Interface-1 Galvin Green stuff came out, I thought I'll compare the 2. As their top-of-the range product it retails at £189.95. First thought - pockets. I got a little used to no pockets last year while wearing their Bruce jacket. The Logan has 1 chest pocket. It's good enough to keep a scorecard, pencil and a packet of cigarettes for me. So it kind of works. It's true to it's size guide - which is really good as I buy most stuff online and hate dealing with returns. It's a little ticker than the OJ but doesn't add any weight or bulk. Which I like. And it wicks the sweat away great. The top of the gilet makes a difference. GGs collar when zipped up is more comfortable to wear. And when carrying your bag, the strap doesn't slide down your shoulder. Which for me makes it alone worth the money, as the 'sliding shoulder' even when carrying the bag down the street annoys me to no end. https://www.instagram.com/p/Beux8CThCLr Bottom line - they're both warm and comfortable. I like the style of GG a little more with the multi-material combos. GG is better in a few places I mentioned, the OJ zip also catches the fabric underneath A LOT. For me the price difference is justifiable as I will use it a lot. If you're an avid golfer I can recommend it without a doubt. 5/5 from me.
  5. Galvin Green Dash Insula - RRP is £120 but you can find it at anything from £85 to £120. If you read my other GG reviews - there is nothing new for you here. The quality, cut and fit (for me) are again very impressive. I have it in XL, with a 44 size chest it's a great looking pullover. Comparing to let's say Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Hybrid - the L is uncomfortably snug showing off my beer muscle, and the XL looks like a potato sack on me. It's comfortable to swing in. I usually pair it nowadays with a thermal long sleeve underneath and a Oscar Jacobson Caleb vest on top. And it just works. Perfectly. Played in winter temperatures between 0-14 degrees, and a lot of range sessions. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bdnu0sHB9L5 I'm a big guy that sweats, not even trying to fight it anymore. When the temperature is warmer, and it's wet on the course - we're forced to carry. And that's where the whole layering system shines. The moisture management is amazing. Even with massive winds, you don't feel windchill. It has a chest pocket that fits a score card / yardage book perfectly. And that's my biggest issue with the garment. It has such great moisture management, that the score card/yardage book gets moist in the pocket :-D But it may as well be an issue for me, and not for anyone else. So I strongly suggest you snag one as I can imagine using it for years to come. Unfortunately it's sold out everywhere. All I am able to find now is XXL or S. And I like it so much - I'd stock up on a few of them So a strong **4.75/5** go buy if you can find it. And if you see one in XL - let me know as I want it!
  6. Galvin Green C-KNIT Waterproofs. Style - it's super subjective so I'll leave it. I like it, you may or may not. I have the Argon jacket ( http://www.galvingreen.com/products/argon/argon-g761777) and Arn trousers ( http://www.galvingreen.com/products/arn/arn-g761971). I play all year round, 3/4 rounds a week at least so being in London I get caught in the rain a lot. https://www.instagram.com/p/BU4kAW3h9oy I have used Nike Hyperadapt waterproofs before, but I felt like it was affecting my game. So I decided to bite the bullet and fork out £700 for what my research was showing as the best top layer available. And oh boy. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXDJ3-Yhwad Arrived in July, in a nice box. When I took it out my first thought was to send it back. I wasn't used to clothes weight that much. Or that little to be honest. So thin I was sure it will rip within 10minutes. And it had no pockets - something I've overlooked when making the purchase. Luckily, or not, it rained pretty much instantly so I took the layer out, put it on top of my tee and ... I was dry. It was hot as hell (22-24oC / 72-74oF). I didn't sweat a lot more than in the polo itself... It stopped raining, i took it off. It started, i put it back on. 0 interference with my swing. The C-Knit backing and sleeves take a little getting used to, but it doesn't take long. It's just something touching your neck and hands. I stopped noticing it after maybe 2 holes. Now when it got colder, the rain got a little more annoying, but again, I put it over my pullover and couldn't be happier. Same with the trousers. Easy to put on, comfortable both as a layer by themselves or on top of my golf trousers. The things i don't like - i keep it in my bag. It gets creased as hell. I'd love some sort of a 'storage' bag or smth that i could put the stuff into, but its not a biggie. And another non biggie - the bloody naming and variety of the product leaves me so confused. Even people at Capital Golf in the UK had no idea about the differences. But I guess it must be a Swedish thing cause Ikea does the same. Maybe there is some kind of a system to the naming system - like waterproofs start with "A" but i couldn't find anything to back that up. I also got used to not having pockets in the jacket. It's so thin I'm not sure how they'd manage to put a pocket on it. It's a massive **5/5** and probably the best golf clothing purchase I've made. Any questions - ask.
  7. From the InBox today....a new line of clothing from Europe's Galvin Green. This brand always elicits reaction about price - but there's no denying the quality. And we know those Europeans know their style (even if the fit is a little snug on those of us who qualify as "husky." I grabbed some selections from the press info they sent out - check out their website if you want to see more colors and styles from this line.... Galvin Green Launches Ventil8 Plus Range for Spring/Summer 2017 New Premium Performance Blend Offers Exceptional Moisture Wicking Via Body-Mapping Technology (Växjö, Sweden) – Galvin Green – the world's leading maker of functional golf clothing for serious players and the No. 1 global golf partner of GORE-TEX® – announces the introduction of its 2017 Spring/Summer Ventil8 Plus range featuring body-mapping technology. Designed for ultimate breathability and comfort in excessive heat, Ventil8 Plus fibers feature a revolutionary body-mapping technology to wick moisture twice as fast as a traditional polyester shirt. The ultralight material draws sweat away and diffuses it over a larger area for rapid evaporation alongside ventilation panels for maximum airflow. “The Ventil8 Plus line brings a level of technical fabrication unlike anything else on the market,” says Andrew Creed, President of Galvin Green USA. “We set out to offer golfers the perfect combination of style and market-leading performance, and Ventil8 Plus over delivers.” The latest Cool Layer advancement within the brand's heralded Multi-Layer Concept, Ventil8 Plus is offered across a range of men's, women's and junior's polos, trousers, shorts, and skorts. Boasting a UV protection rating of 20+, all garments are developed with an anti-bacterial effect for odor control and are machine washable for easy care. Based in Sweden, Galvin Green is a pure golf brand that developed the sport's first apparel layering system – the Multi-Layer Concept – more than a decade ago. This distinctive approach uses leading-edge fabric technologies to ensure the dry comfort, thermal regulation and outer protection that helps players optimize performance. Galvin Green is the Official Team Supplier of Outerwear for the 2016 and 2018 European Ryder Cup Teams. Through this partnership, the company will provide its premium waterproof garments to the captains, vice captains, team members and their caddies during the matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (2016) and Le Golf National (2018). Learn more at www.GalvinGreen.com; get social at www.Facebook.com/GalvinGreen and @GalvinGreen
  8. We've discussed Galvin Green here before - it's high end stuff and very high quality. For some of us it's worth the money and for others it isn't - but there's no denying it's premier apparel. Here's some info on their new line of GORE-TEX outerwear... Galvin Green Introduces Revolutionary GORE-TEX® C-KNIT™ Backer Collection First Golf Apparel Brand to Offer Leading-Edge Fabric Technology (Växjö, Sweden) – Galvin Green – the world's leading maker of functional golf clothing for serious players and the No. 1 global golf partner of GORE-TEX® – announces the introduction of its Japanese-made C-KNIT™ Backer range featuring an ultralight, three-layer stretch GORE-TEX® fabric. First worn by the 2016 European Ryder Cup Team, Galvin Green is the only brand to bring the highly-technical material to the golf market. Part of the Pioneering Layering for Golf, Part I collection, the C-KNIT Backer jackets and pants offer exceptional breathability, soft hand and complete waterproofness. “C-KNIT Backer represents the next generation of golf rainwear and another ‘first' for Galvin Green as the pioneering brand in the waterproofs sector,” said Christian Nilsson, CEO/Managing Director of Galvin Green. “A revolutionary fabric technology has been integrated into garments designed for golfers by golfers to offer maximum protection from the elements, while being amazingly lightweight and stylish at the same time.” Highlights include the Argon full-zip and Aldrin half-zip jackets with a high collar and zipped cuffs in a rubber-like neoprene material designed to repel steady rain. Completing the suit is the Arn pant with an elasticated waistband and long leg waterproof zipped openings at the back. Based in Sweden, Galvin Green is a pure golf brand that developed the sport's first apparel layering system – the Multi-Layer Concept – more than a decade ago. This distinctive approach uses leading-edge fabric technologies to ensure the dry comfort, thermal regulation and outer protection that helps players optimize performance. Galvin Green is the Official Team Supplier of Outerwear for the 2016 and 2018 European Ryder Cup Teams. Through this partnership, the company will provide its premium waterproof garments to the captains, vice captains, team members and their caddies during the matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (2016) and Le Golf National (2018). Also distinguishing the brand is its ‘Dress for the Weather' app. Free on the App Store or Google Play, the app provides detailed five-day forecasts for thousands of courses in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Europe, and recommends ideal layering solutions for expected levels of heat, precipitation and wind speed. For more information: GalvinGreen.com. Get social: www.facebook.com/GalvinGreen, @GalvinGreen. About Galvin Green Galvin Green is a family-owned business founded in 1990. A pure golf brand, its products – including premium outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories – are available for purchase at better green grass shops and golf-specialty retail locations in more than 20 countries, and trendygolfusa.com. Crafted by golfers for golfers, every garment and layer has been developed to be compatible – providing exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the elements. Each detail exists because the game demands it.
  9. From the InBox.... I have a couple of articles of Galvin Green apparel - it ain't cheap but it may very well be the nicest and best made stuff I've ever tried. Galvin Green Introduces Windstopper® Active Outerwear Technology Lightweight, Highly-Technical Jacket Showcases Superb Performance, Extreme Packability (Växjö, Sweden) – Galvin Green – the world's leading maker of high-performance and functional golf apparel and the No. 1 global golf partner of GORE-TEX® – announces the introduction of its Bow jacket featuring GORE® Windstopper® Active technology. Designed to be exceptionally lightweight, the men's Bow half-zip jacket (MSRP: $365) weighs just over 100 grams – the equivalent of two golf balls – making it ultra-packable and easy to store in a golf bag. Completely windproof and water resistant, the innovative Windstopper Active fabric offers an ultra-thin and exceptionally breathable layer. “The practically weightless feeling of the Bow jacket is unlike anything else we've offered,” says Andrew Creed, president of Galvin Green USA. “Its innovative, technical material virtually eliminates the elements while maintaining maximum comfort and freedom of movement.” Based in Sweden, Galvin Green is a pure golf brand that developed the sport's first apparel layering system – the Multi-Layer Concept – more than a decade ago. This distinctive approach uses leading-edge fabric technologies to ensure the dry comfort, thermal regulation and outer protection that helps players optimize performance. Galvin Green is the Official Team Supplier of Outerwear for the 2016 and 2018 European Ryder Cup Teams. Through this partnership, the company provides its premium waterproof garments to the captains, vice captains, team members and their caddies during the matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (2016) and Le Golf National (2018). Learn more at www.GalvinGreen.com; get social at www.Facebook.com/GalvinGreen and @GalvinGreen
  10. 2015 MyGolfSpy Fall/Winter Look-Book In the vast sea of golf apparel there seems to be two primary seasons in which new designs are released: Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter. Since I started covering golf apparel for MyGolfSpy, I have struggled with how to present the brands and the latest pieces in their respective lines. Inconsistent with the spirit of MyGolfSpy, there is nothing empirical to study when it comes to clothes. There are no statistics to make sense out of nor is there a ranking structure. Readers fine little merit or interest in the traditional ‘review” when learning about the latest threads. There is, however, recurring feedback I hear from our readers. They want to see clothes and more specifically, complete outfits, presented on a human being. Unlike virtually everything else in golf, apparel is more about looks than it is about function. I know, I know, I get the tech fabric, fit, function, waterproofing, etc… But at the end of the day shopping, if it doesn't look good or fit well first and foremost, it's not going in the cart. For the 2015 MyGolfSpy Fall Apparel Preview, I decided to give our readers what they asked for and wanted. Selections from 6 brands presented in complete outfits, on a person. A golf apparel “look-book” if you will. Thankfully, I was able to use the best looking man I've ever met as a model. So here you have it. I talk briefly about the brands, tell you the price, and let you see how the duds look, right out on the dance floor. The size breakdown: Shirt/Outwear Top: Large Pants 34” Height: 5'11” Weight: 185 Chest: 44” Handsome: Yes ALIAL FITAL www.alialfital.com Alial Fital is a boutique golf apparel brand celebrating it's 5th year in business this year. Their specialty is throwing a dress shirt collar on a golf shirt. The concept is simple but the look is brilliant. Alial Fital produces their selections in lots of 100. Once that style is sold out, it's gone forever. Each piece is a limited edition. New for Fall 2015 is their Performance Pants which are incredibly water repellant and confortable. In my opinion, one of the classiest looks in golf today. Prince of Mustang Polo $89 – Super Navy Performance Pants $135 BUNKER MENTALITY www.bunker-mentality.com Bunker Mentality is a brand out of the United Kingdom that took all of the tradition out of golf apparel. Their unique look is always flashy and slim fitting. Just as you would expect from an apparel brand across the pond. Bunker Mentality is a fun addition to an Americanized wardrobe. Hit it Hard Polo $65 - Nino Tech Pant $105 – Playa Crest Jacket $115 CMax Camo Golfadelic Polo $90 - Nino Tech Pant $105 GALVIN GREEN www.galvingreen.com Galvin Green is an undisputed king of golf outerwear. The Swedish apparel brand is about as respected as they come in golf apparel. Their shirts and pants follow the lead and dominate in feel, fit, and function. You know their jackets, now give the other selections in their line a close look. Ventil8 Manning Polo $150 – Bourne Jacket $375 – NED Slacks Ventil8 $165 LIZZIE DRIVER www.lizziedriver.com I rarely see women's golf apparel covered in the online golf community. Lizzie Driver is a female specific line, and offers classic cuts and colors suitable for the country club or the office catering to ladies age 30 and up. Lizzie Driver is a premium line that is really well thought out and designed. Raven Polo $98 – St. Sophia Skort $136 NIKE www.nikegolf.com The behemoth in Oregon is a big box brand that always produces high quality and technical fabrics. Last year, Nike said that they are focusing on the technical side of their apparel and continuing to innovate around the movement of the golf swing. If you pick something up from Nike Golf, chances are you're going to like it. If there is anything you can expect from Nike is that it will be consistently good. Transition Polo $70 – Flat Front Pants $82 – Storm Fit Vapor Half Zip $230 Nike Momentum Polo $85 – Modern Pants $85 – Hypervis Half Zip 2.0 $90 Q.E.D. www.qedstyle.com QED is a brand that is quietly going about their business making some of the coolest apparel in golf. Their focus has always transitioned away from the golf costume look. You can pick up any piece from the QED line and wear it to work, out for a night on the town, and yes, even on the golf course. Trendy, stylish, and functional. Their pants? Some of the most comfortable in the game, pick up a pair and you wont be disappointed. Gold Kamas Polo $89 – Brigham Pullover $170 – Park City Trousers $149
  11. Galvin Green is a Swedish golf outerwear company that is relatively unknown in the U.S. market. Founded in the 1990‘s, the company departed from the traditional constant in golf outerwear. Baggy, noisy, and overall ill-fitting selections saturated the retail landscape. From it's early beginnings through today, Galvin Green has retained their focus on highly technical outerwear with a tailored appearance, and vibrant color pallet. They are often regarded as offering the best outwear product in the industry. Up until about a year ago, it wasn't available in the U.S. market. #GearUp Since Galvin Green's inception, the focus of their brand has been outerwear in a system of layers. This concept isn't news, and is the cornerstone of most sportswear brands. However, what separates Galvin Green from the rest of the pack is the depth and variety of their selections. Their portfolio of offerings nears 300 different pieces of the multi-layered approach to golf-specific performance gear. Additionally, all of their garments are designed specifically for the game of golf. Aron Jacket The Aron jacket is a totally waterproof shell layer from Galvin Green. It's designed utilizing Gore-Tex, Paclite technology. One of the most readily apparent features of this jacket is it's weight. It's an extremely lightweight shell and for me, that is an important feature for two reasons. First, lightweight and packable means less bulk inside the golf bag. Secondly, for four to five months out of the year in Minnesota, when it's raining outside, it's still relatively warm. This presents a temperature challenge for a long-sleeved waterproof jacket. Although waterproof with Gore-Tex, Aron's breathability is excellent. As remarkable as the weight and breathability of this jacket it's also a functional design with the golf swing in mind. The Gore-Tex material stretches with your movement. It's virtually without restriction. The Aron is deigned to allow for adjustments (velcro) of the width of the jacket to further prevent the feeling of bulk and contributes to the tailored look to the jacket. Retailing at $460, the Aron jacket is one of the most expensive golf shell's available. Without question, it's got to be the best fitting, lightest, least restrictive, totally waterproof shell I have owned. It's no doubt a premium product and that comes at an expensive price. The Aron fits very true to size for a shell. Features: -Cuffs with touch and close fastener and integrated “rain channel” to lead water away from front of hands. -Drawstring in bottom edge for width adjustment. -Angled side seam for optimum comfort and fit. -GORE-TEX® fabric with stretch. The stretch effect is used in different directions on different parts of the garment, ergonomically applied to maximize freedom of movement. -Tab on each side of the back with touch and close fastener for chest width adjustment. See more at: http://www.galvingreen.se/collection/productinfo/731412#sthash.uHTdBjVE.dpuf Davis Insula Pullover The Davis pullover is an intermediate thermal layer designed to be warn in colder weather. One of the first things noticed about the Davis is the overall warmth to weight ratio. The Davis is a lightweight pullover yet very warm. Consistent with the outerwear, the Davis is designed to fit close to the body. Typically, this combination has traditionally meant bulk and restriction. Much like the Aron jacket, this isn't the case at all. The “by golfers, for golfers” mentality is embedded into the Davis' design. It's specifically developed for the golf swing, and stretches with your movement. The Davis is manufactured with Insula technology. According to Galvin Green, Insula has built-in air chambers which are warmed by the body heat and provides long-lasting thermal insulation. The Davis retails for about $180 and fits about one size smaller than normal by design. So, plan accordingly for sizing. Features: -Excellent thermal insulation properties keep the body warm and comfortable. -Maximum breathability that enables the release of excess heat and moisture. -Soft, stretchy and snug fitting garment, specially developed for golfers. -Perfect intermediate layer under a GORE-TEX® or a WINDSTOPPER® jacket. -Easy to wash and maintain, just regular machine wash. See more at: http://www.galvingreen.se/collection/productinfo/733436#sthash.V0pD2kJE.dpuf Millard Polo The Millard polo is special. In fact, I have previously identified Lululemon as the the best feeling polo I've worn. The Millard is every bit as comfortable but then steps on it's throat and finishes the deal. Like other golf specific performance wear, Galvin Green incorporates body mapping into the design, of the Millard, keeping you cool where you need it most through ventilation. Galvin Green calls this their Ventil8 technology, which is specifically designed fabric that transports moisture and excess heat away twice as quickly as conventional polyester. According to Galvin Green, this is made possible through proprietary fibers designed to disperse perspiration over a large area. This allows it to evaporate quicker than competitors. The Millard has permanent anti-bacterial properties embedded into the garment to mitigate the stink. The most impressive feature of the Millard is simply how it feels when worn. The Ventil8 properties give it a soft and cool feel against the body. Different design features such as black meshing around the neck and sleeves that are cut to hang properly against the bicep are well thought out. In hand, the quality construction of the shirt is evident in it's stitching, materials, and button selection. The Millard fits very true to size with some room for expansion. At $155, it certainly is at the highest end of the golf shirt spectrum. You may not have a closet full, but it's probably twice as nice as the shirt you're currently wearing and so the price reflects that. Features: -Extremely high level of breathability. -Excellent moisture-transportation properties keep the body dry and cool. -Light, soft and comfortable garment, specially developed for golfers. -Permanent anti-bacterial technology keeps the garments fresh. -Easy to wash and maintain, just regular machine wash. See more at: http://www.galvingreen.se/collection/productinfo/734218#sthash.j8JFCZF0.dpuf Galvin Green's system of layers, specifically deigned for the kinesthetics of the golf swing are probably the best in golf. If you want to wear it, they make it, and do it better than most. Materials, function, fit, and performance of the offerings all contribute to their superiority. However, as mentioned, this comes at a price. But so does Miura irons and wedges. Just as appealing is the the ease of consumer care in cleaning. Everything can go into the wash machine, and the garments have been tested to withstand significant wear and cleaning. I like that about any products I purchase. The lone complaint I have about Galvin Green is the inclusion of their name in significantly large font on their pieces. I mean, it's huge and on at least two separate places per piece. In my opinion, it's excessive and isolates the pieces solely to the golf course. But on the course, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better in any comparable category. Their comprehensive line is a premium product offering. Once on your body, and on course, you'll soon discover why.
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