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Found 5 results

  1. First time I had heard of Truespec was back when @jlukes won a fitting and posted about it. Since then, I immediately followed them on Instagram and would cheekily reply to their new location posts with a comment like "Oahu when?" In 2020, when we were planning our honeymoon, we decided to go to California to go to Disneyland and stuff, and I booked a fitting at Truespec Beverly Hills. Then C19 hit and the plans got cancelled. Fast forward to today (and probably 10-15 more comments on IG begging them to come, even tagging local courses so they could get exposure and maybe entice them a little) Truespec Oahu has finally opened. I immediately had to put my money where my mouth was now that they finally made it out here, so I booked a fitting. Much to my delight and surprise, I know the fitter who was hired there and have been fit by her in the past! I've been wanting to try graphite iron shafts for a while now. Not that there's much wrong with my current set, but just to preserve my wrists since they're not in great shape from years of skateboarding when I was younger, working at a computer all day, and obviously golf. The problem was, I couldn't find a spot locally that would be anything more than like an OEM+ fitting AT BEST, if the OEM carried a graphite shaft on their cart by chance. I hadn't played graphite iron shafts since I was a junior (I'm 36 now) and any time I've randomly tried them, they felt overly light and like I couldn't feel the head at all. Not necessarily boardy, just... dead? I'll spare you the deep-dive into the details since everyone knows by now what goes on at places like Truespec and TxG, but I got to try a variety of heads and shafts. I remember thinking between club tweaks how great it is to finally have something like this locally, and it felt every bit as dreamy as I had imagined it would when I finally got the custom fit I was craving for however long it has been since I read the original thread. Also for whatever reason I suck at hitting into nets/screens so it was nice that the fitting was outdoor, so I can see the ball flights changing between club/shaft tweaks. Tried a variety of heads, with the Mizuno and TM's being the ones I asked to specifically try: Mizuno: 223, 225 Taylormade: P770 Callaway Apex Pro Ping i59, i525 In a few different shafts: Mitsubishi OTi 105 KBS TGI Tour 100 UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Steelfiber i95 It was really, really close between the i59 and the Mizuno 223, but in the end the i59 just felt like the faces were too hot. Very interesting that they were so close in numbers considering the Mizuno are lower lofted by 2* I went in thinking all I would gain were the benefits of graphite on my wrists, but found out that my 919 Forged weren't spinning enough, especially (duh) on mishits. The 223's were still spinning on poor strikes and my average carry went up, with a smaller standard deviation -- which is huge for me right now since I'm not playing as much as I used to. I'll definitely be back, probably to swing an Autoflex at some point
  2. 5-PW Srixon Z565 - Miyazaki Tour Issue 8R 5433 graphite shafts, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips, Std. specs. SOLD Please DM for questions, additional photos or to arrange payment/shipping. Thanks!
  3. I use my 2iron on and off the tee, i currently have a kuro kage hybrid shaft in it but its starting to splinter. I don’t want a steel shaft is their a graphite shaft that is strong and meant for this?
  4. Ok so I consider myself relatively knowledgeable about equipment and in particular shafts. But sometimes I'm not sure what differentiates one shaft from another and by how much. My knowledge is mostly of low launch stuff. The goal right now is to find something to go into the Hogan PTx irons. The KBS tourV 120x just feel really soft to me and aren't working out. This is going to be kind of difficult because I want super low launch and spin from 6i/7i-pw and something a little higher launch in the 4i/5i and maybe 6i. The flighted sets all seem to be too soft from what I understand and have tried. Not many high swing speed players want flighted shafts and while I probably don't need them, these irons may or may not(depending how testing goes) be in the bag for a long time to come so its worth it to look. I understand the the DG AMT aren't flighted and are just weight sorted and get heavier through the set so that may be an option. DG Pro sort of peaked my interest as well. What about DG black gold? Is that just an older version of DG pro? I don't know as much about some of the more exotic shaft options but I know Nippon Super Peening Blue have been recommended to me in the past. About me: SS with the driver is 120ish and 6i is around 100. Transition is on the faster side but working on it. Previous shafts that I've used that have worked well in the past are: PX 6.5/7.0 DGx100/X7 KBS Ctaper130x Any input would be helpful. And yes i'm definitely a tinkerer, I know.
  5. Upgrade your bag with the Nike VR-S Hybrid Find the deal here -->http://www.divot.com/
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