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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all. Sorry for interruption. I am not sure if posting and advertising for my own golf project is allowed here. I am the founder of the company, any question, tech/function/business enquiry please just feel free to discuss here or send me a msg I will try my very best to ans. them. Basically I came up with this idea a year ago. I applied and was granted a little gov funding and raised a little angle fund. A team of 8, we spent a year on this. In the first half of year we worked on pose estimation, but I later realized that's somehow meaningless for a golf simulator, and we spent another half year to get this ball launch monitor done. It is all about computer vision. We spent so much time on making the computer to recognise the golf ball flying in high speed under most circumstances (i.e. dark environment), and then to squeeze the software into a mobile phone. We started implementing all the physics formula a couple months ago to extract motion data such as ball speed and carry distance. This part is taking us quite a lot of time too because none of us had any experience working on similar project before where we realized we have been ignoring a lot of essential factors that are affecting the flight of the ball (i.e. Magnus effect, air friction, spin rate, spin axis, etc.) Frankly speaking, it was once very accurate (less than 15% difference when comparing with a gc2). We recently felt that the detection area was a bit small and we expanded that to around 2 sq. ft. and things screwed up. Therefore, we are adjusting everything again now because we insist to have a larger detection area. Like all other startups, we have no income, have been spending money all along and I am hoping the Kickstarter campaign can ease a bit of our financial stress. Honestly, the $5k goal isn't even enough for our half month operation cost, but I am thinking maybe feedback from the campaign could be some evidence for me to persuade my upcoming investors. Please support us to get this to live, and comments welcomed, either positive or negative! Thank you.
  2. #MatchPlaySocial #NeverPlayAlone New golf app to find other golfers around you to play with. Location technology to search closest golfer wherever you are. You can look at their handicap and schedule availability to see if they would be a good fit to play with. You can also reach out to people via e-mail to invite for a round of golf. Just launched and need lots of users to be really great! It's FREE. Add your info to the app so users can reach out: https://www.matchplaysocial.com/player-info-form Download the App on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/matchplay-social/id1250221082?mt=8 Download the App on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.pxounokyscdqvfupywejwtaibmrtqlgzjerbakxinsv&hl=en
  3. Golf Live app is a mobile app filled with features designed to generate new levels of excitement for golfing events. Golf Live is the finest most complete golf tournament software mobile app ever created for the fund raising golf games tournament industry.Contact us at 1-866-258-0957
  4. Let me introduce ourselves. My name is Heidi and I represent a very cool golf app called STRIKER GOLF GPS. One of your forum administrators was nice enough to allow us to present on your forum. We are hoping to find 10 of your members who might be willing to test out ( for FREE ) our app and offer constructive reviews. I am attaching a form letter that we send out to prospective writers describing Striker Golf; but in summary, we developed this mobile app for the sole purpose for golfers to more easily play games and interact through its unique scorecard, you are playing match play, team play, ryder cup games, or handicaps. The scorecard is attached to a world class GPS that is fast and accurate and better with your batteries than some of the leading competitors. Best of all, unlike leading apps like Golfshot, you never have to leave the screen to put in scores or stats. Note that a full 18 hole round will take up about 20% of your battery. Finally, the social network not only allows you to keep track of your friends, but allows you to input your friends easily next time you want to play with them. You can even easily put them into "groups" so you can chat to your "sunday group" separate from your " work group". For the 10 MyGolfSpy users to test this out at no charge, I will need your email address in order to identify you in the database as "complimentary". I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. And please give us constructive feedback. My personal email is heidistriker@gmail.com. you can also "friend" me on facebook!
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