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Found 7 results

  1. Preparing yourself to possess an honest golf shot game will assist you before you golf, however, there are belongings you will do whereas golf shot may facilitate too. These embody are the subsequent tips. THE COIN technique The coin technique is often effective is often effective for rising your golf shot technique. Place a dime one foot behind the ball and take a look at it to hit it 5 times utterly . Once you got accomplished, place the coin 2 feet out and take a look at 5 a lot of times. Keep going to 3 to 4 feet out till you have got formed this system. Currently, you are able to focus on the important golf shot. EYE ON THE DIME Another nice technique to use to specialise in your stroke and follow - through is to place any coin directly behind the ball. The coin acts as a target once creating your golf swing. Several sports teach you to stay your eye on the ball. This can be not the case in golf, though. you would like to stay your specialise in the coin and swing following the trail together with your head and shoulders. THE “EYES CLOSED” TECHNIQUE Many pro golfers have used the eyes closed trick to boost their performance throughout a tournament . If you loose confidence or have anxiety throughout a game, shut your eyes and let you mind relax .Your sub-conscience can take over. Your mind will keep in mind the hours of routine activity, golf swings, and stokes.Closing your eyes will offer you a way of calm, creating you are feeling a lot of relaxed regarding your game. Hope this helps!!!
  2. Thousands of golf training aids have been developed over the years. Which one have you used and how has it delighted you on the inside and out, doing wonders to your game?
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this forum (and still pretty new to golf to be fair!) so if this is out of topic or against rules then please let me know. Anyway, I've been working on my swing recently, trying to refine and improve as I still have some bad habits which make my game inconsistent. I've tried a bunch of swing analysis apps but I was disappointed because they are either just a glorified video recording app, or they get you to send your videos off to a golf pro for analysis (for a pretty sizeable fee). Does anyone else have this problem? I find the hardware type swing analyzers (ie. Arcos, Zepp, et al.) don't really help with this that much, and other products like Flightscope are really too expensive. I'm a techie so have been hacking together my own app which can record my swing and automatically perform swing analysis on the spot (using image analysis/computer vision). I'm building it so it looks at posture throughout the swing, club positioning, grip, swing curvature, tempo, and club face on impact. The plan is to clip my phone onto my golf bag and position it so I can record from behind or side-on. I'm testing this on myself and a few golf buddies right now - but wondering if anyone else would be interested in using an app like this? Would love to hear if anyone else has this issue or if there is actually an app out there that already does something similar? It would be great to get some additional testers too. If interested let me know - I've created a cheap landing page to easily get some sign ups for testing: https://golfmatics.carrd.co/ Thanks!
  4. I bought a Swingbyte a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the data it provided (club path, club face, loft, lie, etc). They also had great customer service! The company seems like they fell off the map and haven't updated the software or website in well over a year. I also did a search for other swing analyzers and this area has seemed to dry up. I had hope these devices would translate into a golf simulator. Anyone see any updates in the market or any new swing analyzers?
  5. Does this swing have longevity? Definitely a change from his violent tendencies of the past. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  6. Dear Friends in Golf: It is such a great feeling to go out and hit the ball toward the green surrounded by green and green fair way. It is such a fresh and wonderful view. It would be even greater if we hit a golf ball straight and crispy every time we pick up the club. No stress but only joy. But unfortunately that is not true for most of us. We can make great shots for several holes, but we can get into troubles for some holes. One day we strike ball amazingly well, but next day we don't, and we don't know why we hit a ball very well and why we did poorly. Sounds familiar? Check ebook in Kindle - Golf Swing Total Control! I have gone through pretty much of these experiences for past over 30 years, and I always try to come up a better and easier way to play golf. I think I finally come to the idea that will lead to a great ball striking. The ideas in this book may not be totally new, but I am presenting those ideas from my own perspectives. Be Simple and Consistent. Keep Basics. Be more forgiving. Be in Total Control. I am presenting Grip itself, new way of Griping using two fingers. I am also advocating Swing Plane, One Plane. I am also encouraging more of Lateral movement, not abrupt Rotational movement. Now, we need to understand Physics. We have to apply and understand Physics. We know that we are dealing with contact and movement – club head, club face, ball, body, hands and feet. Direction of incoming club head before contacting the ball and direction of outgoing club head after the impact and angle of club face at impact will be really crucial for a straight ball fly. Yet, I think we can simplify all these elements for the great ball striking. Now, are you ready for looking into more details? I sincerely hope this book will help improve your game of golf, quiet honestly, dramatically and simply. Thanks. Visit Golf Swing Total Control - Less Strokes More Fun with New Approaches Other insightful blog: golfSruggle.com
  7. Many golfers struggle with swing consistency. Getting that perfect golf swing can be difficult even for tour professionals. A consistent swing is a must to cover the right distance with greater efficiency. Amateurs often get inconsistent scores week after week, and it is disheartening for them. The secret to putt holes and get the swing right to lower your scores is to focus on building the consistency. It will not be wrong to say that to become a great golfer, you need to get serious and work on your consistency. But you can now Improve your ‪‎Golf‬ Swing Consistency with valuable tips shared here http://golfswingrightnow.com/improve-golf-swing-consistency/
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