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  1. Hello everyone, I am vaibhav working as a android developer, having 3+ years of experience in android development. hope we have great discussion ahead!!
  2. Hi all! I am a new member and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Sean, and, as most of you probably have deduced, I LOVE golf. I am a "bogey" golfer with the occasional round near par. I currently play a Taylormade SLDR 430 Driver, a Nike VR Pro Limited 3-wood, a Taylormade Rescue 09, Taylormade RBZ irons consisting of 4-9 plus pw, aw, sw, and lw, and I finish of my bag with a Maxfli putter. I prefer to play Taylormade Project[a] golf balls.
  3. I am new to this site, just signing up. I am a weekend and sometimes during the week golfer. Started playing in 2008. Playing to a 9.4 index and about as consistent as jello, but always trying to improve my game. I play in weekend blitzes, very few daily FSGA tournaments and the somewhat required scrambles. Glad to be here and see what everyone else is talking about, etc., hooked on golf big time!
  4. Hello from a wet UK I'm.seamus , im Irish living in the UK, I play off 12 hcp. Being golfing since 2013. I'm 44 , like the banter...love to play golf ALOT.! I'm sure I signed up and introduced myself before about two years ago .. but for some reason.ive had to sign in again. Hope.to get on here more form.now on that I've signed in again. I currently play with Mizuno mp25 rifle shaft extra stiff 5.5 irons.. ping g15 driving iron , titleist 910fd ( wow long club 235 yrd avg ) and mizuno T5 wedges 50 54 58 Just bought mizuno st180 driver on simulator I'm carrying 270 yards ... roll out 299 ..but it's a strange club for me
  5. Hey All, i am new to mygolfspy. I have been a regular member on golfsimulatorforums (have a skytrak and play on the tour) but i got a google now notification about some wedge testing and figured i'd give it a shot. Registered and started looking around and see that this is a very good place for all kinds of education about golf. Looking forward to coming back often and checking out all the different information within this forum!
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to say hi. I'm new here been following MyGolfSpy for quite some time and love the content on here. I'm currently a writer for the site Golficity... haven't been able to play much golf as all with all the crap weather here in MA. Just saying Hello to everyone! Look forward to meeting new people here
  7. Hello! I am a confirmed equipment addict. Goal is to play single set of irons this season (everything else is negotiable). 12 handicap that plays 40-50 rounds per year.
  8. Hi All, My name is Sal Sciascia and I live in Middleborough, about 40 miles south of Boston. I hope to golf more this year, since my average is only about 4-5 times per year. I have broken 90 once (89), but my goal is to shoot in the mid to high 80's on a consistent basis. I have not registered to track my handicap, but I'm sure it is somewhere around 20? I am hoping to improve my swing to fix my 90 degree slice and be more consistent around the greens. I have already picked up a few tips to fix these errors from just visiting GolfSpy. I am currently looking for clubs that suit my swing, since the clubs I have are 14 years old and were made by an amateur club maker for my 30th birthday. I have never had a driver that wasn't knock-off or a putter that didn't cost more than $30. I know equipment doesn't make me better, but I know it helps to have the right gear. Thanks for reading! Sal
  9. Hi there, My name is James and I live near Irvine, California. I am 31 and just getting back in to golf after an extended hiatus. I was living on the gulf coast of Florida and would play here and there with my dad. I was in 7th grade when my school started a golf team and I decided to try out. Made the team, had a bunch of fun, then decided to try out for the Varsity team in 8th grade. I made the cut and had even more fun as the competition went up and up. Ended up moving to California after my freshman year and managed to play 5 years of Varsity golf as nobody really asked any questions. Highlights include getting to play a round with Paul Azinger, shooting a 76 at Sara Bay CC, and getting to play Torrey Pines with my dad (and played well too, carded a 78) Going in to college I stopped playing as the University didn't have a golf team and I couldn't really afford to keep up playing as much as I'd like. Life got in the way and its been over 13 years since I played regularly. A co-worker of mine is new to golf and he essentially rekindled my love for the game. It's been supremely frustrating but also exhilarating getting back into golf. It's almost like starting from scratch from me, but I can still manage to hit a few dozen shots each round that remind me of how good it can get. I just picked up some used clubs as well since mine are a bit outdated. A little wedding gift to myself ;] Beyond that, I am a jazz musician, cyclist, and beer geek. I look forward to progressing my game with the help of everyone here and out on the links. Cheers! -james
  10. Hi Everyone, I've been familiar with the site for a little while and decided it looks like a cool place to talk golf with fellow golf addicts and the like. Looks like some pretty good topics and discussion going on here. I look forward to jumping in and trying to navigate the landscape. EDIT Updated Dec 2017...after seeing what a week intro that was!! For a more detailed intro see my Stage 1 portion of the JPX Review https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/20989-official-forum-member-review-mizuno-jpx-900-irons/?p=328942 I currently work in the golf industry as Tournament Sales Director for a 36 hole public course in Maryland, located closer to Baltimore than Washington, DC, but between the two none the less. I came to this job after 23 years with first Holiday Inn then Hilton Hotels. During the slower winter months of our season, I cover college basketball by doing a weekly 15 minute segment on a local radio station. This keeps me active during the winter when we don't have any outings and allows me to promote our course as well during the segments. I love trying new equipment as most have seen/read about during the past 18 months. Irons have known not to get comfortable in my bag before the next newest shiny thing comes along, I intend for my current irons of AP1/AP2 combo to disrupt that trend. But based on the new model drivers due out in January, they could be the next revolving door!! Thanks for the welcomes!!
  11. What's going on MGS members? My name is Kyle and I am from Ohio- I've been using MGS for almost a year now but decided recently to start posting and looking at the forums to help my game out, and see what cool new equipment is out there! I used to be a College Baseball player, but now my passion is golf- I would play everyday if I could and almost wish that I would have started playing earlier in life I started playing in 2015 - Currently on the road to break 80- best round an 85.. I am not one of those golfers that will overstate my skills or how far I hit it because of an ego thing- If i want to be a single digit handicap then I gotta work for it golf is like baseball in that way ! For those that want to know or interested in WIB Taylormade M1 8.5 Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 6.2 vc X Stiff Taylormade M2 3 Hybrid 75 g Ping iBlades 4-pw Dynamic Gold S400 Vokey Wedges 52 (F-grind) 56 (M Grind) 60 (M Grind) Huntington Beach #6 putter Taylormade TP5X My twitter is @LifeWithKB3 if any of you guys have that Hope to talk to you guys with WIB, awesome courses you've played/golf trips, about new equipment you have or seen, cool drives, or on twitter ! KB
  12. Hey all, I'm a new member from mid-Michigan. Grew up in a family of avid golfers and am sort of a late bloomer as far as that goes haha! I'm the only guy on my dad's side that didn't play in high school, college or pursue touring/PGA professional as a career. They have 21 hole-in-ones racked up on that side of the family, my Uncle once got 2 in 1 day doing a 100-hole charity golf Ironman event - heck, even my grandma has at least one... I've only ever come within a foot or two. Took a trip to Scotland with a few of the guys in my family a few weeks ago and had a blast/caught the golf-bug again - haven't been this into golf since I was little and doing junior golf (I'm mid-late 20's now)! I've been really having fun with it, I love spending time at the driving range later in the evening & practicing chips and putts after cycling through my clubs a few times. Just learned about the clock-drill for putting and spent about 1 1/2 hours last night just practicing my 6 footers! Learned about this community through gear reviews/googling "best golf websites" - so cool, I know.. Look forward to learning more tips and improving my handicap! -sirchipsalot
  13. Been following MyGolfSpy for quite some time, but have never introduced myself. I'm a Member at Old Memorial and Cypress Run in Tampa and Rockaway Hunting in New York. Play to a 6+ index (from the wrong side of the ball). Love the game of golf, but really love the camerarderie! Travel extensively inside the US to play golf, but also to other parts of the planet (annually to the UK, and most often, Scotland). Here's to staying healthy and enjoying the game we love (and hate)!!
  14. Howdy y'all, I am obviously new to the forum. I have played golf for about 20 years now. I played since I was around 13 or so. Did very well in High School and played some in College. After graduating I wasn't able to play for about 8-9 years and have picked it back up. I thought it was going to be too frustrating coming from scratch to generally under par, to now shooting around 80. Anyways I hope to enjoy chatting with y'all and learning as well. Cheers, -Glenn
  15. Greetings from VA, where we stole a day today- 50ish and foggy, but playable, especially for mid January.
  16. Hey everyone, Been lurking for a long time and here I am now. From Texas, member at Brookhaven CC, WITB: Driver: XR Pro 9* with a Tensei CK Pro White 70 S Fairway:XR Pro 16* with fujikura speeder pro 76 Irons: 3 & 4 iron Mizuno MP H-5, 5-pw MP15 S300 Wedges: Vokey SM5 60M, 54S, 50F Putter: '96 Scotty Cameron Santa Fe raw 33" with 20g lead tape. Ball: TP5x
  17. Hi MGS friends! I've followed and interacted with MGS for some time now on social media and I just joined the forum group. I was a contestant on Wilson's Driver vs. Driver on the golf channel, but my design was made by a different manufacturer during the filming and I missed the cut I look forward to talking golf with you all! Areas of interest: - tour equipment - blades - custom clubs - golf club design - Tiger Woods and his equipment - instagram If you'd like to know more about who I am, follow the link in my signature. Regards! - Weston
  18. Hello All, I was introduced to the site by my brother, Jon Baldwin (HighFade). I'm in the Sacramento, CA area.
  19. What's up golf addicts!!! Looking forward to all the great content this site provides. I am 30 and have been golfing since I was about 12, my grandfather got me addicted to this great game. Can't wait for spring to finally hit here in the northeast, that snow storm really put a damper on the excitement of getting to golf earlier.
  20. Hi Guys, my name is Graham Riley and I hail from Gordons Bay, South Africa. I am an avid golfer but like most of us don't get to play enough which shows up on my handicap..... 14 but getting it together. I own a golf accessory business and before I bore you all will be launching soon and will let all members know about some killer deals to help launch. Just glad to be on mygolfspy and hope to contribute with comments and some insights from our side of the world.
  21. 78 yrs young 18 handicap always willing to try something new
  22. My name is Joe. I'm currently around a 10-15 handicap but obviously don't keep up with that. I play around 60 times a year all over central Florida usually with my buddy whose about the same handicap. Anyhow, glad to be here.
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