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Found 11 results

  1. I'd like to make a suggestion to everyone. In your MGS profile (MY Settings) there is a place to input your current handicap. A lot of people do. I'd like to further suggest that everyone update their handicap after each revision. I just did mine. In Texas our GHIN is revised on the 1st and 15th of each month. I understand your local USGA Association might only update monthly. Why does it matter? It doesn't really. But, knowing a member's handicap allows for estimating their skill level or current playing ability. I use mine as a visual reminder of where I am and where I want to be. I'm trying to get down to a 5.5 by year end. The update I just posted today shows a 6.1 down from 6.2. Zzzzzzzz. Getting close unless I get in my way.
  2. Scorecard this week, at the Phillip Island Golf Club, Cowes, Victoria, Australia. Feel sorry for my opponent this week. Been working on Bryson's version of the stack and tilt the last few weeks, have become quite relaxed with it (Stopped trying to spank it) and started hitting it well. Really only one mishit. Really tough to win in handicap sections sometimes when the opponent has a blinder. I played 8 better than my handicap through 10. Outdriving him with a 5-iron, putting and chipping really well. Birdie on the 10th really rubbed it in. Bought him a beer afterwards for his trouble.
  3. This is my first posted score that involves the new playing conditions calculation. I guess this means the nine holes were playing a half stroke harder due to the weather conditions? I played in the morning. Conditions were soft cause it had poured the night before so I guess maybe I wasn't getting the normal roll out on the fairways. The weather was much worse in the afternoon that day so maybe that weather is being taken into account? Either way, the new handicap system is interesting. Anyone else had their scores adjusted due to weather?
  4. Hi All - This is my first post on the forums and I feel its one of the few places I will find the answer to my question. We have a golf league based out of Pakistan in which we play monthly league-style matches consisting of 7 teams with 8 players in each team. Due to time constraints and player availability we play our singles match-play and 4-Ball Match-play during the same round of golf. For example: Team A is represented by Mike and Kevin Team B is represented by John and Alex In the singles match-play Mike will be playing against John and Kevin will be playing against Alex. During this they will also be playing a 4-Ball match where the best score by each team counts. So essentially there are Two Singles Games and One 4-Ball Game being played at the same time. We would like to use these scorecard towards our USGA Handicap Calculation and I wanted to know if: A. This is even allowed under the USGA Rules B. Should we only use the Singles Match-Play scorecards to be used towards a player's handicap. The reason I ask is there scenarios where one or both singles match-play games have finished early in the round but the 4-ball finishes on the later holes. (For example Both Singles could finish 4&3 and the 4-Ball could finish 2&1) So technically the players would have played 17 holes in total instead of just 15. Apologies in advance if this is overly confusing but if anyone can help that would be awesome! Regards, Haider
  5. What are your golf targets for the season? Mine are: 1. Try and win a club competition 2. Qualify for the finals of Golf in Scotland http://www.golfinscotlandseriesevents.co.uk/ 3. Get my handicap moving in the right direction 4. Life time goal is to get to cat 1 (nearest I've got is 6.9) Status so far 1 from 4 1. Came 2nd in Division 1 of May medal 2. Only competed in 1 of 4 events with 30 stableford points 3. Started 8.3 down to 7.9 4. See 3 above. I'm now 57 so get there I think I need more time on the course before it is too late! Retire?
  6. Just wanna see what courses people figure their handicap? Is it from your local favorite course? Or from a challenging course you play a couple times a year. I'll be honest here, I don't like to pay a ton to play. While I have challenging courses around me, they're shorter courses where I can hit short irons into greens and hit most par 5's in 2... (on a good day) I can shoot low 80's, even high 70's on a good day at my local courses, my best being a 76. But then I go to longer, tougher courses and shoot mid 80's. So which courses do you figure your handicap?
  7. We all know the golfer that's an ace on their home course, but can't play a lick anywhere else. Likewise, we also know that golfer that manages to play near their handicap no matter where they are. We all want to be that second guy. So... what's the secret? Especially if you play the same course frequently?
  8. I'm sure this topic was already discussed. What apps have you found great to use for during your round for shot distances, approach shots, putting slopes, scorecard/handicap, etc.? I want to pick one and upgrade to have the full features this season. I had used 18birdies a little bit last year just to plan shots, keep my score and didn't upgrade, which that alone has been a great help and was an easy app to use. I was just looking at GolfLogix which looks like they have green slopes mapped out which is great for approach and putts which could help cut a few strokes having that knowledge, and I don't think 18birdies does that. GolfLogix looks a bit spammy though and has a lot of pop-up windows, and you have to upgrade to get rid of ads. Not sure if I'm a fan of that. Anybody upgrade GolfLogix? 18birdies? Any recommendations of other ones? What features have you used/appreciated? What benefits have you experienced? I imagine these apps have helped a lot of others out there cut some strokes down knowing distances better and help with reading putts. Thanks!
  9. A couple questions for those of you who are in the know on posting of scores for Handicap purposes. 1) Has Pennsylvania posting season ended? Ours in Maryland is November 15. 2) Is the posting in season based on where you play the round or where your handicap is kept? For example, if I play a round that during my home club's posting season in a state that is out of season, do I post that score? Vice Versa, if my home club (Maryland) is out of season say January, and I play a round in Florida, do I save that score to post once the computers open? 3) If you post a score in your system that is from an out of season state, does it affect your index? Thanks, hope those aren't clear as mud..ha
  10. New to blog forums, so I look forward to any tips/coaching. Lookng for ways to introduce our Pro-Am tournaments, which bring the Next Generation of Fantasy Golf to golfers at 11,800 courses across the country.
  11. Would you like to pick 2 PGA Tour players as partners in a Pro-Am? Format is 3 man Best Ball. We have developed an app that let's you do that at 11,800 courses across America. There are divisions for handicap players and non-handicap players. Very cool scorecard app that also tracks your groups sidegames and wagers. We are using Kickstarter as way for people to get early entry tokens at a discount. We would love to get your help. Just click the link https://goo.gl/13Yd81 Before you ask, there are plenty of ways we safeguard the integrity of the competition, including verifying all tournament scores have been posted with USGA approved handicap provider i.e. GHIN or equivalent. Thoughts???
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