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  1. I've designed my own putter, and had it CNC milled. It's freaking gorgeous, and I'm obsessed. It has a flow-neck design, and unfortunately, the diameter male section that goes inside the shaft is just slightly too small for the .370" shaft it's used for. I've tried putting tape around the tip before inserting in the shaft, and it seemed to work, but only for about 2 hours of use, then the head came loose again. I'm using a lot of epoxy with glass beads, but don't want the putterhead to be wobbly or come loose. Any suggestions as to how to make it work? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I want to buy my brother an iron fitting session for his B-day. He lives in Sacramento and I'd like to get some first hand suggestions from any fellow spies living there. My quick search shows; Haggin Oaks GC, FitGolf, Bing Maloney, and Leader Golf.
  3. Well fellow spies, I'm on the verge of submitting an order for a new set of irons (but need some final advice, please read on). Yes, it's true, the earth stopped spinning momentarily and the birds fell silent. After a years worth of research, input from fellow forum members, and 3 iron fittings, my beloved PingEye 2's will soon be sitting idle. Last year in my "Former PE2 Players" thread, I took the first step along this perilous road called "Shiny Metal". That is to say I had, at that time, recently attended a PING Demo and tested the G400's. Having just upgraded from my 90's circa driver and seeing the big shift in driving performance, I succumbed to the idea that similar results could be achieved by upgrading from my 80's circa irons. But, this is where it became a real challenge. There are so many products out there - all promising to be the best golf iron on the market. While the numbers from the G400 demo were positive they, unlike what I experienced with the change in driver, were not dramatic. Initially I kept telling myself that the PE2's are good enough. I hit them well, have distances pretty well dialed, and I'm just chasing hyped marketing. But something kept nagging at me. As much as the frugal, stubborn German-Irish part of me resisted, shiny metal objects kept beckoning . So, last May I sought the help of a PGA club fitter in Bozeman, MT. I shared the details of that fitting in the aforementioned thread. I left that fitting thinking the G400's or Mizuno's were going to get the nod...but time went by, I continued good play with my PE2's and that thinking ebbed away. Then another MGS thread and review would come up, rekindling that nagging question. I spent much of the back half of 2018 and most of this year reading and researching golf irons. Unfortunately, Yuma, AZ does not have any good golf shops and our home here in MT - well, let's just say if fly rods and golf irons were one in the same, I'd be the envy of the golfing community. There were a handful of irons I wanted to test, but they were not readily available. Sure Phoenix and Missoula are only 3 hours drive, but that's still a long day and not real convenient. As part of my stage 2 review of the G410 Plus driver, I had planned to get some comparison data done at my fitter in Bozeman. He had just picked up the KZG line and I had only added confusion to my search for new irons by having range tested the Callaway Apex, PING's i500, i210, G410, and Titleist AP1 while in Yuma. So, I opted to do another iron fitting yesterday and see what panned out. Based on my winters testing, I was leaning towards the G410's. These hit the best/most consistent; so following another data baseline using my PE2 7i, we moved to the G410. I was picking up a club+ worth of carry distance with the Project X 5.5 LZ shaft we had matched with the G400's from last year. What Woody was seeing however is that my contact area tended to be in the toe area. We switched to Pings CB graphite shaft (told him I was wondering about a non-steel option) and did see a slight increase in swing speed, but no shift in contact area. We then changed to a +1 length (my PE2's are +1/2) and that did move the strike zone towards center - and increased carry in the neighborhood of 2 clubs! Dispersion was roughly the same as my PE2's and ball flight the slight left to right fade. I then tried the KZG LDI's and XCB's. KZG makes their own brand of shafts and I tried those with both steel and graphite. Neither really outperformed the G410's. Might others that I was simply unable to test been even better (Srixon Z585,Wilson D7's, etc.)? Perhaps, but at some point you just have to make a decision - and that decision is a brand new set of PING G410's. My only question now, and one that I'm hoping you guys can help with, is whether to get the PW, UW, SW, and LW or ?? I've only had/played the PE2 PW and have my Dad's old SW which I'm unsure of specs. Might a switch to the power loft in some or all of the wedges be an option? Here is a comparison of the PE2 lofts with the G410 (in standard loft) Iron Ping Eye 2 G410 (std. loft) G410 (power loft) 4 25.0 20.5 19.0 5 28.5 23.5 22.0 6 32.0 26.5 25.0 7 36.0 30.0 28.5 8 40.0 34.5 32.5 9 45.0 39.5 37.5 PW 50.5 44.5 42.5 UW n/a 49.5 47.5 SW 57.5 54.0 52.5 LW 61.0 58.0 58.0
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