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Found 5 results

  1. My GolfTec lesson ... a positive experience! A little earlier this year I’d made a (actually, another) donation to the PGA HOPE program (more info.. https://pgaimpact.org/pga-hope/) but this time it came with a bonus for me - my choice of a free lesson or a free fitting (driver or iron) at a local GolfTec center. Since there’s one about 30-40 minutes from me (depending on Long Island traffic) and figuring there are a few better-known club fitters I can travel to (including Club Champion, Pete’s Golf, True Spec in NYC) and that my golf game can benefit more (waaaay more) from an improved swing, I opted for the swing evaluation/lesson. OK, I know what a few (maybe most) of you are thinking: “Golftec?!? They’re the Natty Light [or White Castle or insert your own pejorative] of golf lessons!” I had also thought of them as sort of a formulaic / cookie-cutter type of chain outfit, not suitable for the serious play-ah. My first exposure to the brand was seeing a sign as I walked into a nearby GolfSmith a few years ago (now permanently closed). So I looked up a little bit about them, including this page … https://www.golftec.com/swingtru … with some details on the swing motion analysis underlying their teaching methodology, and thought what da heck .. the way the latter part of the past season went for me I needed someone to look at my swing! I’ve added an “FYI” addendum at the end of this post with a few more links to add’l info on their teaching process. After I made the donation I received an email with a link to schedule a time, followed by a confirmation back also listing the name of the coach .. as they call their instructors .. that I’d be meeting with. Well, as it turns out - I don’t think I could have gotten paired with a nicer guy who appeared genuinely interested in helping me specifically (maybe the only way he could have been more helpful was if after the lesson he carried my clubs back to the car and loaded them in for me .. hahaha). The Facility… I imagine most GolfTec centers are outfitted similarly; here you enter into a large room with some seating to the right and a long desk with a computer for the coaches and then a putting area behind the desk. There’s a monitor overhanging the putting area and a camera, but not sure what other equipment / system they use to measure your putting aim or stroke; can update in a later post if/when I schedule a putting session. To the left is the first hitting / teaching room (with a door; not an open bay), then the fitting area (does have an open back wall displaying a lot of shafts, etc.) and down the hallway are additional hitting rooms on either side. There’s also a small repair/build room for the fitter. Each room is bright and well-lit - a big plus for those of us with aging eyes who struggle a bit in the very dim hitting bays you typically see at stores. The room is spacious enough so you feel like you can swing freely; has a full ceiling-height and wall-width net with an “aim strip” hanging down; has two large monitors one above the other - the top is for the LM/Sim display and the lower is for the video feed - hanging on the side wall that you face when you set up to the ball (Lefties - note they have a room set up for you, too) and a large stance mat in the center with a light rough hitting strip on both edges. The LM is a ForeSight - the radar-based model; the fitting room has a GC Quad. The ball tray at the back of the stance mat is filled with Callaway Practice balls .. which to me seem good-enough for the intended purpose of working on mechanical elements of your swing (the fitting room has Pro V1s for you aficionados). The motion vest is hanging on the tripod at the left. The row of green buttons at lower-right is for practice sessions for the user to access functions on the LM or video feed (eg. playback). Not in the picture but behind where I'm standing is a chair to set your stuff down plus there's a phone charger cord with 4 different plugs to fit most any smartphone (nice touch). The First Evaluation / Lesson begins... I met Larry, my coach, and the hour long session started with a brief Q&A covering the main parts of any golf game - driving, approaches, short game, bunkers, putting - along with where I rated myself on each, eg. “How many times out of 10 do you hit the fairway?” or.. “How many times do you get up and down when you miss the green?” We decided on full swing approaches as one of the areas to start with and he had me grab my 9i while he strapped on their (proprietary?) body motion capture vest; its data is displayed on the lower monitor so as you’re swinging you can see overlaid on the video feed whatever number of degrees of shoulder tilt or of hip rotation, etc. If the number appears in red then that aspect of your swing deviates too far, negatively, vs the average of all the tour pros they measured. Oh, there are two cameras looking at your swings: one face-on and one down-the-line behind you. A few of the basic principles underlying their teaching methodology is that most amateurs do not turn either their shoulders nor their hips enough in the backswing .. nor tilt their shoulders enough. Also, most amateurs do not keep their arms straight enough throughout the swing - especially going into impact and then the follow-through. And - no surprise! - I fit squarely into the category of “most amateurs” so these were a few of the keys that we started working on. I mentioned to Larry that I’m more interested in developing a “feel” for the proper movements that I could internalize and retain and take to the course, vs trying to achieve a specific number at a specific position. Whether it’s his normal teaching style or not, throughout the lesson he accommodated this request and only used the data to reinforce where “good” should be vs my, well, needs more work.. The First Evaluation / Lesson continues... It wasn’t continually hitting balls with the coach saying only, “turn more” or whatever - it was hit one ball followed by him giving some feedback and/or a demonstration of what he was looking for and/or a look at his computer screen of a pro swing model of what he was trying to get me to do. Or again, in reality what he was trying to get me closer to doing. We also looked at the swing data but just to get an idea of what factors may have contributed to the last hit's success or failure; including what they call azimuth and I took to be the face-to-path angle at impact (could be wrong; don't quote me on that). Then hit again and re-evaluate. This feedback-loop process seemed to work for me - as the lesson went on I started moving better and making better contact (eg. as shown in key swing numbers) and hitting the ball better (eg. resulting ball flights on the sim). We spent a good amount of time working on the takeaway and moving through the backswing, and then a little bit on transition, impact and follow-through. Clearly there’s only so much you want to cram into one session (and only so much this old guy’s brain can absorb anymore at one time) and when I got home I wrote out three pages of notes outlining what we’d covered. And a lesson bonus... In the beginning Q&A one of my bigger problem areas noted is bunkers, so to end the lesson Larry had me work on an “explosion” type shot - wide open face, open stance, wrist hinge, etc. Now, no, none of this is new to me but having a coach guide you through it all made it all a lot easier and I started popping the ball up high with a lot of backspin. Yea! First Lesson Wrap-Up… The evaluation/lesson concluded with a brief review of what we’d worked on, and Larry input some notes into the coach’s interface to the Golftec system along with before and after swing video clips plus a few suggested drills. He then emailed me a link to access it all via the Golftec website or you can download their smartphone app. And then there’s the sales pitch... OK not unexpectedly .. especially after a free hour-long lesson .. the coach becomes a sales person urging you to schedule more lessons and/or practice time and/or a fitting. Various options and packages, at various price points, are presented to you on-screen. The “Game Plan” packages incorporate (some number of) lessons + (some hours of) practice time + a fitting. I didn’t note any specifics but they probably have it all listed on their website. Seemed kinda pricey, honestly, and as mentioned earlier I didn’t really want a fitting plus knowing myself I wouldn’t be driving there and back too often just to practice (I have a net and mat set up in my garage plus if I want there’s an indoor facility less than ten minutes from my house). But given my positive experience with Larry I did opt for additional lessons with him, so I signed up for a lesson-only package of 10. You can switch coaches if you like, but they suggest sticking with the same person to get more consistency from lesson to lesson as he/she will get to know your particular swing weaknesses and strengths. And I liked the guy. I plan on spreading these out over the winter months and practicing in-between. It’s important to note lessons are sold as “Credits” where 1 credit = one ½ hour lesson; so a package of 10 lesson credits can be taken as 10 x ½ hour lessons or as 5 x 1 hour lessons or any other combo you choose as you go along. Post-Lesson Follow-Up... You interact with GolfTec through a browser or through a smartphone app; in either case you log in so it’s only your data, plus it was nice to see that “The Clubhouse” interface/user experience is exactly the same in both places. Your coach is also available by email; although I’m not sure how extensive the level of interaction/coaching is. You can access your last, or any previous, lesson for review - see swing video and analysis, read the coach’s notes and watch any drills .. as brief videos .. he/she may have added to the lesson for your post-lesson practice. You can schedule your next lesson or practice time or, obviously, you can add more lesson credits to your account (or purchase any of their other “Game Plan” packages - which appear to be offered at a small discount for existing customers). In summary... Again, based on my single user experience, but ... given the quality of the facility and the friendliness of the coach and the success of my first lesson I came away with a pretty positive feeling and am very comfortable suggesting anyone who’s looking for a coach and also is near enough to a GolfTec center to go in and give it a try! FYI addendum - more on GolfTec’s teaching method: Yes - it is largely based on “Here’s what the tour pros do .. and the tour pros are right” school of thought, but - they seem to have performed a reasonable analysis first by measuring several key positions and ranges of motion of the swing movements of [an unspecified number of] tour pros and also of the amateurs who visit their facilities; comparing the average amateur to the average tour pro they can point out exactly where .. and by how much .. the amateur’s swing deviates from the average tour pro’s. You can read and see more details on their swing motion analysis at… https://www.golftec.com/swingtru The pro baseline is used as a starting point for each student’s lesson - for example, during my first eval / lesson the coach determined that (amongst other things, of course!) both my shoulder tilt and shoulder rotation were the worst negative deviations from the tour pro average so we started working on those elements of my swing. * My overall impression is - taking myself as a typical recreational golfer - the objective is not to get you to swing just like a tour pro but to get you to swing more efficiently and more alike to the average tour pro vs like the average recreational player. Here’s a short vid from their blog, “The Scramble”, summarizing their general teaching approach… “3 Keys to Create a Good Golf Swing” https://www.golftec.com/blog/2019/03/3-keys-to-create-a-good-golf-swing And this one highlights a few Golftec coaches talking about common misconceptions around their teaching methods… https://www.golftec.com/blog/2019/12/golf_digest_coaches_talk_misconceptions ..and another FYI for anyone who may be interested in trying Golftec... If you want to use my .. #GolfTec referral link .. we'll each receive a $100 credit!! (- can be used towards lessons, practice time or a fitting) #GolfTec promo code ... https://gt.golf/41Hamd
  2. Hi All, I am currently taking lessons at Golf Tec and have "earned" two fittings through my time there. Additionally, (as a Bday gift) I received $200 towards a fitting at TrueSpec Golf which I will use at the Doral location. I have had my current irons (Ping K15's) for about 10 years and bought them on craigslist. My Cobra F7 and Ping G 5-wood and 3H I also bought on Ebay and have never been fit for clubs before. I assume TrueSpec has a larger selection of shaft options as well as Iron heads. Should I do my iron fitting with True Spec and my Driver at GolfTec? Should I do an Iron fit and driver fit at both and see if I get similar recommendations? Not really sure how to approach it. I would appreciate any insight or advice the MGS community has. P.s. I am a high-handicapper, but am actively working to get better. I know that new clubs will not stop my shanks but still I have been saving for over a year and I am ready to upgrade my irons in the near future and likely my driver as well.
  3. GOLFTEC Unveils Enhanced Putting Lessons Powered by TECPUTT (Englewood, CO.) – GOLFTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and premium club fittings – has taken its renowned instruction to the next level with introduction of enhanced Putting Lessons powered by TECPUTT, a proprietary software system built by GOLFTEC’s in-house team of golf instruction experts and product designers. Rolled out this month at select GOLFTEC locations nationwide, the company’s new offering utilizes special putting sensors that pair with a comprehensive analysis app to provide real-time, actionable motion analytics, 2D & 3D synchronized graphical playback, video capture, automatic cloud-based record keeping and more. The company’s philosophy is that consistency and repeatability are the key elements shared by all good putters. GOLFTEC Coaches help show students why they aren’t hitting more predictable putts and recommend a plan to develop their skills. “GOLFTEC strives to provide an environment for total game improvement and a crucial element to lowering scores is building confidence and skill on the green,” says Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GOLFTEC. “Our students have access to the best Coaches for all elements of their game, be that analysis of the full swing, club fitting or our new enhanced putting lessons.” TECPUTT software, combined with insight from GOLFTEC’s highly-trained coaches, uses a variety of tools to analyze student performance, including: · Target Line Analysis: Display of the length, duration, and accuracy of the proper putter orientation · Face & Loft: Complete analysis of face, loft angles and their relationship · Putting Score: Quantitative assessment of progress · Result: Record, review and compare putting performance Enhanced Putting Lessons are the latest addition to GOLFTEC’s world-renowned teaching technology, which includes advanced motion measurement, video analysis and premium launch monitors to help any student find the lesson plan best suited for their unique needs. GOLFTEC students drop an average of seven strokes from their scores. GOLFTEC continues to establish itself as the world leader in golf improvement with more data on the golf swing than anyone else in the world, thanks to its award-winning SwingTRU Motion Study. The global GOLFTEC coaching team is comprised of experienced instructors that have graduated from GOLFTEC University – a multi-week certification program based around a curriculum of mastering advanced training of golf swing mechanics and GOLFTEC’s proprietary technology used in all Training Centers. The majority of GOLFTEC Certified Personal Coaches are PGA Professionals who have taught thousands of lessons. To learn more about GOLFTEC and the new Enhanced Putting Lessons, please visit www.golftec.com or call 877-446-5383. About GOLFTEC Since 1995, GOLFTEC has become the world’s largest provider of golf lessons and premium club fittings, operating more than 200 corporately-owned and franchised Training Centers in all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. A top employer of PGA Professionals, the company’s 700-plus coaches have taught more than nine million lessons with students dropping an average of seven strokes from their scorecards. Its highly-trained coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a completely fact-based approach to instruction, practice and club fitting. GOLFTEC’s leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by its SwingTRU Motion Study™ – the largest study ever conducted on golf swing mechanics. ###
  4. This came to the InBox today....interesting offer from GOLFTEC for early November. Donate $25 to PGA Reach and get a free golf lesson worth $85... GOLFTEC Offers A Complimentary Lesson with A Donation to PGA REACH Redeemable at Participating U.S. Locations, Nov. 6-12 (Centennial, Colo.) – GOLFTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and largest employer of PGA Professionals – is supporting PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America, by offering one complimentary lesson to anyone who first makes a small donation to the foundation. Redeemable at all participating GOLFTEC locations in the United States between Nov. 6-12, interested parties can sign-up online at pgareach.org/GOLFTEC. To complete the process, customers simply follow instructions on making a donation and must show their receipt upon arrival at GOLFTEC. Each 30-minute lesson is valued at more than $85; individuals are asked to make a $25 suggested minimum contribution, but are free to donate more. PGA REACH is the 501©(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America. Through its three core pillars –youth, military, diversity and inclusion – PGA REACH strives to impact lives daily through the game of golf while working in concert with the PGA of America's 41 Sections. “Over the past 22 years, our priorities have been to help people play better golf while doing our part to grow this wonderful game,” says Joe Assell, co-founder and CEO of GOLFTEC. “Working with PGA REACH on this initiative helps achieve these goals by promoting the benefits of golf to a wide audience.” In effort to raise further awareness, PGA REACH was named an official charity partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon, taking place November 5. GOLFTEC's Joe Assell will be participating alongside a variety of PGA of America representatives, including CEO Pete Bevacqua; Board Members Kyle Heyen, Scott Ashworth, and Tim Fries; Kentucky PGA Section President and PGA Master Professional Ralph Landrum; and Sun Country PGA Secretary Matthew Long. Highly efficient and boasting a 96 percent success rate, GOLFTEC lessons are taught one-on-one by Certified Personal Coaches, mostly in indoor bays that utilize proprietary teaching technology. Developing a comprehensive improvement plan for each student is the foundation of GOLFTEC's philosophy. This is embodied by the company's popular game plans and lesson packs, which are available in a variety of options to suit all budgets. “GOLFTEC has an impeccable reputation as the largest employer of PGA Professionals, and having the most instructional centers around the world makes it even more possible for us to make a difference in people's lives through golf,” said Ryan Cannon, Senior Director of PGA REACH. “We are grateful for our relationship with GOLFTEC as it will certainly help us impact the lives of youth, military, and diverse communities nationwide.” GOLFTEC has taught more than 7 million lessons at over 200 locations worldwide. Committed to strengthening the industry and hiring only the best staff, GOLFTEC coaches are experienced professionals, most of whom have taught thousands of lessons. Each goes through a rigorous multi-week certification at GOLFTEC University, including continued advanced training to master the analysis of golf swing mechanics, the technology of the GOLFTEC system, and the most productive teaching techniques. Each GOLFTEC student undergoes a Swing Evaluation to assess their skill, followed by a certified personal coach recommending a specific game plan, which includes fundamental elements like course strategy and a TECfit® club fitting session. While the majority of lessons are taught indoors in private bays, coaches also accompany players for on-course/outdoor lessons to ensure they are comfortable in real world situations. To learn more about the GOLFTEC PGA REACH promotion, visit golftec.com/charity or call 877-446-5383.
  5. This came through the InBox this morning....some nice deals on GolfTEC instruction... GolfTEC Unveils Special Packages for Holiday Season Multiple Options Offer Excellent Savings, Help All Players Improve Over Winter Months (Centennial, Colo.) – GolfTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and largest employer of PGA Professionals – announces special holiday packages for golfers and gift givers, allowing players to experience the company's famed Swing Evaluations, Lesson Packs and practice sessions at a great value. These renowned services are proven to help players of all skill levels improve and have more fun on the course. From November 15th through December 30th, the company is offering the following special bundles, more information is available at http://www.golftec.com/holiday: Silver Holiday Package: Swing Evaluation, one 30-minute lesson and one 30-minute practice session for $195 Gold Holiday Package: Swing Evaluation, three 30-minute lessons and three 30-minute practice sessions for $295 10% off all regular Lesson Packs and Game Plans Free TECfit Club Fitting with qualifying purchase of $399 or more Swing Evaluations include video analysis, motion measurement, a fact-based diagnosis and recommendation of a specific game plan, which includes fundamental elements like course strategy and a TECfit® club fitting session. While the majority of lessons are taught indoors in private bays, coaches also accompany players for on-course/outdoor lessons to ensure they are comfortable in real world situations. Highly efficient and boasting a 96 percent success rate, GolfTEC lessons are taught one-on-one by Certified Personal Coaches in private, mostly indoor bays that utilize proprietary teaching technology. Developing a comprehensive improvement plan for each student is the foundation of GolfTEC's philosophy. “Our climate-controlled indoor hitting bays provide the perfect avenue for golfers to improve their game during the winter,” says Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GolfTEC. “These Holiday Packages offer a great way to give a gift that any golfer would love: a better golf swing.” Since 1995, GolfTEC has taught more than 6 million lessons at hundreds of locations worldwide. The coaching team is mainly comprised of PGA professionals who have conducted thousands of lessons. Each is certified after multi-week training at GolfTEC University where comprehensive analysis of golfers' swing mechanics cornerstones progressive teaching methodology. To learn more about GolfTEC, the world leader in golf lessons, please visit www.golftec.com or call 877-446-5383. About GolfTEC The world leader in golf lessons and top employer of PGA Professionals has a 96 percent success rate among its students. Since 1995, GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches, the vast majority of which are PGA Professionals, have given more than 6 million lessons. The company operates hundreds of centers worldwide and has a presence in almost all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. All lessons are based on the company's "Five Factors:" Fact-Based Diagnosis, Sequential Lessons, Video-Based Practice, Advanced Retention Tools, and TECfit® club fitting. To date, more than 600 GolfTEC Coaches work across a global network of Improvement Centers, consisting of both Corporate-owned and Franchise-owned locations and employees.
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