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Found 20 results

  1. I’ve been using the claw/pencil method of gripping my putter for several years. Ive tried all sorts of ways to take my wrists out of the equation from left hand low, long shafts, etc. I know there are a variety of grips out there and have experimented with many of them from the giant SuperStroke to Evnrolls gravity grip. But I did not know there was something specific for us claw grippers until recently. I’ve got the SuperStroke to the right of a well worn Evnroll Gravity Grip for comparison. I don’t think the Evnroll is oversized in any meaningful way. But I show both to demonstrate the thickness of the SS so you can see how it’s thinner shape fits into the crook of your hand between thumb and forefinger. It’s flat top/front flat is then wider/thicker as your fingers rest on it. Just like it was made to be held that way… I really like it, and wish I’d known about it before. When I went thru my putter fitting at CC he offered it as a suggestion, and though it felt weird at the time (and did for the first practice session) I thought I’d give it a go. It has the SS counterweight in it - I liked that extra weight in the Evnroll gravity grip so I thought that would keep some consistent feel. Because I’m an Arccos user I needed the adapter for the putter sensor. Since putting it into play I’ve seen two thing: first I’ve reduced the pull to the left - now that is likely attributable to the neck of the putter and the whole reason for the fitting and new weapon, but it’s part of the package. Second, I’ve gained .6 strokes SG - again, the neck and the fact that my short game SG has improved as well. But it clearly isn’t having a negative effect. I like the feel of it and that my hand stays parallel to my target line. Can’t be anything else. So if you are a Claw gripper you might want to take a look
  2. Here's a topic that isn't discussed anywhere near as much as it should be... Golf gloves. Maybe it's not as sexy as a brand new driver or some shiny wedges, but in my opinion a decent glove gives so much confidence and may be worth a handful of strokes per round (no pun intended). Am I right? I've tried a huge number of gloves in the short time that I have been playing golf and have concluded that my top 3 (at the moment) are as follows: (pictures below) 3. All Weather Glove - synthetic (cost £5.99 GBP) A surprisingly comfortable and soft glove, considering it is a value-for-money option. Grips well in all conditions (except freezing cold!). Hard wearing - One pair has lasted a dozen or so trips to the driving range as well as a couple of rounds, and is still going strong. This is my go-to glove for messing around in the garden, range work and when it's not really warm/totally dry. 2. Elite Glove - Cabretta leather (palm) and synthetic leather hybrid (cost £12.99 GBP) Beautifully soft glove, stretches to fit perfectly around my odd-shaped hands. This glove provides the best feel of any glove I have previously tried. I find that this glove is somewhat durable for a soft leather, but nowhere near as hard wearing as a synthetic glove. The first pair lasted 5 or 6 trips to the range as well as a couple of rounds in the summer before the thumb started to stretch slightly and lose a little grip. It still felt good but I replaced it with a new pair. This is my glove of choice for dry/warm weather. 1. RainGrip - Pair, Synthetic (cost £19.99 GBP for pair, including towel) I was a little sceptical about these gloves but they very quickly became my favourite gloves by far. Firstly, I had never worn a pair of gloves when playing golf, only a single glove on my left hand. This felt peculiar initially, but a couple of holes in I was loving them. They gripped well in the dry, but surprisingly really came into their own once they started to get wet. Made from an unusual microfibre type fabric which seemed to become more tacky/grippy the wetter it got! By this point the rain was coming down heavily - a common occurrence here in the UK - and I still felt 100% confident swinging my club around. As the winter months approached I started using these gloves each time I visited the range and wore them for every round I played over the winter. They are in near-perfect condition still and I'm actually looking forward to my next round in the rain! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what gloves work best for you. What glove are you using right now, and why? How much would you pay for a glove? How long does it last? Mo.
  3. Ive had some really bad experiences with grips (z-cord literally shredded by palm) and wanted to get peoples feedback on the grips they use and why?
  4. Hello forum members. I wonder if you can help me with an iron issue. I got a new set of AP-3 irons two years ago and (believe it or not) just realized the swingweight feels way too light - no head feel compared to a couple of friends' irons - Mizuno EZ/graphite and Srixon 565/steel. I know it's not precise, but using an online tool and carefully weighing and measuring my irons I came up with a consistent swingweight of C8 for them; the Titleist website indicates they should be D2 (not specified iron or graphite). My shafts are Mitsubishi Tensei CK red. I know some other iron manufacturers state a one-number lower swingweight for graphite versus iron shafts in their clubs. My question is what should I do in terms of changing the grips (currently GolfPride Tour Velvet 360 Midsize, 53.5 grams) to get my irons to a swingweight of D1 at least? One option I have read is change to lighter grips - have heard that each 4-5 gm lighter grip changes the swingweight one point. I plan to change to standard size grips with one or two wraps of tape. Your suggestions are appreciated.
  5. What do you play? Overlap, interlock, baseball? Do you trigger finger or not with the trail hand? What is the best way to grip a club? have at it!
  6. The inspiration for this thread came to me when my friend sent me what I thought to be a serious email regarding some business. To my surprise, when I clicked on the link it was a YouTube video of my favorite golf infomercial of all time; the HAMMER driver. I always laugh out loud when I see or hear it, and I haven't seen it on the Golf Channel in a while. So I thought to myself; I will share it on MyGolfSpy. Did I mention that this is Hands Down, my favorite golf infomercial of all time. Click here to want to watch the VIDEO. Please feel free to share your favorite Hammer infomercial memory with us. As a former golf pro, my fondest memory is of me sitting in the golf shop at 6:00 am. I am enjoying a cup of coffee and the peaceful quiet of the early morning hours. When I turn on the television and hear "POW" "BOOM" "BAM" and I just knew it was going to be a great day. The HAMMER World Long Drive Champion, Jack Hamm This guy is banned from most driving ranges. If seen. please report to the proper golf shop employees.
  7. Fellow Spies, Having injured my back two weeks in a row and putting my SuperSpeed review training on hold, I've had more time to think about putting. My question for you is: How tightly do you grip your putter? I've been experimenting a lot and feel that when I hold the putter loosely (like a 2 on a scale of 1-10) the putter wants to rotate on its own (more natural) vs having to try and rotate it or square it with the hands. Which leads to a different question, do you believe in active squaring of the putter face, or 'natural' (or is there even such a thing)? Looking forward to hearing lots of thoughts.
  8. My grip changed from interlock (index and pinky) to overlap back in the late 70's. I don't even recall why the instructor made that change - but it was an easy switch and never felt odd. In fact, I recently tried interlocking again and it does feel odd. Most I see and golf with use interlock and I'm curious how many others do not.
  9. I am considering using a lighter grip to up the swing weight of my Bridgestone J38 Dual Pocket Cavities and am wondering if anyone has tried the Tour 25 grip from Golf Pride? I'm just curious how the grip feels in relation to the standard tour velvet grip or Lamkin crossline. Harder, softer, grippyness, etc. Thanks
  10. Hey All, So I need to replace my grips soon on all 13 clubs. I have GP Tour Velvets now. I am a mid-sized grip size. But I've had troubles with sweaty hands and slightly losing my grip during the swing. Any tips on new good grips for sweaty hands / losing your grip? Any suggestions would help! p.s. I've got Speith, Phil, DJ, Kuchar, and Stenson as my top 5 (not necessarily in that order) for The Open! Who do you have for The Open this year? Thanks again, Dave
  11. Well, I wasn't much of a floor reporter while I was in Orlando. I'm not in the habit of taking pictures with my phone, nor can I really type more than brief texts with it and I wasn't exactly in "shopping mode" while I was attending. I was primarily in Orlando for the golf, more than any interest in equipment changes. I'm actually surprised I made a purchase at all, which should indicate why I'm particularly impressed with this product. As I've mentioned on other posts, I started having tendon problems in my hands last season and started experimenting with different club grips and gloves. I don't want to give the impression that the P2 Putter Grip is specifically, or ONLY designed for golfers with "bad hands." Since many players are now using "jumbo" grips, this style of grip should have wide appeal. I've tried a couple of SuperStroke style grips, but hadn't yet found one that really felt natural for me. What prompted me to buy one at the show is simply this: it's the first oversize grip that just felt comfortable in my hands. But, it's not JUST an oversize grip, there's some science behind their concept as well. https://youtu.be/6g8gFEzZiEI "Some golfers while putting over rotate and close the putter face, and some golfers under rotate and open the putter face. P2 will help to address both issues and aid your putting stroke regardless of which tendency you currently have. The double flat sided design of the P2 grip, encourages both hands to be positioned squarely to the target making it more difficult to over rotate the wrist. As the off-centre shaft forces the wrists into a higher position, it limits the wrists range of motion which is crucial. P2 prevents the dreaded “wrist flick” at impact and encourages the lead wrist to continue working towards the target." http://p2grips.com/the-science/ Since I've got a few more months before the local courses will open, it will be awhile before I can give a real review of the P2 Grip, but I wanted to at least make folks that read the forum aware of the grip.
  12. Lamkin Introduces Special-Edition Grips Honoring 115th National Championship Signature Patriotic Themed Models Now Available (SAN DIEGO, CA) – Lamkin Corporation – the original manufacturer of premium golf grips – introduces a new Special-Edition Crossline grip designed in honor of the second Major Championship of the year, which will be held June 18-21 at Chambers Bay outside of Seattle, WA. Available beginning June 1st at LamkinGrips.com, these limited-edition models fuse a red, white and blue patriotic theme with the company's popular Crossline ACE, which features ideal characteristics for golfers who prefer an incredibly secure and comfortable grip that is super-tacky and exceptionally shock absorbing. The major championship themed grips arrive just in time for Father's Day and make a wonderful commemorative gift for golfing dads everywhere. “We wanted to do something really special for the second Major of the season and our engineering team did a tremendous job with the design and performance of this product,” says Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin. “This event is a time honored tradition, uniting professionals and amateurs in a competitive field. In a similar way, Lamkin grips have always been designed to offer Tour players and weekend golfers with the highest quality and most dependable grip options.” Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, Lamkin continues to be an industry leader among grip manufacturers by offering the widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips. The company's famed products are preferred by PGA Tour superstars Justin Rose, Keegan Bradley, Brandt Snedeker, Miguel Angel Jimenez and the legendary Arnold Palmer among others. Lamkin grips are unrivaled in quality thanks to world-class engineering, premium materials and handcrafted, repeatable production techniques. The company's popular lines include the Wrap-Tech, UTx Wrap, Crossline and i-Line grips. More information: www.LamkinGrips.com or 800-642-7755. Get social: @LamkinGrips. About Lamkin Grips Lamkin Grips' golf heritage dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing golf's first leather grips. Today, the family-owned business delivers the industry's widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips that continue to earn loyal customers worldwide. Through their ongoing dedication to unequaled product quality and service support, Lamkin Grips is passionately committed to connecting golfers to a more confident, consistent and enjoyable game.
  13. Here are a few photos of our handmade, genuine Leather Putter Grips $24.99 Augusta Alligator Blue Alligator Brown Ostrich Copper Crocodile Purple Ostrich Red Crocodile Tan Python White Crocodile All of our putter grips are handmade from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
  14. We will be posting several photos of various leather styles and colors in this thread over the next couple of weeks. We would appreciate your feedback on which leather are your favorites. In short, you guys will pick the leather that we will use to make our next batch of putter grips and headcovers. This first batch of leathers are Snake pattern. Blue Snake Brown/Red/Teal Snake Maroon Snake Brown Snake Brown Snake 1 Red Snake White Snake
  15. In line with the trend of product customization, we are proud to announce the official grand opening of the Ace of Clubs Golf Co. Custom Department. The Custom Department is a progressive program and unlike anything ever offered before. Until now, programs with this many custom options to choose from have only been available at a wholesale level, but now we are offering it to everyone. This is the ONE place where anyone can create something truly unique. Pricing on all custom orders start at just $24.99. To get you started, we offer a wide variety of genuine leathers patterns for you to choose from. Where you take it from there is completely up to you. Step 1: Choose Leather Pattern & Color Don't see what you are looking for? Send us an EMAIL and tell us exactly what you are looking for. We will find it and make it just for you. Step 2: Select the Size Step 3: Choose the Stitch Color Step 4: Add a Logo Custom, genuine leather golf accessories start at just $24.99 To get started customizing and creating, CLICK HERE A minimum order quantity of (10) items applies to all Custom Department Orders. A logo setup fee may apply.
  16. Here are a few photos of custom work Custom Brown Alligator Custom Black Alligator We recently created these for our talented friends down under.
  17. To enter the contest, FOLLOW US on Twitter @AceClubsGolfCo A winner will be drawn at random every time we add 100 followers. To View Official Contest Thread: http://www.aceofclubsgolfco.com/blogs/news/14872385-ace-of-clubs-golf-co-twitter-contest
  18. Here are a few photos of custom work Custom Brown Alligator Custom Black Alligator We recently created these for our talented friends down under
  19. Here are a few photos of our handmade, genuine Leather Putter Grips $24.99 Augusta Alligator Blue Alligator Brown Ostrich Copper Crocodile Purple Ostrich Red Crocodile Tan Python White Crocodile All of our putter grips are handmade from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
  20. Here are a few photos of our newest release, our genuine Leather Putter Headcovers $29.99 Augusta Alligator Augusta Alligator Green Ostrich Green Ostrich Cognac Alligator Cognac Alligator Red Alligator Red Alligator Tan Alligator Tan Alligator All of our headcovers are made from genuine leather with finishes that replicate the look and feel of exotic animal skin.
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