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Found 12 results

  1. Great driver, great price. Just ask Ryan Moore, Back-to-back wins at the CIMB Classic.
  2. Come on over and let us teach you a thing or two about speed.
  3. Impressive...only $63.99. - Check out all our flash sales going on too!
  4. Ryan Moore games the JetSpeed. Do you?
  5. Way back in December 2013, just after the odd midwinter release of the Jetspeed but before Christmas, I bought one of these unheralded drivers new on Ebay from a brick and mortar store in Carlsbad for the impossibly low price of $144. This was within two weeks of release and $155 UNDER MSRP. I posted news of my lowball coup on another blog, along with my suspicion that there was either something wrong with the club that the vendor had heard about through his Carlsbad connections or he was simply so jammed with TMag overstock that he was willing to move whatever he could for whatever price he could get. I was laughed off the blog. Many folks, including the blog's owner, told me that ebay prices had no impact on the marketplace and that no one cared about my prognostications. As soon as the snow melted in January, I played the JS and to my delight and surprise I found it was a very nice, forgiving and easy to hit driver. I loved it and its still the second best driver I have tried in 2014. I posted those impressions and still no one cared. I resold it for about the same money I had laid out originally. Three months and the dopiest ad campaign in history later, the product was officially declared dead. Turns out TMag couldn't move the clubs at all and they are being returned for credit in droves. Now I hear rumors that TMag has actually RECALLED them, but I don't think this rumor is true. (Anybody hear anything?) They are evidently being sold in Canadian Costco's for $160 and may soon come to your corner warehouse store. The other thing is, in the past week I've also been getting messages from many people on blogs who are finding my old posts and asking me all about the JetSpeed! WTF? Was I the only one who actually tried them? Nobody cared six months ago. Is the club suddenly getting popular now that you can buy an ARP club still in shrink wrap for under $75? I guess so. Have any of you been tempted to try it now that you can get one free with a deluxe carwash?
  6. Take off like a jet. Check out this video ---->
  7. The need. The need for speed.
  8. Crazy Speed. Jet Speed. JetSpeed.
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